Head of Security: Miyo-Chan


Miyo, Nori

Date: September 16, 2013


Nori takes Miyo on a mission to act as the Head of Security for a factory complex. The former security guards were fired and threatened to blow up the facility. Miyo and Nori devise a security strategy and deal with the former security members as they show up for mischief.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Head of Security: Miyo-Chan"

Land of Fire

Nori, fresh out of the hospital after beating Fudo in the final round of the exams, looks tired. He had severe injuries, so he's still technically on light duty…which is why they've got him his first official mission. This is supposed to be a D-Rank mission, boring, dull, just the thing for the healing shinobi. Too bad things never go as planned right?
So, Nori has sent out for a few of the newer Genin, trying to get people interested in the mission by telling them that they would get to be in charge if they showed up. What he didn't say, was what they'd get to be in charge of. A factory compound outside of Konohagakure just fired their security staff and need the shinobi to step in until a new set of staff can be hired. Easy right?

+ Miyo was just as gung-ho about going on a mission as usual. Hopping up and down with excitement, bouncing around and practically running in circles was a usual routine, but she had been reduced to a sort of hunker in which she was doing some sort of meditative breathing now. After a moment, she stands up and stretches, and looks over to Nori. They had not spoken for a while, and… in all honesty, the last time she had seen him, he was all wereowl dude and stuff. It almost felt weird not seeing him like that now. "Sooo….. Nori-san. You know what we are doing, right?"

Nori watches Miyo as she bounces up and down and all around before going into her zen-calm state. He laughs and says, "Miyo-chan. I'm the same age as you are…but watching you makes me tired." The young Yamanaka boy chuckles and then gets to business. He pulls out a scroll and starts reading, "Seeing as Miyo-chan is the only one to show up, she is in charge of this mission. The mission is to organize the remaining staff of a factory to keep watch of the grounds at night. The regular security detail quit, so we are to do their job. Organizing patrol routes, taking patrols, and figuring out weak-points and choke-points is a must." Yes, it says all of that in the scroll, even the Miyo-chan part…ahem. Nori eyes the scroll and then Miyo, "Let's go then, ne?" He turns and starts running off. It would be so much easier to fly with his Owl summon, but…that's not how they work.

+ "Watching me makes you tired? Hehe…" Miyo calms down noticeably and stands there as Nori reads off the scroll, an eyebrow perking slightly at the mention of her taking charge. "I have to be in charge? What? Why? I don't know anything about security… and there's like… two of us… how are we supposed to secure anything like that!" Then, when Nori runs off, Miyo shakes her head before following behind him. "I don't like this already."

Nori laughs and nods to Miyo as he runs. "Yes, you're all over the place. I mean, I know I have energy, but you're just a ball of energy, wrapped in explosive chakras, ready to burst at the seams." Not that she could see it, but he's grinning. "Yup, you're in charge. Think of it as a test. I'm still on light duty, so I can't be in charge you see." It makes perfect sense. Note, if he were in charge, he wouldn't have to do anything, which is…exactly what he's doing, pushing the work onto Miyo.
"Well, you'll figure it out and I'll help you when we get there. Also, most missions are boring. Liking them really isn't a neccessity unfortunately. I remember just sitting and watching a building for hours only for nothing to ever happen and be called in…booooring!" With the conversation flowing, it doesn't take too long to get to the factory compound. It is large, with a big brick wall (about 10 feet tall) all along the outer boundry. A single iron gate seems to be the only entrance from this side of the compound, but who knows if it is the only one. The place is too large to see around the buildings and to the other sides of the complex's boundry.

+ Miyo merely grumbles at the majority of Nori's comments. She had, likewise, been on many missions where nothing happened, but had also been on missions where nothing was supposed to happen and then it did… she didn't like being in charge of things, and didn't like being responsible for other people, especailly their safety! "I don't know…" She finally states as they arrive at the compound. "How are two of us supposed to manage a patrol on such a structure in the first place? I mean, we could just man the gate.. but… who in the world is going to go through the gate if they are intending to cause trouble?"

