Good Intention's Cost


Kasai and Chiru, Kitaru, Naoya

Date: October 4, 2016


The twins get to take Kitaru up on his offer of training them to better understand and fend off Genjutsu after learning that they decided to skip class to get something to eat the other day. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones that know they skipped, so the lesson is partially interrupted by a certain Jounin's brood seeking explanations. In the end, a task had been assigned; to ace two lessons or be punished.

"Good Intention's Cost"

The Kirigakure Library

After some time has passed since the meeting at the restaurant, another afternoon rolls by and it is time for Chiru and Kasai to meet Kitaru at the library for their lesson. They both wait at a table, reading over some familiar scrolls to help pass the time while they wait, "See, maybe if we combine this and this, we can make an explosion and they'll have a hard time seeing anything. And it could be our own trap." Kasai suggests, pointing at one scroll and then the other while trying to explain something. Chiru shakes her head and reminds Kasai, "We'd have to figure out another way to do that…if we used that technique to help us get the hang of it, then the paper would just light on fire and it wouldn't do what we wanted…besides, might be a way that it can be set to be a trap and something we can carry around with us too if we wanted…" Kasai huffs out a sigh, but nods her head, "Yeah, I guess you're right…there's gotta be another way…" Kasai props her cheek against the palm of her hand, leaning into it while she and Chiru patiently continue to read from their scrolls.

Kitaru, on the dot of the exact moment he stated he'd meet the twins, shows up at the library. A polite nod is given to the librarian, someone who seems to recognize and allow Kitaru to pass easily. He still goes through the normal pat down of most genin and other individuals, although the bracer on his arm is left in place. With that done, Kitaru looks around inside and finds the twins at a table already reading. Nodding to himself, he heads over to their table, stopping next to it as he'd watch them go back and forth. They were definitely fascinating paired off as they were. It'd be an interest to find out what sort of team they'll be put into.

Classes went on as they were expected to, including the one Naoya was to be instructing. The absence of the twins was noticed quickly, and only grew more glaring as the lesson went on. Naoya leaves the class room for roughly three minutes before returning, bringing with him supplies to make examples of seals, some explosive, some draining others caging very slowly and carefully, but that was for another tale.. Another Naoya left the school grounds near the same time though a hood was covering its head, appearing as if the sun was an irritant for once. When approaching the library, the jounin was permitted to pass through without a check, only using his name as clearance. Those who listened to the Okumo though could hear his tone was off, agitated in part but also made up in rapid clicks and chittered sounds while he was looking for something.. or someone.

"Hello Kitaru!" The twins greet, lifting their heads up and smiling brightly at him. "We got here earlier than what you said, just in case and because we were really excited." Chiru tells Kitaru and Kasai nods her head in agreement as she starts to roll some of the scrolls up to set aside for later or just to be a little more tidy. "So, we're gonna learn more about Genjutsu stuff, huh?" Kasai asks after she returns to her seat by Chiru, ready to listen to Kitaru's explanation closely. "Seeing it, breaking it with chakra and stuff like that. Where do we start?" They do straighten up and stand on their chairs a little to peek at some of the noise they overhear, and it doesn't take them long to overhear that tone. They blink and try to both squish with each other underneath the table in a sudden attempt to hide, and they try to beckon Kitaru under the table to hide with them.

Kitaru nods to them lightly as they'd greet him. He nods again in agreement with their assessment. "Yes. We should have a better area than here to work, however. I will be using genjutsu on you and in the library is a poor choice. We can work out front of it for now." Kitaru pauses as they pick up on the 'Naoya' showing up. He frowns as they try to get him to hide. Instead Kitaru looks over to the 'Naoya' and when approached would bow respectfully. "Sensei.. clone.. I will have to apologize. I expected them to explain the situation to you. I have decided to give them a more through teaching of genjutsu as they have mentioned that you were less than pleased with the results of their previous training. I plan to teach them how to use Kai, sensei, that is part of why they are here." Kitaru glances back at the table and shakes his head.

When Kitaru looks upon 'Naoya's' face he would find it plated with bark brown chitin acting as a mask, the lips of which don't move, nor does the mask shift even though he starts to speak. No excuses given.. No trials were assigned.. You were not contracted.. Explain to us.. 'Why'.. Tilting his head slightly, from under the hood spiders slip from the nose holes and from the eyes of the mask, flowing down to the ground before starting to fan out in teams. Some of the teams went deep into the library while others moved to the table, seemingly over looking the twins at first but it wouldn't be long before the spiders cross the surface of the table and walk upside down, looking at the twins from the other side. A private lesson.. Permissible, upon request.. Genjutsu is still beyond those two.. Their skills at perception are lacking.. Have yet to see if they can be free.. without pain..

