Got Goat? - Mystery-Goat Touch Down!


Rockpath (emitter), Hiei

Date: August 1, 2015


Hiei is with Sasuke Goatchiha when the two encounter the strangest thing: A talking goat!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Got Goat? - Mystery-Goat Touch Down!"

Land of Lightning

It had been some time since Hiei had let Sasuke out of his pen, but today was one of those days that he felt that he and the old goat should have some quality time together. As long as he behaved, that is. So the two find themselves wandering around the mountain side, heading towards the plateau that overlooks the Land of Fire. Hiei was planning on working on some of his jutsu out there and it was something that he wouldn't dare work on within the village walls. Too destructive. He reaches over and pets the large goat between the horns and Sasuke bleats contentedly. Life is good.

Well, life is all well and good, but sometimes it's a real nanny! Like right now, for instance! As Yotsuki and Goatchiha are walking along, they would hear… something falling. It wasn't really a boulder, though. It didn't sound like the rock against rock, nor did it seem associated with any steady acceleration. No, the fall was quite bumpy, and random bleats and cries of 'Ow.' 'Dang it'. '#$@*' can be heard as this 'something' falls.

Hiei stops walking for a moment and looks over at Sasuke. "You hear that?" He begins to go in the direction of the noises and voices that he heard. "Hey, is everything alright over there?" He asks out loud as Sasuke, being hooved, moves a lot faster in this terrain than he does. He'll beat him over there. Hiei just watches the goat go. "Last time I saw him move that fast was when he was getting fed."

With Sasuke being in the lead, the goat would find… Another goat! Yay~. Though this new goat looks a bit beat up with a bunch of burns and bruises and blood on him. This goat struggles to stand up, eliciting another 'Ow *bleat*' from his mouth before he blinks and realizes… another goat! This other goat stumbles a bit as he tries to make his way over to Sasuke, though he pretty much fails. "Grr… If I could just… Hey, you! Help me up," he calls to Sasuke.

With Sasuke being in the lead, the goat would find… Another goat! Yay~. Though this new goat looks a bit beat up with a bunch of burns and bruises and blood on him. This goat struggles to stand up, eliciting another 'Ow *bleat*' from his mouth before he blinks and realizes… another goat! This other goat stumbles a bit as he tries to make his way over to Sasuke, though he pretty much fails. "Grr… If I could just… Hey, you! Help me up," he calls to Sasuke. (re)

Sasuke just gives the other goat a blank look. He sniffs him and then begins to lick his wounds. His way of trying to help. He just bleats at him in return, but there are no words. A moment later, Hiei catches up and sees what's going on. He frowns. " I wonder what kind of predator got ahold of this goat, Sasuke?" He reaches out to pet his goat before kneeling down next to the other one. He looks around before looking down at the goat. "Where's your owner, boy? I know I heard voices coming from over here."

*blink* Sasuke gets a confused look, though the wound-licking is pretty nice of him. "Thanks, but that's not what I meant…" the new goat says with a small head-hang. 'What the heck is up with this goat. Is he dumb?' are his inner thoughts. As Hiei wanders over, he would hear the goat saying, "Do you not know how to speak? Do you speak goat? I can try that, if you want." Then Hiei is actually nearby and asking this mystery-goat on his owner. Upon which mystery-goat looks all affronted. "I don't have an owner, silly human. If you mean my parents, those two are fighting. And I think I broke my leg, so if you could help me up, that'd be nice."

And the ground falls out from underneath Hiei's feet like a genjutsu. He has a stunned look on his face as he sits down in the dirt hard. "Oh..oh wow. A talking goat." Having heard him ask Sasuke for help. Hiei explains, "Unless he's been hiding it from me, Sasuke here doesn't talk. He's my best friend." He pets Sasuke who nuzzles his hand. Standing up, Hiei says, "But I could never leave someone in need. Here we go, let's go slow." Wrapping one of his large arms around the goat, Hiei attempts to help him up.

