Hanpa’s First Target


Rockpath (emitter), Hanpa, Yashuu, Ryousha

Date: February 7, 2015


Hanpa attempts to tackle a Bingo book target… Are they ready for the challenge?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Hanpa’s First Target"

Land of Tea

Juyu Hido. A man who has stolen time and time again from the merchants within the Land of Tea. He has been mostly inconspicuous about it, but eventually people came to realize what was happening. And now they've sent a small team to chase after him… Great. Hanpa's organization would have seen the signs up in the Land of Rivers, as it was believed that perhaps those in the land knew some things and would be willing to give up information. Tracking Juyu down took some time, but eventually they would find him after taking on the request.
It is in the Land of Tea's outskirts that Juyu stays. A small cave that is rigged with traps, explosives, pitfalls, you name it. His hoard resides here, and he's been using his jutsu to store it while traveling underground to avoid triggering his own traps. And now he lies in wait, knowing people are on his trail and hoping to get them off him by letting them think they finished him here…

As the southern sea runs along the border of the Land of Tea, access to the land was quite easy to come by from the Land of Rivers. Their catching wind of the target and tracking him down led them to his cavernous domain and while he would be holed up outside of their territory as it was, Hanpa would still pursue with… some form of caution one would hope. Hanpa himself had been a bit meticulous, though swift in gathering some nuances of the target. Being an earth user did make things tricky however… especially given the fact that he didn't have his trackers along with him.
Standing a good bit away from the cave, Hanpa would make sure that Yashuu and the twins didn't step any closer as of yet, extending his arms as a signaled barrier to stop behind him. "Our target should be in this area… perhaps even in the cave. As you should both know by now… such places tend to be… fortified to some degree. As an earth jutsuist, he likely has ways in and out that we won't have access to utilizing today. That means he is prepared to be sieged. That means… we have to do this right. Stay on your toes and be prepared for traps and snares. If we can by pass those… he will be cornered until he attempts to use his earth jutsu to escape. We cannot let him do that or we may not be able to track him down again. So we have to either stop him… or threaten what he's stolen to get him to hesitate long enough for us to act." Hanpa explained how he saw the situation before getting in to specifics. "Yashuu, I want you to vanguard during the battle while Jun and Nao flank and keep him from gaining any solid ground. I will do my best to corner him and trip him up in various ways to give you three the advantage. I will also be trying to keep him from escaping and keeping the broad view of or tactical standing. Are you all ready for this?" Hanpa questioned.

A look to the man as they arrive and Yashuu crosses her arms, nodding sagely as she hears all about the various ideas. She looks around the area, seeming to fully understand the situation before she takes in a deep breath and lets it out. Yashuu looks to Jun and Nao, hmming before saying, "I think I'd rather be having a drink with these two but…this is good, too." She chuckles and looks to teh cave, "Lets go kick some guy's bullseye!"

The two green-haired girls stopped abruptly behind Hanpa and considered him as he spoke. They both hum thoughtfully at his words, taking some of them literal and rising up onto their toes a bit more before nodding their heads at his plan. They really can't understand this person's logic. If you're that hungry… you shouldn't want to destroy the building that holds that food you're stealing. Besides, it's not /that/ difficult to hunt. Especially, they presume, with Earth jutsu. Just trap a rabbit… Oh well… When Yashuu talks about drinking instead, the two tilt their heads curiously, only to refocus on the task at hand with a "Hai!" from both.

