The Order: Denial Of Existence - He Who Knew Too Much


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Suterusu (as Banshi), Naru (as Seijyaku)

Date: April 9, 2013


Banshi and Seijyaku are called to be informed of a mission they are being assigned to for the Chitsujyo that will be a true test of their strength as an organization as well as a test of Seijyaku's strength as the newest member of the organization.

"The Order: Denial Of Existence - He Who Knew Too Much"

Island Residence

In one of the hidden corridors of the Island Residence recently purchased by Tadashi, under his other name of course, the masked man sits at a desk reading over a scroll. A cup of hot tea sits on the desk to his left, steaming lightly while he dips a pen in ink and jots a few notes on the scroll. It would almost seem like a normal office were it not so bare of decoration, only having necessities, and hidden so that only members of the Chitsujyo would know how to enter.

After his notes have been jotted, Tadashi reaches into his coat to withdraw one of his silver pocket watches, checking the time before setting on it on the table. The two he summoned should be arriving soon, one being Banshi and the other the newest member of the organization, Seijyaku. He has high hopes for her, and this mission should prove her worth, though it will definitely be a test for the senior member of this mission's team as well.

His cover set, that mission involving the high profit for Suna, the figure would show up exactly on time. A simple movement, the blending of person with wall, he'd step out of the wall off to Tadashi's left. The figure in black would look about, red eyes alert, as he'd walk over to stop before the desk. A simple bow of his head given and the figure would wait. That's how it went with them, so this wouldn't be any different. Once the time for action was set, then he would move forward. Otherwise, he simply.. waited.

Seijyaku was the next to approach the mansion, making her way in through the front door rather than Banshi's climatic entrance. For her own disguise she was darkly robbed, her body was bandaged from her nose all the way down to her toes, though the remainder of her body couldn't be seen with such flowing garments. It was painfully obvious she was an uchiha by her looks, the swell of her sharingan emitted behind the raven locks of hair which spilled along her cheeks. Her natural eyes were the one thing truly unique to her, so naturally it was something she attempted to hide quite oftenly. "You summoned?" The voice called from behind the bandaged mask along with a slightly arched eyebrow, she crossed her arms along one another and waited…curious as to what this may be about.

The appearance of the figure comes as no surprise apparently, as Tadashi merely lifts his head to offer a nod in return to Banshi before jotting a few more notes on the scroll. As Seijyaku arrives behind him, he looks up and gives her a nod in greeting as well. "Yes. I have picked out your first mission with the organization. You will be working with my right hand man, Banshi," he says, gesturing to the figure. "Banshi, this is Seijyaku, our newest member." That introduction done, he reaches into a drawer in his desk and grabs a pair of folders, presenting one to each of them. "This man has gotten dangerously close to intel on our organization and needs to be dealt with. His name is Yotsuki Kioshi, and he is a Chuunin of Kumogakure, but don't let his rank fool you. If you labeled him in a Bingo Book, he would be an S-Class bounty."

Looking directly to Seijyaku, he says, "This will be a test of your strength. I'm sure you'll do fine. His strengths are Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, so Genjutsu may serve you well in this battle. He has three elemental affinities, Water, Earth, and Lightning." He then looks to Suterusu, almost as if sizing him up. "This guy is of the strength that I'd normally come along and fight with you, but, in my current condition, I would only get in the way. This will be your biggest challenge since facing me. Do not underestimate this target, or both of you will be in danger. His current travel path toward where he should be heading is listed in those folders. As always, no evidence of our involvement should be left." Pausing to glance between them, he asks, "Do you have any questions?"

The new person showing up would be studied with flat red eyes. A long moment of silence as Tadashi introduced her. He'd bow formally to her, that soft tenor whisper crooning to Seijyaku. "Greetings. An honor to serve the Order with you." Attention turning to Tadashi then, a small nod is given in answer. He'd recover the folder, opening it and reading the contents quickly. That soft tenor crooning once again. "Indeed. I will make sure to keep that in mind, Boss. I have grown since that time as well." Red eyes shifted from page to Tadashi. "Not.. quite as much as you, however." His attention returning to the information, a small nod was given and he'd look towards Seijyaku. "I have no questions on this. I am an assassin. If you keep his attention, I will be able to attack from hiding and hit him hard. With a kunai, there will be no source of how it struck."

"S Class bounty…" Seijyaku mused quietly under her breath, it was painfully obvious that Tadashi was going big with thise one, even causing her to prod a finger into her cheek as she curiously thought over the moment… This wouldn't just be a test for the organzation but a test of her own strength as well. " That sounds like a plausible method of erasing his existence… Do we know if he has much information on us? Might we have to go into Kumogakure to check for any other evidence he may have against us?" Seijyaku asked, perhaps the only true question which had come to mind…. I am familiar with both water and lightning release… So he shouldn't have much an edge on us, especially if Banshi strikes from the shadows while I distract…"

"I am unsure on the amount of information he has, but I don't think he's disclosed anything to Kumogakure as of yet. I can easily get into Kumogakure and check things out, though," Tadashi responds before standing to offer a nod to each of them. "I have faith in both of you that you will accomplish this. Power, Control order… In this case, we are controlling what is known of us because our organization is not yet ready to be brought to light, nor is the shinobi world ready for the order we will bring just yet. As always, perform well, and you will be rewarded well. Follow corridor you took to get here all the way down, and you'll find a hidden dock with a barrier around is set up to look like it's just part of the island. The ship you'll be taking to catch up to your target is already there. Follow the captain's instructions, and he'll get you to where you need to go to catch up to your target while remaining hidden. If you've no further questions, you are dismissed."

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