Healing the wounded


Ai, Sodoichi

Date: March 6, 2011


Sodoichi was a traveling medic-nin that walked into a hospital in hopes of learning new skills or helping a patient.

"Healing the wounded"

Land of Fire, Medical Facility: Wing One

With a backpack slung over his shoulders, a young boy in his teens makes his way into the Medical Facility. His hair looks as if it's grown out a bit from his travels, while his clothes look like they could definitely use a changing. Sodoichi has came here in hopes of learning any new medical jutsu's or even being of use to the hospital. He would attempt to walk up to doctors and surgeon's, but all attempts to communicate with them are ignored as either they are too busy dealing with patients or just don't have time for a kid. Sodoichi a little agitated from his journey decided to do things on his own. The teen would walk into the first wing, scanning the area before seeing a young woman awake in her bed. With a smile on his face and a friendly wave he walks over toward her, "Hello, I am a medic nin. Are you ok?"

Ai was reading a book, she has burn wounds, healing ones admittedly, all over her body. "Do I look like I'm okay?" She asks softly… "I mean, they tell me I'm gonna be fine… but all of it still stings." She glances up from her book to the medic nin… "Other than that… yeah, I suppose I'm okay… wish I had dodged that blast… but that's another matter."

Sodoichi would nod to the young woman as he looks at her wounds, not caring about her tone as he knows being in a hospital bed for days and weeks can be quite frustrating. "Sometimes the life of a ninja is dangerous." He would say as he looks at the bandaging done to her. The teen would sling off his backpack and place it in a chair next to him. He would begin to unzip it before rummaging through it. "Your bandages look like they could use a replacing. Mind if I do it for you?"

"Thanks…" Ai whispers softly, "That would be appreciated…" She kicks off the covers and glances away, getting ready for the medical ninja to do his job. "My name's Ai… Hyuga Ai." Might as well introduce herself… right? She shrugs slightly, hoping that the medic nin would introduce himself as well.

Sodoichi pulls out some fresh bandages, healing salves and a little knife. "It is nice to meet you." He would then turn to Ai, placing the the items at her bed side, while using the knife to carefully cut the old bandaging off. Lifting slowly whatever needed to be lifted so he could remove the old bandages and tossing them in a nearby containment trashcan. "You can just call me Sodoichi." He would say with a smile as he grabbed the fresh bandages and salves. The teen would first apply the salves to the wounds, allowing them to treat the wound before placing on the new wrappings to keep out infections.

"Nice to meet ya, Sodoichi." Ai responded, letting the medic nin do his job. He'd have to go all over her, and these burns were nasty, "Wish we could've met under better circumstances, though…" She shrugs slightly, "Where are you from..? I don't think I've seen you before…"

Sodoichi continues to wrap the kunoichi in bandaging, being forceful to make sure they are tight, but trying not to cause unneeded pain at the same time. "Well, I'm sure we will meet again some day." He would work his way around as he bandaged here and there, trying to cover up the burns so they won't scar too bad, if at all. "I'm from the village hidden in a waterfall, I decided to leave there so I could be of more use to others." He would say with a smile, but not looking up from his work, wanting to finish so Ai could be out of the hospital as soon as she recovered. "After your bandaging is done, I would like to try something more advanced on you. If you don't mind that is. Something that will greatly increase your recovery."

"Aha…" Ai responds, raising an eyebrow at the explanation of where the medic nin is from. "I've never been there… and feel free to go ahead?" She shrugs slightly and closes her eyes, "I'm ready…" She laid the book down on the table next to her bed, leaving it laying open so she could continue where she had left of soon after this all was done and over with.

Sodoichi would grab the salves and the bandaging after finishing and place them in his backpack, then zip it up. He would leave his pack on the chair for now, while he turns to face Ai. "This will be much quicker then bandaging, but try not to move." The teen would then position himself close to the bed, hovering slightly over the young woman, examining her as if there is something that he can see. Sodoichi would then bring his hands with index and middle finger pointing out ward above Ai before beginning to poke at certain points on her body. At first nothing would appear to be happening, but on the inside the boy was rerouting the chakra to certain points to help with the speed of recovering.

Trying not to move…? "Okay, sure… I'll try." Ai responded, but she immediately started to shrug, she realized this, bit her teeth together, and tried her damnedest to keep still while Sodoichi did his job. When he was done, she could feel the difference, even if most of the work was yet to be done, "Th..thanks."

Sodoichi would step back from the bed a bit, knowing he's done all that he could, he reaches for his backpack and slings it over his shoulders. "You did great and I can't help any further with medical applications, but you should be out of here in no time." He nods, mostly for himself, a reassurance of a job well done. "Well, I should be off now. My travels are always calling to me." He would say taking another step back, "I imagine after this you'll be stronger and wiser then before. Picking your battles carefully." He would then wave before turning and walking out.

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