Second Promotion Exams - Helpful Nara: Risu and Usagi


Risu, Usagi

Date: November 28, 2012


Unlikely friends emerge and Risu learns a few new things plus gets better bandaged up.

"Second Promotion Exams - Helpful Nara: Risu and Usagi"

Blood Marsh - Cutthroat Caves [Kirigakure]

Risu had suffered through the night. She found the highest cave she could and cleared it out of 'things' and did her best to bandage her wounds. Now as the morning light breakst through the valley, Risu stretches, trying to shake off the stiffness of her injuries as she considers her next step. She's watching from her perch, spying for any signs of others. She's in a bit of a bind now and knows it. But at least she's dry for the moment. Or as dry as one can get with this stupid swamp. Bandages cover parts of her arms and legs and one across her chest as she clearly has been in a relatively serious battle, and from the bits of red seeping through the battle wasn't that long ago.

Usagi wasn't too far away, being near the entrance of the caves. They'd work to her advantage in a fight, plenty of shadows to work with in her case. Her steps were quiet, and her movements muted….particularly from the shadows she's covered herself in, wrapped around her like a cloak. She was being careful in this place, trying not to reveal her presence except when would be beneficial to her.

COMBAT: Usagi attacks Risu with CLOAK-OF-SHADOWS…28
COMBAT: Usagi attacks you with CLOAK-OF-SHADOWS and rolls a 28. Action?
COMBAT: Risu defends against CLOAK-OF-SHADOWS(28) attack from Usagi with a PERCEPTION…19
COMBAT: Risu loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

Well, despite her apparent state of cautious watching she fails to notice the approach of the Nara, perhaps her wounds are too distracting, or perhaps the Nara is just that good, but in either case, Risu misses the approach completely as she looks out from the caves twoards the crimson reeds, several of them now crimson with her blood now that she thinks about it, as she gets a little scowl on her face. It wasn't supposed to be like this, and she's more than a tad angry about the result of the previous day's fight.

Usagi furrows her brow….someone was already here. She was looking upwards to see who….she didn't recognize them. But still, she could at the very least get closer. Tree walking applied to rocks too, so she was already crawling up. Not just straight walking, but all fours coming up, her shadows still around her. Getting closer seemed like a good idea…for now.

Risu shook her head a bit in some sort of inner monologue then… makes a set of hand seals and from her sitting position a glimmer of white light seems to form in her hands, only to be replaced by what appears, and smells, to be a bowl of soup of some kind? No scroll was apparent in this 'summoning' of the soup, just… it appeared. Complete with bowl and utensils. Once created, Risu starts to slowly eat, still looking outwards, not down, missing the approach of the shadow clad Nara completely, so far.


Usagi was looking to make this sweet and simple. Food was a good start, but a scroll was better…she had some of that in a pack for her. She pauses, getting close enough and then forming some hand seals as her shadow stretches out to try and snag that of the other woman's. Hopefully it'd be as simple as that.
COMBAT: Usagi attacks Risu with SHADOW-IMITATION…22
COMBAT: Usagi attacks you with SHADOW-IMITATION and rolls a 22. Action?
COMBAT: Risu defends against SHADOW-IMITATION(22) attack from Usagi with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: You lose your stamina for 1 attacks.
COMBAT: Risu loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

Risu was mid-soup eating, not really paying attention when the shadows creep up along the wall sort of below her and… suddenly she's wrapped up in the shadow, held in place. Her eyes widen, in both surprise and then… anger, but she can't move at the moment. "If you are after a scroll, you might as well just go away. I don't have one. If you want a fight anyway, I'm going to turn you into a little pile of goo and stomp on it until you wished you had left me alone!" Risu calls out, clearly more than a tad irritated. The threat in her voice sounding quite serious, "Plus you better not make me spill my soup!" She warns. Risu is in a foul mood to say the least.

"If you don't have a scroll, then I'll be on my way soon enough, but honestly, I prefer to be sure myself, so that you're not just lying to try and make sure you don't get yours taken" Usagi approaches slowly, her shadow at this point forcing the other woman to do the same. Once they get close enough, Usagi would actually frisk the other woman, though being careful around the bandages, furrowing her brow. Once satisfied that the woman didn't have a scroll on her at the very least (and Risu being able to tell the same, they 'were' mimicing each other's movements), she sighs and steps back a bit, being careful not to get her too close to the soup. She sighs and drops it, saying a small "Damn…." Once released she takes a seat with a huff. "Nara Usagi…please excuse my abruptness to start, I would prefer to be able to get a scroll without much of a fight if it can be helped. But…since neither of us have one, there's no point to a fight here" She
does look back at her. "I'm not a med nin, but I'm training to be one. May I ask how you sustained those injuries, and if you need any help?"

