Got Drugs?


Hiei, Sanda, Hanami, Kasuya, Yori, Eiji

Date: October 31, 2016


Kumo shinobi were hired to take back a chemical plant from some former Storm Brigade members.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Got Drugs?"

Chemical Plant-Raiun City

The call goes out to any available shinobi to meet Hiei at the front gate of Kumo. Once they arrive, they would see the Raikage with a scroll in his hands and a serious expression on his face. "Alright. We've got a request directly from the Lightning Daimyo. There's a chemical plant in Raiun City that has been overrun by remnants of the Storm Brigade. They are rogue shinobi of varying strength, though we do know that their leader Mushrombo is of Jounin strength and specializes in both Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. Luckily, the Daimyo's assistant has provided us with a schematics of the plant." He holds up the scroll before he passes it off to Yori. "Yori will be your team leader for this mission. I expect you to follow his orders as you would mine. This mission is delicate. The plant has a lot of chemicals in it because it was originally used to make cleaning materials and solvents and the like. The current occupants are using it to make a drug. For normal people, the drug causes hallucinations and long term use causes brain damage. For shinobi, it causes erratic chakra and makes your chakra ignite inside of you and causes your body to implode. They're attempting to weaponize it. That is why this is such a sensitive mission. Watch your jutsu on the inside of the place. The Daimyo wants as little damage to the facility itself as much as possible. Going against this edict WILL affect your pay for this mission. The daimyo expects us to be discreet and place as little lives in danger as possible. Keep in mind that the workers are normal civilians and are being forced to make this drug." He crosses his arms over his chest. "If there are no questions relevant to the mission, then I suggest you get moving. The longer they have to hole up in this place, the more dangerous it will be to get the civilians out and take out the Brigade remnants." He pauses. "I would prefer to take the leader alive, if possible. But if it's not possible to do so…I won't be all that angry."

Yori got the call and grabbed his always-ready pack before heading to the gates. Once he arrived he would bow to Hiei though for the moment he wouldn't say anything as he waited for whoever else was to arrive. It wasn't until everyone was there that he listened to their instructions and then took the scroll with a thoughtful frown. This mission was rather…unique. He couldn't help but wonder a little why the KRD wouldn't be taking care of it, but in the end it didn't matter. Orders were orders. "No questions Raikage-dono." He would wait to see if any others had questions and then, when they were done, would lead the way out of the village at top speed.

Eiji would get that call and show up promptly. While his rank might be genin, there were enough who knew he was strong enough to not be that concerned with him showing for that mission. A full bow is given to Hiei and at the questions he simply shakes his head. Looking to Yori, a nod is given and he'd take off with the others. That speed was held in check, no need to waste strength now. There was going to be plenty to do later.

"…" Sanda arrived at the gate just exactly on time, and when she hears the mission details, her jaw may or may not have dropped. Jounin-level enemies… Okay, then. Better call the funeral home. Sanda suppresses a sigh and just nods. "Fun fun… I suppose it'll be interesting. Stupid Brigade…" she mutters to herself, scowling at the invisible enemies. Just how useless was she going to be rendered? Feels like 'very'. "Lead the way, Yori," she says with false cheer. "Sounds pretty straightforward, so no questions from me."

When Kasuya arrives she starts to look through the files they have on hand. The schematics are well detailed, and up to date. But the ones she pays most attention to are the files that might hold a hint about the enemy shinobi they'll encounter inside. She listens with only half an ear to Hiei's introduction, until he mentions bringing the leader in alive. Then she looks up and says, "Certainly capturing him alive will be a top priority, behind minimizing innocent casualties." She sounds remote. She glances around at the shinobi gathered and says, "We have an interesting squad."

Hanami is totally around. Yes, definitely, why wouldn't she be? So since she's there, she decides it'd be a good idea to get in on the mission and arrives at Kumo's gates in relatively short time. Looking alert, she listens quietly as Hiei gives a rundown of the mission. Hmm, a little more subtlety this time. Guess that limits her abilities somewhat but that's okay. She glances at Yori, but since he doesn't have anything to add she just gives a nod, nothing more she could think of at the moment. Maybe when they got to the place and could better assess the situation. For now she'll just head out when the rest of the team is ready to move.