Poor Hiei. But the goat has no sympathy! "Sasuke? Strange name for a goat… I thought I knew everyone in the Goat Village." Well…. In his world, certainly. He grunts a bit with pain when Hiei grabs him up, since that leg is definitely not working properly. But it's really only dislocated, which Hiei would be able to find out if he inspected that left hind leg. "Thanks," he mutters, bleating a little bit to Sasuke to ask, ~So you can't talk properly?~

Sasuke cants his head towards the other goat. ~Well, this is the only language I know. I understand bits and pieces of the human language, but I can't speak it. I am just a goat, afterall.~ In the meantime, Hiei is examining the goat for injuries. "I can fix most of these right up. And your hind leg isn't broken, but it is dislocated. You'll need to stay off it for a little while." He pauses. "What is Goat Village? You're in the Land of Lightning at the moment. My name is Hiei. What's yours?"

~Oh… I'll teach you, then, I guess,~ the mystery-goat bleats. Then he glances over to Hiei. "I'm Seer," he adds. Weird name, no? The goat wiggles his leg, or tries to, and fails. Grr… "Well, I'll just wait for you to fix it then," he grumps. "Goat Village is where I …" Land of Lightning? The mention of the shinobi world makes the goat pause and face-hoof. "Dang it! Who the heck set up … *sigh* Stupid apprentice." The goat scrambles a bit in Hiei's grip because being picked up is unpleasant for… many reasons. "We're fighting with those danged Tanuki. They keep thieving from us! I heard that they were giving the foxes some trouble, too!"

Hiei blinks. "Tanuki? Oh you mean the raccoon looking things that carry around bazookas? Yeah I met one of them. Didn't like him at all. I would have put the hurt on him, but the guy who summons him is a good friend of mine." As he talks, He lays the goat down on his side and pulls first aid supplies out of his belt pouches. He begins to fix him up, while being as gentle as he can be. Sasuke replies, ~Nah. That's okay. I like it better when they don't understand me. Everyone except Hiei here. I don't know how he does it, but he seems to know what I'm thinking most of the time. My favorite thing to do is pretend to fight with him so we can wrestle.~ He begins to bleat loudly, laughing that is. Hiei looks over at Sasuke. "What's gotten into you, buddy?" He shakes his head and goes back to work.

~You are a very strange goat,~ Seer bleats. ~And just because you learn doesn't mean you can't still play dumb!~ Then Seer glances to Hiei and blinks at him. "Hmph… Yeah, that sounds like them, the little thieves…" He huffs. "They launched an attack on my village because they think we stole one of their shinies from them. again. And we didn't, if you were thinking that. So I had to go get help since I'm not one of the battle-goats."

Hiei pauses working for a moment. "Wait, wait. Battle-goats? Oh, I would give anything to see one of those. I had this idea, you see. To breed battle goats for Kumogakure. I'm the Raikage you know." He goes back to working, now cleaning and bandaging the hind leg. "Sasuke was the prototype. I gave him these special vitamins to grow him to that large size. Most goats that live here are very small."

"Yes, battle goats. They're our military. I'm part of the research team that helps figure out new armor and stuff." Suggesting that there are goat-blacksmiths and goat-scholars and all sorts of goats. "This one here is pretty normal size, actually. You did a good job keeping him healthy!" Then Seer bleats at Sasuke, ~Your friend is pretty cool. Can we borrow him?~

Hiei grins at the goat. "I've had Sasuke since he was a baby. He's like family. Isn't that right buddy." Sasuke bleats towards Hiei. Translation: ~That's right!~ He then says to Seer. ~Sure. Hiei is a good fighter with those knives of his. I give you my permission to take him for as long as you need. Just not too long. His wife feeds me, but she doesn't do with a smile on her face. I hate bad service.~ Hiei whistles a little while he works. "So, an entire goat society. Nice. I've met special animals like you before, but I've never been to your world."

"I'll take you to it, then. Once I'm better," Seer promises. Plus, he has Sasuke's permission, and that's all that matters, right? "Oh, you have knives? That's a new way of fighting. Some of the goats attach knives to their horns, actually." Seer and Hiei would talk, as would Sasuke and Seer, while they made their way back to Kumo to get Seer to the vet. Or just healing in general. And then the poor beat up goat would promptly pass out after a huge meal, because goats eat a surprising amount, even when exhausted and injured.

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