Hige's Healing: More Chakra Training and Bugs


Hige, Kyoko, Hinori

Date: September 15, 2015


Hige goes to do more training with Konsho's help this time when a little bug arrives as well…followed by another Inuzuka pair! At least the training gets done!

"Hige's Healing: More Chakra Training and Bugs"


It's late at night and of a fairly warm temperature in Konoha. Most people are long since in bed and asleep, resting up for the next day. But Hige is far from most people. Nope, the boy is using this time to work on his chakra control. He'd already managed to do the first step so it was time to move on to the second. Hige sits sideways on a tree with a scroll tied around the trunk in front of him. Konsho sits on the ground below Hige, looking up at his companion in silence.

Kyoko yawns as she wanders back towards her home village. She was out late training and accidentally fell asleep! It's only a brief flare in familiar chakra that draws her towards the area Hige is in. The young Aburame starts wandering over to the Inuzuka, part of her curious and part of her wanting very much to go to bed…

Hige stares at the scroll with it's intricate design before placing his hands in the circles on the bottom of it. He's just about to start when he catches a strange scent and he pauses, then tilts his head back so that he's looking in the direction Kyoko is coming from. "Hey little bug, what are you doing out so late?" he asks with a soft chuckle.

"Me? I should be asking you that, mini-jounin. How come you have that scroll and are all the way out here alone?" she counters. Kyoko's voice is slightly less hostile… Oddly. Or maybe she's just learned that messing with Hige would be a bad idea. Regardless of the true reason, Kyoko crosses her arms over her chest and keeps herself planted in her spot until she gets a satisfactory answer.

"Mmm, I'm pretty sure I asked first, and as ranking shinobi I should get my answer first. Do you really have to try and fight me on every little thing?" Hige seems slightly bemused by it all, but he's also a bit annoyed as well. Getting a straight answer out of Kyoko was a task and one he was getting tired of playing around with.

Kyoko grumbles a bit. "I fell asleep after I was training," she huffs out, not at all happy with herself. "I was training all day and I took a small break around sunset. Then I woke up and it was dark. Now you have to answer."

"I don't /have/ to do anything you say," Hige says dryly as his eyes return to the scroll tied to the trunk in front of him. "But since I'm a kind person I guess I will. I'm doing some training. Chakra training." He doesn't look at Kyoko anymore but instead stares at the scroll as he builds himself up to working on it…

"Chakra training?" Kyoko echoes, peering at the scroll like Hige is. She can sort of feel him focusing his chakra, but that was it. "Why?" she then asks, settling down in the grass next to the Inuzuka. Doesn't look like she's gonna leave anytime soon. But neither is Hige.

Konsho turns his head to give Kyoko a face lick in greeting before turning his attention up again to keep an eye on Hige. "Chakra training," the teen replies with a sigh. "My chakra network was messed up but Kenta has fixed it. Now I have to train it so that it's natural along the newly reopened nodes and lines. Just another problem that comes from me being 'mini' I suppose."

Kyoko blinks. Again. Then finds her face all grossed up by dog slobber. Ew :( She just wipes it off with her sleeve and looks back to Hige. "That doesn't sound like a midget problem. That sounds like a you problem," she comments.

"You think so? I figure since I'm pretty much abnormal anyways this is just something else added to it. Who knows, maybe I'll die in a few years too," Hige muses. "As you are so fond of reminding me I'm not exactly normal. They used to call me a runt, and they were right to a point."

Kyoko tilts her head. "I mean… Just being tiny doesn't mean you have terrible chakra, right? I don't get how it works, but things like that are just genetics and luck, aren't they?" She shrugs a bit, then pats Konsho on the head in a slightly awkward fashion.

Hige sighs again at Kyoko's…innocence? Kind of a weird way to think about it. "Do you know what a runt is?" he asks after a moment without actually looking at her. Konsho takes the pets, even if they're awkward, though he looks like he doesn't like where this conversation is going.

Kyoko pauses for a second. "Soooorta," she replies after a moment. "You don't need to tell me what a runt is. It's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? Especially if you're being called it."

"By definition," Hige says, despite Kyoko saying he doesn't have to explain it, "it's the dog of the litter that's the smallest and most deficient in any number of ways. Usually they don't survive very long, but some beat the odds. My parents, brother and sister worked with chakra very well, I'm the only one in my family that didn't. And yet I'm the only one still alive…" the last part comes out in a musing sort of way before he shakes his head. "Do you intend to sit there and watch?"

