Gods and Fate



Date: February 22, 2013


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"Gods and Fate"

Unknown location

OOC NOTE: Temporary Amuro player. The actual player of Amuro is still in
the hospital. I have her permission for both the TP scene that was just
concluded and this Cutscene post.

Many hours after the events at Kyuusen…

Amuro appeared in the Tao Shih's secret base out of a void. He appeared
right in medical. He appeared and he collapsed. Everyone was quite shocked
to see their mysterious leader so tattered, so exhausted, so weakened…
But in his custody…
…Was a single faded-grey eyeball, bloody and freshly extracted, and
too-damaged to use for any transplants or anything. He would have to make
sure the eye was delivered to Kishi Mune. But at that moment, he simply
removed the lower half of his mask, and vomitted out gallons of some black
fluid that might have once been blood. It was foul, it was corrosive,
there were bits of tentacles and weird organic things that were distinctly
NOT HUMAN mixed into it… And this all came from inside of him. Amuro
gasped for breath when he was done, huge lungs heaving like a bellows.
«Uchiha Fuyu…» The ancient man thought. «You wielded the armor of a
god. But even gods are bound by fate. I only pray that the fate of this
world shall not be as dark as yours. And that if it is, I shall find the
power to change it.»

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