Hige's Healing: Chakra System Surgery


Hige, Kenta

Date: Unknown (log received September 24, 2015)


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"Hige's Healing: Chakra System Surgery"

Unknown location

A month ago when Hige had been stuck in Kumo's hospital the medics there had decided to do a full check up on the Jounin while he was in their care, and they discovered something rather…odd. Some of his chakra points were slightly warped and were making it more difficult than it should be to get the chakra to flow normally throughout his body. It was this that had made his life using chakra difficult since he was a child and he'd never known, but it made far too much sense. He really was a bit of a runt in the Inuzuka clan with his size and tempermant, so other odd abnormalities wouldn't be all that far fetched.
Hige hadn't had much time to deal with the problem when he'd returned but in the end he'd let Kenta know what had happened and asked him to take a look himself and see if he could do something to help. It had been a request, but a worried one, that Kenta try and make himself free to look at Hige and try to help. While he knew nothing Kenta did would fix it all magically, if the medic could at least fix the abnormalities he could retrain his chakra flow to perhaps actually make it normal!
With this in mind the day had arrived and Hige had cleared his entire week of duties so that whatever Kenta needed to do he could have time to recover and continue to work on the issue. And so the young Inuzuka is in one of the hospital rooms, dressed only in his boxers and sitting on the cot to wait for Kenta. Of course, Konsho is right next to him, a mixture o excited and worried…

Kenta enters the room in full hospital garb, complete with a white lab coat, latex gloves and a gauze mask over his face. He closes the door behind him and locks it firmly to prevent interruptions from people walking in. It's only afterwards that Kenta turns around and bows low to Hige. "Konichiwa. How are you feeling?" The young man approaches until he's standing next to the cot that Hige's resting on.

"I read the medical reports on your case and it looks like it's going to be a bit of a complicated issue. But don't worry, it's still fixable. Umm… It's just going to take a lot of preparation, a few surgeries and a lot of hard work to overcome." Kenta gives Hige a reassuring smile. "Ummm… I've done this once or twice for other patients already, so I'm sure that we can at least improve the flow of chakra in your body at least a small degree. Probably better. Why don't you lie down, so that I can give you a full examination now?"

Hige would be lying if he said he wasn't a little nervous, but most of those nerves are at the thought of perhaps being down and out for a while. He trusts Kenta and knows he'll do a good job, but even Hige knows that not every procedure goes as planned. Look at Zori for example. The young Inuzuka gives Kenta a half grin when he enters, running a hand through his tangled mass of hair as he listens to Kenta. "Hey Kenta. I'm glad you think you can make it better. I don't mind putting in the work if it'll help. IT's, uh, honestly kind of nice to know it wasn't all just my fault that I tend to suck at ninjutsu." After Kenta's request the boy does as told, lying down on the cot and staring up at the ceiling, keeping his breathing calm and even. Unlike Hige, Konsho looks /very/ worried as he sits on the opposite side of the cot. His eyes show his concern and his tail is underneath him as he sits.

Kenta tugs on his gloves to make sure that they're on tightly. The latex makes a loud snapping sound when he does that. He gives Hige another reassuring smile, followed by flashing it at Konsho too. "Ummm… ok, so just relax. Oh, I should have asked you to take off your clothing first. The jutsu that I'm going to use need to be painted on your skin."

Kenta turns around and heads for one of the large cabinets inset into the wall on one side of the room. All the needed materials were already stocked there after the room was booked, so Kenta confidently rummages around until he finds what he needs. He removes what looks like a rolled up large scroll, -person- large. He also removes several small jars of viscous liquids, a paint brush and a bunch of tags.

Hige turns his head enough to look at Kenta before giving the medic a fang toothed grin. "i trust you Kenta, it's all good. I'm as relaxed as I can be." Which for Hige is only moderately. He tends to always be on edge, even if he doesn't always /look/ like he is. Just one of those many odd things Hige is really good at that. Considering Hige had stripped down to his boxes and left his clothes folded neatly on a chair, the boy quirks an eyebrow at Kenta andreaches to tug the waistband of his boxers a bit. "You need these off too?" He asks in a teasing tone.

The teasing tone is completely lose on Kenta. He wouldn't understand what it meant if his life depended on it. Instead of reacting the way that Hige might have wanted, Kenta only gravely nods his head up and down over the pile of items that he's carrying in his arms. "Yes, please remove that too." The young man hooks the frame of a surgical chart with his left foot to bring it closer to him. He sets all of his findings on top of the cart before he wheels it closer to the cot. Once that's done, Kenta removes a tag from one of the several stacks that he choose. There's plenty of symbols on the tag that only a medic-nin would understand and maybe not even all medic-nin. "You can cover your groin with this," he says and offers the tag to Hige.

There's a moment of shock at Kenta's words, but at least Hige is above blushing or anything silly like that. In the end he has little to no shame. Besides, this wouldn't be the first time that Kenta saw him naked! The teen strips off his boxers and flings them towards the chair with the rest of his clothes before laying back down. When the medic returns with the tag Hige looks at it, then places it over his manbits. "It's not going to cause any shrinkage or anything is it?"

