Haunting of the Demon Child! Daichi’s Learned Lesson


Sekisetsu, Daichi, Meruin

Date: Unknown (log received September 13, 2010)


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"Haunting of the Demon Child! Daichi’s Learned Lesson"

Hananosei Lake [Fort Kyuusen]



Very large lake, should be a blue green color for some reason, with pink flowers all over the place. There's a fishing house somewhere too.





The grass near the lake sways as though it were under an invisible sea. There is a breeze flowing through the area, smelling of the sun and turned earth. Meruin sat in the boughs of a tree, looking out into the glistening lake.

Why in the world would Seki be in this place again? Well it seemed to be rather scripted yet again. She was looking for Meruin, assigned by this missions team lead to do so. She didn't mind, and nor did the chuunin she pretty much was annoyed by, so she used it to her advantage and went out sight seeing again, only to find the boy at the lake, almost immediately. She would stand by the tree he sat in, and lean on it before sighing, and saying, "I must say. I never thought that you would help me so much in getting away from that stuff old Shirayuki Hano. That guy, is so… annoying!!", a gag being made as she would stick her tongue out and wince. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. Her, annoying him, was the reason Seki was even out here!

Daichi was sitting at the lake watching the pink flowers go by upstream some where. He grins the as he reached out to pick one up. Smiling as he had some rest after working so hard. Daichi sighs and looks around. He spots that little girl that is usually with Meruin, of course he didn't know either of their names but he decided to make himself dissappear before they ruined the day for him.


Meruin looks down at Sekisetsu, "Greetings, Miss Kurenko. Are you we—" he broke off, looking up. He looked distracted for a moment despite there being no change in his facial expression, something in the vagueness of his eyes. "I think… I believe that I just heard a Konohagakure ninja speaking ill of you, Sekisetsu. They did not appreciate the clothes you wear." He pointed to where Daichi was, "There. It was over there, I am confident. It could be dangerous. Stay here while I examine the situation." Of course, he had heard nothing of the sort and had no idea what that was where Daichi was, but who can blame life for a little mischief?

"Hmm?", would be said as she would see Meruin look to somewhere else, in almost a quick hurry. Her hands would move to seal but be stopped before she would hear his words say something about a Konoha person, insulting her wardrobe.. Oh no the didn't?! "Oh, no they didn't!!! Who in the hell would /dare/, talk about my clothing!!!", would be asked as she would follow Meruin's finger, and then sweat drop.. The weird looking kid?? What the hell was he doing her? "The weird looking kid!?! Yeah, that /is/ him! The one that was what with that cutey pie and the other kid with the condition. Ewwww… doesn't he strike you as kind of pervy?"

When Meruin, would clain something about checking things out, Seki would say, "Aww hell nooo! Not without me! I owe the perv’ for trying to touch me with his moist and greasy hands!" Now keep in mind, Daichi had been using ointment and herbs when he bandaged up Seki that day, however, she didn't exactly think of it that way.. Instead, it only appeared as some older kid wanting to touch her naughty spot. Seki would seem to emit an aura of heat from her body, which be a clear indicator to Meruin that her chakra had been charging itself..

Trying to sneak away Daichi gets a weird feeling "heat?" he turns around to see that the little devil child has noticed him. "crap, crap, crap…." Daichi mumbles as he turns around. Trying to hide his discomfort "Hehe hiya…umm is that spider kid around." Daichi looks at the girl…"Ok hehe she looks mad." Daichi starts backing up but decides to charge as he might need it.

Meruin looked at Daichi, and his right hand twitched convulsively as his show of surprise. Small, but it was much more than he'd have liked. That and he had not noticed Daichi in the first place, which was troubling for more than one reason. The Okumo simply frowned and said, "He is yours."


Smiling rather mischievously, at the words of Meruin, Seki would have been hand sealing, and then airborne way before even he would have finished the "yours".. Daichi would probably see the girl above the water, moving in an arch in the air, as gravity, even as she flickered in and out of view, would pull her down. She had been attempting to cut him off. She would then appear, just in front of the boy, skidding to a halt, and then tossing herself back, running her hands through her short blond hair, before standing with a hand on her hip.. "I'm bacccccckkkkk!!", would be said with a childish cackle, as she would smile to Daichi, and say, "You look well to day, Weirdo-san.."

