Dreams - Hallucinations



Date: March 7, 2011


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"Dreams - Hallucinations"

Unknown location

Standing there, frozen in place, Daomi does not move. Before his eyes the
world is encompassed in snow. A blizzard so thick and dense he can not see
through it. A powerful wind would blow against his frail body. He would
shiver, but it is not cold. He would try to move, but his body is numb.
The wind one would suspect to be cold, is instead warm with a foul odor.
Tick-tock, tick-tock. Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours. The time
would pass and yet Daomi could still not move from his spot. Some
sensation would return to his hand, then gradually up his arm. He would
make an attempt to raise it, but it would be held tight against him. There
was some wriggle room for his fingers and he would feel around. His finger
would hit a hard wall and he would begin to scratch at it. Scratching
away, his finger would start to bleed, but it does not hurt and the wall
would eventually give way for his hand to fit through.
Tugging and pulling, he would tear at the wall until his head could fit
through. The blizzard gone, replaced with a dark cave. Daomi would make an
attempt to scream, but his mouth is dry. Bringing a hand up to his throat
in panic, he feels a puncture mark. His eyes widen in confusion and he
hurridely steps out of his prison. His foot reaches the ground and he is
on a tight rope. Knowing he has no choice but to cross it, he begins to
make his way across. His balance is poor and he falls. He closes his eyes
fearing the fall will be long, but instead he is caught by other tight
ropes. He tries to roll over to correct himself and stand back up, but he
is stuck to the rope. Squirming frantically he tries to come undone but it
does no good. So he lays there waiting and closes his eyes.
The warm wind of the blizzard comes once again, with the foul odor closer
to his nose. Daomi would open his eyes, but would not be trapped in the
blizzard. Instead he would see a black and furry being hovering over him.
Still unable to scream, he would squirm causing the being to shift as it
lowers its head, eight round eyes would look at the boy. Drool would seep
from its maw and drip on Daomi's face. Nothing he can do, he closes his
eyes and waits. A piercing sensation would enter his throat and he would
be asleep.
Daomi would open his eyes, but it would be hard to see. The area around
him is thick and wet, but it once again feels as if he is in a prison.
However, this time he has more freedom of his limbs. It would be slow and
feel heavy, but he would raise an arm. His eyes would catch notice of how
frail and tiny it was. Smaller then normal, much smaller then he could
have imagined. The boy would begin to lower his head to look at the rest
of his body. Naked, is what he would see and a thin cord attached to his
Suddenly he is jerked and his center of gravity is shifted. His eyes
facing forward, his new prison would form a hole in front of him and a
sharp object is pushed through. Closing in on his face, he can't move, he
can just watch as the object gets closer and closer before stopping. Tiny
black dots would pour out of the object and with ease would swim around.
As the black dots got closer he would see that they are instead spiders.
The spiders would focus in on Daomi, climbing around his body before
entering into his mouth, nose and ears. A lone spider would perch a top
the boys head then begin to bite at his bald scalp, injecting its venom
into his system. For months this would seem to go on, spiders entering and
leaving his body. Daomi having enough, he would focus all his strength
into a single kick at his imprisonment. The kick seeming to do the trick
as a much larger hole would open up before his eyes. With a sudden yank,
he is pulled from his prison and he would be blinded by a bright light.
Blinking a few times to adjust to the light, he wouldn't be standing or
being held. Instead he would be floating. Infront of him, he would see
himself. His blank expressionless face staring back at him with the cold
and sad black eyes. The light purple bags that rest below his eyes would
appear to be engorged and leak their fluid from them, causing purple tears
to flow down his face. His reflection would open his mouth and hundreds of
spiders would crawl out from within, then eat away at his flesh, until
nothing was left but the spiders.
A voice in the distance would be heard, "You there man." And Daomi's eyes
would constrict as he is awake, finally.
…for the Cutscene Challenge: Dreams.

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