Rain (as Uchiha Yau), Fuyu

Date: January 11, 2011


An invitation to a meeting from Rain is met with silence on the part of Fuyu.


Visitor Center - Kusagakure

Once again Rain had been witness to Fuyu's struggles, however, they were changing. It was no longer new to her, and she was progressing rather swiftly. Certainly faster than Rain first anticipated. As he waited for his company to arrive, he finished his small saucer of warmed sake as it may be the last he has for a long time. "I truly hope that she does not attribute her accomplishments with /that/ man." he would growl slightly between clenched teeth as he rode the wave of warmth for a moment. He would then chuckle slightly, before out right laughing for a moment. "We truly do thrive in suffering and vengence. What is an uchiha… without passion?" Smirking slightly, he would stand and stretch his legs and back. The room looks like he just rented it or was procured it. Everything was neat and tidy, in its place, aside from a folded pile of clothing. It would be a night time rendevous between estranged family members both with agendas so convoluted that while likely sharing depth in complexity, it could never truly be understood by one or the other. Perhaps Uchiha merely thrive in complexity, and vengence just sounded a lot cooler to proclaim.

Fuyu has zero reason to respond to Rain's 'invitation' right now. Middle of a foreign Village, with all manner of spies and who-knows-what in an unfamiliar environment? Rain is a known criminal? Fuyu is already viewed with suspicion due to who taught her? Meeting with Rain would be idiotic. She wouldn't know who or what might be observing, recording, lying in wait… While being attacked is improbable, using dialogue between them as blackmail evidence or simply as 'evidence' could be hugely damaging to everything she is working for.
So she doesn't show up. The minutes tick by, and there is no late arrival. If there are any 'bodyguards' out watching the corridors, they see nothing of Fuyu. Then a single young Yamanaka girl of about 16 comes around the corner. A few moments later, there is a knock on the door.

"Come in." Rain would state as he took his hands from the clothing he'd laid out slowly and turned towards the door. He would begin to approach, assumnig the door would open before he got there and other wise opening it himself. Of course, it would not appear to be the person he expected. "Do you have something for me?" he would ask of the girl.

The girl bows to Rain, her ponytail flipping over her head from the force and speed of the bow. "Hai, Uchiha Yau-sama! I have been sent by Fuyu-sensei with a message." She straightens up swiftly, making the ponytail flip back behind her. "The message is that for security reasons, she asks that I be permitted to act as a representative of the Yamanaka Clan and to represent Konohagakure no Sato's interests in your conversation. Shishou apologizes, but at this point in time it might be harmful to the public image of one or both of you if you… Uhh…" She pauses and looks away from Yau, smooth young brow furrowing for a moment. "…I am sorry! I have forgotten the message! Please forgive me!" She bows deeply, causing her ponytail to flip forward again.

Yau would move seamlessly as the pony tail makes it's second flip towards him, grasping it and raising the girls head before planting a quick, light kiss on her forehead. "Tell her good bye for me." he would state as he let go and went back towards his clothing. "Just like that." Yau would then disrobe, though he still had pants on, as he began to get dressed in the laid out attire slowly and methodically. "Congratulate her on her Sharingan." he would say as his new shirt and that coat over that was slipped on. "Tell her that she owes no one but herself her strength." he would continue as pieces of armor were slipped over it; waist, chest, shoulder, and gauntlers down to mid forearm. "Tell her…" he would state as his very solid looking wide brimmed hat would be adorned and his guardless sword slipped along his side in to place, "…that she is now ready to lead the Uchiha, if she is truly willing to do so with no one else beyond her being the reason for her decisions." Tipping the hat slightly, he would raise a brow. "Have you remembered your message?"

Yamanaka Mimi is already embarassed for failing to remember the message entrusted to her by her shishou. Then her hair is grabbed and she gets… Kissed on the forehead? She blinks her deep-blue eyes in utter bewilderment, too stunned to react otherwise. Then Yau starts undressing — well, partially at least — and she blushes bright red before turning her back as she stands in the open doorway. "…Uhh… The message I was given by Fuyu-sensei, or by you, Yau-sama? Shishou can be here literally in an instant! She just needs confirmation that for >official< purposes I can be present. That was the message. Are you certain you do not wish to speak to her?" She waits with her back turned until she has some indication that Rain is done getting dressed, and then peeks over her shoulder.

"I don't know… I think it would be far more interesting for you to deliver the message in my stead. However… I suppose i'm willing to risk a few broken bones." Yau would state as he removed his hat and held it in both of his hands in front of himself. "She may come in as well." he would state then as he awaited Fuyu's instantaneous arrival.