"Don't worry about that. Just relax," Kenta reiterates. This time, he's not smiling. He's also saying this while he velcros all four of Hige's limbs to the cot. Apparently, Hige shouldn't be moving once this whole examination starts. The medic-nin opens up three of the jars, all full of different colored viscous liquids. He pours a bit of each into an empty glass container, taking his time to adjust the proportions as needed. Once that's done, Kenta swirls a paint brush into the liquid, which has turned into an inky black substance after all that mixing. "This is going to feel a bit cold and ticklish, but please don't move. I have to make sure that the seals are painted -exactly- or they might not work properly." Kenta starts to paint symbols onto Hige's bare skin.

Don't worry about it?! Hey Hige was rather proud of that area! But he keeps his mouth shut as he lets out a soft sigh, then closes his eyes and starts breathing deeply in and out to calm himself and keep himself still. He doesn't mind the restraints though if he really wanted to escape he probably still could…but it might just help him to calm his mind and body to be strapped down anyways. "I'm ready wheneve you are," Hige intones softly, his voice neutral and he falls into a semi-meditative state once the painting beings.

It takes over half an hour for Kenta to finish his work. The seals that he paints on Hige's flesh are substantial and extremely intricate. By the time that he's down, the entire front of the Jounin's body is covered by flowing symbols. He even had to stop mix additional "ink" two more times, because he keep running out in the middle. The last symbol that Kenta paints is on the inside of Hige's thigh. He steps back to rub at his eyes as soon as it's done. The Chuunin doesn't notice that a dab of black speckles his chin afterwards, due to the fact that he didn't put down his paint brush yet. "Ok, that's done. Now, I want you to start flowing chakra through your network," Kenta instructs Hige. He sets the brush on the cart next to the empty "ink" container.

Hige remains completely still throughout the entire painting procedure, even that one point where he gets an itch on his nose. It's worth than pain! But he manages to keep from moving and it fades after a while. At Kenta's intructions Hige gives a very slight nod as his eyes remain closed. Chakra begins flowing through his body in a steady stream.

Kenta watches the symbols intently while Hige starts flowing chakra. Nothing happens at first, but the symbols eventually begin to lie up in a faintly bluish glow. The medic-nin keeps watching until all of the symbols are lit up. Any that remained black means that he made a mistake somewhere. Validation of success is enough to make Kenta breath out a big sigh of relief.

Kenta resumes the prep work. He removes another foldable medical cot from an alcove next to the big cabinet and pushes it into a parallel position with the one that Hige's lying on. The young man unrolls the big scroll, which he spreads over the empty cot. The same network of seals that's painted on Hige's body is painted on the surface of the scroll as well. They're even arranged in the same manner to mimic a humanoid shape.

Kenta picks one of the seal tag stacks that he left on the cart. He peels individual sheets off to create a circle around each of the two cots. At that point, Kenta takes position in the middle. He makes an intricate series of hand seals. His left palm goes over Hige's chest while his right goes over the scroll on the second cot. A web of chakra quickly weaves a dome over the entire area with thousands of barely perceptible strands to link Hige to the scroll.

Kenta lowers his arms and offers the Jounin a small smile. "Ok, the easy part is complete. Now the hard part's about to begin…"

It takes over half an hour for Kenta to finish his work. The seals that he paints on Hige's flesh are substantial and extremely intricate. By the time that he's down, the entire front of the Jounin's body is covered by flowing symbols. He even had to stop mix additional "ink" two more times, because he keep running out in the middle. The last symbol that Kenta paints is on the inside of Hige's thigh. He steps back to rub at his eyes as soon as it's done. The Chuunin doesn't notice that a dab of black speckles his chin afterwards, due to the fact that he didn't put down his paint brush yet. "Ok, that's done. Now, I want you to start flowing chakra through your network," Kenta instructs Hige. He sets the brush on the cart next to the empty "ink" container.

"Oh, you started already?" Hige says with a tease in his tone, a small fanged smile on his face as his feral eyes shift to Kenta. "Anything I need to do. Or not do? Or anything I should…expect?" He really wasn't sure what he'd gotten himself into with this request but he knew that he had the best person working on it. And he was ready to try and fix this long standing issue of his.

"Just keep flowing chakra through your network. It's not really required, but it does make things easier. Umm… one part easier anyway…" Kenta turns to the scroll spread on the second bed. He holds his hand above the painted seals and a holographic image of Hige suddenly forms over them. It doesn't show any features, just the outline of his body. Within it is the visible representation of his chakra network, a glowing skein of blue threads and flaring nodes that show exactly what's going on as Hige molds chakra.

"Ummm… I can see where some of the problems are…" Kenta muses upon his initial inspection of the network. "We'll need a few minor surgical sessions to fix the smaller ones and one major surgery fix the rest. Well, hopefully fix. It's hard to predict the outcome sometimes, since it's person to person. If everything works out well today, I'll schedule for the more extensive session for next week. It's very taxing, so attempting it would pretty much make me useless for anything else for a few weeks afterwards."