Nori can't help but laugh, "You know…for someone that hates this sort of stuff, you certainly appear to be thinking about the weaknesses of securing a compound like this." The front gate guard recognizes the Konohagakure forehead protectors and steps forward as Nori and Miyo speak. He states, "Hi, eh…well, unfortunately, that's where we come in. I'm acting as the gate guard right now, but I'm just a regular factory line worker. They're paying us to watch the factory while Upper Management tries to hire new security guards. You two, I am told, are here just to organize us and help us deal with any threats. I can give you a tour if you'd like quickly?" Nori nods.
The tour leads Miyo and Nori around the compound. The wall does go all the way around and there are eight factory buildings laid out in a 4 x 2 grid. The east and west walls have large fields between the buildings and the walls, while the north and south both have gates and are right up against the buildings. Additionally, there are two water pipes in the east and west walls, with grates, that feed the factories with their water. The river goes through the center of the compound.
Nori looks to Miyo and the 'gate guard' after the tour is finished, "Alright, so…how many employees are acting as security right now?" The man states frankly, "8, including me…but 10 with you two." Nori herms, but looks to Miyo. "So, what shall we do? How do we use those 8 people, plus ourselves, to man four walls, have patrols, make it so people don't get too tired, and make sure we're secured." Nori doesn't ask the tough question and sees if Miyo does first…

+ The tour was informative to Miyo. Knowing that it was not just the two of them, but ten total people to guard the place was a little more… relieving to her. She looks to Nori. "Well, I still don't like that I am put in charge… but… I'd say… you, and me… get to the roof of opposite corner buildings, that gives us the best view, I suppose. Shouldn't be hard for us to get up there anyway." She then looks to the guy that was serving as their tour group. "I'd say we have alternating groups of four, splitting between patrols and stationary watchmen for breaks. Probably do patrols of like, the main floors of the outer buildings with an eye out for anything suspicious, with guards resting at the other four buildings, possibly outside to help keep an eye on any approach." She looks to Nori again. "I suspect that.. uhm… any sort of… disturbances inside would be reported anyway, since the other employees know what to look for." After a short pause, she seems to think of something. "Uh, so… what exactly are we protecting this place from?"

Nori listens to Miyo's plan and nods appreciatively. "With us on the corner buildings, we each have a view of half of the compound's walls. Good idea. With the groups split into two, one resting at the buildings, the other on patrol, that gives them time to rest, yet be on duty. The only other question I would have is how do they sign the alarm and when do they switch on and off of patrol." Nori creates a quick schedule where people are on patrol for 2 hours, then resting for 2 hours…including eating and sleeping shifts that alternate for those resting. He gives it to their guide to run.
"As for a means of alarm, since we will be in view, perhaps we can have some form of light signals? Lanterns perhaps?" Nori looks to Miyo to see if she has any other ideas. The young Yamanaka nods approvingly too when Miyo focuses in on the main question…just what do they need to be protected from? The tour guide states, "Well, the previous security staff was giving the workers a hard time. The security guards were fired by Upper Management, but the guards threatened to blow up the place. We're hoping it was an idle threat, but…we're not taking any chances."

+ Miyo gives Nori a lopsidded grin and sort of shifts back and forth at the compliment about her plan. "Ah.. I guess I didn't think of that…" She murmers about the rotation and the signals. She was hoping nothing bad would happen. However, she lets out a little sigh of relief when he takes charge a little bit and fills in the gaps.
"Bombs? That's not good… does the rest of the staff know enough to report the old security group if they are seen? I mean, if they think its just normal that they are there its going to be really difficult… since it will maybe make it easier for them to get in and out…" She then looks to the security guard, and then looks around a bit. "I don't… suppose this place has any less noticable entrances, like underground tunnels for sewers and maintenance and stuff? If so, we should probably guard those… they'd be prime target ways in."