Mimi pauses and then nods. She turns and walks into the room, and, though perhaps a bit embarassed to be alone with a man in his 'bedroom' (if the single-room quarters could be considered a 'bedroom') she knows she has a job to do. So she puts her hands together in a very special hand seal, though it is clearly unpracticed and perhaps even clumsy compared to Yau or Fuyu. It is also slightly different in terms of results and name. "Kankangakugaku Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! <Heated Shadow Clone Technique!>" she calls out.
There is a poof of VERY warm air that rushes into existence, dispelling the cloud of smoke next to her. Then there are two Yamanaka Mimi standing side-by-side. Mimi turns to her double and nods. The Shadow Clone forms a Clan-specific hand seal for cancelling the Mind-Body Switch Technique. Another cloud of smoke erupts a moment later, this one from the Clone. When the smoke clears, Uchiha Fuyu is standing in the room. Given the very small decrease in Chakra for such an advanced technique — if Yau is even aware of Mimi's Chakra Level — she is either far more than just a Genin kunoichi, or perhaps…
Fuyu immediately snaps out, "You took long enough to say, 'yes', Rain." She sighs and rubs her forehead. Mimi blushes brightly and looks very embarassed as she admits, "Actually, shishou, I forgot the exact wording of the message, so the delay is my fault! Please forgive me!" Then she does that bowing thing with the ponytail flipping. Fuyu just looks at Mimi with annoyance and then faces Rain/Yau. "For 'official' and 'legal' purposes I needed a 'representative of Konohagakure' to be present to witness our discussion, in order to ensure that no one gets the wrong idea about us 'collaborating'. Of course, Mimi here is unlikely to report anything out of the ordinary to anyone, given that I am her teacher. How convenient, hm?" she glances towards Mimi again, as though to make sure she gets the message. Mimi just straightens up and smiles while nodding enthusiastically.

Yau just shook his head a bit. "I wonder what you would be like without appearances to maintain. Or as they say in far more provocative situations, when you let your hair down, Fuyu." Yau would place the hat down on a small table beside him and look to her. "Still, you would not be who you are without such elaborate measures. I must sicken you at times with my non-chalant and cavalier manner." Rain would approach Fuyu in this state, but he would not at al lbe surprised if she was apprehensive about his movements towards her. "As I have stated to your student Mimi here, I plan to give you my message in it's entirety. That will require a bit of trust, if even for a moment. Will you accept such from me before I leave Kusagakure?"

Mimi opens her mouth as though to deliver Yau's message, but then realizes that would be redundant since he is right here and can provide it himself. So she closes her mouth. Fuyu says, "Paranoia does not suit everyone. But for some, it fits just fine. Having to play security for the Uchiha Clan Head and everyone else in our Clan for years — especially during the Disease Maker assaults — required me to have heightened vigilance. And the times I was not paranoid ENOUGH…" She trails off. "…Well, let's move on. Feel free to deliver your message. I have a message to deliver myself — and not the one that was given you by proxy." She indicates Mimi with her a nod of her head. She does not seem perturbed by Yau's closeness. If she dies… Well she's just a Clone. Mimi would swiftly abandon Fuyu's body, as she has been directed in advance, and then Fuyu would do her best to show she is not as weak as she once was.
To that end, Mimi backs up and stands over in a corner of the windowless room. Best to be out of range. This is NOT her body that she is making use of, and she would sooner die herself than cause harm to come to her master through own actions or inactions.

Yau would place his hands upon Fuyu's cheeks gently before leaning and kissing her forehead a bit more delicately than he did the messanger. His eyes were closed as he stood a breath away for a moment, but as he leaned back, his eyes opened to reveal his sharingan. His hands would still be placed on her cheeks as he would have slipped a a link through eye contact, but there would be no assault. Instead, there would be Konoha.
It was empty. Empty aside from Fuyu and Yau standing in the middle of the uchiha village, amongst the seal he had left there. "A foot print… to reveal the past." he would say to her. The scene would transition slowly, carefully, and unjarringly as he could manage. This was a familiar place, the only thing that was not familiar were the events that were to be displayed.
An Uchiha encampment about a decade ago. Ancient history, yet the foundation upon both of their lives. It was no secret, no true secret, that Madara had a favorite. Many claimed it, but only one seemed to truly be it. Yau would watch, often, as Fuyu would be trained, talked to, heightened by the leader himself. Yau remained silent about all of it. He never said a word when he was pulled away to take care of his sister, or to train with the rest. To be counted amongst the numberless. Envy? Jealousy? No… Yau felt neither of these. What he felt… what he understood, was that their leader intended something of Fuyu that had little to do with her. What he felt, was anger. Atleast, that is how he saw the world.
Things would swirl about the memory, and a new one would emerge. It was the meeting that created the village of Konoha. The protest of Madara ignored, and the few that left with him while the many stayed behind. Yau looked back as Fuyu remained. She was not able to hide herself so well that he could not see her sacrifice. Looking forward ar Madara, he would see nothing but the wake he left behind. His compassion was not for the Uchiha… it was not for Fuyu. It was not even compassion at all. It was desire. For what, Yau did not know, but he still followed Madara, a half step behind his lead to forge his own path.
Suddenly, Konoha, the Uchiha village, that very spot at the seal anchoring all of the memories together. Yau would leave the area, and eventually drink with Fuyu. An interesting conversation with secret results that caused a chain of events that seemed as if they would tear Konoha assunder. Little did she know… little did she know. Those would be the thoughts in the darkness of the prison cell he awoke in. He had never planned to kill anyone. To harm as few as he could, and have them healed on his behalf. But this… he could not accept this. There was no time, and yet there was no better opportunity either. He broke free, and maimed, he killed, and he regained his freedom. Uchiha Yau was now on the path of a true criminal to Konoha. There was no more explination, no more diplomacy. All that was left, was what he came for.
Yuzuna was beside him, in the darkness. He would ask for her to look, and she would find what he wanted to see. 'My son.' would resonate through Fuyu's mind as Yau focused everything he was in an attempt to regain his very blood and bones. He succeeded, flying through the shattered glass as the monsterous being of a man roared after him, and he would leave with the baby boy wrapped in his arms in to the night.
In reality, al lthe while, he would be saying what he said to Mimi, not only to ensure that he was not harming her teacher, but also so that Fuyu could hear what his words were. About her ownnig her own strength and owing it to no one else. Congratulating her on her progress. About her earning the right to lead if she was ready to actually take it. And most improtantly, "Good bye." He would release her, physically and mentally and turn to go get his hat now with a slight glance behind him. "There are only two people beyond myself but including you that know this. I advise you not to send people to… investigate it further than that."

