Heart to Heart between brothers


Hinotori, Daisuke, Hashiramako

Date: April 6, 2013


Hinotori and Daisuke reuinite after what seemed to be a long time and reconnect as brothers, also girls come up in thier talk.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Heart to Heart between brothers"

Konohagakure, Bridge

Well today isn't a bad day, granted it's a bit cloudy and windy for it to be a spring day but what the bro, Hinotori has been out training for most of the day and has decided to take a break for a bit. A lot of his time now being taking up with Akiko, training, and Satomi and her team, he's taking what time he can for himself. Rubbing the back of his head as he leans over the railing of the bridge looking down into the water below.

Daisuke walks out from the Hokage's building, deciding where to go to next when he spots who he thinks is Hinotori over leaning on the railing of the bridge. "Hino?" he says as he walks over to his friend with whom he hadn't talked to in probably a good few weeks if not more. "Hey bud." he adds in greeting as he gets closer and notices it was him, indeed. Probably the first time Daisuke hasn't used Hino-kun ever, perhaps a sign of all the growing up he's had to do in the last few weeks, whether he liked it or not.

Turning upon hearing a voice he's not heard in a very long time, one that he knows he should be hearing all the time, his little brother. "Hey Daisuke-kun." he smiles turning around to face him. He walks over to him and holds out his hand to him, "Whats with the no kun at the end?" he asks curiously, but then again they are familiar with one another that it really isn't a big deal, to him, they arefamily regardless of clan. "Whats been going on, I haven't seen you in a while."

"What's been going on? Life, basically. Been so busy training and doing other social things. Been hanging out with Atsuro a lot lately as he shows me the ropes of drinking and socializing." Daisuke says with a chuckle, "Not something I have been used to all that much." For now he leaves out the relationship as he doesn't really talk about such awkward things to many. "What about you? I haven't seen you in just as long."

Blinking and nodding his head, "About the same, getting back to training, as well as allowing myself in a way to be living again." he tells his brother. "I've felt like I've been a dark place for a bit, keeping to myself and not letting people clsoe until about a few months ago." Sighing a little, Hinotori looks at Daisuke for a moment, looking a bit ashamed in a way.

"Well get out of that dark place, Hino. You know what that leads to." Daisuke says, as if it were just that simple to stop being so ridiculous. Daisuke, more than anyone, should know about dark places, and he felt if he could overcome what he did, Hino would be just fine. He catches Hino's look and chuckles. "I'm not going to judge you, but you know better than that." he adds.

Nodding his head Hinotori smirks a little bit, "I have, Naru-chan kicked my dude." he laughs. "But then I spoke to our aunt and such and then finding out Fuyu-sama died." he clenches his fist a bit. "That almost drove me back in." he sighs a little bit. "Dai man…." trying to get his head in the game again, "I just got tired man, I was really ready to stop fighting, stop everything…I've been fighting for soo buddy long for soo much…" he rubs the back of his head. It's been a while since he's talked to Daisuke and more then anyone in the world only three people knows Hinotori intimately, and thats Daisuke, Naru and Hashi.

Daisuke turns to look at Hinotori. "You tired now?" he says, clearly a little irked with Hinotori's lack of drive. "People around us die, brother. We have all lost those we cared about. I, myself, was responsible for my own father's death. Despite what Mako-baa says, I live with that every day. And if I can stand here after the fellow the Gods have thrown at me and called a life? Then you can stand up straight and carry on." It's the first time Daisuke had shared a bit about the horrid past he had been through as a child, not even sharing the worst part of the life. "We don't get tired, we don't get to BE tired. We find a light to follow through the darkness and carry on."

Looking up to meet his brothers eyes, watching them and him all in one look. Hinotori listens as his brother shares a bit of his past with him, HInotori didn't know he caused the death of his father, but then again as he listens, the older Uchiha nods a little. "I'm not tired, like I told you, I've found my drive." he tells Daisuke. "Brother, I had a slump, I'm pretty sure you did too. I know we lose people we love and care about, and I just got fed up." he explains. "But I can't complain and wallow, I do have a light, and hope." he tells Daisuke. "I have you, my family, a girlfriend." he grins. "And most importantly our village. I'm not faltering again."

"Good, because it is important that you realize that." Daisuke says, eyeing Hinotori as if he wasn't quite sure if he was still moping around or not. "We don't get to have slumps, I've been dragging my chum to train constantly when I would rather be eating or sleeping, and you don't get a free ride if I don't. That's just how brothers work, the older one is supposed to be walking in front, not behind." he points out to Hinotori before sidling up to him and nudging him with an elbow lightly a few times. "A girlfriend huh? Who is she? Is she hot?"

Stretching out a bit, and now leaning back against the railing. He shakes his head alittle bit. "I know Dai." Looks like he's let a few people down and honestly it really is his fault the oldest is supposed to lead by example and he hasn't been doing that. "Well let me tell you this and listen well." he tells Daisuke. Hinotori stands up fully and looks to his brother who now is nudging him. "I'm sorry Dai." he states. "I feel as if I've let you down, your right a big brother is supposed to lead not fall behind. That will not happen again, I know I've not been around you as much as I should, that too will be changing. Family is imporatnt to me and you know this." Then smirking a bit, "Yeah she is hot, I will introduce you to her soon. What about you, got a girl?"