Nori awkwardly pats Miyo on the back. It is awkward for two reasons. One, the Japanese don't really touch eachother like that…and two…Nori is just awkward in general when it comes to the opposite sex. So, he does it and says brokenly, "You…did…good?" The comment ends with Nori's voice rising on the good, so it comes out like a question. Poor awkward kid.
The tour guide nods, "Yes, we know the security detail. We know what to look for. No one but the ten of us are supposed to be here once it is dark," and of course it is dark now. The man also adds, "No, no sewers. Everything goes into the river…" Nori twitches slightly due to the environmental concern, but he doesn't touch it right now. "As for tunnels, there are tunnels between the buildings, but not out to the gates or walls, so that should be okay." Nori nods again and sends the tour guide/guard away to give Miyo's instructions to everyone. Nori looks back to Miyo and states, "Alright. I'll be in touch with you and some of the guards using my Telepathy. Head to your station." ~Check,~ Nori mentally attempts to connect with Miyo. She's used to this by now, so Nori assumes it is fine.

+ When Nori pats her on the back, Miyo looks over to him and gives him a suspicious look. "I suppose I did…" She whispers before looking elsewhere, notably towards the tour guide. Once he has explained that most of her fears of there being secret passages, Miyo nods to Nori and makes her way towards the building she would be taking up her post on. Once there, she climbs up the wall using her recently acquired talents. As soon as she is atop the roof, she sits down on the corner of the building, her legs dangling over the side. When Nori uses his telepathy to speak to her, she grumbles something about it being awkward.

Time slows to a tick…tock…tick…level. Not that there are any clocks around, but man this stuff can be boring. The entire night seems to pass by slowly with little action to make it pass quicker. Nori finds himself getting comfortable on the roof-top, lying down even, but he's strong willed enough not to fall asleep even when sleep comes calling sweetly.
The patrols have been going around all night and resting as required of the shifts without a hitch. The lights of the lanterns work well for communication purposes. In fact, it is just starting to get light outside when one of the lanterns goes out by Miyo's side. Did the worker do that on purpose due to the dawn coming or are they finally under attack?

+ Miyo is still seated upon the corner of the building, impressively so, perhaps. Her butt had gotten sore and she had been forced to get up and walk around to alleviate the tingling in her feet on occasion, but after a particularly long yawn, she a light go out down the line of buildings. She peers back over her should to see if she can spot Nori on the far end, and then looks back to the light. There weren't really supposed to be people around, but it wasn't anything to get worried about yet… but at the same time, she figured she could use a bit of a walk.
Miyo hops down from the building, dropping from the roof and reinforcing her body with her chakra for the impact which echoes with a loud thud as her heavily armored robes drag her down with a good bit of momentum. After hitting the ground, she dusts herself off, as if there was some on her, and then makes her way towards the ongoing scene, quietly, though, as if she hadn't just made enough noise to alert everyone…

Nori looks up as he hears the sound of Miyo's armor clanging across the yard faintly. He calls out to her mentally, ~Stretching or do you see something? Even if it is something small, let me know.~ All she'd have to do is speak to Nori mentally and he'd hear. Nori just waits for her call if she needs backup.
Meanwhile, the patrolman whose light has gone out was at the southern gate. The gate is open and the patrolman is knocked out-cold. His lantern is lying on its side, out. There is a small guard post by the gate. Someone might be hiding in there or have fled when hearing/seeing Miyo's approach. Otherwise she'd probably have noted them getting to the buildings…unless they were shinobi. Based on the mission debriefing though, they are not. Still…would Miyo look around the buildings just to be safe?

+ As Miyo approaches the scene of the missing light, she looks around a bit, and notices the guardpost, and the guard that is down. ~Looks like someone took out a guard. You should alter everyone else right away, and maybe send a couple this direction to scour the building.~ She then makes her way towards the guard post, reaching up and removing her sword and scabbard from its place on her back, fully intent on using it as a club if she needed to. If there was someone over there, that was okay… but at least she'd be checking on the downed guard to make sure he didn't need rescue.

