The Silence - Harrying Assault (Cave Edition pt2)


Eremi, Renai

Date: September 11, 2014


Finding a cave currently in the possession of Silence grunts. Eremi and Renai decide to clear it out.

"The Silence - Harrying Assault (Cave Edition pt2)"

Island of Black Sands Beach

"Assuming they have one, that is." Eremi would offer just as Renai takes off into the fray, already preparing her attacks. The first guard, unaware to what was to come becomes momentarily dazed from the cloud of dirt that erupts in his face. In response the guard would groan as he struggles to clear his vision. The noise wasn't loud, but audible enough to echo through the entrance of the cave, alerting those immediately within the vicinity. Because of this, the grunts see the green haired girl as she runs in and are able to respond properly to the dirt bombs that come their way. Unfortunately though, Eremi wasn't too far behind.

The grunt at the entrance, blinded as he was, didn't see the foot that came flying for his face, sending him careening into the cliffside and crumpling to the ground. The two grunts within were already on their way to attack Renai, but fell short as Eremi appeared in front of the girl, leaping into the air and launching off several kicks in succession, one after the other. The force behind each attack more than enough to send the grunts flying into the cave walls, causing echos throughout the cave. "I think the cave might be deeper than it looks on the outside." Eremi would comment as he peered about.

There were several torches and lanterns spread throughout the cave, lighting the area. The cave was wide and had several passages that lead away from the entrance and deeper into the rock formation. Through one tunnel, three grunts could be seen running toward Eremi and Renai, while in the other tunnels the sounds of several, pounding footsteps could be heard, making their way toward the entrance. "I think their might be more than 9…"

The girl is in a defensive stance when Eremi appears, ready to dodge away from the two about to attack her. And then he's there, beating things up. She blinks and straightens up, her eyes following the motion of the two that go flying.
"Hmm." Renai bites the inside of her cheek at his words. "I can't tell. Sensing through rock is difficult." When the three approach them, she lifts her hands to form seals. Nothing would seem to happen immediately, but she is pressing in on their senses and attempting to alter their perception of gravity. Should they fail to perceive the genjutsu, it would leave them on the ground fighting their own bodies in an attempt to get up. For a moment, anyways.
"Well, we better make sure we do this quickly then. I can tell the general direction." With that, the girl would take off, walking briskly into the cave to seek out more targets.

The three grunts running toward Eremi and Renai would quickly find themselves eating dirt. The effect of the genjutsu easily overpowering their already compromised mental state and forcing them into the ground. "If only you could do that on a larger scale…" Eremi joked, then wondered if the girl could actually do it as he peered at the back of her head as she took off down another tunnel.
She didn't have to get too far though as suddenly five more grunts appeared in her path. Two of them stopped in place and began rushing through hand seals. Each sign made by one was made by the other as they worked in conjuction. It wasn't clear what they were doing until suddenly the cave walls on either side of Renai shook before suddenly shooting out jutting spikes to pierce the girls skin. The other three grunts never stopped their momentum, pulling out daggers with intents of shish kebabing the girl along side the earth manipulators.
Bringing up the rear, Eremi was slower to respond, leaving Renai to defend herself momentarily.

Renai anticipated being attacked as she headed down that corridor. It is a perfect spot for it. She had begun to form seals as soon as she saw the grunts. To Eremi, it would appear that the girl is simply stepping from side to side in a casual fashion. One spike does hit her in the side though, ripping through her clothing and creating a small gash. Somehow, she manages to keep her composure, the injury only making her frown as she pulls free from the spike. To the grunts, the world would seem to distort. They're attacks drift away and swirl from a seemingly still Renai.
Her eyes drift briefly down to the floor, inspecting its composition. She really needs to get to working on those scroll containers. Her hands form into seals and the ground would seem to roll upward in a wave behind the attackers, moving to knock the feet out from beneath the three in the back. Simultaneously, Renai crouches down to allow Eremi to pass over her to take care of the other two.

Dealing with the previous three grunts that had fallen victim to Renai's genjutsu only moments ago, Eremi finally appears after making sure their dirt nap is a bit more permanent. Now caught up with the girl, he'd take a brief moment to survey the scene. Earth spikes jutting out of the wall with one of the tips coated in blood, dripping toward the ground. He'd look toward Renai and see a rip in her clothing, indicating the location of where she was hit. He'd curse himself that he lagged behind. The girl was under his protection and he had already failed.
Not wanting to make any more mistakes by letting the girl wander too far ahead of him and end up even more seriously injured, Eremi rushed forward, leaping over the girl and landing between the five grunts. Three were face down on the ground, something he could only imagine was a result of a jutsu she had used earlier. However, which position they were in mattered not so long as they were all in range. The two that were standing would be the main focus as Eremi quickly spun about with a back kick. The speed and power behind the attack being enough to whip a whirlwind around his form and spreading out to hit the three face down on the ground as well.