"It's good to hear, I was considering changing big brothers to Atsuro there for a bit." Daisuke says, teasing Hinotori a bit after he made such an awkwardly serious promise. "A hot girlfriend for Hino…. I'm starting to wonder if family really got you out of this slump or if it was just meeting this little vixen. Who is she?" he asks with a grin, clearing his throat a bit as he is asked the same question. "Me? Well. I…. yeah I suppose I do. Weird huh? Who would've thought. I guess it's good to tell you about it since I haven't told her anything about 'me' yet, because I know you know her. She's a Nara named Satomi."

Blinking, "Oh thats cold." Hinotori says as he catches the teasing. Shaking his head, "Nah, I've just recently met Akiko-san." he tells him. "We both have a lot in common and honestly she gets me and I get her I hope." he laughs. Then quirking a brow at Daisuke, he already knew that he and Satomi are dating and honestly he just wanted to hear his brother say he has a girlfriend. When he does he laughs, "Yeah I know, she told me already." he laughs. "So how are things going with you two?"

"Akiko? The new wanderer? I forget her last name…what was it….Chiko or something. I actually just met her a few days ago when I was out drinking and gaming with Atsuro and Taizen. She seemed pretty chipper and upbeat." Daisuke says, pondering for a second as he looks over Hino. "Someone to occupy the time that used to be spent brooding. I guess that works for you." he adds with a chuckle. "As for me… I really am totally new to this whole relationship thing. I mean I didn't even have one with my own mother, and now Satomi has super strong feeling for me. I'm the one holding back."

Nodding his head, Hinotori grins a bit. "It's Chikako Akiko." he says to Daisuke. "She is very cool, and honestly has a whole other side of her and is pretty easy to talk to and get to know." Shaking his head a little bit, "No man, she didn't find me brooding at all, I've been trying to keep busy, as well as helping Satomi-san with her team." he states. Quirking a brow a little, "Well drinking is alright, but don't get yourself carried away with it." he says sounding all big brother like now. "Dai, look when it comes to a relationship, you go at your own speed and no one else. If you both feel that is good, then good, but if one is pushing for more then the other is ready for at that time then let them know and slow it down, and if not, then you do what you need to do man. Believe me, been in a few and well here I go again and honestly I like how things are going with me and Akiko."

"It doesn't sound like she is too into you yet, must be nice." Daisuke says, probably one of the most confusing things he has said. "Satomi used 'the word' on our camping trip, and there is no way I'm ready for anything like saying that. I really wish Mako-baa had come to dinner the other night, I would've liked to see what kind of questions and observations she would've had. She is usually pretty good at getting people, even if she hasn't had a boyfriend in 30 years."

Blinking, "WHAT!" Hinotori looks at Daisuke, "Satomi-san said the "L" word!?" he asks looking at his little brother. "Whoa, that's like….major lil bro." he says. BLinking and is secrectly happy he isn't attracted to Satomi at all. Shaking his head a bit and is a bit blown away by this, "Yeah, I think Mako-baa would be able to read Satomi-san, but honestly I think she is ok and all, friend wise, but whoa." Hinotori whistles a little bit. "Well Mako-baa kicked my pal verbally but that's what I love about her."

"What are you two talking about out here?" Hashi asks as she comes stepping out of the lookout in her first bid of freedom. "Honestly, it's like you're talking about something and nothing at the same time. What kind of conversations could you both have that are /that/ important, hm? Anything /I/ need to know about anything? Also, what's this about me missing dinner?" She wondered upon approaching the two. She smiled, but there appeared to be a bit more hidden behind it. Almost as if she heard more than just a dinner she missed. Almost almost…that she heard about her lack of a boyfriend in her 30 and two years of her existence in this world.

Daisuke immediately ducked his head in instinct as he hears his aunts voice, not wanting to turn around until he thought of something good to say. "We were just talking about Hinotori's new girlfriend. And the fact that you missed the dinner invite I gave you a week back." he says as he clears his throat, clearly nothing else was said at all, he would have no idea what anyone would be talking about if they thought otherwise.

Oh great their aunt is here, "Hey Mako-baa." Hinotori walks over to her and gives her a hug, then looking to Daisuke as he speaks up about Hino's girlfriend. "Yeah I got one, but so does Daisuke." he says looking to his brother who just threw him under the bus. "Though I do have a few things I need to go get done, so please feel free to talk about Daisuke and his new girlfriend….whats her name….Sa….to, or Sat or something or other." Yup, he just went there.

Hashi didn't stop to think too long about what was going on out here, but considering Daisuke is involved, she observed him for a moment while Hinotori greeted her with a hug. She returned it back, though her focus never left the young Senju. "I see…" That was all she had to say before she smacked Daisuke across the head with a wooden fan and proceeded to drag him into the office. "We're going to have a talk about my lack of a boyfriend. Yeah, don't think I didn't hear that. So, let's go. We'll speak on this other person that seems to have her claws in you later."

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