Juyu's eyes were closed as he focuses his energy into the ground. Who were they sending after him… There were footsteps, so he knew they were close by. Ones that were… heavy yet gliding. Then a pair that seemed stuck together like glue. And a final one that seemed… off? A bit of a swagger to it, certainly. His eyes opened as he considered those sent after him. He didn't know their strengths yet. It was better to wait for them to come to him. A faint sigh escapes his lips. It was so troublesome dealing with those who wanted to come after him. If they want his treasure, he'll be happy to bargain with them. Though these people want his life, which he was not about to give up so easily. It was, for him, a waiting game…

While Hanpa could not be certain of the specific jutsu that the target happened to have, he did know what they were capable of, quite intimately in fact. Juyu didn't arbitrarily pick a cavern. He thought like most earth users. It was a fortress with only one way in and he was in control of the territory. He would be able to, if he had the jutsu, to have the abundance of information within his territory, and even be able to use it actively for offense and defense if he was powerful or clever enough. Thus… this was not about infiltration. This was about getting to the heart of the problem before even more fortifications could be errected.
"Juyu Hido…" Hanpa would begin as he moved forward a bit, scooping up a near by rock as well as a stick about a meter long. "… Any chance at negotiation starts and ends right here and now. We are only after the reward, not your death." Hanpa stated as he'd approach the entrance to the cavern, tossing the rock against the wall with enough force to richochet a few times in to the cavern itself, listening distinctly to where it hit as well as if anything was set off along the walls of the cavern. He held up his hand, counting the amount of impacts for both the Twins and Yashuu.. plotting a course for them to follow mentally. "You have 30 seconds to decide whether you want to live to steal again, or be buried with your stash." Twirling the stick in his left hand and drawing his sword slowly with his right, Hanpa prepared to trigger any snare they couldn't by pass prior to their bodies becoming victim to it. IT was a risk… but alacrity was going to be necessary very soon.

Watching the cave, Yashuu starts to approach from the front when Hanpa speaks up. SHe stops, her bare feet pressing into the sand as she turns and steps a step back to look back at Hanpa. She frowns deeply as he talks of negotiations and then sighs as she looks back at the cave. Squatting down, she rests her elbows on her knees and sighs as she puts her hands under her chin, "Bah." She states to no one in particular and then starts to bounce a little on her toes.

Nao and Jun split up, each moving to either side of the cave and peering in. They listen patiently, looking curious regarding Hanpa's offer. They aren't terribly observant, so don't quite notice the traps and tags. The man would direct them when he wanted them to move forward. The two girls seem rather excited, though, this being their first task in the group.

Juyu closes his eyes, thinking. So Hanpa only wanted him captured, huh? He doubted that he would just be let off the hook with his life once captured. He had stolen too much and was a bit too strong to let running loose. The man simply shook his head, even as the pebble bounced off the terrain and set off one of his explosive tags. They were far apart so that the tags wouldn't trigger each other… The man murmurs something to himself, as if repeating a mantra or planning his next move. Then he attacks.
With his tremor sense, he knows where everyone is. It's just a matter of making sure everything is in place. Small whirlpools form beneath his attackers, the man aiming to keep them all in place while he… dissuades them from following him again. Then a lot of spikes start to rain down on the group, coming in from all directions so it's difficult to tell where he is.

COMBAT: Hanpa defends against EARTH-WHIRLPOOL(55) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Hanpa defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(21) attack from Rockpath with a TENSE…5
COMBAT: Hanpa loses the roll and sustains 766 damage.

As the earth begain to swirl beneath them, Hanpa would remain exactly where he was, entirely still, allowing the jutsu to take shape beneath him. He would however say to the girls, "Make your move now. Try to follow the path of the pebble before it set off one of the traps. Get to him while he is concentrating on defending the outside. Nao, Jun… stay seperate until you actually get to him. Confuse his senses about our numbers." Just as he was finsihed, he would be impaled through the left arm by one of the shards of rock, blood gushing out as he kept tight hold of that damn stick he picked up. He did not say anything. He did not move. He refused to allow for his presence to be detected any further until he was ready to move himself. The earth beneath him would snare him, dragging him down, and yet he would still wait, now calming his breath and heart rate, trusting in Yashuu, Nao, and Jun.

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COMBAT: Yashuu defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(27) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-DODGE…40

Bouncing in her spot, Yashuu would blink when she spots what is happening around them. She starts to move to avoid the incoming splintered items only to dodge that and end up sinking into the Earth. She grumbles and sighs before shaking her head, "I am here to hit things." She states, "I mean, honestly, we need someone with eyeballs or whatever to be able to see these fools!" SHe declares and nods her head.

