Goh’s Undercover Report


Hashiramako, Goh

Date: Unknown (log received July 18, 2010)


None given

"Goh’s Undercover Report"

Unknown location

With Hashiramako setting up a small base in the Land of Lightning for
her work to re-establish the place, the Hokage's location is easily known to
those that need to know it. For one such figure, this is Goh! A top secret spy,
the blonde has been actively sending back information to the female whenever he
gets the opportunity. Where he was at, details, etc etc.
Most of the time, it's not Goh that arrives himself—but rather a
representitive. Burrowing out from the floor, a small, three inch long blue
skinned Salamander surfaces. It peers around with bulging eyes, looking for the
lady she is meant to face. Hashiramako; The First Hokage. Hashira will know this
Salamander as Reiko, as the two have met several times in the past.
It's late afternoon, and if Goh's information was right, she should be
in this little office. Sleeping, or… something!

It was a small farmhouse of federal style architecture, very square and
very simple in its design with no adornments. On the first floor, resting on a
futon was Hashiramako, recovering from expending vast amounts of chakra as she
had built the framework for several structures today to include schools and
hospitals. Daisuke was likely to be nearby, but not in the room with Hashira.
Who knew what the young boy was up to, perhaps, fishing in the nearby creek to
catch their dinner. Either way, he would be the only 'guard' near the Kage at
the moment.

It would not be difficult for Reiko to find her way into the house. The
windows had been left open to let in the pleasant breezes. It would be from
scurrying through that window, that Hashi would notice the small amphibian as it
came into the house. Smiling softly, she held out her hand. "Hey Reiko. Good
news from Goh-san I hope?"

At the out-stretched hand, Reiko scurries onto the palm and sits there,
and does the best to bow her head. "Lady Hokage," She begins. "Good and bad, of
course." She starts up. "Basic report. Goh and Mushi were ambushed by Mitsuo the
other night at the borders of the Land of Wind, looking for the Fire Stone. He
left without it. They got lucky. Following these events, they headed for the now
unified Higure. They are worried that the Hospital will fall under Rain's rule
too." She pauses, settling in the palm. Thinking. "…Goh went on when they
reached the hospital, and met some interesting people. One, what looked to be
Rain, but dressed in armor and acting completely different. He was called
Rainos. There were others, too. Goh only recognised one; Kirin. He was part of
the Takokujin. Goh needs to know. Are there any Uchiha that you've sent from
Konoha to infiltrate the group?"

Hashi nodded slowly, "I'm not sure how I feel about Rain, he's been a
thorn in my side for years." She said calmly, "I hope that whatever happens in
Higure, that the civilians and hospital remain intact." She added. However, the
mention of Kirin, Hashi raises an eyebrow. Sensitive ears may even hear her
heart beat increase slightly. "No, I haven't sent any Uchiha to infiltrate the
Takokujin. In fact, they'd probably be the last people I send. Many are still
sympathetic to Madara, and Rain's goals are very similar I believe." She stated.
"So, to prevent you being too greatly associated with me, do not approach Kirin
or any other Uchiha who may be in the Takokujin, except Rain." She stated.
Taking a deep breath. "Kirin could probably blow your own cover, or at least
reveal more speculation into the ties that are between us. However, be it known
that he and Uchiha Satoru both vanished at the same time. Taking with them some
rather important scrolls. They have been labeled as Missing Nin."

"Alright." Reiko replies, her hearing not sensing the stuff from
Hashiramako. "Satoru.. that could have been the one in the hood. Either way,
when encountering Rain, the other two aren't far behind." Reiko pauses a bit.
"So avoiding them is difficult. They are careful about how much information that
share anyway, since Goh is an outsider. It's still common knowledge that Goh,
although he has no official ties to Konoha, calls the village home. Because of
that, they probably won't indulge much information to him. But! You are right.
We will continue looking from the outside in." Scuttling off the hand and back
onto the window frame, Reiko turns back around.
"If a battle /does/ start up, I will instruct Goh to not hold back
against any of them — missing nin being an enemy of the village. And thieves it
seems, too." Reiko must be confident in Goh's ability to handle the situation if
combat ever does arise. He was good, after all! "The hooded one seemed very
intent on starting a fight. Had it not been for Rainos, bloodshed could have
come forth. But it was important… Goh obviously doesn't want to injure
inside-players." Before leaving, she tilts her head up. "…Goh will reside in
the Hospital with Mushi. It's vital to he and her that the hospital not be taken
over. It's all to remain neutral, after all."

"Like moths to a flame those two are." Hashi said idly for a moment of
Satoru and Kirin. "That is important, defend the hospital and the innocent
civilians. Kirin and Satoru have made their decision apparently. At least, we
know that they are wherever Rain and the Takokujin are. Of course, that may make
things rather challenging as well, cause that means they have comrades and if a
fight does come, it will not be pretty." She added. "Thank you for the
information, Reiko. I do appreciate it. I shall see the information make it back
to the ANBU office in Konoha. Safe journey."

"Be safe, Lady Hokage." And just like this, poof! The Salamander swirls
out of existence, smoke poofing around the little creatures body as she returns
to the Salamander Caves far below.

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