Once everyone has been given their orders, Hiei steps close to Kasuya and quickly presses his lips to hers. "As your Raikage I want you to be careful." He pauses and then says, "But as your boyfriend, I want you to be extra careful. No heroics." He flashes her a smile before he moves to the side to get out of the way of the team once they get ready to leave.
Once the team reaches Raiun City, for those who have never been there before it is the Capitol of the Land of Lightning, a bustling metropolis. As the sun begins to dip below the horizon the people of the city begin to move towards their homes for the evening. The plant in question is located in the northern industrial section. It's easy to find because of the black smoke billowing out of the smoke stack and the fact that it's the only building that is still active, being that most businesses have shut down for the day. There are a few bars and inns that are lit up and operating, but other than that, the city begins to quiet down as darkness begins to settle. This could either help or hinder the efforts of the Kumo shinobi.

Yori coughs softly and turns his head when the kissing ensues before they depart. Ahem. Mission! The team arrived in the evening which as far as having people around helps somewhat. Luckily it was in the industrial area. As they neared the building Yori would stop his team a block short and in the shadows so that they could get a look at what kind of security might be around. "Eiji-san, Kasuya-san, please get a higher perspective and check the rooftops for guards. Sanda-san, Hamani-san, check around back. Meet back here in ten minutes." Yori will check the front, of course.

Eiji would follow with the others and nod at Yori's command. Glancing to Kasuya, Eiji nods her way then all but vanishes. Pouring on that speed, Eiji would use tree walking to get up, seeking a good spot from above, without getting into the smoke, to find out what he can see before returning to the spot as commanded.

Hey, people she rarely sees! Well, they're all stronger than her, so obviously Sands is just here to watch things play out. Definitely. Her job is to just stand off to the side and maybe help folk communicate. And even that's a hefty maybe. Sanda would move to follow the rest of the group once they begin to move, though she lagged behind the others who were all fitter or at least more able to use speed-based techniques compared to her. This was just getting annoying…
Reaching Raiun City, Sanda glances around a bit. Familiar… It was easier to follow the group since they had to move a bit slower, too. Once they reached the building and Yori gave his instructions, Sanda offers a mock salute and moves to check the back area. A handseal creates soft mists that would help her check the area…

Kasuya returns the kiss, but out of the corner of her eye she sees the glances they're getting. So she grabs Hiei in a death grip and gives him a long, passionate kiss that'd leave him gasping for air. When she resurfaces she gives a dutiful nod and says, "Of course, Raikage-sama." She even salutes him.After that she'd follow Yori's orders. She'd find some higher ground and make her way quietly onto the rooftops. Scanning around for potential enemies, but also bystanders who might be caught in the crossfire. Hopefully all goes well, and it won't come to a huge clash. She moves stealthily for that purpose, and advances slowly in the shadows.

Hanami raises an eyebrow at Hiei and Kasuya, but whatever, not really important. Upon getting to Raiun City she blinks at the grandness of it. Sure, Kumo is a big city but she had never been to the capital before nor any such metropolis. Antacid, could easily get lost in here. Hopefully that wouldn't happen to any of the team, nor those they've been sent to hunt down. Once in the industrial district she pauses with the rest and listens to Yori's instructions. A quick nod and she turns to Sanda, "Lets go, step quietly now." She releases her chakra into the night air, helping her get a sense of things while working her way around back carefully and quietly. No point in accidentally raising an alarm.

Eiji and Kasuya would be able to find two guards on top of the roof. Both of them are armed with bows and it's mot hard to guess that they're the snipers. They also notice that there is a skylight up there and the two guard patrol from one end of the roof to the other, but their patterns aren't together, so when one guard is on one end, the other one is on the other.
Around the backside, Hanami and Sanda would notice another two guards standing sentry against the single back door. They are currently unarmed, which could mean a number of things. Also back there is a large dumpster which is obviously used as a waste receptacle for trash and whatnot. Hanami, with her wind senses, can find alarms on the windows and the doors themselves. They seem to be triggered by motion. Yori would notice that these alarms are not part of the original schematics for the building, he would also notice that the front door is being guarded by only one person, and that he has a sword sheathed at his side.
Using her chakra sense, Kasuya is able to pinpoint the largest source of chakra in the building. It seems to be coming from below the building itself, meaning that there must be some type of basement area. If Yori checks the schematics, he'd be able to confirm that the basement is where most of the chemicals are stored after being made.

Yori had the shortest of the trip, but it was purposeful so that he could review the schematics while waiting for the others as well as start to formulate a plan. As the others returned and gave their reports Yori's eyes remained on the schematics, formulating his plan with each new arrival. When it was all said and done he nodded. "Alright, we're going to enter by the rooftop. With snipers up there I'd like to take them out first. I want to go in silently if we can, so we'll work together to take out the four up there. After that we'll see if the skylight is a viable entry point. If not we'll enter the back way. Since they don't have weapons I fear they may be ninjutsu users and I don't want them blowing up things on the inside." With that said the scroll would go away and Yori would lead the way to the rooftops once again.