Nori acks as the report comes in over the mental radio. ~Understood. I'll stay here in case they split their forces. Sending the resting guards your way.~ Poor resting guards are woken up by Nori with a mental push. They come running along each face of the building rows, four guards in total. They are coming slowly as they peek into the buildings to see if anyone or anything can be seen. So, for now, Miyo is on her own.
The guard does need medical help. Unfortunately, Nori can't give that, but maybe one of the other guards that are on their way can. Meanwhile, the guard post isn't empty. A man is in there, trying to hide. He mustn't be overly bright, but he is big. The man blinks as Miyo comes in with her sword. "Run away little girl. This doesn't involve you." It looks like he has explosives in his hands.

+ When Miyo enters the guardpost with the strange man in it, she looks to him and narrows her eyes, then glances to the downed guard and then back to the guy with what appears to be explosives. "Uhm, it sort of does… I think… I was sort of sent to guard this place, so, since you're trying to get into it or something, I think it means I am supposed to stop you…. I think…" Miyo seems uncertain, and the fact that he is holding explosives doesn't make her feel any better… but she also felt that he likely wouldnt use them in a guard post and achieve nothing if he could help it. At least, that was her hope. "You should just… give up…?"

The man grunts at Miyo. "You? You're nothing but a little girl. I've got daughters older than you. Why don't you just run back to…what, Konohagakure…and go play with some dolls. Leave the security detail to us grownups. Besides, what would you know about getting fired for following orders? Huh? I did my duty. I did what I was told to do, and because of that, I get grouped in with the rest of them slackers. Well, I've had enough, I'm not being pushed around no more. This is my stand, so…I'm not giving up. I've got to set an example! Please, I don't want to hurt anyone, so step out of the way child." Wait, what about the guard that was already attacked?

+ Miyo raises an eyebrow at the guy, and then gestures to the guy lying on the ground with her sword. "You've sort of gone and done that already…" She gives the goon a wry grin and then tips her head to the side. "And… I don't see how you are acting… like you're different. You say you got fired for…. being grouped with the bad people? Yet here you… hurting people and apparently planning to blow stuff up. It seems like you maybe made some bad decisions." Miyo gestures to the exit. "I suppose if you just leave now, nothing will happen and you can go about your life, but otherwise, there will be problems."

Nori continues to stay at his post, making sure there isn't a second attack location. Miyo on the other hand has to deal with the guy with the explosives in his hand that already took out one guard…or did he? The man shake shis head, "That wasn't me. I didn't hurt that guard. You better leave before the other guy comes back and hurts you too." Still, her comments do seem to hit home because he looks down to the explosives in his hand and frowns. "I, I just…I didn't think we'd hurt anyone here. I was just going to blow up the factory line and leave. I didn't know you all would be here even, but if I try to leave now, the other guy is going to hurt me too." It is a conundrum.

+ Miyo looks suspiciously a the man, then to the guard on the floor before nodding. "Well… uhm…" She looks back and forth and then gets an idea. ~Nori-san, I have some guy here.. I'm going to send him your way, you should collect him and keep him from getting into any trouble.~ Miyo then nods to the guy. "Well…" She peeks back over her shoulder, keeping an eye out for the other person that was supposedly with him. "Give me the explosives, then run towards that end of the buildings. A shinobi will meet you there, and then you just stay with him. If you do not run directly there, I will fill you so full of kunai you might get in friendly with some porcupines." She then glowers at him. "Or you can stay here, and I can kick the protection out of you, and then kick the protection out of your friend, too."

