Haunted House Hunt


Shemri (as Megumi), Sujin, Tsuchi

Date: July 5, 2014


A ninja troupe is sent in to clear out a haunted house attraction.

"Haunted House Hunt"

An abandoned amusement park [Land of Wind]

C-rank: An old abandoned amusement park has been scheduled for demolition to make way for new structures. However, a few zealous citizens with fond memories of the place are obstructing the process by hiding out in the haunted house. Their nimbleness and knowledge of the building's secret passages and hiding spots have frustrated the efforts of demolition workers to evacuate them, so ninja expertise is called for. Safely capture the nostalgic miscreants and escort them from the premises.

Welcome to Wald Tisney World! It's a magical place of fun and thrills for the whole family! :D …Or that's how it used to be, but that was a long time ago, and business didn't turn out that great for the amusement park over the years. Now it's an abandoned collection of rides and attractions, scheduled to be dismantled and cleared away in favor of more practical structures. Still, the place did create its share of fond memories for kids…some of them fond enough that the now-grown-ups in whose minds they reside got a little crazy when they heard the park was going to be demolished. Now they're using their own lives as hostages to prevent the razing, hiding out in the attractions. In particular, the local authorities are having a tough time flushing these yahoos out of the haunted house, with its complicated mechanisms and secret passages.
So that's where ninja come in! A C-rank mission was ordered to capture the misguided protesters and kick them out so that work can continue. Tekketsu Megumi, the 12-year-old daughter of Fukanzen and Shemri, is part of the group sent in to deal with the problem. She does a last-minute check on her gadgeteer gauntlet while the team prepares to head in. "So we just catch them and drag them out, right? How much damage do you think we're allowed to do? I mean obviously we don't wanna kill 'em, and the less injury the better, but I don't think we're going to manage this without giving them so much as a bruise." :P

Sujin's eyes widen a bit when they approached the magical land. Even from far away it looked amazing! That's what he thought at least, ignoring the fact that the place was obviously abandoned. His head tilts, perhaps that's its charm. "Mmm." This is Sujin's first thing close to a word in a while. His eyes had been darting between the group as if he was on the verge of saying something. Instead he'd just fiddle with his scarf, sticking a bit closer to Megumi for now as the similar age made him feel a bit more comfortable.

"Ah…" Sujin looks to Megumi. "You think they won't respond to military authority?" His right hand slides out of his sleeve and he raises it in front of him. Without a word the falcon circling above the groups head takes a dive, quickly approaching yet gently landing on the hand. "People don't like dealing with things they don't really understand…" The falcon looks at Sujin expectantly and with that he produces a bit of meat for her, "Maybe Miji here can help by scaring them off?" The falcon, Mijiko, then takes off after getting her snack. "Oh… um, she'll scan for now, I guess." He clears his throat and plays that last moment off.
"Ghost… aren't real." Those last words don't sound certain. It seems like he's trying to convince himself of that.

A look at the others as she arrives and Tsuchi grins, she taps her chin, "Good group." She nods her head and then looks at the place they are approaching and sighs as she looks it over, "This place still looks pretty neat." She nods her head and scratches her head before looking at Shemri and then looks at the place, "So, we gotta get folks out of the haunted house then, eh? I mean…it isn't really haunted though, right?" She looks at Megumi, as if the girl might know. She scratches and tilts her head before looking back at the place, "And as for damage…well…I don't know. I'm not really built to do tiny attacks. Not really built to capture."
She rolls her shoulders and then looks at the bird as it takes off, glancing at Sujin and then at Mejumi again before nodding her head, "So…what do you two do? What kind of abilities you got?" She hmms and peers from one to the other, "Cause, I say we may have to knock some people out with a few well placed punches if we don't have anybody who is good at capturing folks here." She shrugs, "The way is the way."