Renai watches him as he attacks the five grunts. Amazing. That's all she can think. She's never seen anyone use taijutsu like that before, not unless they had a sword. The girl shakes her head. "I don't even need to be here, I think." She grins wickedly and moves toward Eremi.
The cut on her side is ignored despite the pain throbbing through her skin. To acknowledge it would disable her ability to think clearly. "C'mon. That's what.. Eleven so far?" Renai pauses at the unconscious form of one of the dagger wielders and pilfers his being until she finds a good blade. She tests the edge against a fingertip and then nods once, continuing on with the blade in hand.
The girl would move past Eremi then and into the cavern beyond, pausing only briefly to take in the area. She frowns and shoves the dagger into her belt to free up her hands. She'll not be wielding it in combat at least. Her eyes settle on the 'leader.' Target verified.
For now, though her hands form into seals. The sand on the ground near a pool in the cavern would lurch suddenly and move across the ground in a wave to attempt knocking the grunts over. Eliminate the easy targets first. Get them out of the way.

Resituating himself after the attack, Eremi would look toward the girl and shake his head at her comment, "If you weren't here, I wouldn't be either. Besides, you're handling your own just fine. I've just been picking up your scraps so far." Hopefully that was reassuring enough, "Besides, this is good training." He'd add just before watching Renai move past him, but as she did, he'd keep up with her this time. Not wanting what happened last earlier, to happen again.
When they reached the end of the tunnel, it opened up into a wide cavern with several torches and lanterns spread across the area. Within this section, there was a small pool of water gathered off to the side, with a bit of sand collected near it. On the other side were several boxes, some were otheres while others remained clothes. Three grunts were already rushing toward Eremi and Renai as they walked into the room, but didn't get too far as they were tripped up by the sand Renai called to life and sent sprawling forward.
In the back, a man, possibly the leader, stood in front of a table containing several documents with two others standing nearby. The 'leader' would point toward Eremi and Renai and the two took off. Their demeanor was different from the other grunts that Renai and Eremi and dealt with so far. Picking up on that, Eremi shifted his stance, "Finish off the other three and then come get my back, but be careful."
The two elites split off, heading in opposite directions, but flashing through hand seals. As one elite finished, the pool in the corner would start to bubble before a jet of water shot up and raced toward Eremi just as the other elite finished as well. Though as the elite did, he brought a curled finger up and exhaled a giant ball of fire.

Renai nods once to Eremi when he tells her to take care of the three. She would rush in toward the first grunt, aiming a rather mean-spirited kick at his noggin. Then her hands fold into seals. Chakra shoots from her body and down into the ground before her. The earth would lift, floating around her. Then with the seal of the ram, it would come pelting down at the other two grunts.
She would crouch down for a moment then, waiting to see how Eremi does with the attacks and keeping herself out of harm's way. Water and fire. Her lips tighten into a grimace. Her mind rolls through all the fights she's ever had and suddenly Renai realizes she has never fought against either element. All the ninjutsuists she's had experience with used blood. Her lips quirk into a grin. Then, she moves in to help Eremi, keeping her stance defensive and observing to see where she can be most helpful.

The downed grunts, tripped up from the sand earlier, are easily dispatched with Renai's follow up attacks. Leaving just the elites and the 'leader'. The elites thankfully were currently focused on Eremi and hopefully would remain that way for as long as Renai was present. Not something Eremi could count on, he planned on dealing with the elites faster than they could change targets.
With the water jet and fireball racing toward him, he disappeared moments before they contacted him causing the two opposing elements to collide and erupt in steam that filled the cave. When Eremi reappeared he was underneath one of the elites with an aimed kick sent to the elites chin that would send the man flying into the air. Before the steam had settled, Eremi vanished once again, planning on doing the same to the other elite. With the chance of two elites being airborne, unable to respond. Hopefully Renai had what was needed to deal with them.

