Heartache and Beast Bomb Threats


Hiei, Misaki, Nariko

Date: December 18, 2014


Due to heartache Misaki threatens the lives of the people of Kumogakure

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Heartache and Beast Bomb Threats"

Raiun Falls

It was a little before noon, the sun was shining, and there were a few clouds in the sky. It was this kind of weather, though a little chilly, that we find our Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko hanging out by the falls. She had a towel draped on a rock, her swimsuit on and she was walking out onto the water, careful not to slip and fall into the water. She was practicing, like Hiro and Hiei have told her to do, she was decent at her newly found skills, but she wanted to make sure she didn't get rusty, especially after being in the Land of Tea.

Misaki had been gone for a while. Under kamen supervision while she fought the beast on her own. The fight was surprising in its own way. And luckily, that on her own changed to in a group rather quickly. That backup promise she got pulled though. She didn't believe it at first, but Chomei is actually a good guy, and so is his handler. She was finally released into the village, unsure on what to do next. At least she had Matatabi under control, and at least she got that parasite out of her system. It was close after all. And difficult without her… .. ex, she walks up to the waterfalls in an almost defeated stride, an aire of loneliness around her body.

Nariko stood on the water for a moment, holding her arms out to her side. She lowered them slowly to her side. "Yes!" She jumps up in the air before landing back on the top of the water. "I wonder…" She hmms to herself and then does a pirouette on the water. "This would be an interesting way to practice certain things." She chuckles and then begins walking back to her things.

Misaki has her hands pocketed and peers up at Nariko. She sighs to herself and sits down on a nearby rock. "Hey.." She says, a bit weakly, but still seeming eager to engage in some conversation… Any conversation.

Nariko raises a brow when she hears a voice of a familiar person. "Hi. Uh, long time no see." She walks over to her towel and pulls it off the rock, setting it down on some flat ground. She sits down and takes in the sun's warm rays. "Doing well?"

"Better than first…" She says, rubbing a hand over the bridge of her nose. "And you?" She swallows for a moment. She remembers the moment with her and Ogo. Now that was her… Awkward~

Nariko shrugs. "Pretty good, went on vacation with Hiei and Amani to the Land of Tea. Got to see some old friends." She lets out a sigh. "But happy to be home." She looks to Misaki. "Sorry to hear about you and Hiei."

Misaki shrugs and looks at Nariko. "I don't know anymore. Right now I'm somewhere between slitting my wrists and running away to let Hiei do the honours.." She sighs and looks up into the sun. Fist balling up. "Not like I have a purpose anyways, just a war-toy who really can't do no good."

Nariko looks at Misaki. "You could always start fresh. There’s more to life than Hiei. Seriously. You shouldn't have to depend on others for your happiness." She shrugs.

Misaki sighs, right… She doesn't know. Or maybe she does. "I know, but I seem to suck at everything else. Or maybe this shows this was just one of the things I suck at." She rolls her eyes. Starting fresh, how does one do that? "I don't think anyone would allow me to make the fresh start I want to make." She says calmly.

Freshly returned from his assignment in the Land of Tea, Hiei makes his way out to Raiun Falls, only to find Nariko and Misaki already there. His first inclination was to turn around and go back the way he came. But he knew that the healing process of getting over her could only truly begin once he faced up to the agonizing decision he'd made. After a few minutes of listening to the two kunoichi talk to each other, he lets out a slow breath before walking forward. "Nariko." He turns his gaze towards Misaki before shifting it away from her again to look towards the falls. "Misaki."

Nariko looks at Misaki. "Well, you can always try." She then hears her name, and jumps up. "Hiei!" She smiles and gives him a nice wave to him. "Were your ears twitching or something." She chuckles, knowing they were just talking about him, sort of.

Misaki's eyes tear up the moment she hears Hiei's voice. Her head slowly turning. After Nariko finishes her wave she stands up silently. Looking to be about ready to leave, when she suddenly turns around, taking a few big paces at Hiei, before her hand lifts up to swat him across the face with an open palm. It wasn't fueled with ninja speed or extra power, so frankly it should be … Easy enough to stop.

Hiei doesn't stop it. Misaki's hand impacts the side of his face and his head moves with the force of the blow. He lifts a hand to his cheek as he says, "I deserve that." He looks over at Nariko and shakes his head. "Not really. I had to handle some stuff with a shipment I got earlier this morning." He turns back to Misaki. "You have to know that I didn't want to hurt you. I meant everything that I said in that letter."