Kyoko tilts her head a bit. "Were they jounin even younger than you?" she wonders. "And I was training all day. I deserve a break, I think. Unless you feel like tiring me out even more."'

"I don't know if there has been or not," Hige admits. "Nor do I know if there will be in the future. I'm the youngest I know at the moment however," Hige says with a light shrug. "But then that's only because Daisuke is lazy. And I meant…shouldn't you go home and get some sleep. Falling asleep out here doesn't exactly count as good rest."

"But I'm talking to you. If I just up and left, that'd be rude!" Kyoko argues… Uhh… Okay, then >_> "Lazy Hokage… You should become Hokage and not be lazy."<Weather> Gentle rains fall steadily on the ground, pattering down as a warm wind sweeps through with the scents of Spring.

Hige smirks though Kyoko can't really see it. "Hmm, yes but pretty soon I'll be focusing on this and I won't be able to talk to you," Hige says. "And I have no intention of becoming Hokage. Too much work. Not enough blood." Hey, he /is/ Inuzuka after all. "I guess you could keep Konsho company for a while if you want to stick around."

Kyoko snickers. "I suppose… I'll just sit here with Konsho then." The girl leans back and 'watches' Hige, then, eyes closing as she tries to sense his chakra better. The light in him… Is still dim. But it's fluctuating enough that she's pretty sure he's going to use it soon…

Meanwhile, another chakra source is approaching. Two of them, but one of them is on top of the other. The larger of the two sources flops onto the floor next to the other girl. The smaller one jumps a bit and lands back on the 'head' of the larger one. "I hate my life… my life sucks right now… someone kill me now…" The other chakra just whined slightly in response. Another Ninken, but definitely smaller.Ooc Whew. Finally home.

Hige takes a deep breath and closes his eyes…then smells two more people coming. This late at night? Does anyone in this Village sleep? Oh well. The teen places his hands in the circles on the scroll and begins channeling his chakra in at a rapid pace. It's like he's using medium level jutsu non-stop. It also flares the scroll up to a bright glowing blue along the intricate lines and around the symbols, lightning up the area brightly.

Kyoko blinks a bit as she realizes that people are incoming. "Huh? Wha- Dang it! I'm already blinded by your chakra with my mind, I don't need you blinding me in the real world too," she grumbles. "And who the heck is coming over this late? To train?" She scowls a bit, even as a few kikaichu seek out the perptrator.

The kikaichu would be swatted at a few times. "And I'm being eaten by bugs to boot! Great… could this day get any worse…?" The Ninken arffed a few times. ~Could be raining!~ Hinori just gave Hoshi a glare. "Don't you dare jinx it, ShiShi…" She was making fun of Hoshi's name for earlier.

Konsho turns to look in the direction of the other Inuzuka and he barks a greeting to them through the trees, also telling them where he is. Hige's focus remains on the scroll and pouring his chakra through it. He'll let Konsho deal with the light nighters.

Kyoko just shakes her head a bit and storms off

Hoshi looked towards where the barking had come from. He recognized that voice. He arffed some more. ~Hinori, that's Konsho! Maybe he can help!~ Hinori sighed, getting up from her flopped position. "Suppose I could try… nothing better to do, at least…" Once she was standing, Hoshi hopped back on her head, residing atop it. "Let's go see what they want…" And with that, the Ninja and Ninken were off to the location where Hige and Konsho were, arriving rather quickly.

Hige is sitting on a tree trunk - sideways - with a scroll tied just above him to the trunk. His hands are in said scroll and as he forces chakra through it the intricate design on the scroll glows bright blue. Konsho was sitting just underneath Hige but then Kyoko walks off and the other Inuzuka arrives! The 'pup' goes over to greet Hinori and Hoshi. "Hi you two! What are you up to? Why are you out so late?"

Hoshi arfs some to Konsho. ~Hini is grumpy, and wanted to clear her head.~ Hinori glares at Hoshi on her head. "I am NOT grumpy!" Her attitude said otherwise. More arfing from Hoshi. ~Anyway, she failed a mission that everyone seemed to say was one of the easiest missions in the Village… and she's taking it pretty hard.~ Hinori says nothing in response… but her turning her head away and silence in response definitely told the story to any who would be willing to read it.

Konsho sits in front of Hinori and tilts his head slightly, looking sad. "What mission were you doing?" the pup asks, sounding a little sad for Hinori. "Don't worry too much about it! You'll do a lot better next time I'm sure! Everyone makes mistakes." Yep, the pup is the cheerleader of cheerleaders! Meanwhile, Hige continues doing what he's doing, though the scroll above him turns from bright blue to a dull green, but the green starts to brighten as well as he pushes the chakra through still.