Megumi blinks at Tsuchi when she's asked about the house really being haunted. "Huh? Well, um…of course it's not really haunted! I mean, you're the grown-up, and the chuunin. You should be telling us not to be scared." D: Megumi shivers, then raises her gauntleted hand. "I'm pretty good with string reeling! I might be able to tie people up without hurting them. I'm not sure I could force a grown-up to go somewhere without hurting them, though, even if they're tied up." c.ca
Just then there is a bone-chilling moan that seems to come from the very timbers of the haunted house. "LEEEEAAAAVE…DOOOO NOOOOOT ENTERRRRRR…" Megumi jumps slightly, then points her gauntlet at the house. "Th-that's probably just some spooky sound system they built into the place…I mean, they wanted people to be scared, right? Did you ever go here as a kid, Tsuchi-sensei?" n.n;

Sujin doesn't press the haunted topic he just focuses on the path before his feet, "What do I do?" He lets Megumi finish before he picks up his bow and holds it out to Tsuchi, "I'd have to hurt them with this." He slings it back over him. "I guess I have to use taijutsu and…" Sujin looks up to the circling Mijiko in the sky, "She can help, too."
He shakes his head, "I dunno about dragging them out though." Sujin tightens his gloves looking determined untillll that voice came along. He goes a bit pale and his pace slows, now this time he was shifting behind the Chuunin

A look at the house and Tsuchi nods her head, "I did come here as a kid." She shivers as she hears the voice and then shakes her head, "I'm sure it…is just some kind of thing with the house systems or whatever." SHe nods her head and then looks at Megumi, "You tie them up, I'll drag them out…" She then looks over at Sujin before looking forward and starting toward the entrance, taking a breath, "Anyway…umm…we can go in and just get them and try not to hurt them too badly." She then ponders, "And hey…this place is to be destroyed, right?" She nods her head, "So you don't have to be nice to the house."

Megumi nods. "Okay, sure…just gotta make sure we don't bring the place down on top of ourselves, right? Not that I think we really can, unless we go around setting off explosives or something." There is some more moaning and howling from the house as the ninja approach. "TURN BACK NOOOOOWWW! ETERNAL TOOORMENT AWAAAITS YOOOOOUU! WHAT'VE YOU GOT AGAINST CHILDREN'S DREAMS ANYWAAAAAY!" This is followed by the sound of a minor scuffle and a mild pop like the power to a speaker being cut off.
Inside the house, everything seems fairly quiet…with an odd sort of spooky. There are a lot of props scattered around that are obviously intended to be creepy-looking, but with the dust and disrepair they're in, they fail to be convincing. Yet the dimly-lit spaces are a bit unnerving in themselves. "So, um…should we go through the main passage first, or look for a way into the staff areas? Or maybe we should…" Megumi gulps and forces herself to make the sensible suggestion for the mission at hand even though it's the one thing audiences scream at the actors not to do in horror movies. "…split up?" c.c;

"Well you know, if we have to kick them out. Maybe it's not bad?" Sujin's reasoning is met with another spooky speech. The strange electronic pop gets his eyes to squint. His falcon swoops into the building belatedly and causes him to jump a bit.
A look is exchanged between the two. "Safety in numbers." He looks to the Chuunin, "Ambushes may be an issue." He points up into the air, "There were sounds after. They know we're here." Sujin looks at Mijiko once more, "She's willing to split from us. They are most likely ill-prepared to catch a bird."
He then noticed he was talking too much and looks to the Chuunin, "Um if that's okay with you."

Walking inside, she looks around. Tsuchi peers this way and that before looking over at Megumi and hmming. She frowns, "Well, they are trying to scare us so be prepared for that." She nods her head and then looks at the area around them before nodding her head, "I really do think our best bet is to try to get into the staff areas and…not split up." She looks at Sujin and nods to him, "You can send your bird though…if you'd like. We don't need to split up though."