Eiji nods and would go with what Yori plans. As they'd get close to the roof, he goes through hand seals. Carefully formulating that illusion, the area is as it normally is to the guards. Despite the shinobi making their way up there. While he can't exactly stop them from spotting the shinobi full out, he can stop the two of them from getting any sort of advantage by masking the presence.

Sanda reports her findings and listens to the others before looking to Yori. "Got it," she says, just following the group since she didn't really have any useful skills. She was also pretty bad at sneaking, so hopefully Eiji's got her covered along with the others. Just be quiet and careful and watch out for those rocks that are trying to make noises and threaten their getting discovered.

Kasuya watches as Eiji conceals the surrounding movement. She can tell some good illusory work when she sees it. So she takes advantage of the lull and maneuvers around the rooftops to simultaneously attack both of the guards. It's from a range, and it'd also be an illusion that'd convince them they were bound up. It's a subduing technique. Bindings fly out to tie the guards up from a nearby source, wrapping them up from feet to mouth so they can't even get a squeak out. Or so their minds are telling them.

Hanami returns with Sanda and informs Yori on what she was able to uncover. The traps, if they were to go that way, would need to be disabled first if nothing else. So the skylight would probably be the best bet as long as it was clear. Heading up, she looks for an opening. Keeping things to a minimum for the sake of silence means she'll probably need to stick to her taijutsu. Not the best, but it'll do for now. Of course it doesn't matter much as she makes her way across the rooftop to get onto the target roof she sees the two guards seem to struggle with something invisble and go down, like they're bound or something. Must've been one of the others. She still moves in silently though in case, taking a position near the right side guard and looks to Yori for his orders. She also casts out her senses, no point in not staying alert.

Eiji's false surroundings technique manages to mask the team's trip to the top of the roof, and Kasuya's genjutsu does indeed cause them to drop to the ground, their legs sticking together and their hands moving behind their backs. They try to physically struggle, but to no avail. They grunt and moan a little, but not loud enough to alert the guards on the ground.
Hanami's wind senses let her know that the skylight is indeed free of traps, and once the team looks inside, it looks to be some sort of storage closet and there are no guards visible from the angles that they're aware of. However, there is a forty foot drop from the skylight down to the floor beneath. Simply jumping could cause enough sound to alert nearby guards, so they'd have to be careful how they handled this part.

Yori nods to the two as they genjutsu the guards and he quickly ties them up for realsies just so the chakra wouldn't have to be wasted or maintained, especially with the trouble that may cause once inside. He'd rather not have anyone implode. Once the all clear was given on the traps Yori would find the latch and open one of the windows to look for a way down. Well now this was fun. "We don't know what kind of guards they have nearby so we need to move silently." Yori grabs the edge of the rooftop and swings down, flipping through and standing on the ceiling before quickly making his way to the nearest wall to start down.

Sanda just follows along per usual. Since Yori did the thinking for her, she'd follow his lead and just use tree walking skills to make her way into this creepy storage space. As she makes her way down, she would just grumble inwardly about various things. Force of habit or something…

Kasuya makes a few hand seals in preparation for another genjutsu, one more similar to Eiji's. It'd move along with her, masking her presence. Kasuya would climb through another of the aerial windows and make her way down the wall. She'd move much more quickly than the others and drop discreetly behind a pile of crates. Her teammates wouldn't be affected by her illusion, but the guards would have a hard time focusing on the pile of crates. Like their attention is sliding off it like rain on an umbrella. As she hides there she loosens her blade in its sheath and silently draws a kunai.

Hanami makes a quick search in her pack as Yori is binding the guards up and uses bandages and gauze to gag the guards. Might as well take no chances of them calling for help either. Once done she heads to the skylight, flipping around and landing on the ceiling, then making her way quietly over and down the wall. As before, she keeps her senses open to get a heads up on anything while also making sure to keep and eye on the others.

Once the team makes it down to the floor level. They'd be able to see that there is a doorway in front of them. Within the next room are various pieces of equipment on the floor as well as a few vats of chemicals. The first thing that would hit them would be the smell. It was horrible. And it wouldn't take a genius to realize that any kind of spark would send this whole place up. There are catwalks above the ground floor and as workers move from one station to the other on the ground, the men on the catwalks seem to be supervising. They carry what looks like stone clubs belted to their waists. Thanks to Kasuya's genjutsu, the workers, nor the guards really even notice that a group of strangers just walked down the wall into the storage room next to them. Hanami's wind senses alert her to movement to the team's immediate right. Apparently there is a guard walking towards the doorway where the team is. Odds are, he might not notice the team standing there, thanks to Kasuya's genjutsu, but who knows? Maybe he can be silently taken out before that theory is tested.