"Oh yay," Hige says with mock enthusiasm as his head turns to look at the hologram of himself on the other cot. "Hmm, I look so shiny," he muses with some humor as his eyes shift again to Kenta. "I really owe you for this Kenta. Not sure what I can do to repay you, but I'm sure we'll figure out something when it's all done."

"It just my job," Kenta tells Hige. He doesn't turn around, but one can almost hear the smile in his voice. "Ok… I'm going to see how hard it'll be to tease out a few of these tangles and knots. It might hurt a bit, but I need you to keep doing what you're doing now. Ummm… I'll make sure to give you an anesthesia for the later sessions, since those will be much worse than today's test. Ok, here I go."

Kenta moves one of his hands over a tangled little knot of chakra lines over the hologram's left knee. His brows furrow as he focuses his entire concentration on it. He sends medical chakra into the knot to try to straighten it out into more efficient pathways. Even such a small attempt brings an expression of strain to his features. As he works on the knot, chakra travels from the linked seals through the hologram into Hige, so that what's being done to the hologram actually occurs on the Jounin's own body. First, there's a building pressure. Then, an uncomfortable ache. This slowly becomes more and more painful.

Hige sniffles a bit, "So I'm not special then?" Of course he's teasing the medic, but then the teasing grin fades as Kenta speaks and he nods. "Alright, I'm ready." He continues to channel the chakra through his entire body and closes his eyes to help keep his focus. The pressure is nothing, the ache is fine, and as the pain comes he can't say it's entirely unexpected. Despite the pain he doesn't move in the slighest, instead taking the pain and pushing it aside as he does when he's injured in combat.

Sweat is beading on Kenta's head by the time he undoes that tangle of knots with his medical chakra. He lets out a big breath. "One tiny problem down, a few hundred more to go… plus several -much- worse…" Did Kenta just make a joke? He turns to the next tiny tangle, which is located on the same leg, but a bit further down. The young man lays his hand over it again. The pressure and pain builds again, but stops after only two minutes.

Kenta's shaking his head. "Umm… this one's worse. Ok, brace yourself." He points at the spot on the hologram and a burst of medical chakra stabs into it like lightning. The pain's blinding. This breaks the tangle open a little and allow him to use the previous methods to straighten out the tiny pathways in that area. "Can you try flowing a little chakra into the area that I just worked on?"

Hige smirks slightly though his eyes remain closed. Indeed it seems Kenta /did/ just make a funny. What was the world coming to? "Well good thing we both have nothing to do for a while, huh?" When the medic tells him to brace himself he does so by completely relaxing his body. When the pain hits his body jolts ever so slightly and his teeth grit but within moments he's got it back under control. "Well…that wasn't so bad…" he muses with a deep exhale.

Kenta stops to rub at his forehead again. He checks the location again to make sure that everything's cleared up. The initial burst of chakra to loosen the knot caused some damage, so he carefully smoothes that away. He turns around to regard Hige. "Ummm… ok. We'll do a few more and can it a day. I just wanted to see how your body will react and it's not doing it in a bad way so far. It's actually a bit easier than I expected. We could probably compress the amount of sessions and do them all over the next few days. We should both clear our schedule for the final, most difficult one."

Hige nods to Kenta. "The fewer the better, and I'm not worried about myself. I can deal with pain…I have all my life. But don't burn yourself out too much, it's not really worth it." Hige takes another deep breath before he turns his head to look at Kenta again. "How long should I say I'll be out for? I'm guessing it'll all have to kind of heal? And then…well, it'll be different so I'll probably have to do a little retraining. But I can still do some light missions in between…"

"Four days and then light duty for a week to start with. If you don't feel like you're recovering quickly, add more time to that," Kenta tells Hige in a stern voice. "Just remember that the chance of success isn't a hundred percent. I can do all the surgeries and your chakra control might not improve noticeably at all. There's lots of factors that goes into this. Ummm… so just prepare for that possibility, or you might get very disappointed." Kenta glances over at the wall clock. "Ok, is that all your questions? I'll finish up the rest of today's object if you don't have anything else to ask."

"Week and a half, not so bad," Hige says with a small nod and a grin as his feral eyes stay on Kenta. "How long is it going to affect you for though?" Hige knows that it isn't a guarantee things will improve, but at least it will keep things from getting /worse/ in the future. "And thanks again. I'm still going to find some way to pay you back for it. Even if it's no real help, it's just one less thing to worry about as I get older. One less…runt-like quality."

"Probably at least two weeks of light duty and bed rest. Maybe a bit longer…" Kenta shakes his head from side to side. "It's very exhausting to perform this complicated jutsu. I'm already feeling a little tired, even after the little that we did and the final session will be magnitudes harder. Umm… but if it succeeds, it'll be worth it. I'll just have to be careful and take good care of myself afterwards."

"Well, I promise that we'll help out at least during that time, right Konsho?" "Right!" The dog says happily from his corner. Hige nods slightly to Kenta. "You can tell your grandmother that we'll be bringing meals over for dinner every night at the least so you both don't have to worry about that." And he'll figure out something else too. Somehow. Annnyways. "Alright Kenta, I'm ready whenever you are." His eyes returns to the ceiling, then close as he prepares mentally, forcing his body to relax again.

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