Healing Water


Aoitsuki, Tsiro

Date: October 24, 2012


Tsiro and Aoitsuki go out on a mission to uncover the secrets behind Suiton Healing. They go to the Land of Waterfalls to find a droughting basin to get samples of the water for Aoitsuki to embed within her jutsu at a later time, though this sacred water is also guarded by shinobi…

"Healing Water"

Land of Waterfalls Healing Water Basin

Aoitsuki along with Kaguya Tsiro had been sent on a mission to the Land of Water falls in order to find more secrets behind the suiton healing property… It was rumored that there was a mystic water, similiar to the Hero's water running through a ravine within the Land of Waterfalls. While the water itself wasn't nearly as potent, it was rumored that bathing in the water for a long period of time would cure most of any wounds… But this lake was begining to dry up, and Aoitsuki was determined to at least get a few samples of the water before turning away… Unfortunately in the same process they might be running into a few shinobi from the Water Fall village along the way…

Aoitsuki let out a soft sigh a sshe pulled her kimono close, moving along the top of a mountain as she paved the way leading towards the Ravine. " See anything unusual? Tsiro-san?" She questoned him curiously, scanning the area with her eyes… It was broad daylight, though detecting the rushing water would come next.

Tsiro trudged along behind Aoi. It had been a long trip already and now he was searching for some kind of healing water. There was a possibility of a fight, but nothing was guaranteed. The crimson eyes of the boy scanned the area. A shake of his head was the only physical response given to the girl. "

Tsiro trudged along behind Aoi. It had been a long trip already and now he was searching for some kind of healing water. There was a possibility of a fight, but nothing was guaranteed. The crimson eyes of the boy scanned the area. A shake of his head was the only physical response given to the girl. "Everything looks the same. It has been for a while. Why not just grab one of the locals and torture them?" he asks. It seemed possible and completely plausible that Tsiro was actually in the mood for a fight.

"I don't feel like causing a mess today…This is just about healing water… Nothing terribly important to disrupt life about… I did hear that this place was guarded so perhaps we should be on the look for a shinobi's presence," Aoitsuki replied back to Tsiro, As they moved along the tip of the mountain every now and then Aoitsuki peere down into the ravine to see if anything was out o the ordinary, it was devoid of rushing water, completely empty yet with quite a bit of vegetation… Perhaps with some more insight they would be able to track down this source. " Do you know anything…about these lands? It is rumored the water is in a basin seperate from the main water falls,"

Still moving behind her, Tsiro glances down into the ravine. He stops a moment. "The water collects from the rains and moves downwards with a current. If the area is suppose to be drying up, then perhaps the canal for it is higher than the rest. That or we are looking for a pool higher in elevation. That would mean plants and vegetation growing up top where it should not be. You get my thinking?" he asks.
Tsiro then continues to follow Aoi along. "Oh, seperate from the main waterfalls… Nevermind then. I guess it might be lower. I really have no clue about this land. This is my first time here. I am just trying to add logic to what little information we have…"

Aoituski tilted her head briefly at Tsiro's comment, a little curious herself as to what his idea had come to, biting her bottom lip while her golden locks flowed along her shoulder blades she began to part away from their main path way, she followed upon Tsiro's lead and began to slip down into the ravine below, her feet lightly skidding along the walls while focusing her chakra into the soles of her feet to maintain a stance. " I think you may be on to something there… There wouldn't still be vegetation there if it was for nothing right?" She peered at Tsiro briefly while leading the way… She was definitely liking his thinking…

For a moment Tsiro felt like a big dumb animal until Aoi mentioned that maybe he was onto something. "Uh yeah…" he agreed quickly with her. He was really just winging it and hoping that she did not catch onto him. "If this land has the secret, they will be guarding it. If we get too close, they will let us know." That much was obvious. Any shinobi should have known that. It did not matter if there was a single guard or a hundred. Any land's secrets were guarded. "All we need to do is move in the right direction and wait for them to respond. Let them do half the work." Now from his own logic, Tsiro's mood was starting to improve. There was a good chance they were going to run into an enemy shinobi. Then he could work his own magic, even if Aoi was on a mission that was peaceful in nature.

Right with that logic Tsiro and Aoitsuki found themselves suddenly attacked from within the ravine, lines of wires mixed in with chakra tags began to envelope the area with a massive pair of explosions, though easy enough for them both to slip away from. Aoitsuki defended against them with a blistering aura of weaving wind chakra, knocking away the explosion from her form as she elegantly landed on the ravine floor below them, two shinobi could be seen in the entrance, there was a dip, almost crater in the ravine that they appeared to be guarding, moistened with dew of some sort. " And it seems like we are a little bit more than half way…" Aoitsuki replied back to Tsiro with a grin, for now she focused her chakra through her body, spewing out a torrent of water to fill up their side of the ravine to give her something to work with… The shinobi from afar eye'd them down, eager to take them down before getting ahold of the water. "Turn away now ! This is your last warning!" one of them called out. They appeared to be shinobi from the Land of Water Falls…

Wires and chakra tags… that was a very good start. Tsiro dove through the wires spinning his body away from them until he landed down on the water next to Aoi. "That it does." he replies to her. He watches as she fills the side of the ravine. "Be careful. If you flood the area, you risk possibily diluting the water." He was not certain that it was possible to dilute the water. Maybe creating water from the air was using water already imbued with the healing ability. Then again maybe not.
"It could not be that easy. No way…" Tsiro states to himself out loud. "What if we were to create a mist from the water in the area? I doubt it would work, but maybe collecting the mist would get us the proper water?" He then turns his attention towards the yelling shinobi. "Shall we take them out?" he asks. He was showing signs of restraint.