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COMBAT: Ryousha defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(27) attack from Rockpath with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…37

Both Nao and Jun blink when the realize what's happening and they flip away from the sinking earth, promptly shifting to spin off to the side, away from the incoming spikes. With a nod to Hanpa's words, they shift to different plans. Nao heads forward, locating the offending thief and attempting to land a kick. Meanwhile, Jun trots over and grabs Yashuu by the arm, intent on pulling her free of the quicksand before doing the same for Hanpa, though she's careful about his injured arm.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-II(24) attack from Ryousha with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…35

Juyu shakes his head a bit, feeling more feet than he had expected. He knew his attacks had hit… The man makes seals, and two clones rise up from the earth and charge at Hanpa and Nao, the force much like a boulder rolling downhill for both of them. "There's your answer…" mutters the man. He's intent on taking people out, so they better be prepared to die! And fight like their lives depended on it. He starts to move, revealing both himself and where the traps possibly are as he makes his way across the ground.

COMBAT: Hanpa defends against YANK(31) attack from Ryousha with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Hanpa defends against EARTH-CLONE(46) attack from Rockpath with a HESITANCE…42

Thanks to Jun, Hanpa was able to be freed from the earth that had trapped the team. He was obviously not happy about Juyu's response. He made a slgiht seal with one hand as the earthen figure of Juyu would come at him, causing only a partial step less but not enough for Hanpa to move smoothly out of the way, that same arm being struck yet again as Hanpa would now have it be broken entirely. Even with that damage however, his will power was indomitable. "No matter." He would say with only a slight strain to his voice as lightning would surge from his right hand. "You were to die regardless." Hanpa assured their prey as his lightning woudl launch out, swirling around him and splitting seemingly randomly around Juyu before finally striking down against his right leg. Hanpa advanced at a slow pace, striding as he clenched his fist, eyes abalze behind his mask and eye covering as he would attempt to force Juyu to his knees through genjutsu.

COMBAT: Yashuu defends against YANK(31) attack from Ryousha with a TENSE…6

Thanks to the twins intervention, she too was up and out of the Earth. As the others are attacked, she lets Hanpa try to attack before slipping in for a quick punch to his side, a sweep at his legs that will lead into a vicious axe kick. Even as she moves, Yashuu grins and states, "Finally free of that. I hate this whole waiting around dart. Lets beat this guy down and be done with it!"

COMBAT: Ryousha defends against EARTH-CLONE(59) attack from Rockpath with a ACROBATIC-FLOW…34
COMBAT: Ryousha loses the roll and sustains 726 damage.

The two girls watch as Hanpa attacks the man, Nao rather irritated that she'd missed before. When she sees the earthen copy come at her, she attempts to shift out of the way, but gets hit, her arm and side most definitely bruised now. So, in extra irritation, she lashed out. Jun smiled at the two she'd set free and hurried off to help her sister. As Nao was going in for another attack, she paused, allowing her sister to instead attack.

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COMBAT: Rockpath defends against PHYSICAL-II(28) attack from Yashuu with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 409 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against LEG-SWEEP(20) attack from Yashuu with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…38
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POWER-PHYSICAL(20) attack from Yashuu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…40
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-III(46) attack from Ryousha with a EARTH-CLONE…61
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TWIN-STUN-COMBO-II(59) attack from Ryousha with a EARTH-CLONE…60

Juyu wasn't expecting to get attacked… He should have, but he wasn't. The lightning goes through him, draining the man of some of his energy and hurting quite a bit. Then there's the feeling that he should surrender. A feeling that he tries to resist, but fails upon doing so. He grits his teeth, taking a good punch to the side of his head. The man gives himself a shake, using a combination of clones and replacements of rocks to avoid further injury. "Dang… These guys…" He makes seals again, aiming to pelt the group with more earthen spikes from all directions. "I'm not going down or getting captured, I hope you know that."