Daichi blinks "Weirdo-san?" He was very defensive looking for any tricks. But the child seemed innocent…for now. "Um thank you. I hope you're doing well too demon child." Daichi gasped as his thoughts escaped his mouth at the wrong time. "Wait hehe I didn't mean it like that, I..I…oh boy." he says with a smile. In his head he would be hearing the words, 'Dude…you screwed up.. you know you screwed up right?' Daichi was less concerned with the fact that there were words in his head and more concerned about the little lady's reaction. Maybe she wouldn't take it too hard?

Meruin lay on the branch he was on, elbow resting on the rough bark as an open palm cradled his cheek. He snorted quietly to himself and watched all enfold as it would. Nothing for him, quite yet.

Hearing the boy repeat his new nickname, Seki would say, "Yeah.. Weirdo-san! That’s you!", pointing to him before chuckling again. She would look to the boy as she would stare her down, probably thinking that she would pull a fast one, and sniggle alittle bit at how nervous he was.. She would widen her eyes at the mention of her being a "demon child", and then smile, before a smirk would slowly turn into full blown laughter. Daichi, just did not know how right he was.. "You may not know this Daichi, buy my clan name, Kuroenko, means, that of the Black Flame.. To call me a demon child, right now, might have been the smartest guess ever!!" Soon heat would seem to emanate from her body with an unlikely bit of strength, her hand never leaving her side, as she would then peer at the boy, smiling a moment. Unknown to Daichi however, is chakra flow would be had quite the adjustment from the blast of heat, being lowered just enough to make him susceptible to mental manipulation.

Daichi sighs in relief yet at the description the girl made he would also feel a bit…creeped out "Kuroenko huh?" Daichi repeats. He chuckles nervously "So, you're not upset about it? Awesome." Daichi relaxed a bit, it seems the girl had matured. "So ho- eh?" Daichi felt something weird come over him for a brief instant. It must have been the shock. He shakes it off and glance back at the girl. "So you do know my name. That’s good, any chance of you calling me that instead of Weirdo-san? Hmm I guess this means we're friends." Daichi chuckles. Ok maybe he was over reacting, it seems like his curse of having horrible run-ins with women was over with.

The boy was feeling relieved.. Just what Seki wanted. It made conditioning him for genjutsu allot better for her. She would look to the boy, as he would then ask if she was mad. At least she could tell him truth. "Nope.. in fact, I am flattered that you called me that. For you won't be surprised at all when you began to see my true skills..", this being said with a shrug as she would look to the boy, with a rather sinister smile and stare. She would cackle some when she would then hear his next question.. "Well, you look weird to me.. Like some kind of really silly mail ninja or something. Like you deliver packages."

A slight chortle would come from her lips at her own words, for quite awhile even after the boy had mentioned something about them being friends. Soon the laugh would become rather false, something that would seem to mock Daichi's own laugher, and then began to sound like a slack jawed yokel, before her face would turn serious. Before long she would say, "Nope.. You gots no chance, pervy. You're too nice, you don't listen when people warn you, your friends attack first and don't think about who they are dealing with. As far as you know even now, you and all your fricking Leafer friends, have target signs on their back so huge, that if the order were given even now, I'd love to burn to off those greasy hands for touching me the other day!!"

Before long, a genjutsu would seem to set in, one that would cause the illusion of the clouds in the sky seeming to darken all of a sudden, and then descend. Some of the clouds would then seem to turn into midst along the lake, as then Seki would began to look haggard.. She would pant and cringe in pain, as if something inside her, had been wanting to burst out. Her body would bulge unusually, as then her mouth would feel, he jaws expanding as she would then seem gag on something rather large. Then, in the illusion, without fail, a mass of organic, yet unholy life, would seem to sprang forth and escape to the skies from Seki's mouth, only to escape into the clouds, and then back down to the earth. It would be revealed, as a gathering swarm of Demons, of all breads and kinds, that would soon began to surround the two, swimming amongst in a number so enormous that nothing outside of the circle would be seen. "Check it out.. the very reason why Demon child, at this points.. is very, very right. You sir, are so toast!!"