Yori drops the last few feet and lands silenty behind some crates as well, taking a moment to scan what he can see on the other side of the doorway. As if Hiei's warning in their mission briefing hadn't been enough, the smell of the various chemicals was just as good a warning and reminder. Yori makes hand signs to the others, reminding them to watch their chakra usage. The fact that some of the supervising men visible were using stone weapons was a good thing to help them remember as well. Taijutsu would be the preferred method of attack for the moment.
When notice of the approaching guard is brought to his attention by Hanami, Yori nods and looks to the door. A moment later he vanishes in a burst of speed, his intention to cut the man down as he reached the door and use his speed to move him out of sight of the others before they noticed anything wrong.

Yori drops the last few feet and lands silenty behind some crates as well, taking a moment to scan what he can see on the other side of the doorway. As if Hiei's warning in their mission briefing hadn't been enough, the smell of the various chemicals was just as good a warning and reminder. Yori makes hand signs to the others, reminding them to watch their chakra usage. The fact that some of the supervising men visible were using stone weapons was a good thing to help them remember as well. Taijutsu would be the preferred method of attack for the moment.
When notice of the approaching guard is brought to his attention by Hanami, Yori nods and looks to the door. A moment later he vanishes in a burst of speed, his intention to cut the man down as he reached the door and use his speed to move him out of sight of the others before they noticed anything wrong.
If that works he'll motion for the others to move out. Kasuya and he will take care of the supervising guards while he signals the others to start gathering the civilians in this storage room for the moment to get them out of harms way.

Even though the illusion is working, Kasuya looks tense. This is a high stakes bet, and one slip would place them in the middle of a roomful of enemies. So she maintains the illusion without cause to do much else. As they stand there concealed, Kasuya starts to study the area. Her nose wrinkles. That smell is like…death. She notices the guard nearby, and also notices the lightning fast dispatch that Yori performs. Kasuya smiles at that. That's some speed.
While the civilians are being evacuated Kasuya makes her way up to the walkway to the nearest guard. An illusion surrounds her in a five foot radius. Which would give him a moment of warning before she'd aim to stab him through the throat. It may or may not be enough for a silent kill, but in the hopes it's the latter she'd conceal both of them.

Hanami senses the presence of the guard, quickly and silently alerting Yori thankfully before the full effect of the chemicals hits her. While not exactly the super senses of say the Inuzuka, she was still hit by it well enough, having to take a second to keep her composure. Asperin, that was bad. Okay, fair warning. Of course Yori had already zipped over and eliminated the guard, impressive as usual and also a good thing too. She looks about, eyeing the guards above as she nods silently to Yori. With them working on the guards she motions Sanda to help her start getting the civilians cleare. Of course the element of surprise and silence goes out the window right now with a group of people. She does try to get them to understand they need to keep as quiet as possible. And to not rush out the building. Vaccine, still at least a couple guards on both the exits. On the other hand, maybe a stampede of people will work to their advantage… Whatever the case, she keeps alert as usual in case of any more suprises.

Yori's quick actions make it possible for him to run the guard through with his and then hide the body, Solid Snake style. Kasuya manages to make it up to the catwalk without even being seen, thanks to her genjutsu. When her lightning infused machete strikes, it goes through the throat of the guard and all the sound he makes is a soft gurgle as he falls over. Luckily, the second guard on the other end of the catwalk hasn't noticed that his partner has been ganked yet, but as Hanami begins to move the workers into the storage room where they first entered, he's beginning to suspect that something might not be right here. He looks around to find his partner lying face down and it causes him to draw the stone baton from around his waist. There's no button for him to push, and to go get help means he'd have to exit the catwalk, but he is moving in that direction to get to another room where he's got reinforcements. Assuming the team allows him to get that far. As for the workers, there are only slight murmurs as they are ushered inside the storage room. They aren't stupid, since their oppressors are being taken out, it's a safe bet that this group was here to rescue them.

By the time Yori makes it up to the catwalk the other guard is already on his way away. Yori doesn't hesitate, but even with his speed he's not going to get to the man in time. Well, so much for doing this the quiet way. Now he just had to hope that they wouldn't do too much damage to the structure. At least, unless someone had some other way to stop him. That would be good. Otherwise all hell was about to break loose.