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Almost waving a hand in dismissal as he created a sign to caus Juyu to miscalculate, Hanpa continued forward while Juyu shirked back and continued to throw up ranged ninjutsu based assaults. Removing his mask and blind fold, the burning glow of the Sharingan would be laid upon Juyu now as death approached. "You are getting weaker." Hanpa would cajole the man as he stepped easily through the myriad of earthen spikes raining down upon the group. "On your knees." Hanpa commanded quite simply as he attempted to ensure that it would occur just as he finally started moving with speed, his hand crackling with lightning as he tried to slam it in to Juyu's chest. "Take advantage of his only strength. Turn it in to a weakness." Hanpa would advise coldly as he still fought against the pain of his arm.

COMBAT: Yashuu defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(21) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-DODGE…39
COMBAT: Yashuu defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(27) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-DODGE…42

A look at the situation and as the rocks come flying at her, she slides to the left and then to the right to avoid the attacks before she races in for another leg sweep and then an elbow drop into the man who she hopes she brouht down before rolling up to her feet, doing a punch as she arrives at her feet and then looks over at the others. She glares at the person she is fighting and then she looks at the twins before saying, "We need to wrap this guy up and be done with him."

COMBAT: Ryousha defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(39) attack from Rockpath with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…57
COMBAT: Ryousha defends against EARTHEN-SHOWER(40) attack from Rockpath with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…45

The girls easily evade the shower of stone once again and then glance at each other briefly. They attempt to charge him, one coming from each side. Nao would attempt to trip him up while her sister aimed at his torso. Regardless, Jun would turn and attempt to punch Juyu.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against KUPPUKU(25) attack from Hanpa with a WILL-BREAK…46
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against KUPPUKU(34) attack from Hanpa with a WILL-BREAK…31
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COMBAT: Rockpath defends against PHYSICAL-II(28) attack from Yashuu with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…35
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TWIN-STUN-COMBO-II(48) attack from Ryousha with a EARTH-CLONE…62
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-II(35) attack from Ryousha with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…34

Juyu hates Genjutsu. He hates the feeling that he has to take a knee even though he's doing well. He hates that the feeling persists, even if his will is strong enough to break the hold once. Then he gets poked by lightning… It floods through his insides, causing quite a bit of pain for him to deal with. Enough that he has to force himself hard to make a clone. And he's not able to make his typical earthen clones. Yashuu's attacks are fortunately evaded, kicks and punches going through a clone. As the twins come along, he's able to avoid the combination attack with another well-prepared earth clone, finally back to his senses… Only to suffer a rather terrible punch to the gut. He winces, coughing a bit of blood and wiping it away before making a handseal that would allow him to sink into the ground and run away.

COMBAT: Hanpa defends against BELOW-EYE-LEVEL(57) attack from Rockpath with a DEDUCTIVE-LOCATION…66

Keeping track of Juyu while he would attempt to flee through the ground, Hanpa had waited for this particular move. He kept track of him as he laucnhed in to the air, Forming a single tiger seal before exhaling a large ball of fire down upon Yuju. However… this was not his true move. As the fire ball would obscure his vision and attempt to blast the area, Hanpa would spin his sword in to an underhanded grip and slash downwards towards the ground below him, apparently several feet away from Juyu. However, his blade would be streaked with the mans blood, some how having struck him without ever touching him with the blade, from Juyu's perspective. Of course in reality, Hanpa had moved between his attack, using the height and range to buy him some time to strike and move out of the way. All Juyu would have seen was what Hanpa desired him to see.

COMBAT: Yashuu defends against BELOW-EYE-LEVEL(47) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…16

And then the guy is slipping away. A blink and Yashuu pouts before rushing off to the side and out of the way of Hanpa's attacks as he seems to have drawn a bead on their quarry. For her part, Yashuu starts to scan around, trying to see if she can see the guy reveal himself so she can rush in and…she sighs…miss again.

