Gym Class Heroes!


Tosai, Berii, Eremi, Ryo

Date: September 6, 2011


With the recent destruction of a previous class to the practice room of the Ninja Academy. It was up to two genin, a student and their Team Leader to make sure it gets cleaned up.

"Gym Class Heroes!"

Ninja Academy - Practice Room

The room had been cleared except for the left over carnage of a dodgeball game gone ninja. Guess thats what happens when you let super-powered young-year olds work out their energy with something fun. Tosai was rather pleased with what he saw… Not in the mess so much, but rather, in the skills and cunning used. The game looked like a battle field, where children were using what they knew to cheat, and give themselves an edge. Clone techniques to lure an attack. Replacements Techniques to avoid hits and throw the other players into a false since of winning. Even Henge attacks to pretend like they were members of another team. It was as if the children had been put in a better circumstance to learn. Unfortunately, the practice room paid for it.
Holes from balls being thrown with in human strength. Equipment scatter about from loose balls and people. And even a few kids who just got caught on a bad day. All of this and more made the Academy Practice Room a wreck. Tosai was leading the cause in its cleaning, and with him, two Genin he figured could get the job done. Eremi, for some reason, came up under his assignment listing once more. Weird being that he had been on mission with Tosai previously. And the other… Uchiha Berii. Tosai snerked at the name, as he waited for the two to arrive.

Entering the room would be someone unexpected. One of the students who had come back looking for something. He was not the most gifted child in the art of being a ninja, but he had some potential. Ryo enters the classroom and offers a greeting to the teacher before moving towards the back of the class. "I left some of my foot wear behind." His eyes move to scan the wall but it seems he is unable to find it

With head down and hands at his sides, Eremi made his way into the room shortly after Ryo. He glanced around, taking in the destruction and mess that this room had endured before spotting Tosai. The man was definitely large compared to the boy and it made him uneasy as he walked over toward him and gave a bow, "I didn't do this." He'd say before looking over toward the other boy. It might have been the Uchiha, but Eremi wasn't about to just rat him out.

This was exactly what Berii was afraid of, this was exactly why she regretted not putting more efforts into her studies. Her first mission was janitorial work and she was sure more of this was to come, at least from the horror stories that other more experienced Genin told her. It was very difficult for Berii to appear angry, so when she steps into the room planning to look mad and ferocious, she would look more along the lines of a sad puppy. The angry face really needed some work but, she felt as if she was getting her point across.
Berii sort of enters the room with a light stomp, the large bow on her back bouncing daintily when she comes to a stop. Of course her manners did not fade entirely as she straightens up inhales deep and bows slowly rolling out the next few words, "Good Afternoon, Akimichi-sama." The rest don't get a greeting, she was too busy being a grump.

"Hmmm? Oh.. Ryo-kun. Go on ahead while you can… Cause whatever is on the floor now, may get tossed away. This room will be recieving renovations soon, and I have a few Genin coming in to help with the hard stuff." Nodding to the small kid, Tosai looked up to see Eremi's approach. His head shook. Eremi always seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve. The nervousnes was reacted to with a laugh, as Tosai mentioned, "Yeah… I was going to suspect you right away.", a hint of sarcasm spiced with a smirk on the Akimichi's bearded face. "And he did do it along with abou 33 other kids, so don't try blaming him purely." Tosai smiled before suddenly sighing at what else he was seeing. His palm slapped his face, before the words, "Berii-chan… perk up will ya? Its not bad… besides… You were once on the other end of this destruction remember?"
Tosai chuckled as he ended the sentence he spoke, ruffling the girls head afterwards, and saying, "I promise that money and free ice cream will come from this. I heard a new candy store even opened up in my village." So he tried bribery… big whoop. Obviously, he had to do something to make her feel good. After all, most first mission for Genin were exactly like this.. Hard work, and some elbow grease… It was a test of obligation and obediance. And Tosai wasn't biased just because they were kids.

Ryo would soon find his shoes, then make his way towards the door. It seemed neither Genin was too happy to be there. "Tosai-sensei, mind if I help? I did after all help make the mess. It should be part of my responsibility to clean it." Perhaps it was the candy bribe he had over heard, or maybe this kid genuinely thought it was his responsibility to help.

For a second the sarcasm from Tosai's accusation wasn't caught and it made Eremi nervously twitch, afraid he was going to get punished. But when he finally understood he looked up to the large man and smiled, before looking back down and around the room. It was quite a mess and he wasn't sure where to start or even if he should start. So he waited, figuring Tosai would give proper instructions. That was at least what the boy figured the man was here for. Besides the offering of sweets, which he wasn't sure he wanted. The thought of not doing what the man asked scared him a little more, then being rewarded.

Berii's right eye shuts as the large man's hand rests on her head, it felt as though she was being absorbed into it. Berii herself was too weak to cause this sort of destruction when it came to dodgeball, all she was good at was the dodge portion of dodgeball. As reluctant as she still was to do the mission, this would be the first time she actually earned money in the entirety of her life. There was some appeal to that and as tough as the girl pretended to be, candy and ice cream still had a hypnotic effect on her so she does indeed lighten up…. a little bit.
Casually smoothing her hair back down from the ruffling she glances Eremi's way for a moment as if about to say something, her lips parting for a moment. Though she instead looks to her cousin, "Itoko-san… thewe's no need we've made the same mess I guess it's a cycle your time wiwl come, hnn." Her speech impediment breaking through a few times but, she disregards it, and just hopes the little boy isn't also dragged into it… as much as he seemed eager to do so.