And with that Seki would seem to fade into the swarming mass of howls, gargles, wails, and cries, demons seeming to hide mask her within.. meanwhile, Seki was plotting another attack, as she would be hiding behind a nearby tree preparing a hardened tag, which when it would be shot at the boy, would produce a bright flash and a large sound, enough to blind and defend him well enough for a follow up assault.

As the girl laughed with Daichi, he felt a sense of ease but her disposition became very serious suddenly and Daichi was left in shock. "Eh what? My hands aren't greasy." He looked at his hands to confirm it to himself, he would witness horrible things when he looked back up. As sky grew dark Daichi would stop laughing and gaze around "Uh…" He looked back at Seki, the demon child began acting strange "Hey are you ok?" he stepped back as she gagged out nightmares. Ghouls and demons conjured from hell it seemed began appearing from the child. Demon child, I knew it! Daichi thought as the girl became shrouded amongst the parade of the damned. Daichi wouldn't show fear though, he seems to have witnessed worse things. Seeing the flash tag Daichi was able to conclude that he was in some kind of illusion. "Oh great, so much for a relaxing day at the lake." He glanced around wondering how to get out of this.

Meanwhile nearby, Seki, even in her hiding, would curse. She figured she would have scared Daichi worst. She would look to the boy, and then sigh as she would see him wait even more, her illusion still being kept in affect. Meanwhile with another, she would have Daichi see her slowly walking and wading through the throngs of demons, and the sort, and before long, the nin would see her grow saw shaped bones, from her arms, and her back.. With whips of the same, she would launch them at the young man.. She could tire him out this way if she tried.. that way, at least he would have wasted enough stamina to make him easier to scare, and better to damage.

Daichi closed his eyes and repeated to himself as the demon child stepped out. Here bone saws where frightful but Daichi would repeat in his head "It just an illusion." It seemed to work until one point in which he saw the bone saw cleave his arm, in a bit of a panic he took out a Kunai and stabbed his arm to wake himself, but it did nothing. Finally Daichi's will paid off as the image of Moriko flashed through his head. "It's just an illusion!" he shouts. Everything vanished. He sighed with relief. "Oh man…that was intense." Looking to the girl he smiled "You were right, Demon Child fits you perfectly." Daichi's heart rate did become unstable and he was in a bit of a fatigue. Deciding to settle himself down he popped a pill of chakra to calm himself and easy his wound's pain as well as heal it a bit.

She would look on the boy as he would behave as if he had been really attacked by bones and smile. But then she would watch him stab himself, and sigh. It was a blatant sign that Daichi was fighting the technique. She would look at his panic, and then his sudden calm, and perhaps figure he was trying to break himself out mentally. Nothing unusual, though with her use of genjutsu being rather few and varied, she never seen anyone know how to defeat it. Guess this was one of those folks. Konoha nin are smarter than she thinks. Then she would see it happen. Right after he had foolishly stabbed himself, he would medicate. ‘Did he just.. pop a pill?', would be in the girls mental though as she would watch from the shade, watching with wide eyes as his wound would heal immediately.

A medic kid. So.. he was not only weird looking, but nerdy!! Seki would sigh, and then mutter curses before continuing to watch the boy's actions. All of a sudden, feeling her link cut she would then shrug, and then smirk, saying, "Heh.. oh well. Looks like it'll the be the old fashion way." With that Daichi soon would feel heat from a above. He would flame, blown to make a smile face, the lesser fireball technique used to make eyes, and a stream of flame used to make a circle for the head, and a fangs, instead of a smile. Yep.. this girl had a sense of humor.

