Got Goat? - Yes, I do!


Rockpath (emitter), Hiei, Yori

Date: August 10, 2015


Hiei finally is told he can get a contract with the goats.

"Got Goat? - Yes, I do!"

Land of Goats

It had been a few days since Hiei and Yori assisted the battle-goats. And now they were awaiting one final decision: whether or not Hiei would be permitted to sign a contract. Eventually, a decision was reached, and Hiei was called back, along with Yori. Why both? Well… That was to be discovered shortly!

Hiei goes to the large house where all of the elders seem to hang out. He steps inside and immediately gives them all a bow of respect before he stands with his legs shoulder width apart and his hands behind his back. Being a soldier first and foremost, he defaulted to this kind of thing when speaking with those above his station. Let's face it, in Goat Village, being the Raikage meant nothing at all. "Elders, you summoned me?"

Yori follows Hiei into the large house and gives a deep bow to the goat Elders there along with Hiei before taking a step back and clasping his hands in front of him. It might not be the militaristic style behind his back but it's still form and his hands are plainly visible as being free of anything that might cause harm. Sure, it's not necessary at this point, but better safe than sorry. As Hiei speaks the young Saito remains silent and observant, just waiting to see what the outcome of this particular meeting might include.

The goats all nod a bit, and Croen, the head sage, starts the meeting off. "We have discussed you at a great length, Hiei." Yeah, no honorifics. Their name structure was completely different, in some ways! "You have helped us immensely, rebuilding the village, helping our smiths, and even fighting alongside us in battle." Vyren pipes up next. "And that's all well and good, but we also had to consider how compatible you were with our goats." There's a cough, and apparently Vyren had interrupted Storyk's section. The older goat continues, "As /Vyren/ so graciously said… We needed to consider how else you sat within our village."
"The kids have all taken a liking to you, though. And you worked well in gathering supplies. You even keep a goat-friend, Sasuke, with you. And Seer said that Sasuke was well-cared for." The goats look at Hiei expectantly, then Zal pipes in, "We want you to say why you think you would be a good partner with us." Then the medic-goat looks at Yori. "And we want your input, too. You have know Hiei for far longer, so we are sure you would be a good judge."

Hiei listens while the goats speak to him. He nods with a faint smile when they list that he even fought alongside them in battle. That was his favorite part, next to telling stories to the kids. He had a lot of fun doing that. He clears his throat. "I'm not a man that's good at bragging on himself. But I've accomplished a lot in my life. I'm a husband and a father, two of my most greatest accomplishments. But I'm also the leader of a village. And I am well versed in responsibility. I have raised a goat from a baby all the way to adulthood, so I am familiar with what goats need and want." He pauses to take a breath. "We would be perfect for each other. I value your strength, your courage, and your wisdom. I would be incredibly honored to have one of you fight by my side as I struggle to keep the peace in a world that is fraught with danger and deception." He lowers his head and steps back, apparently that's all he's got to say.

They want /his/ input? Yori is caught by surprise at those words. He wasn't even one of them, what good would his word have? He could embellish it silly to make his leader seem even more amazing, after all. Not that he would but still. He waits until Hiei finishes speaking before he gives the Elder's another bow. "Ah, well, I can tell you for as long as I have know Raikage-dono I have seen nothing but a man with a passion for life. Whether it's his own, that of his family, or simply that of anyone within his village he seeks to ensure that they lead the best life they possible can. He's very caring yet he's one of the strongest people I know. Even with that strength he uses it only to protect his village and he doesn't let it effect him in a way that some people might think. He isn't full of himself or think himself higher than others. He's a man that looks only to help others.

"What he's done here is what he's always done: help someone in need. The fact that you are of a different species didn't even phase him. On top of that I've seen the great respect he shows you and know that if you were to allow him a summon it would be an honor far greater than any he's received before. He wouldn't ask this lightly if he didn't believe it would be beneficial for your people as well. If it were up to me, I would be more than willing to grant his request." That said and done, Yori again steps back after adding in another little bow.

The goats consider all the words offered, and then they decide to discuss in standard Goat. Meaning a lot of bleats, tail flicks, and other means of communication without the humans understanding. It's a pretty good five minutes before they seem to come to any sort of agreement, but they don't seem quite ready to hand out a contract just yet. There was still something they needed to do. "Assuming we granted you the contract," Croen says. "Who would you want to make a contract with?" And in case Hiei didn't quite understand the question… "Obviously, you have a contact with all of us, and you'll be able to switch through us if desired. But it is typical of summon contracts to involve few parties when the actual summoning occurs. This can be seen with the Kitsune, the Tanuki, and even the Hebi."

