A New Leaf - Goodbyes and New Beginnings


Daisuke, Tobiramako, Hashiramako (emitted by Daisuke)

Date: February 21, 2014


Daisuke is summoned to meet with both of his aunts in the Hokage's office, with an unexpected result.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"A New Leaf - Goodbyes and New Beginnings"

Hokage's Lookout

Daisuke woke with a start early in the morning on a Monday, his hair disheveled and his eyes watery. There was a masked figure crouched outside his window seemingly waiting for him in a crouched position on the tree branch.

"Fond farewell, that freaked me out." he has to say to his empty room, just to release all the surge of energy he had suddenly gained going from being asleep to fully away.

Satomi was away on a mission and he was home alone, which made it all the more unexpected that some masked figure would be staring at him watching him sleep. He gets himself up and walks to the window, opening it and leaning against the frame.

"So… you've had your fun scaring me, what is it you want." asks the young Senju to the masked figure.

"You have been summoned to the Hokage's office right away. I am here to escort you." replies the ANBU member, standing up from his crouched position.

Daisuke raises an eyebrow at the formal summons, asking for a moment to get dressed before he rejoined the ANBU member. He climbs out the window and closes it, nodding to the figure to let him know that he was ready before they both would take off into the village as the sun barely peeked over the treetops.

Upon arrival at the Hokage's Administration building, Daisuke took the walk up the stairs alone, the ANBU member disappearing to do his or her work. The young red-head was getting kind of nervous, being summoned so early and so officially. He hoped everyone was ok. He had already recently lost his student and a fellow Jinchuuriki, anyone else would be awful. As he opens the door to the offer he is greeted by the faces of both of his aunts, who look up at his arrival.

"Well at least you two are still alive. What's all this, then?" the young Senju says, happy to see his family was at least OK.

"Take a seat, Daisuke." Hashiramako says, pointing to the one in front of her desk.

Daisuke does so reluctantly, looking between Tobi and Hashiramako, still unclear of the situation. Tobiramako remains behind her desk to the left against the wall amidst a wall of paperwork but her eyes are on Daisuke and she isn't working. Hashiramako is also acting unusual, staring at Daisuke as she leans back in her chair, something seemingly on the tip of her tongue but not coming out. Finally Tobiramako rolls her eyes and stands up, moving over to the Hokage's desk and standing next to Hashi as she does so many times a day when discussing important things.

"Your aunt, Hashi, has taken it upon herself to accept a mission only she could complete. The mission details are cloudy at best, the outcome is uncertain, and the time needed to complete is basically unknown. I have tried to talk h-" Tobi says, before being interrupted by Hashiramako.

"The completion of this mission would better the entire world, keep it safe, and allow the rest of it to live out their lives as they normally would. It is too important not to take up, it is a Hokage's duty to not just protect and lead their people but also those within their Land and to set a good example of those beyond our borders." Hashiramako says as she sighs, thinking Tobi wasn't placing enough importance on the mission itself and more on the fact Hashi was going on it alone and without her approval.

Daisuke takes a moment to let the details sink in before he nods his head. His aunt may never return to Konohagakure, this was big. He could already feel a lump forming in his throat. She had been a mother to him, basically his only mother growing up, it wasn't easy to take all this in.

"Ok. It sounds important, and I know that if anyone can complete it, it is you Hashi-baa." Daisuke says with a smile, his eyes still watery, perhaps from the sleepiness or perhaps from the thought of potentially losing her.

"That isn't why we called you here, though, Daisuke." Hashiramako continues, a warm smile on her face as she sees his own smile through watery tears. "Tobiramako and I have come to a decision as to the leadership of this village while I am gone."

Daisuke nods his head at Hashi's words, looking to Tobiramako. "Sure, everyone knows Tobi-baa will be succeeding you eventually." he says with a smile.

"That is not the case." Tobiramako says to Daisuke, always straight to the point. "While I made lead from the shadows, organize the missions, do the paperwork, and basically run the show, I am no figurehead, nor do I plan to be."

Daisuke seems confused, looking back to Hashiramako for an answer.

"You." says Hashiramako, a single word carrying the weight of an entire village, if not an entire Land of people, made with a warm and caring smile.

"Surely you are joking?" Daisuke says, rubbing his eyes as he tries to wake up a bit more. "I must be still dreaming." he concludes, smacking himself on the cheek.

Tobiramako shares a look with Hashiramako, fully expecting this to be quite a shock. She clears her throat before returning to her desk to get started on her work, the purpose of the meeting being concluded in her eyes.

Hashiramako chuckles at Daisuke's actions, shaking her head lightly. "Tobiramako will still be here, in her usual spot, doing her usual work, but the village needs a Second Hokage in case I do not return. A village without a Hokage is waiting to be preyed upon by enemies who see them as weak and disorganize. Over these past 16 years I have seen you grow into a more than capable shinobi despite the adversity you went through. In recent years you have earned two promotions, completed countless classified missions for me without a single casualty, and, the most important above all else, made friends."

She stands up and walks over to Daisuke, who immediately stands up awkwardly, unsure of what to do or say. Before he can do anything else she places a hand on his shoulder.

"My biggest worry with raising you was that you would grow to hate humanity. Those who treated you poorly, were frightened of you, ignored or opposed your existence, or gave up on you completely as a child. The boy… no, the man I see before me has made me more proud than any mother will ever be of a child, even if we are not a traditional mother and son. Your perseverance, fierce loyalty, value of life, and success in the field has shown me that you are ready to follow in my footsteps, for however long the village needs you. So I ask of you to please…" she says, her eyes watering a bit as she removes the Hokage hat from her head and holds it out to Daisuke ".. take care of the village while I'm gone. It is my other child and it still needs to be steered in the right direction throughout its upbringing."

Daisuke looks down at the hat, his eyes wide, taking in everything Hashiramako says, flashbacks of the countless times Hashi had 'rescued' him from the path of complete darkness growing up causing his eyes to water. He reaches out and accepts the hat before he pulls Hashiramako into a tight hug, whispering in her ear.

"It will be waiting for you when you get back."

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