"No, come back!" Kasai tries to whisper to Kitaru as he leaves, before huffing and peeking out to watch Kitaru and Naoya as they talk nosily. It isn't long before Chiru pulls on her sister's sleeve to point out the spiders on the table. Kasai looks up and grins before trying to use her two fingers to try to spur the little spiders into doing their familiar dance. "Well, the jig is up…man Naoya-sensei is a lot harder to hide from than the other instructors…" Kasai says, and Chiru tries to suggest to her, "Maybe he'll go easy on us since we're learning." Kasai huffs out another breath, sounding skeptical and they both crawl out from under the table. They head over to Kitaru and Naoya and attempt to hug him like they usually do. "We forgot." They both chime together, likely in response to the no excuses and no permission given part of the issue. "But we're definitely gonna learn this!"

Kitaru paused as 'Naoya' spoke. Definitely a clone. The brood no doubt. He'd watch in fascination as it'd hold the form together. Kitaru was about to speak when the twins came out of hiding and went to hug Naoya. "They spoke to me of your attempt to teach them genjutsu. They also explained a lack of perception as well as only able to use pain to get free. While I hardly am my father, I felt that I may be able to give them additional pointers Sensei, I am curious what you see in them and wished to study it myself." Kitaru frowns at the twins. "I did not expect them to skip class for it. I was not aware that would be something they are willing to do and will plan for it in the future."

When the twins wrapped their arms around him they would quickly find there was little to no give, behind the thin layer of clothing was also solid plating rather than flesh. Not looking down at the twins, not away from Kitaru, he lifts his hands and moves them towards the twin's heads. Lightly resting a hand onto each of their hands, it strokes back until it wraps around the back of their necks and tenses, slowly digging armored but short talons into the sides of their necks. Permission to tutoring would be permitted.. Permission to exchange classes would be permitted.. Not following orders never permitted.. Distracting us while we teach not permitted.. Drawing his hands back slowly, the twins would find that the grip never relaxed as it attempts to draw them away from his sides and move them more in front of him at the angle Kitaru was. You now are tasked.. You will learn and master Kitaru's lesson.. You will learn and master Naoya's lesson.. Should you fail either, punishment will be leveled.. Is this clear Uchuu Chiru? ..Is this clear Uchuu Kasai?

"Well you said the library today, and we didn't wanna miss you or make you wait on us for a long time, plus we kinda thought it'd be another teacher today…and we've been doing well on our lessons so far…" Kasai explains to Kitaru in a round about way that probably doesn't excuse it at all, leaning into the hand before it moves to their neck. Though they mumble ow, they're easily pulled back away from Naoya to stand near Kitaru once more, "We just forgot because we were looking forward to it, we'll remember that the next time, Naoya-sensei." Chiru tells Naoya's clone and both of the twins bob their heads seeming to find that acceptable. "Okay! We'll pass both." They both chime together, and Chiru tilts her chin down and rubs at her neck some to take the sting out of the skin, "What's Naoya-sensei's lesson today?" Kasai wonders up to the clone, her head tilting off to the side curiously. "Are we gonna be working with paper more for the lesson or something else?" Chiru adds onto the question, letting her hand fall from her neck as she waits for the answer.

Kitaru sighs softly. Shaking his head, he'd bow slightly to the Naoya clone. "I apologize Sensei. I should of took their status into consideration. I will make sure it does not happen again." Musing, Kitaru would form a subtle seal as he'd take a small step back. The twins continued to go back and forth between each other so they may not notice a subtle ticking sound, something only they would hear in the illusion as Chiru was targeted with that effect. The effect? Simple, a desire to kneel. Like time is pressing a bit heavy on her, just making that desire to drop to her knees feel all the more wonderful. There was no drain to it, just the sense of wanting to kneel. Kitaru crossed his arms over his chest to watch the effect on the twins.

Seal work.. Explosive, non explosive, and tactical uses.. Including trap integration.." Lifting a finger, Naoya points towards Chiru and says, //You will have to teach Kasai.. The lessons Naoya is teaching now will -not- be taught to you.. You have the subject.. The focus.. You will study and learn.. You will be compared to the top of the current class.. Lowering his hand, Naoya slips them behind his back, hiding the claws once again along with their discolored tones. Naoya is busy.. Summer has begun.. Soon harsher lessons will begin anew.. Kitaru was top of many classes.. He is your standard now.. While Naoya could not, much less an imperfect clone, sense chakra, Kitaru's steady movement and shifted posture hinted a change causing the brood that was not within the current 'Naoya' to pause and look at the Twins from many angles.

"Aw, it's okay Kitaru. You don't gotta take the blame." Kasai tells Kitaru, grinning at him before scratching at the back of her neck. "It worked out afterall! So, we just gotta worry about the lesson." Chiru bobs her head at Naoya's next stipulation and looks around the scrolls surrounding them as if trying to plan things out already. "Okay, Naoya-sensei. Me and Kasai were just looking at stuff sorta like that, so we'll start studying it more often." Kasai does look curious about what Naoya says and she asks him, "What kind of harsher lessons are we gonna learn?" They definitely don't seem to notice much of a change at first while Kitaru places them under the genjutsu, aside from Kasai poking a finger into her ear to scratch and look around in confusion, so Chiru ends up stumbling down onto her knees. Kasai looks over and blinks in surprise before trying to help her sister up while she protests, "Stop pulling, I can't get up!" Kasai, still not understanding, tells her sister, "Of course you can! Nothing's stopping you."