Kasuya winces as that bandit makes off like the hounds of hell are after him. And given that it's Yori on his heels, that's pretty accurate. He's too far out of range for even Kasuya to disorient him with an illusion. Instead of dashing after him she'd take a moment to play it more discreetly. She climbs down from the walkways to use the vats as cover. And she heads towards Yori. He'll know what to do. Or if need be, it'll be useful to fight in a group.

Hanami whips around at the sound of motion above, catching sight of the escaping guard. Anesthetic, things were going so well too. Yori darts after him but not quite fast enough, and Kasuya didn't seem to have any luck either. She uses her senses, trying to get a quick look at what they might be facing as she already starts moving. And it didn't seem like they'd be getting a break anyways if what she picked up is true. Fine then. She gets a devilish grins as her hands flash the signs. She wasn't going to be fast enough to hit the guy, she knew that. The door he's escaping through though…that's entirely too easy. And so the guard will see what looks to be Hanami appear out of thin air right by his escape route. And promptly shuts the door before him. As she does this she calls out, not too loudly but enough for the group, "Three guys, one seems real tough coming for us be ready."

The guy running at top speed thought he was going to make it. The insanely fast guy couldn't catch him. The scary chick with the machete didn't reach him. The door was right there, he was going to make it! Nope. Hanami's clone appeared and shut the door right before he got to it. He couldn't put the brakes on fast enough and slams into the door at full speed. There is a crunching sound as his nose and several other parts of his face break and the door is busted up along with him. Around this time two guys are walking out of the door, but they are impacted by the veloctiy of the other guy. Then a deep baritone voice says, "What the penicillin is going on out there?" A six foot barrel chested man walks out, stepping over his subordinates as he makes his way into the room. "Shinobi. Why am I not surprised." He snarls. "Why don't you all just GIVE UP!" As he yells those last two words, the team would feel a powerful genjutsu impact them to make them submit to his statement.

Yori blinked as he saw Hanami slam the door in the mans face as he himself slowed to watch the outcome, wincing slightly at the pain they must all be feeling. He'd have to remember to give her props for that later. When the man appears all angry and such Yori grimaces at him, sword drawing along his opposite arm as he feels the genjutsu in order to keep himself free from it. "By order of the Daimyo you are under arrest. Surrender now." It'll give time for Kasuya to get closer if nothing else. Taking them alive was always so difficult.

A genjutsuist. Kasuya bites her lip, as she glances at her two teammates. She blinks when she sees Yori successfully dispelling the illusion. That was excellent. Apparently he's not a liability at all. But the command to give up is still there, and Kasuya would make a few hand seals. Suddenly the thug would find his entire mental command turned on its head, and then launched at him. Compelling him to submit.
And more illusory power is flowing from Kasuya like a tidal wave. "Surrender," she says coldly, "and tell your men to surrender as well." It's as if her will was given crushing force, that'd overwhelm him unless he dispelled it.

Hanami had a brief moment of satisfaction at seeing the guard smash himself into the door and beyond. Caused a ruckus, but since she knew they were in trouble anyways she had taken the risk. Still worth it. She might change her mind though as the big man storms in yelling. And not just yelling, but using genjutsu behind it. Yeah, not good. And though she tried, his was too powerful and she found herself shaking. But before she could drop down Kasuya steps in and lays the mental smack down on the guy cutting off the attack before it gets a firm hold on her. Still, she's a bit shaken by how tough he is. Another reminder of things, but Yori and Kasuya seem to be going strong, so they'll be fine. She decides to try and get her spirit back a bit, calling out, "You should really get that door fixed, faulty hinges can cause doors to swing shut all on their own…" she smirks.

Mushrombo was considered to be a top notch genjutsuist. It was the reason why he was recruited to the Brigade in the first place. When the group was disbanded, he had struck out on his own, determined to forge his own path to greatness. Then he met a woman from Kumo named Kasuya..and his dreams went crashing down. He had never met anyone who's mental power not only matched his, but swallowed him whole. He had no choice but to follow her commands as she turns his own illusion back into himself. He falls to his knees, placing his hands behind his back. There is a glassy look in his eyes as he says, "I surrender. Men, stand down. It's over." The battle was over before it really began. He didn't even have the strength to shrug the genjutsu off of himself. With the gang captured, the workers safe in the supply room, and aside from a door, the factory was virtually unharmed…the Kumo shinobi could call this one a job well done.

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