Nariko watches Misaki slap Hiei and tilts her head. "You got a little something on your face Hiei." She points at her cheek for him. "It's little red." She smirks and then shakes her head. "Well, I hope it's that tea kettle I pointed out to you in the market." She winks and chuckles, knowing it probably wasn't.

Poster's note: the forming of bijuu bone in the following pose was determined by staff to be beyond Misaki's capabilities at the time and retconned.

Misaki takes two big steps back and shakes her head. "It means you didn't mean **** you said before the letter, and that hurt me more than I think anyone can fix…" She lifts her right hand and balls a fist, blue chakra forming around it, as well as bone. "See this?" She then lifts up her shirt with her left hand. No mark… "I'm in control now." She squints her eyes. "I fought Matatabi, I fought whatever it was corrupting him. And I didn't do it with you. Chomei was the one who saved my ****.." She touches the feather on her head. "His Jinchuuriki gave that to me for when I needed it." She turns around, arm lowering. "So now you know that if you or this **** village ever threatens me again, there will be a lot of death." She sighs. "I'm sure you'll stop me eventually. But I wonder how many children can dodge a tailed beast bomb… So tell Kamen to **** off. And you can rest easy." She turns around, tears forming in her eyes now. While before it might not have been her talking, now it is. And she's ****!

Hiei looks at Misaki. "I never lied to you. The fact that I've always been honest with you is the reason you got that letter in the first place. I didn't give you a crappy reason why. I told you the truth. I had hoped that we could have remained friends, maybe even continued to work together. But I also see that during your ordeal with Matatabi..you learned nothing." He frowns. "I can understand you being angry with me. Even hating me. But why take it out on the village? Why even threaten them? Kamen Rai Da would have given you space, now that you're in control..until you said that." He takes a step towards Misaki. "You even entertain the idea of harming the hair on the head of anyone in this village and I have a bottle with your bijuu's name on it. And I can use it."

Nariko jumps up when she hears Misaki threaten the village. "You might want to rethink threatening to drop a beast bomb. The Raikage won't let that happen." She looks from Hiei to Misaki. She wasn't sure exactly what else to say.

Misaki looks at Nariko, and then Hiei. "I'll always be by your side." She says slowly. "There's only one person who said that and meant it. And he said that while I was born." She grabs her stomach. "And I was blind to believe otherwise. Love doesn't exist. Not a mothers love, not a father's love. Not our love." Her hair falls over her face a bit erratically. "And definitely not a love for a pseudo-village that thinks it's in their best interest to keep a nuclear bomb in their midst with the intention to throw it." She spits on the ground. "When I asked to leave the village I got a no, when I leave the village, and I see anyone in my way. I won't think twice about forcing my way out. You can use that bottle all you want. You want to avoid people getting hurt? Stay out of my way, otherwise… You brought the harm upon yourself." And with those words she walks off.

Hiei laughs. "I said that as long as I was alive that you would never walk this earth alone. I intend to honor that. Just because we're no longer intimate doesn't mean you've lost me completely. You're hurt and angry and I understand that. But you must believe that if you start hurting people bad things will happen." He grunts. "****, Misaki…don't force us to destroy you."

Nariko looks to Misaki and then to Hiei, scratching her head. "Well, that went well." She sighs and tilts her head. "Maybe I should go back to the Land of Tea.." She says softly, trailing off thinking of the nice weather and the tea.

Misaki walks off. "You were already planning on doing that. I'm just telling you I'm not planning on going down without a fight." She looks over her shoulder. "And without insurance policy. Don't think I'm the only Jinchuuriki walking these planes. If you hurt me or Matatabi, there's more… Who knows, maybe if I don't succeed.. I made them swear to finish the job for me." With that threat she's really gone.

Hiei watches Misaki leave and then looks over at Nariko. "The Raikage needs to be told about this as soon as possible. If she's contacted other Jinchuuriki and they are in league with each other, then we have a real problem. Not to mention she's talking about leaving the village and destroying it in her wake." He turns to leave. He had to inform his Commander of this situation as well. "I'll meet you at your house later."

Nariko looks to Hiei. "Yeah, I know. I think she could have found her purpose." She sighs and walks over to him. She wraps her arms around Hiei. "This isn't your burden to bear alone. I'm here to help." She felt bad for the guy, she watched the one he loved threaten everything he cared about. She releases him and gives him a reassuring smile. "It'll be a relaxing time at the house. We don't have to do anything. I'll see you then." She puts a hand on his shoulder and then walks back to her towel to sit and relax in the sun's warm rays.

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