Risu sags a bit once the shadow mimic is released and she sighs, putting the soup to the side just to keep it safe, "Some stupid lisping girl attacked me. Uchiha from the eyes, didn't get her name. But she liked to use stealth, and genjutsu and… well, I was holding my own until she managed to trick me with a genjutsu stun and cut me to shreds… I gave her the scroll before my wounds got worse. If you can look them over I really would appreciate it, I had to bandage myself as best as I could. Came up here to get dry and rest." The cave Risu is in is oddly cleaned out, no spiderwebs, no hanging vines, nothing but smooth stone, not even rubble. Risu must have cleared it out some how when she climbed up here from the looks of it. "Sorry if I seem so… angry, just… I hate swamps. I didn't know I hated swamps until I had to live in one, but I don't know why people don't just drain the things, they're horrible." She grumbles, "My name's Risu, from
Suna, no clan name, I'm an orphan." She adds, "But… you… you're a Nara?" She seems to realize what was said and her face lights up, "Really? I… I wanted to talk to one of you!"

Usagi pauses, nodding. "I know who" She sighs and looks back. "I'm also not going to be fighting her myself, if I can help it…" She nods and looks at the bandages, and reaches into her pack. "this is going to sting. I'm not poisoning you, but I'm going to be making sure the wound is cleaned, and isn't infected. She starts with the ones on her arms. She only takes off one bandage at a time, then going to clean it and re-wrap the wound.

"Wish I hadn't fought her. If I see her again… I dunno, but… she's not… quite right." Risu says as she shakes her head a bit then winces as the wound is cleaned but says nothing, makes no sound of pain despite the fact it clearly stings. "Thanks… I appreciate the help. But… ah, as a Nara, you use shadows right? I kind of can use shadows, or well, something like them, and at first thought I might be a Nara myself, only… now I think not but… I was wondering if maybe we could compare notes because I think it might help me figure out how to use /my/ shadow things better." She tries to explain, not making much sense at all really as she lets Usagi treat her wounds, "Once you're done looking at my bandages, do you think you could look at… well, my shadow thing and tell me what you think about it?" She asks as she lets the other girl keep working on her wounds.

Usagi sighs softly and nods slowly. "I think you know the answer to that already" she gives a small smirk. "And yes, we can compare notes" As she moves onto the next bandage, then the next. After she's done, the bandages are replaced, and the wounds cleaned. "I'll be studying as a medical nin after the exams, so far as I live through 'em…." She shrugs softly and takes a seat. "go ahead"

Risu nods and gives a feeble smile, "Thanks for the help, I appreciate it, hard to really bandage yourself right and at least the wounds shouldn't get infected now." She adds, grateful it seems. "Okay, best way I can show is this…. Watch the back wall of the cave here." The cave she was sitting in is only maybe 4 or 5 feet deep at this point, in fact it looks more like a pocket in the rock than a full cave. She makes some hand seals and…. a darkness that looks sort of shadow like extends from her hands and strikes the back wall of the cave, spreading out. When it fades the cave is obviously several feet deeper, the rock that was there carved out and just… gone. "See? What do you think?" She asks as she looks back to Usagi to see what her reaction might be.


Usagi watches for a few moments, furrowing her brow and seeing the 'shadow' go over the rocks and….well, they disappear. "…I can say for sure that as far as I know, we don't have a move like that in our reperitoire" She moves back into the 'cave', pausing to feel the rock that's left and furrow her brow. "where did you learn that?"

Risu ahs softly at Usagi's answer. The rock at the back of the 'cave' is smooth, no change in temperature it seems, it wasn't burnt away or anything, it's just /gone/. "Well, I was trying to figure out my elemental manipulation type for the exams, to learn something so I could use it here? Only every time I used the chakra paper there was this little flash of black and the paper was just, well, gone. It took a while but with some trial and error I figured out I could make more than just chakra paper vanish. Then… well, then I figured out I could make things appear and disappear like that." She tries to explain, "And so… now I can do that but I can't seem to do anything else. I mean, it's useful I guess but it doesn't really /do/ anything like your shadows, and it doesn't work as well on people as it does against stuff like rock. Not sure why. I mean, it hurts them, but won't just make them vanish like that." She explains, "Guess there's some
reason for that but not sure." She shrugs, "I'm not good on the how of stuff. I'm still working on this all, cause I only really got the first bit of this figured out before I came to the exams and… well, I'm still struggling to get it right. The hand seals are all funny and wrong, not like the elemental ones."