Hinori is still silent, so Hoshi just continues explaining. ~Some weird lady lost her cat… and hired someone to retrieve it. And it seems that cat is constantly trying to run away, because it's like… every Ninja has had to do this exact same mission… and they all said it was the easiest mission they'd ever done! But Hini here… she got spooked by the cat suddenly jumping out of nowhere, and got scratched… very badly.~ Hinori visibly shuddered and a hand went to her chest a bit… ~And the cat was promptly scared away, and before we could catch it another Ninja did so. So… we failed our mission, because another Ninja did our job for us. And that's why Hini is all sorts of sad right now.~

"It sounds like someone interfered in your mission! That can happen, but at least it was completed, just not by you! No one came blame you for that!" Konsho says before leaning his fat head forward to nudge against Hinori's cheek to try and cheer her up a little. "Don't feel bad! That cat is nasty! I had to stop from killing it when we had to chase it once! It's evil, but not that evil!" Meanwhile, back at da tree…the scroll begins to glow brighter green as the chakra flow is increased and kept at a steady pace, quickly wearing Hige down but at the same time helping him build up not only his reserves, but helping to quickly retrain his system after the recent surgery.

Hinori's cheek is nudged by that cold nose a bit and gives a very small smirk at Konsho's words, while Hoshi is snickering a bit! ~That cat? Not that evil? Lies!~ Then finally, Hinori and Hoshi look at Hige on the tree. Hinori finally speaks again. "What's up with Hige there? What's he doing?"

Konsho gives a wolfy snicker before he licks Hinori's face, getting slobber alllll over. Yep! That's his favorite greeting after all. "Well it might be evil, but not evil enough to kill!" Konsho points out. When Hinori asks about Hige Konsho looks over his shoulder. "Oh, he's training! His chakra has been messed up, but Kenta fixed it, so now he has to train it so that it stays right! He's just putting a lot of chakra into that scroll Kenta gave him. As long as it's all the same then he's doing good, and the more he does the brighter it gets. And different colors! When he can hold it at yellow he'll be doing really good!" For now though the scroll stays green as he channels enough chakra through to put some people to shame.

Hinori grimaces a bit at the display… Seems it was putting her to shame as well… but she bleghs as her cheek is licked and given a VERY big slobber mess on it! "Eugh!" She attempted to wipe it off some. After that, she looked back at Hige. "Wow… how long does he have to do that for? Just… until he collapses? I could never imagine going through something like that…" Hoshi arfs. ~That's because your Chakra sucks, Hini!~ Hinori growled at that.

"Pretty much until he tires himself out. The longer he can do it the better though!" Konsho explains before he looks back to Hinori and shakes his big head. "I'm sure yours is fine! Hige's has always been bad which is why Kenta had to help fix it! But you just need to keep using yours so that you can build up and use more and more! It's just about training!" Konsho seems prety sure about that and his tail wags excitedly.

Hinori chuckles a bit. "Well, it doesn't help if I can't take care of a simple mission… I mean, if I can't prove myself in missions like that, who's gonna take me out on actual missions so I CAN get training? I mean, there's only so much I can do in the Village. Throw Kunai at a tree, run really fast, and dodge training with Hoshi." She sighs a bit. "I don't know… maybe I'm just over… or… under-thinking things. Maybe…" She sighs a bit. "Maybe I should just take this as a time to just head home and get some sleep…"

Konsho tilts his head against as he looks Hinori, then shakes his head quickly. "We all make mistakes and have bad missions! We've had some too! It's just to learn! That's why when you're a Genin you get missions that won't effect too much, that way you can learn from your mistakes! What would you do differently next time?" Konsho is definitely the smarter (and nicer) of this particular pairing. Probably better he's talking to Hinori than Hige. Hige just continues what he's doing, flowing that chakra through as the scroll grows ever brightern with the green light.

Hinori gives a dry chuckle. "Well for starters… try and find that cat faster and be faster at grabbing it. Also…" She clutches her chest a bit again. "Don't let it scratch you… still kinda hurts a bit…"

Konsho nudges at Hinori's hand that over her chest, "Did you have a medic look at it?" he asks, sounding a little worried. "Don't want it to get infected or anything!" Leave it to Konsho to be a worry wart. "Also, now you know how the cat reacts to things, so next time you can make better plans! And you know not to be so scared! It's just a cat after all, even if it is an evil cat!"

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