The man nods and puts down the explosives. Nori responds, ~Understood. On my way.~ Nori is fairly quick, so he'd be on his way right away. As the man runs out of the guard post and runs straight where Miyo said, another figure steps in through the open gate. He is tall, lanky, and is wearing a blue security uniform. He raises his hand up and throws out…a kunai. The kunai is sailing right for the man running to Nori. Can Miyo get to it in time?

+ Miyo watches as the suspicious man drops the explosives, which was a good start, and then turns to follow him out of the guard post when she notices someone out of the corner of her eye, just a mere motion in the darkness. There was a man there, and he was attacking the other one! Why? It didn't matter. Miyo springs into action, darting forward at full speed, kicking up a little puff of dust as her back foot skids across the ground. Within an instant she is sliding to a stop, spinning in a whirl of robes, slashing out with her sword and knocking the kunai from the air with the scabbard. As soon as she stops sliding, she turns to face the new man and holds her sword out in front of her like a shield. "So, I take it you are the one I should be concerned with." ~Primary suspect located, engaging!~

Miyo is regarded with a squinty stare. The lanky man bows, keeping those eyes on her, and states, "I guess you could say that. I'm not really looking for a fight though. I'm just here to make sure that the explosion goes off as it was supposed to. I see that will not be the case." It is then that Nori shows up, grabs the man that was running for him, and runs away with him. ~Be careful please. Call me if you need me.~
The lanky man sighs outwardly, "What should we do about this then shinobi? Do I turn and leave for another day, or do we 'concern' ourselves with one another?" He even makes the air-quotes on 'concern'.

+ Miyo narrows her eyes at him, hunkering down slightly, as if ready to spring at any moment. "The explosion won't be happening." She states defiantly with her cute voice, which probably takes a bit of an edge off her declaration. "However, I cannot let you escape so you can just come back again and try later." With that, she darts forward again, and after the first step she disappears, flashing forward, appearing in front of him, down low, feet spread and planted as she slides, driving the hilt of her sword upwards from beneath his chin, a determined glare upon her face. "You'll just have to be dealt with…"

The lanky man was there, then he wasn't. The guy tsks and states, "I'm not sure that you can really deal with the likes of me shinobi. Still, where there is one shinobi, more will gather. You must have a team around somewhere. While one of you I can deal with, four…well, that might just tax me a bit too much. So, without further adieu," he winks and attempts to flash out of view.

+ Miyo's glare turns to a downright snarl when he disappears, but so does her sword as she flicks it into the air. While the man is foolishly monologuing about shinobi, Miyo's hands flicker together inside of her sleeves and she rapidly creates a set of hand seals before she vanishes again, appearing right next to the man just as he is mid-wink, her left hand darting out towards his chest. "You're mine…" She growls.

The man is suddenly slapped by Miyo. As his chakra begins draining and he is paralyzed momentarily, he growls. His eyes flash to Miyo and he asks, "What is your name shinobi? Why do you care about this place? Are you sure you are really on the right side here even?" Is he just trying to stall?

+ Miyo grins faintly as she is successful and takes a single step backwards, raising her hand to catch her sword as it falls from the sky above her before sliding it back into place behind her. ~Nori-san, assist immediatly.~ She then begins weaving seal upon seal before stopping and looking at the man with a serious expression. "You have intentions to harm and destroy people and their livelihoods, it is my duty, and my pleasure to inconvenience you."

Nori was still getting the first man under wraps when the call comes through. Nori hands the guy off to the other 'guards' and starts running for Miyo, ~I'm coming.~ Nori is quick, but he's no Ataru. The young Yamanaka boy does get there though because the man fails to escape Miyo's paralysis. Nori quickly forms some handseals and looks the man in the eye. The Genjutsu is strong and the man crumbles to the ground. Nori grunts and states, "I'll deal with this one. Go help the other guards with the first guy. They are binding his hands to bring him to the local magistrate. Let them deal with a scentence." Nori looks at the man who is on the ground, "This one on the other hand, is coming back to Konohagakure with me." Nori picks the man up and starts moving off. And Miyo is left alone.

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