"Eh? You want to help? Hmmm.." Tosai looked around, scanning the area for any obvious damages and hazards, before smiling to the kid and saying, "You'll recieve extra class credit, and probably a chance for some sweet candy action later, depending upon performance. I suggest you follow your seniors, and keep an ear for intruction, understood Ryo-kun?" Once the smaller boy's answer had been recieved, Berii would get a look of seriousness, and say, "Besides… if he wants to help or can help, is not your choice to make, Berii-chan. Keep in mind that decisions like the inclusion of others on a mission, are put commonly into the hands of the highest ranking officer. Besides… You are refusing help for this mess? Not a smart move."
"Anyway… as far as where to start, we shall work on getting debris separated from any salvagible equipment. Be careful for anything like broken glass, nails, and structures that fall may or may not fall apart. You have plenty of time so please… take your time. Eremi… north quad near the dummy corner. Ryo-san… try near that weapons corner over there. And Berii-chan… I suggest the locker wall for you… lets go."

Ryo looked slightly dissapointed as his cousin suggested he not help. Then as the teacher tells him he can he gives a nod of his head. He would head towards his designated area. There was a deal of shock as he had been selected to go towards the weapons corner. He would pull out some of the larger pieces of debris first. After setting them into a pile, he would look for hazards to keep track of. Lastly, he would look for the salvageable weapons and pull those from the smaller debris.

Eremi didn't notice that Berii was about to speak to him, he didn't try to notice the other two at all. Keeping to himself as he stood next to Tosai, waiting for his orders. When he was told to go toward the north quad, he did so nodding in understanding and quickly making his way there. His hands and arms were bandaged already with several layers, so he wasn't too worried about reaching into the debri and catching glass or a nail, so he simply started to move everything into a pile as he seperated keeps from throw aways.

Berii turns away when given instructions, not arguing with what Tosai had to say as she inspects to lockers, locking her eyes on one that seemed to have taken more hits than the rest, the locker door barely hanging on. There would be a moment of silent thought before she drops her fist into an open palm with an expression that more or less said 'Ah hah!'. With a swift kick she manages to knock it off its hinges completely and it falls on the ground to her side. The girl takes in a deep breath as she forms a few hand seals, breathing a weak, controlled fire onto the metal door. A kunai slides out of her sleeve and she uses the side of it to start spreading out the heated metal, shaping the locker door into a curved C-like shape.
After that she just leaves it there, probably to let it cool as she starts gathering loose debris in her general area, moving them together into a pile with her feet. Given a lot of it was glass from broken windows and lights up above… she didn't really want to get her hands in there.

As Ryo would gather a few of the weapons, he'd probably notice why Tosai had sent him over. The weapons were for practice by students, with dulled edges and sizes big enough for a small hand to grasp. He would notice bins for all the different weapons to go in, as well as a closet and cart for to move them all. Eremi was working well with moving portions of wall and glass from a nearby shattering. He'd notice where the debris came from, a spot above him where light was let in from outside, near the ceiling. Berii was doing a rather… advanced job on the near by lockers though for what initiative she was taken, it wasn't needed. "Berii!! Noo.. Just worry about the debris. Those lockers are going to be moved during the renovations." Tosai looked on, sweatdroping his own efforts to move concrete slabs going rather quickly as he tosses them near the large whole in the wall where the once were.

When Ryo had seen his cousin start up with firestyle ninjutsu, the boy was tempted to keep up, but his better judgement told him not to. He would start to organize the practice weapons out into the bins. He would arrange them as they were written. Then he would place broken weapons just in front of the bin where they belonged. This way he could take count and let the instructor know how many needed to be replaced. "Question. Why did we play inside? Outside in the forest might have allowed us to do as much without so much damage." He seems to be speaking his mind.

At the loud shout, Eremi quickly snapped his head around in time to see Berii take out the locker door and begin working on it. It was a quite advanced move he thought, to be able to work with fire. Something he wouldn't dream of being able to do anytime soon. The boy looked a little jealous, but turned back around, refocusing on the debri and the job that was in front of him. It didn't seem like his task was as difficult as the others, but he didn't complain. Simply piling up all the debri and dry wall, leaving only the dust behind that would need to be swept up

Tosai's words would only be met with a smile as she continued on with her work, /maybe/ they could've fixed that door but she felt they were better off putting on a new one! That's what she'd tell herself to justify kicking off the loose locker at least. Berii starts to hum to herself as she continues to gather mess left on the floor, admiring the ability of the students as they actually managed to put dents terribly hard surfaces.. with a dodgeball. Then, within the mess the Uchiha manages to find a deflated ball within, not deflated, she takes a closer look. Her eyes widen the ball actually exploded on impact from whatever it connected with, hopefully not a face, "Aye! Was it students or Jounin pwaying?!" Berii crouches down and gingerly picks the rubbery remains from the pile of broken glass and wall chunks, dangling it for Tosai to see.
Shaking her head, she drops it back into the pile and goes over to her now somewhat cooled, former locker door. She'd take hold of the upper area that wasn't heated and bring it over to the pile. It's purpose now shown when she scoops the pile up in one GRATING motion. The sounds of the metal scraping across the floor making her cringe in pain but, the shortcut was well worth it. "
The kunoichi looks over the pile stacked up on the scooper and turns to Tosai slowing her speech to properly speak, "Hnn, all ready for you sensei." There was no way she was going to be able to left and dump that so she starts to gather some of the useful stuff off the ground that most likely fell out of pockets during the intense game, a few coins, a few practice weapons that were suspiciously far away from the weapons rack, she'd hope they weren't involved in the game of dodgeball somehow.

"Okay guys! Bring on in… I think we can call it quits once we get this pile up. I can truly say you guys did this quick." Once the debris had been gathered where he stood, Tosai's hand grew to the size of a small truck. With a single hand he scooped up the trash in its entirety, before finding a larger wooden bin outside and depositing all the trash there. Once he was through, he would then say to the group… "Well… I guess its Ice cream time… Good job guys!"

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