Healing a Clan Head


Michiko (as Kazehana), Taiki, Takeo

Date: December 20, 2014


The medic nin staff of Konoha's hospital work to save Taiki's life

"Healing a Clan Head"

Konoha Hospital

As rumors tell it, Inuzuka Takeo transformed into a full blown Bijuu during the battle with the Recluse. Isobu himself, in full glory but for size, and in perfect control. After trying to smash some evil woman with one of his tails, he sent her followers reeling with a tidal wave conjured from seemingly nothing, and then rescued a cranky old Uzumaki by carrying out within his shell - holding the guy in his maw! It's the sort of thing crazy folk tales are born from, and really, some of the details might already be so. Takeo's quiet about the matter, and once he saw Tenken to safety, the first thing he did was go to tend to his kin.

Takeo's partly here for security purposes, even if the encounter with the Recluse educated him as to how feeble he truly is. Still, better to put that shell to use and die for good reason. While waiting, he's been doing something rather experimental, that being periodically granting blood infusions to Taiki in hopes that his own regenerative abilities might enhance his cousin-sensei's recovery. He replenishes his own supply practically as quickly as he doles it out, so whenever the nurses want more, it's more they get.

It took the group some time, even moving at fast speeds, to get Taiki back to the hospital. The group managed to stabilize him, but Taiki's wounds, and those of his ninken, were rather extensive. The moment the team arrived in Konoha, they were met by veterinarians, who took the ninken off for intensive care. Beds were already added to a high-security room in the hospital so the ninken could recover in the same room as the Clan Head. In the meantime, Taiki was taken off to another room where he was fully diagnosed. Taiki apparently had half-healed wounds all over his body, to the point it was easier to list the areas that /didn't/ need healing, which were primarily the brain, lungs, and heart. Fortunately, part of his torture required half-healing these wounds in a manner to force him to stay alive for more torture. This would make healing a bit easier, at any rate. A specialist was called in to start the process, in order to give him a chance to become fully capable again.

Kazehana was called in as one of the more advanced medic-nin in Konoha. Well, she's the one that is the most skilled /and/ the most rested at the moment. The others are off-duty. She has two medic-nin at a Chuunin-level skill with her for assistance. "Alright, then… Watari-kun, I'll need a lot of the healing bandages. Hana-chan, could you please assist me in checking over his wounds? There are a lot listed here, but it's easier to heal someone when I know their body." Both nod at the instructions and enter, the younger nin wincing slightly at the sight of Taiki's injuries.

Kazehana, thanks to experience, doesn't loose her cool and simply approaches to place her hand on Taiki's body and start sending chakra through him. "Taiki-sama, you went through quite a bit…" she murmurs sympathetically as she explores just what is wrong. Hana takes up a place beside her and starts to check some of the outer wounds that lace the Inuzuka's body, making sure none are infected and inspecting how deep the various injuries are. Watari dashes off, thankful that he doesn't have to stay in the room any longer… He has a weak constitution…

It would be wishfull thinking to beleive that none of Taiki's wounds were infected. To be honest, they're far too extensive. Most worrisome is the fact that the outer part of Taiki's right ear is missing, and an infection has settled in the inner portions. That would require delicate work, even more delicate than the work required on his intestinal tract, which appears to be cut at rather precise intervals. Fortunately, the acid used to burn his legs and arms kept infections from settling, but there are places where the skin is missing, which requires careful regeneration. His torturers were nothing if not thorough.

Kazehana sighs softly when Hana reports the extent of the damage. "Alright… This is going to take some precision, it seems… Hana-chan, please work on healing the legs. They've been affected by something acidic, so you need to make sure it's been neutralized somehow. I'll see what I can do about Taiki-sama's internal wounds…" The woman frowns lightly, pulling her dark brown hair into a bun so she can work better. Then a faint green chakra appears around her hands and she applies them to Taiki's body, focusing the healing energy into the Inuzuka. She works slowly and methodically, starting with some of the more severe wounds so that they're no longer life-threatening.

Watari returns quickly with the chakra bandages, giving a stack to Hana. "I got as many as I could, Sensei," he says. The woman doesn't reply, though, as she's too focused on healing the clan head's insides. Hana, though, brightens a bit. "Oh! We can use these on Taiki-sama's legs and arms. It should heal the burns on his arms and legs, though trying to get the skin back will mean using our own skills." Watari nods and he gets to work on placing the bandages on Taiki's arms while Hana continues working on the legs.

The wounds start responding to the team's work very well. Taiki is known not only for his prowess in medical arts, but for being just about as durable as he is stubborn. In fact, the cuts are healing fine, and some of the skin is starting to regrow as the worst of the burnt places seem to regenerate before their eyes. Taiki, however, remains unconscious, as he over-exerted himself greatly while injured. At least that spares him from the pain…

The two students seem fairly amazed by Taiki's regenerative abilities. Kazehana is less so, but she is relieved that Taiki is doing well with the treatment. "Alright, then… I think that covers the worst of the injuries. Hana-chan, take over the internal healing for me, please. Watari-kun, watch the external injuries. Place bandages where needed and heal some yourself." The older kunoichi moves to inspect Taiki's infected ear, wondering how she should handle it. Finally she ends up making small chakra tendrils that act like miniature claws to inspect the ear. Eventually, once they finish their probing, the blue turns to green and begins to remove the infection. It's an odd process, but it works!

Hana and Watari haven't seen their Sensei do that before, and the two exchange a look that says 'we gotta get her to teach us that'. They continue on with their job, though, making sure Taiki was in as little danger of further damage (either internal or external) as possible.

Kazehana's jutsu seems to be working very well for the ear as the infection appears unable to find a place to hide. As such, the danger of the infection spreading to the brain lessens dramatically, to the point of non-existence as the last of the infection is pulled out. His body also puts on a tremendous fight to aid the healing process, as Hana and Watari's actions are also rewarded. Finally, Taiki is pulled out of danger of death, and evens out to serious but stable condition. Still, Taiki does not awaken, and he is likely to be out of it for a while. In the meantime, short of actual regeneration to regrow his outer ear, there's little more that can be done at this point.

When it seems Taiki is no longer about to die, Kazehana waves for her students to cease their healing. "We've done what we can. I'll have someone else look at the ear later and see if we can get it back…" she makes a few notes on the page with Taiki's status, then sets it down. "Alright. You two get to keep an eye on Taiki-sama for the next couple days. If he wakes up or gets worse, call someone. Hmm… Me if he gets worse. I suppose the Hokage or a Jounin if he wakes up. And also me, so I can be sure he's healing fine." With a light clap of her hands, Kazehana makes her way out of the room and leaves her students to figure out which is on 'guard' duty first.

Takeo is, of course, on guard duty. He's revealed to be leaning into the corner behind the closing door, arms crossed patiently. At least he was polite enough to remain out of the way. "You want any more of my blood yet? Trust me, I won't run out."

With that most generous offer extended, he assumes custody over Taiki's protection on behalf of the med-nin students.

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