Hiei lowers his head slightly as if really considering his choices. He could eventually be able to call upon any of them to aid him. But there was one goat who stood out among all of the others. He steps forwards, "I've thought about it, and I've given every consideration on my choice. If there is one goat who I would like to establish the initial contract with…I pick Seer." He pauses. "That is, if he agrees with my choice. He and my goat-friend Sasuke bonded while he was with me. And he is the one that I am most familiar with."

The goat glance around each other, and there's a small bleat from Croen. Unable to make handseals, the goats have to resign to stomping a hoof onto the ground, and a scroll appears from the .. ceiling? Well, that's certainly interesting. The scroll unravels, revealing only one name written on its paper. The page is a bit sooty, too. … Perhaps that rumor of the Murasame working with goats is true.
"Sign your name in blood, then put your fingerprints on the scroll like that one did," Croen says, nodding lightly to the first signature that doesn't look too old. A few years, maybe more. "The handseals you will perform when summoning one of us are: I (Boar), Inu (Dog), Tori (Bird), Saru (Monkey), Hitsuji (Ram). Then draw blood for a small… payment before placing your hand to the ground."

Hiei smiles and inclines his head to the Elders before walking up to the scroll. Withdrawing a kunai from his his thigh, he pricks his finger and then signs his name right under the one that's already there. 'Yotsuki Hiei'. Then he squeezes out more blood, spreading it over all of his fingers before pressing his bloody fingerprints to the paper. After being sure that it's all done. He steps back and waits to see what comes next.

Yori just remains standing where he is, watching as the goats discuss, Hiei makes his choice, and then the scroll appears. He's quite intrigued as to how they called out the scroll what with them hooves and such. Little mysteries of the world. When Hiei signs in blood and gives his prints Yori winces slightly, his hand fidgeting by his first aid kit. But he manages to hold it together and not rush to bind the little stab.

Well, that's it! Vyren nudges the Kage with a large hoof. "Try it out. Seer is actually nearby, so it'll be a bit easier to see if you actually summoned him." Yori is suddenly assaulted by kids! Oh nooooo. They all seem to want to play with him, especially because their parents had said that the shinobi were going to leave soon. So sad… *sniffle*

Hiei raises a brow at Vyren and shrugs a little. "Alright, let's give it a shot." Since his thumb is still bleeding, he forms the necessary handseals. "Summoning Jutsu!" He channels his chakra and then slams his hand down on the ground. He then immediately steps back to see what happens. However, he does glance over at Yori when he is suddenly assaulted by kids. Aw, that's kind of cute.

Yori was watching this whole thing and then suddenly he's under attack! Ack! Okay it's not really attack but it was still unexpected for these kids to be inside of the Elder's hut. And, truthfully, he kind of had a fondness for them. They might not be human but they were kind of cute and such. He smiles at them and promises to play before he leaves, but he's not going to leave Hiei without his permission. Plus he kind of wanted to see if this whole summon thing worked…

*POOF* There is a lot of smoke, and Seer is there! yay~ In all his glory, too. "Good job, Hiei," he says, giving the man a friendly nudge with his horns. Good thing he isn't armed. That'd be bad! All four leader goats seem to be nodding slowly in approval. They seem to have made a good choice, at least. They could definitely fight alongside Hiei, too. Seemed like life was good. Now as for Yori, he's pretty much getting tugged away by those kids!

Hiei grins at the success of his first summon. He reaches out to pet Seer between his horns. "Thanks, partner." He then turns to look at Yori and then motions with his head that he can go ahead and play with the kids. He then looks back at the Elders. "I promise to visit again, Elders. Now that we're all friends, I would like to come back and visit from time to time. To catch up on the news and such." He bows to them again respectfully and then waits for them to dismiss him.

Good thing Hiei gave the go ahead because it was getting really hard to avoid leaving when they started pushing him out with their horned heads. Them things were hard! And goats are strong! In the end he does exit, feeling a little guilty for not getting to formally bow on his exit to the Elders. Hopefully they'd understand. "Okay, okay, let's play." Hopefully it's not tag again however…he still had bruises from that.

Croen seems to be the main speaker in this regard, and the goat bows his head. "Of course. Feel free to return. Send a message through Seer to let us know, and we'll be sure to gather plenty of things humans can eat." Because dang, Yotsuki eat a lot! And goats don't hunt, they graze… "Have a safe journey back. You're welcome to stay another day or two, of course." Because the Kids like having the shinobi here!

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