Hige's Healing: The Checkup!


Hige, Kenta

Date: October 4, 2015


Hige goes to get his final checkup on his chakra system and…things look good! Maybe his horrible control of said chakra is a thing of the past! Time will tell…

"Hige's Healing: The Checkup!"


The fated day had come! Hige had made an official appointment with Kenta to have his chakra system rechecked after the surgery and then the training. Things definitely seemed easier to Hige but Kenta would have the final say on it all. "Huh, well, at least I didn't die trying to do this, right Konsho?" Hige is on a cot, once again stripped down to his shorts, while Konsho sits nearby. The overgrown pup just gives him a roll of the eyes. "Like Kenta would let you die!"

Kenta enters the room in full hospital garb, complete with a white lab coat, latex gloves and a gauze mask over his face. He closes the door behind him and locks it firmly to prevent interruptions from people walking in. It's only afterwards that Kenta turns around and bows low to Hige. "Konichiwa. How are you feeling?" The young man approaches until he's standing next to the cot that Hige's resting on. The motions and words are so much like last time that it brings about a strong sense of deja vu.

Hige was about to respond to Konsho when Kenta walks in, drawing the boy's feral eyes up to the medic. "Hey there Kenta. I'm feeling excellent. And will you /please/ stop bowing to me? It's slowly killing me I swear," Hige says with some exageration. "Thanks for letting me take up one of your appointment spots. I hope it won't take too long. And that I didn't screw up anything worse than it had been."

Kenta shakes his head. "Umm… it's fine. Don't worry about it. This is more important than anything else I have scheduled today anyway." The young man heads for a familiar looking cabinet inset into the wall on one side of the room. "We're going to be doing something very similar to the surgeries, so you should know what to expect around. The big difference is that I'm just going to examine you only. Shorts off please."

Kenta stops talking to rummage around in the cabinet until he finds what he needs. He removes what looks like a rolled up large scroll, -person- large. He also removes several small jars of viscous liquids, a paint brush and a bunch of tags. The medic-nin staggers over to Hige's cot with his findings. The medical chart that he uses is already there, so he sets everything down on it. Then, he hands Hige a special tag for covering up the Jounin's groin like every previous occasion.

Leave it to Kenta to try and get into Hige's shorts…ahem. The boy strips down at Kenta's request before taking the tag and covering himself, though it's obvious he has zero shame. He /is/ an Inuzuka, he'd probably walk around naked all the time if they'd let him. Annnnyways! Hige lays down on the table and turns his head to watch Kenta as he starts going through various things. "So…same as the first time, or is this going to be different?"

"Almost the same. I need to see how your chakra network looks now. That means I have to paint all those seals on you again. Umm… you know not to move." As soon as he finishes talking, Kenta mixes up the compound that he need to create the intricate seals. He swirls his paint brush in the inky black substance and immediately begin to work on covering Hige's unclothed body with a web of linked characters. It doesn't take as long as last time, since Kenta's more practiced now. Instead of half an hour, he finishes in a little over twenty minutes. "Ok, now you flow chakra through your network."

Hige nods to Kenta before he turns his head to stare at the ceiling while Kenta starts his design. About half way through he really /really/ has the urge to sneeze but somehow manages to keep from doing so, instead causing his eyes to water a little. Whew! When Kenta finishes Hige starts to channel chakra through his body. It already comes a lot easier than before the surgery and training and it seems to flow much more smoothly and evenly.

Kenta makes a satisfied noise. He knew that there was no flaw in his work anyway, but it's nice to get validation. The medic-nin quickly sets up the second series of seals needed to generate a holographic image of Hige's chakra network. He unrolls the big scroll over the second cot set parallel to Hige's and creates circle around both cots with tags from one of the stacks he on the medical chart. Then, Kenta makes the required hand seals while he stands between the two cots. His left His left palm goes over Hige's chest while his right goes over the scroll on the second cot. A web of chakra quickly weaves a dome over the entire area with thousands of barely perceptible strands to link Hige to the scroll. A moment later, a shadowy humanoid shape appears over the scroll in the exact same shape as the Jounin. Blue lines run through the figure to represent Hige's network.

Hige smirks when Kenta makes that noise. "That good, huh?" Hige asks without turning his head. He waits until Kenta has made the hologram parallel to turn his head and looks at it curiously while he continues to channel his chakra. "How we looking doc?" he asks, quirking a brow as he waits to hear what Kenta's final answer is going to be…

Kenta draws his hands back, since the jutsu is already active. "Umm… give me a second." He turns to focus on the hologram. There's a good ten minutes of silence before Kenta speaks again. "It looks like your network healed well. Just like I felt last time when I did a normal examination with you, I don't see any damage." He goes quiet again to lower his face to the hologram for an even closer look. "The major intersection of pathways that I worked on look good. No blockages… umm… more chakra please."

Hige does as bade and starts to channel more chakra, not seeming to have nearly as much trouble doing so now than he'd used to. "Good, no damage is good since I might of, uh, started doing the exercises a little earlier than you said." Yep, he'll admit it! After all, no harm no foul right? >.>

"You were lucky. I'm glad my other patients listen better," Kenta murmurs absently. He's still much more focused on studying the seal-generated hologram instead of conversation. He sweeps his gaze carefully from head to toe of the hologram, only speaking again once he's down. "Chakra flow looks good. I'm not seeing any unusual eddies and there's no areas of great blockage. Umm… I mean, there -are- some minor blockages and areas where the flow isn't that strong, but that's actually normal for most people. The way your chakra was moving through your body was -greatly- less efficient than normal previously."

Hige chuckles softly as he listens to all the stuff Kenta has to say. "So…basically what you're saying is that it's normal?" he asks finally, trying to get some semblance of an actual word out of Kenta. Who knew it could be so hard! "Or am I still a freak of nature?"

"Umm… you weren't a freak of nature. Cases like yours actually happen pretty commonly. They just usually -don't- become shinobi," Kenta points out. He straightens and makes a few hand seals that causes the hologram to blink out. The dome around them also shut down immediately. "But yes, you should be normal or so close that no one's going to be able to tell the difference." The medic-nin gestures for Hige to put on some clothing. That ink would need a thorough soaking to get out anyway.

Hige slips off the table and puts his clothing back on before going to Konsho. "See, told you I could be normal," Hige tells the pup. "But I never-!" Konsho starts to say but Hige closes his mouth with a hand. "Shhh." Hige turns to Kenta and grins, stretching after all that time remaining still. "Well thanks Kenta. I really owe you. I mean it, really. Do you have something in mind you might want or need?"

Kenta shakes his head hurriedly at Hige. "Umm… no need. I'm just doing my job," the medic-nin says. He continues the clean up, going around the room to remove the tags that he used to form a circle around the cots. "It's good enough that one of Konoha's best shinobi is even more efficient now. Let me know if anything else comes up that I can help with."

"No need? Kenta, you always say that, I'm not going to just let you do all of this for me and not do something in return. If you don't have some idea I may just have to surprise you," Hige says, folding his arms over his chest and staring at the medic.

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