"You can make things appear, though….like the food earlier" Usagi furrows her brow again, tapping her chin a bit. "to make something appear, do you have to make it disappear first, or can you just go 'I want some soup' and you can…well, craft it?" She turns to look back at her again, coming to sit down nearby.

Risu shrugs and says, "I can just go 'I want some soup' and make it." She says, "I can use that to make things to block some attacks, and the black stuff is pretty good at making some attacks vanish. Only… well, not so good against genjutsu." She pauses then tilts her head, "Do you want some hot soup? I can make you some. It takes some effort but it's not that hard, and you did bandage me up. Least I can do after all… I know no one is really making fires out there so hot food isn't easy to get." She points out, as she waits for Usagi's answer.

Usagi pauses, thinking about it for a few moments before nodding. "Go ahead….is it just soup, or are there things you can change about it, like if someone wanted some chicken in it?" Now this was certainly a mystery, and the curiosity of this particular Nara was really wanting to see what she could do. "And secondly…." Oh that was a thought. Probably cheating, but a way to maybe bait an opponent. "You could technically 'make' a scroll. Maybe not one that was what it should be, but enough to fool an enemy out here"

Risu nods at first, "Chicken? Pork? Yeah, don't think I could make a /living/ chicken but chicken soup isn't that hard." She makes some hand seals and that white chakra sort of forms up around them and she creates a bowl of soup, chicken ramen in a nice but simple bowl and some chopsticks, "Here." She offers to Usagi, "As for the scrolls, maybe…. but I'd need one to work from and it might only confuse for a minute or two. I don't think I could make a very good copy. Too many things wouldn't be right about it." She points out, "I mean we can't open them so I have no idea what's inside, and I'm sure there's some special seals on them or something… but… I could maybe make a decoy that might work for just a bit? Not sure… I'd have to think about it. What did you want to do with it?"


Usagi nods and watches the woman do her work. This sort of business was definitely interesting. "White for creation, black for….whatever it is you did back with the rocks" She is definitely curious now. "thank you, by the way. And as for that, I already looked, and made sure to check the rules. there's no rules against peeking inside the scrolls, just that we need to get two of them" She shrugs. "Nothing really in them" She does take the offered chicken ramen and smiles, gently pressing her hands together and offering a soft "Itadakimas" before eating. "Thank you"

Risu picks up her own bowl of ramen and goes back to eating along side with Usagi. Once done she gives a small sigh, "Well, I need to find /two/ people to go get scrolls from or I need to find one who has two scrolls and beat them up so bad I can take both I guess." She looks out across the crimson marsh, "I want to rest up a bit more before I go back out there though. Try to get my energy back and be ready for the next fight. I wasn't going easy on that Uchiha but I feel like I can do more, I just need to push harder… and figure it out a bit better." She says softly, "I really don't want to have to go back to Suna without even surviving this round, you know? Is that bad of me? I just… I'd feel like I really failed if I lost at this point."

Usagi nods slowly. "Same…though the people with two scrolls already are ones generally around the same point as the Uchiha you fought earlier. So it's going to be difficult, to say the least" She takes a slow breath and sighs. "Honestly, so long as you give it your all and do your best….I wouldn't count it as a failure. There's more to being a chuunin than just power. And honestly, you and I, we're probably a little outmatched by several of the genin" She closes her eyes. "but….there's other ways than just attacking head on to get a scroll. If you had one I'd have had yours" She smirks softly, but takes a deep breath and keeps eating. "And yes, rest is good….we'll need to be in top shape to take anyone on out here"

Risu smirks, "If I had had a scroll, I would have been a wee bit better hidden and more on watch." She points out, "Right now I have nothing to lose so if I had drawn you out and /you/ had a scroll…" She shrugs, "The problem now is those that have two can try to hide and just hold on to the two they have, so we'll have to hunt them down. But yes, rest for now…." She gives a little yawn, "Anyway, thanks for the help with the bandages, and…. the stuff about shadows. If I end up with a bunch of extra scrolls I'll be sure to share." She says with a grin.

"After the exams are done, if we both make it out, I'd like for you to meet my brother. I'm really curious as to this ability you have, and I'm sure he would be too" Usagi nods at the statement of how she'd have been on alert more. "No problem, and thanks" she smiles, and slips down the caves to head back into the forest.

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