Tsiro seemed to be very good idea ideas this day, and if they could successfully get out of the area without having to get into much of a fight that would prove to be very good on their part. "Sounds like an execellent idea… I will create a mist for the area and see what I can come up with… I would like for you to go ahead and at least disable them for the time being. I need time to make sure the water that I collect is the water that we need," Aoitsuki stated while suddenly the mist began to emit about, obscuring them from view and giving Tsiro the opening to get the jump on their combatants… Meanawhile Aoi began to shift over to the cratering lake from afar, attempting to test just how different this healing property was compared to her own water…

Tsiro act as a diversion? Oh no, the boy had really not aspired to be much in life. He was going above and beyond the usual call of the Kaguya by offering his ideas on this day. Now she wanted him to at least subdue them. There was not a whole lot Aoi could have asked that would have made him happier. A smile forms on his face as bones begin to protrude from his body. "Let me know when you are finished and we will make our retreat. Until then I will keep them busy with my dance." He then claps his hands together and lunges forward towards both of the men. His crimson eyes take them in as he draws closer to each of them. It must have been a spectacle seeing a young boy with crimson eyes and dark hair making a frontal assault. For most that was a suicidal attempt.

"Right… Just give me a bit of time…" Aoitsuki concluded, with a soft sigh by now she was already on ehr way towards the source of the healing substance, she could feel it in the are and gradually lead her to the more potent and dense water which made this up, from within her kimono she began to reveal some vials, popping the cap and slowly guiding her water away while allowing the healing substance to drain through…. It was a slow process however to literally strain the healign water through her own…. She was going to need a bit more time to complete it. Both of the men was caught off guard due to the obscuring mist shrouding Tsiro's presence, while one slipped over the side one of them was drawn into his dance to suffer against whatever blow Tsiro decided to strike them with, they replied back with their own kunai, tossing them in his direction in order to push him back.

The mist swirled with Tsiro's back hand across the face of the first enemy shinobi. He seemed to fly backwards as if he never saw it coming. Then the first kunai struck Tsiro in the leg. It had been covered by the mist and he did not know until it broke his skin. "Is that IT?" Tsiro yells towards the shinobi. "Come on!" he taunted through the visionless mist. A piece of bone protrudes where the kunai entered the skin. It pushes the kunai from it's lodged spot. Then bones begin to protrude elsewhere across Tsiro's body. As the second shinobi punches towards him, he uses the bones to parry the man's attacks. After a while the first shinobi rejoins the fray causing even more attacks. The three trade blows for a while, though it becomes fairly obvious Tsiro is simply toying with them.

Aoitsuki continued her manipulatuion, finally syphoning enough of the healing substance into one of the vials, though there was still at least one more she truly needed to finish. She kept her hands tight in a ram hand seal. More of the water began to manifest within her second vial, it would only take a moment until it was completely filled at this point. The battle between Tsiro and the other shinobi easily they were becoming manipulated by his movements, slamed around with speed alone, for some reason they didn't seem to even stand a chance , maybe it was the mist, or maybe they truly didn't stance a chance against the Kaguya… All that really mattered was just needing a little bit more time…

Tsiro was making sure not to leave any actual evidence behind. Not that he feared shinobi from the land of water falls. It just seemed to be a better tactic. That did not mean he was not using the bones to smash into them, because he was. The verbal taunts continued as Tsiro weaved in and out of their taijutsu. They were not horrible combatants. They just were not from an efficient village with training.
Finally as Tsiro uppercuts one of the mystery shinobi, he ducks under the punch of the other. His leg makes a sweep dropping the man to the ground. Soon his foot comes down on the stomach. Both shinobi were bruised and beaten. Fortunately for them nothing was broken, except maybe their pride. They would spend a day or two max in the hospital before being released and sent home to live with their failures.
Now returning towards Aoi, Tsiro glances around in the mist. "Those two are down for the count. You about ready? I'm considering asking them where their village is. I wonder if I could conquer them. Tsiro, Kage of a the Water Fall hidden Village…."

With the shinobi down for the count Aoitsuki allowed the hidden mist to clear up from the enviorment around them, it was becoming easier to see and determine just where they needed to run off to next. Aoitsuki slightly grinned at Tsiro though shook her head at his comment. " There are weak shinobi and there are strong shinobi, it seems we may have gotten lucky today, Tsiro-san," Aoitsuki spoke sofly, allowing her vials to dissappear within her kimono, "Now lets go… We need to get back Kirigakure before there are any signs of anyone else spotting us,".0

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