Megumi nods. "Well, okay…" She peers at the door marked STAFF ONLY past a reception counter. "I kinda doubt it'll be easy, though." Megumi climbs over the counter and inspects the door. Yep, locked, and there isn't even a handle on this side. "There must be some way in, since those other guys made it. So we could look for that…or we could try to force this door open. Anybody here good at picking l — "
"BOO!!!" A ghostly white face pokes out from the ceiling. "YOU WILL NEVER DESTROY THIS PLACE! THE SPIRITS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE WILL LIVE ON FOREVER! LEEEEAVE NOOOOOOW!" The face then pulls back up, leaving a seemingly intact ceiling. 8o The eagle-eyed among them, though, might notice a slight seam in that surface, where a pair of plastic sheets cleverly painted as wood overlap.

"Right." Sujin nods, the falcon takes off regardless, not enjoying being so stationary. Standing back when Megumi inspects the door, he does a quick scan of the area, not seeming to find anything out of place. "I've g-" He cuts out and hops back into a shaken stance as his eyes lock onto the ghostly face. It disappears as fast as it came and the boy stands staring for a moment, head tilting to the side. "Nice." Would be his first comment, "Another trick." He looks back to the door with a sigh of relief. "Mmm, break it?"

Following Megumi, she blinks as she hears the ceiling and looks up in time to see the ghostly figure. She stares for a moment before shaking her head, "No, it has to be a trick." She nods her head and then looks at the door and then looks at Sujin. She nods her head, "He's got a point and I agree with it." She then shakes her head, "This place is being demolished, not saved." She takes wind up around her fist and then aims it right at the door handle before punching right at the door in attempt to smash through the handle, any sort of lock and everything.

*KERSMASH!!!* The door swings open under Tsuchi's blow. Megumi winces. "Well, I guess that works…not a lot of point in being stealthy, they already know we're here." Past the door, a much more plain, almost industrial area can be found, the practical utility hallways used by the employees of the park. Various spots on the walls can be recognized as places for actors to poke out a head or a limb into the main hallway, spooking guests. In fact, the ghostly face from before peeks around the corner at them! "Gah! They're in! Everybody hide!" The ghost, who turns out to be a rather flabby and unthreatening middle-aged man apart from the make-up on his face, turns and dashes off as fast as he can, which isn't terribly fast especially by ninja standards. Another wiry old fellow makes a run for it down another hallway, and a peppery granny shakes a fist at the ninja before climbing a ladder into some rafters. "You little punks have no appreciation for good wholesome fun! We're not going to let those greedy corporate suits steal the magic of childhood from the next generation!" >.<

Sujin's lips purse when the door is smashed open. "Simple." As they step through he takes note of the people inside, glad that they were not a massive group. He does a sharp whistle as they begin to run and he pulls out his bow, a sharp arrow ready to fire. "Sorry." With that he launches the arrow in the path of the climbing granny to cause her to slow down. With a quick jog he gets to the bottom of the ladder and in a flash their was a bird resting on top of the ladder, screeching at the old woman. Sujin waits down below with his hand up in the air, "Please stop."

Following after, Tsuchi watches Sujin fire and then looks at him, "Be careful, they are just people. Not other shinobi." She then follows down the hallway and shakes her head, "We get it, we do. I do at least. Thing is, they own the place and are tearing it down." She nods her head, "We can't stop them just by showing up." She nods her head, "You gotta go." She then starts down that way, "I hate to say it but if I have to break this place to prove it to you, I will…even if it is neat."

The granny stops short, almost falling off the ladder when an arrow thunks into the wall above her. o.O; "Oh goodness, my poor heart! Ohhh dear…WELL! If you're going to SHOOT at me and sic VICIOUS ANIMALS on me, I suppose I've got no choice! This isn't the last you'll hear of this, though!" >.<;
Rounding up the rest of the troublemakers proves not terribly difficult now that they're in the inside spaces of the haunted house. It seems the granny was the ringleader, so her capture took a lot of the spunk out of the rest as well. Still, she had a lot of indignant words as they were being escorted out (and long afterwards to anyone who would listen) about the cold-hearted suits and the ASSASSIN THUGS they sent after her. >P

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