Kitaru frowns at the two as they seem oblivious. "I see. I have some work ahead of me." He'd glance to Naoya and smile slightly. "So is that a punishment for me, or them?" Chuckling to show that Kitaru is joking, he'd start pacing back and forth behind the girls, his hands clasping behind his back. "Kasai-san, step back a step. Think. Why does Chiru-san think she can't get up? What do you feel her feeling, that you don't feel? Be more aware. This is a lesson as well. Aware of what is required of you, just as much as aware of yourself and your surroundings."

Nodding lightly, Naoya extends a hand out to Chiru to motion towards her. You can see now what was meant.. Before, after being told 'it' was a lie.. They could not process it.. They have been specializing and trained physically for reasons.. Shifting his focus back towards Kitaru, Naoya slightly bows his head towards the boy. You are, were the lead.. We did not stop seeing you as such when you were given the hitai-ate.. This is the road Naoya traveled to become Chuunin.. This is a road he sees you traveling.. Returning his hands behind him, the spiders that had left return, crawling into the clothing and burrowing into the body at the looser joints. Just like that Naoya became statue-like, not shifting even to breath as the twins and Kitaru still talked

"What do you mean we couldn't process it? You told us it wasn't real, so we knew that and figured out why it wasn't real! We would never say that kinda stuff to each other, so we still knew it wasn't real even if you didn't have to tell us before. And we could make it go away knowing that stuff." Kasai complains to Naoya before she decides to listen to Kitaru try to explain things. At first, she takes the instruction quite literally and takes a step back from her sister while she frowns down in concern and watches her. Because…she's in a Genjutsu?" She asks, starting to pick out that this was definitely part of the lesson now that she was told that. She closes her eyes and tries to concentrate on the sensations, "Well…feel kind of…heavy? But not really…what do you mean what's required?"

Kitaru nods slowly. "That is a genjutsu. The statement of what is required is in relation to you being required to be at Naoya-sensei's class, as much as meet with me. Shinobi should be aware of these things too." Kitaru continued to pace, motioning to Chiru. "If she feels heavy. But there is no weight. Then this is a difference that should be noticed. From there you should attempt to stop it. While pain is a way, being self aware can break many simple illusions as well."

Just as now.. you aren't able to feel the distortion.. It still traps you for a time.. Even after you know it is a lie.. Despite the new position, Naoya doesn't sound any different from before, steady and somewhat monotone from the chittering. Study carefully under Kitaru.. 'He' is the reason Naoya suffered deeper wounds.. When he wouldn't permit us to free him.. Class is ending soon.. Shifting position, Naoya began to step forward to Kitaru and places a hand onto his shoulder. You grow by influence.. 'He' holds faith in you.. You are far from being what he believes you can be.. We will make sure you nor they will fail him.. Moving his hand away, Naoya nods forwards Kitaru but only turns to look at the twins for a time, waiting to see if they manage to free themselves from the illusion before beginning to walk away

"I don't..understand…at least the um…aware and relation part…and the still trapping me part…but okay Kitaru-san. Naoya-sensei." Kasai mumbles, frowning to herself, still not seeming happy by Naoya still saying she doesn't really understand. "But I think…I get that even if I don't feel the hurt the same as usual, if I concentrate hard enough, I can feel other changes and notice them and try to stop it…and Chiru can with me too." Kasai goes to sit down by Chiru and narrows her eyes, as if trying to will her sister free without hurting her. She eventually pouts and sighs out when it doesn't seem to help very much, "I still can't stop it that way though…it doesn't feel like I'm really doing anything at all, even though I want to be doing something…" Chiru looks down and rolls her arms a bit before she stretches her legs out and tries to lift them and wiggle her toes. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Kasai! Look, I feel better!" She tries to tell her sister, turning and giving her a hug. This makes Kasai look a bit more hopeful as she returns the hug, "Really? Huh…guess I won't give up so quick next time…"

Kitaru nods solemnly. "Illusions last through power provided to them. As I ease up, it's easier to move. The strength of the genjutsu helps immensely. Immediately falling back to pain does not help you understand what you are dealing with and that knowledge is power." Kitaru looks to the brood as they'd talk more directly to him. That was very interesting that they could do such. A moment's wonder if Naoya knew of that too. Either way he'd give a nod to the clone, then a small bow. "I refuse to fail. I will put them through more as necessary until they get it. So they will learn how to break this cleanly and help one another." Kitaru smiles to the twins then. "For now we'll keep it simple."

Only the weak willed.. Only the dullards.. Those who call themselves 'shinobi' will learn.. Even Naoya cannot see through intricate illusions.. He knows when he is snared within one.. He believes in each of you.. Do not make him regret such.. With those parting words, Naoya walks away from the trio and leaves the library as a whole. After exiting the building, he travels at first towards the school before heading north along a dirt path, the brood was to dispose of the creation, breaking it down and scattering the pieces.

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