Moving out of the way of the initial fire attack Daichi was getting very tired. 'Damn still haven't recovered from that time I lost control." Daichi would try and force out chakra to dodge the next attack, he was burned and then didn't have enough energy to avoid the next attack. He starts panting "Damn, you are pretty good." Daichi stood up. "But I don't want to fight you." Daichi said this but he really couldn't fight her not like this. He looks around. Her fire attacks charred the land and left hard dirt. Daichi would pick up a nice sized clump and take out a kunai. He tossed the dirt clump then the kunai behind it to force the clump to break apart in a cloud of dust. It was a small cloud but Daichi aimed it so it would get in the girl's face without harming her. He aimed the kunai carefully so it didn't just split the clump nor fly straight through and hit the girl. Using the opportunity Daichi would try to hide and escape from the battle.

The attack connected! Her approach seemed to work, but Seki was rather weirded out. She hadn't expected to bested a genin, someone who was supposed to be on par with.. him. She would look to the boy as he was burned, and complimenting her and even as he would make his claims to not want to fight her, Seki's face would frown.. She would make him wish he did. But before she could even say a thing, she was having dirt thrown at her.. A dust bomb? Must have been. For as it would hit the clone, it would disperse clouding the whole field. She would have of course been safe from having her clothes dirtied but not she couldn't see where the boy had actually been.

Her remedy, had been to focus on the seal on her large scroll, one that as she would turn a certain direction, would glow the moment it sensed motion.. "So what if you won't attack.. won't bother me none if you just croaked over.. But I wonder how much it would bother you?" And then the seal would glow, when she would turn in the general direction Taji had been. "Hehe.. Found ya." would be said with a mile as Seki would decide on a wider based attack to the med nin. She would hand seal, and inhale, as then she would blow up rather cartoonishly about the chest, like a blowfish. Then she would rain a cloud of compacted fireballs upon the boy's position, until he would have no choice but to defend himself.

Daichi winced as moving caused him pain. Who was this kid and how is she so good? This would run through Daichi's mind as he tried to think of something. "I can't seem to escape." Daichi said. So the best thing to do is recover while I can. Daichi knows full well she knows where he is, but he still tries to stay hidden behind another tree. He decided to bandage his wounds first to increase mobility. "This kid has a lot of steam to blow, I wonder if I can hang out that long."

As the dust would clear, she would see the ground scorched where the blast had hit. But for the most part, the attack had not been all that successful. Daichi had been hiding once again. "So.. we got a runner huh?? You sir… are weak!!! I really did think that I was going to face someone who was actual decent for a Leafer!! But what do I get? Some pansy mednin who is too afraid.. to hit a lady..", this being said with a flip of her short blond hair, and a hand being place on her hip. She would look around as she would try and figure out where he had been. She would wait a minute longer, before then sighing and saying. "Hey? Aren't you the one that wanted to fight Meruin?? Yeah.. I was there too at one time.. Still am actually. I want to nothing more than put that runts head on a platter one day. But right now, he is just to strong.."

Seki would shake her head and smile for a moment before she would then say, "But that makes me think for a moment. If you can't beat me, then how do you expect to beat him?? I mean, if you think I am a 'demon child', then just how bad do you think he is??" She would then look around to see if her baiting had worked, before she would sigh, and say, "Man.. this is boring.. You're boring me, weird kid! Perhaps when you decide not to be a wimp, and actually fight, then you can fight me.. Because I tell you one thing.. You will /not/ facing Meruin until you can get past me.." And with that she would wait a moment more before waving her hand dismissively, and saying, "You can come out now Meruin.. I think its time for us to go.."

The girls words cut deep. Daichi was overcome with rage. But he knew he could do nothing at the moment, and he knew the girl was right. "damn…" Daichi said. By not attacking his opponent he not only disgraced them but he disgraced himself. He wanted to attack her, he wanted to prove her wrong but the truth was he couldn't, and he was scared. Scared that what happened last time with Abel would happen again. If he were to lose himself like that again… Gritting his teeth as he took his leave Daichi cursed himself. "never…never again will I look so weak before an opponent." Daichi made a vow to himself, to treat all opponents the same. Boy or girl, man or woman, adult….and child. He also vowed however that he would not lose himself like he did before. Another thing was certain in his mind, before he faced Meruin, he would challenge that girl again.

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