COMBAT: Ryousha defends against BELOW-EYE-LEVEL(43) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…39

The twins frown as the guy decides to sink into the ground, neither really sure what to do about it. They can't pinpoint where he is so punching the ground wouldn't really do them any good, so they just turn to look at Hanpa curiously.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(40) attack from Hanpa with a EARTH-BARRIER…49
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against INFINITY-SLASH(45) attack from Hanpa with a GENJUTSU-KAI…41

The fire only reaches the surface of the ground, heating but not harming the man that is just below. However, the genjutsu hits him, and he ends up getting slashed. Too much damage… He had to escape, didn't he? With another seal, he attempts the same move, but it's more difficult with the injuries.

COMBAT: Hanpa defends against BELOW-EYE-LEVEL(48) attack from Rockpath with a DEDUCTIVE-LOCATION…53

Judging by the movements of the foe after the trail of blood was severed from his veins, Hanpa would charge more electricity in to his hand and loose it after the underground target, blasting towards the earth and tearing some of it up as it formed around the spot before grounding quite literally towards Juyu. Hanpa would then try to get the target to stop in his tracks with a sharp gaze as he hunted him down. "Yashuu, Got for it." Hanpa would command before saying to Ryousha, "Get ready for him to come out and take him down. Do not let him escape."

COMBAT: Yashuu defends against BELOW-EYE-LEVEL(47) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…31

Watching as teh man goes under ground again but then Hanpa spots the guy. However, Yashuu has had zero luck even coming near to even touching the man yet and just shrugs, "I don't know. This guy is pretty much above anything I got." She nods nad then looks over at Hanpa and then watches as the guy is attacked by Hanpa, "I mean, honestly, even with him stunned I'd probably miss. Maybe the twins can get him but this guy is way more than what we were told."

COMBAT: Ryousha defends against BELOW-EYE-LEVEL(41) attack from Rockpath with a PERCEPTION…33

With Hanpa's direction, the twins nodded and attempted to go after the man, Nao punching the ground to try and cause a distraction or cause the ground to break slightly so Jun could grab him. Then the former would attempt to hit him again.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against GROUNDING-BOLT(47) attack from Hanpa with a BREVITY…51
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against KUPPUKU(35) attack from Hanpa with a WILL-BREAK…39
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against TWIN-STUN-COMBO-II(49) attack from Ryousha with a EARTH-CLONE…54
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against POWER-PHYSICAL-III(46) attack from Ryousha with a EARTH-CLONE…62

Juyu uses a burst of speed to get away from the lightning, breaking the genjutsu with only his will. Then earth clones take the hits from the twins, and Juyu makes a quick handseal. With that, earthen hands come from the ground and grab his attackers. It would seal them in earthen graves, allowing for him to escape without further harm if it worked. If it didn't work, then… Well, he just might be finished.

COMBAT: Hanpa defends against DEMON-GRAVES(61) attack from Rockpath with a HESITANCE…37

"The unexpected can and will happen." Hanpa would shudder out a bit, some of the pain and damage of his body starting to show a bit despite himself. "We have to over come." he would attempt to rally the group just as he was swallowed up by an earthen grave. It seemed that the target was suddenly faster and capable of skilled taijutsu movement. Entirely unexpected given every other factor up to this point. For the time being, it looked like he just may get away after all.

COMBAT: Yashuu defends against DEMON-GRAVES(57) attack from Rockpath with a CHAKRA-DODGE…37

And then Yashuu is watching him escape and blinking as she is grabbed by the earth and sucked downward. SHe then blinks as she falls downward. She is now under ground and struggling but she likely won't escape in time for anything.

COMBAT: Ryousha defends against DEMON-GRAVES(82) attack from Rockpath with a ACROBATIC-FLOW…32

Definitely going to get away. Despite Hanpa's words, the twins don't look too sure, least of all when the earth snags him… and then them. They try to tug away quickly, but it's no use.

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