Fuyu experiences everything that Yau has to offer her in tems of both words and memory relaying. She stays still and looks down with a frown until Rain is done. When he lets go and moves away, Mimi is looking worried or jealous or over-protective or something concerning the physical contact and closeness between the two. Fuyu waits until Rain has moved beyond her. Then she turns and says, "I have yet to give MY message."
She takes a moment, making sure Rain has stopped and is listening, and then says, "Maybe your perception of the past is more accurate than mine. Maybe it's not. But there is something in 'that' cave that is collecting eyes and souls. I don't know all the details because I wasn't there for all of it. But the creature talked to me while I was staggering and crawling through the darkness with my life being sucked out of me. Maybe it thinks it's a great manipulator, but it is also certifiably insane. And I think it wants Madara-sensei's 'light'."
"It can't see in the darkness, and is trying to find a way out. Don't give it a path to freedom because of the desire for revenge. Leading… HIM to the cave would result in something far more terrible than what you or I can imagine. I don't need to know the nature of the beast to know it will eat me alive, along with anyone else in its way, the first chance it gets to betray us and still have what it wants."
Silence, filled with an uncomfortable confusion from Mimi. She has no idea what is being discussed, but it sound serious. "Do we understand each other? Keep Uchiha Madara AWAY from that place."

Yau would look to Fuyu intensely as she mentions his name. That name. That man. The man who would be GOD. The GOD who would be flawed like any other man… just like the Sage. Men, who believe they are gods. Yau wanted to spit at Fuyu's feet out of spite for that name alone. However, he calmed himself. "I will keep the family reunion small. I cannot promise the same… for the next one however." Yau would state, clenching his fists. "Don't you allow for /HIM/ to devour you either. Unlike our mutual monster… it would be nothing more than a shame." Closing his eyes and tilting his head away from Fuyu again, Yau would exhale. "I will see you again, but I cannot see what will come of that meeting."

Fuyu does not react physically or verbally to the obvious hostility towards her teacher. Or is it towards the monster in the cave? She can't tell from Yau's words alone. She just knows that, for the moment at least, Rain is not going to sacrifice the Mangekyou Sharingan to a creature out of the nightmares of nightmares. Revenge and hatred are powerful. She knows this as well as anyone else. But there is such a thing as taking it too far. Unleashing that… Dead-thing into the world would be the last mistake that Rain would ever make. Is revenge worth that? She hopes the answer is 'no'.
Because the ghost asked her to bring it Hashiramako. And Fuyu is still undecided as to whether she will try or not.
She vanishes in a puff of hot air and smoke. Mimi tries to exit the room whenever the doorway is open for such, bowing and thanking 'Yau-sama' for his time, and then heading back to where her own body rests.

As Fuyu leaves, Yau opens his eyes once more, the Sharingan gone. "All of them… seeking a form of God hood. Seeking a path that takes them beyond their frailty and mortaility. They are all cowards. Afraid of death, of loss… but primarily their own personal extinction. Why can they not see the future? Everything ends… everything. That is why… we create new things. Things beyond us… to come after us. There will never, ever be peace… while many desire god hood, and none of them deserve it. What is it that you want Fuyu?" Rain would begin to burn away to one of his marks in a land far removed from Kusagakure. "Will you follow him… and attempt to control the darkness… or…" and he was gone.

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