Hanami’s Sensor Training: Allies in Alleys?


Michiko, Hanami, Yori, Furoo

Date: August 15, 2015


Michiko takes out a group of shinobi so that Hanami can work on her sensing training.

"Hanami’s Sensor Training: Allies in Alleys?"

Raiun City - Land of Lightning

Since Hanami is interested in being a sensor, Michiko has decided to help. How Michiko figured this goal of Hanami's out, one may never know, but she had called Yori and Furoo to help as well! The girl met with them at the Kumogakure village gate, and then they traveled to the most crowded place in the Land of Lightning: Capital City. Now that they're here, they can truly get down to the training. "Hanami-san, before you are three Shinobi. One uses chakra all the time, one uses chakra as needed, and the other tends not to use chakra. Around you are civilians who don't use chakra. But they still have it within their bodies and simply cannot access it." The girl looks to Furoo and Yori. "I want you two to scatter. Hide amongst the crowd. Hanami-san, I want you to find all of us using only your sense of chakra. Questions?"

Hanami was a bit surprised by Michiko suddenly summoning her for training. She probably had mentioned it or something. Then again, she also did try to use her currently limited abilities whenever she could. The trip with Michiko and the others was quiet, and once in the city she couldn't help but look around. She'd never been to the capital before, so big! So many people! She yanks her attention away and back to Michiko as she talks. She listens intently, visibly nervous about this, so much chakra around. Way more than she's handled before. But she would do it…she would." So she nods to Michiko for having understood her, "I…don't think so. You guys will blend with the crowd and I'll do my best to sense you." With that she waits for you guys to do just that, concentrating, trying to relax herself and focus her mind on the task ahead.

Yori had been to the capital a few times though it was still rather amazing to see and there were new things to explore every time he came. As he stands next to Furoo and Michiko he offers Hanami a bit of a smile, then a bow as he prepares to leave. Just to make sure she isn't cheating…he vanishes in a burst of speed to find a place amongst the crowds.

Coming along, Furoo sighs as she arrives and shakes her head, "Guess I don't got any questions either." She then looks at Hanami and shrugs before looking to Michiko, "This has boring written all over it but anyway."S he shrugs and starts off toward the crowd to blend in, "By the way, you should've blindfolded her. No way anyone here is anything I could blend in with." She chuckles as she walks off.

Michiko hasn't quite left the area yet, and she looks to Hanami as the other two slink off. "Remember, you can only use your chakra senses to find us. I trust that I won't have to blindfold you to do that, so don't let me down. The time limit is two hours." Then Michiko disappears into the ground, leaving Hanami in the middle of Capital City alone…
Michiko decides to make her way to a restaurant she's heard of. They supposedly serve very nice food at a relatively cheap cost! Which means it sounds very promising~

Hanami sighs as everyone takes off in their respective manner. Phew, this'll be rough. And only two hours! For the moment she just walks, listening to the crowds. Probably best she didn't use her wind sense here anyways, all the sounds and scents would be quite overwhelming and do her no good in tracking anyone. After a few minutes of random walking she decides it's time. Making sure she's out of the way of the hustle and bustle she closes her eyes and gently opens her senses. Hesitant, prepared for the shock of so many chakra signatures around her she still tries to pick up on any familiar chakra.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…26

Two whole hours, hmm? Yori makes his way to the market then to do some shopping~~! The young Saito walks around calmly, purposefully not building up any chakra and trying to keep it as low as possible. While he rarely uses it to begin, it would still be brighter than the 'average' villager. Luckily they're unlikely to be the only shinobi in the city right now as well, which might prove even more surprising. Oh look at this cute little owl statue~~~

Disappearing into the crowd, Furoo sighs and shakes her head, "Two hours…bah." She states idly to no one in particular and decides her best bet is to use it for napping. So, with a zip and a zap, she disappears in a flash and zips up on top of a building only to find a nice nook to slide into that is out of sight. She idly leans back into it, puts her hands behind her head, lets out a yawn and idly falls asleep.

The only person Hanami would be able to find at the moment is Michiko, as the girl is like a beacon of light with the amount of chakra she has stored up and is using. This is, of course, intentional. It is a way to distract the Shinatobe from the true targets, who are already difficult enough to find.

Hanami frowns, having to adjust to the crowd definitely didn't help her at all. Though Michiko was obvious and quite possibly intentionally so, the other two were not, lost in the sea of chakra. She decides to wander around a bit more, but keeping her senses open. She has to learn to sift through the various signatures, so she starts by trying to tune out the ones that seem to clearly be just simple villagers, non-shinobi. Stopping out of the way again she focuses once more, concentrating and trying to find signatures that are closer to shinobi. Though most likely her fellow kumo-nin would be trying to mask their chakra and there has to be other shinobi around such a city, still the best she could do right now.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…35

Aww, these figurines really are cute. Hmm, how much money did he bring with him? Yori hadn't really though he'd be shopping on this trip since it had been a training trip but, well, he still has two who freakin' hours! Or maybe 1.9 freakin' hours, but still! He looks between two little owl figures as he checks his cash flow. Dang, only enough for one. Decisions decisions…he actually frets a little as he tries to decide!

That Furoo, everyone loves her and adores her amazing abilities. She has created the most beautiful garden while slaying a dragon after riding a tiger into battle to fight it. At least that's what is happening in the dream she is having as she snoozes atop the roof.

Michiko continues to relax at the restaurant, ordering some tea and the local special while getting out some paperwork that she needs to get done! Furoo's chakra levels are amazingly low thanks to the fact that she's /sleeping/, while Yori's chakra levels go up a bit now that he's fretting over an owl. Hanami would eventually be able to notice this little spark of chakra that seems brighter than the others…

Hanami does indeed notice a signature that seems to be fluctuating. Something is sparking this person, could it be one of her companions? Keeping the signature in focus she makes her way quickly through the streets. Eventually after a couple false turns and dead ends she makes it to the market. Hmm, okay lets see. The signature now that I'm closer seems more familiar…so likely Yori." She scans the crowd, moving through the people lightly. Eventually she catches a glimpse of Yori ahead at a booth. Before moving in she tries to cast her senses out once more for Furoo. After that she'll try and sneak up on Yori. If successful she's likely to notice his dilemma over the owl figurines and pulls out a little money, "Here, get the other one as thanks for helping me train. Also, gotcha!"

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…22
COMBAT: Hanami attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 19

"Oh man, this sucks, they're both so cuAHHH!" Yori jumps when Hanami sneaks up behind him and he turns quickly, blushing, "H-Hanami-san!" He says, quickly trying to step between her and the owls. Nope, he wasn't looking at those at all. Cough. "I, um, you found me. Well done!"

And then ZzzzZZ happened cause Furoo is still napping. Of course, in the dream she is already standing atop her kill in shining armor as the villagers fawn over her and such. Ya know, what with her being a dragon slayer.

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