She watches as the two become airborne and forms the same seals as before. Her chakra pulses down, lifting the earth, and, then with the seal of the ram, drives down on the two elites in an attempt to batter them to the cave floor. Her eyes would move over Eremi briefly, ensuring herself that he isn't hurt. "Let's take both of them. And him." She points at the leader. As for the rest.. Well, she did steal a dagger for /some/ reason.
Her gaze shifts to the leader. Surely he'll put up a better fight than the rest. The girl would move carefully, staying defensive and allowing Eremi to engage him first. She knows who the better fighter of the duo is. However, she does give him a chance, "If you surrender willingly, things will go easier for you." Well, he at least won't get beat up /before/ going to the village. After they hand him over, there's no telling.

The elites, disoriented from the kicks, couldn't put up a single bit of resitance from the earthen projectiles that pelted them as they fell to the ground. Wanting a bit of insurance though, Eremi launched himself toward one of the downed elites, landing with both feet to pile drive the man into the ground, before doing the same to the other. With both completely incapacitated, Eremi would turn to look at Renai. "You want all three of them?" Arching a brow at the greed of the girl, mostly because he would probably have to carry them back himself. While she had a nice dagger of a souvenir.
"Surrender?!?" The 'leader' questioned before letting out a boisterous chuckle. "You two are only delaying the inveitable. The Silence can not be stopped. You may have snuffed out this hideout, but there are many, many more spread throughout Kirigakure. All you've managed to do was put a speed bump in what's soon to come to Kirigakure." The leader started going through hand signs and as he did, the flames of the torches and lanterns started to flicker as they swayed as if being pulled toward the leader. Suddenly several of the light sources went out, taking away from the visibility in the cave. When the man finished his hand signs, the flames that were stolen from the room reappeared, as condencesed dim balls of flames that without hesitation shot fourth at both Eremi and Renai.
Seeing the danger, Eremi pushed opened a couple chakra gates as if second nature and then raced toward Renai. Once in between the path of her and the flames, he'd start to spin rapidly, creating a dense pressure of air around himself, creating a dome that deflects the darkened flames. "That was close. This won't be easy." He offered as he came out of his spin, "Stay back. Attack if you have an opening…otherwise, just be on your toes." And with that he disappeared once again as he charged toward the leader, appearing beneath the man. This time with legs twisted beneath himself, that once untwisted released a spiraling uppercut into the mans chin.

The girl's eyes widen as she sees the fire. She is in the middle of performing seal, the ground around her trembling when Eremi moves in with that blurring speed of his. She tries to watch what he does, but can only blink in awe and confusion. Did he actually use wind or was he just so fast that he created it? Her mind boggles at the technique.
Renai nods at his words and steps back. "I will clean things up." The girl moves around the dome as the leader and Eremi fight, keeping her distance as much as possible. Her first action is to attempt seizing those documents on the table. While getting prisoners is perhaps Priority 1, these documents are Priority 2. And then there's the rest.
Taking a deep breath, the girl would shove what papers she could into her shirt and pull the dagger from her belt. "Two is fine." She reconsidered how difficult getting three out would be apparently. The girl rather matter-of-factly walks to one elite, careful of Eremi and the leader, reaches down to one of the elites and jerks his head back. There's a jerk of the dagger in her hand and she splits his throat open, making sure to cut deep enough that he'll not survive. Blood covers the floor and she simply steps over him and the other elite, left breathing, to do the same to the three grunts. What's so strange about it is that she doesn't even flinch. It's like killing animals to her. She's taking no pleasure in the action, but not hesitating either. She knows what's expected of her and what Meruin will expect to find in the report. She pauses at the corridor as if to wait for Eremi, or to at least assure herself that he has things under control. If he does, the girl would start making her way toward the exit, cutting throats as she goes.

With the leader knocked into the air, Eremi wasn't far behind. It took but a shift in his stance before he was beside the man that was struggling to break free of the blow that had rendered him unable to move. Knowing the effects would wear of soon, Eremi made ample use of what little time he had to begin launching several strikes at the man that sends him flying through the cave.
Before the man could crash into the wall, Eremi was already there waiting with another blow that continued, ricocheting the man about the cave. This went on for a while until Eremi reared back with both fists clasped together and hammering them down into the man and blasting him toward the ground.
When the dust settled, Eremi was standing next to the leader, already picking the man up and hoisting him over his shoulder before walking over toward the elite that didn't have their throat slit and doing the same. He'd peer about the room, shake his head and start walking toward the exit to head back to Kirigakure with Renai. "I need a drink."

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