Ogosokamaru, Misaki, Hiei, Kayaru

Date: May 4, 2013


Kayaru informs Ogosokamaru of Kumo shinobi coming to replace his team in Konoha. Misaki lashes out at Kayaru

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.


Toshiba Forest

Misaki looks at it with a bit of distrust. "Why are you nice to me?" She says, sniffing at the fish as if he might have poisoned it, before nomming away at it. It takes her an equally short time to consume the fish before she just gets up, running her arm past her mouth. ~ Misaki, manners? ~ She sighs and ignores that darn cat. Testing her gloves, yep… her nekote are still working. Good! "Lets go then.." She says, while following his lead.
Ogosokamaru would put his hand on Hiei's forehead, holding it there for just a moment. "You like her, don't you?" And after Hiei's response, Ogo would nod, and pat his head once, "I'll bring her back. You have my word."

Ogo gathered up all the things he brought, and stuffed them into a small cloth bag that he tied to his waist and he would jet off towards Konoha. Misaki would have a hard time following him at this speed, but she could with much effort. It would be a short trip anyhow at this pace, and when they get back to the gates of Konohagakure, Ogo walks up to the front desk at the gate, "Kumogakure shinobi, Reizei Ogosokamaru, returning with one of my Genin who seems to like nature more than protocol." And from there, they would head into Konohagakure, and right where Ogo told Hiei to wait for them at the training area, in that exact spot where he said the situation happened with Kayaru the day before, Ogo would arrive with Misaki in tow (not literally, but at least he was walking within the village!).

Misaki followed along with Ogo. Yes it did press her a little but she was brewing with energy while desperatly trying to recall what happened exactly. She is wearing her normal blue genin dress *shake fist* … "What happened.." She tries to ask once she catches up to him in the village with a soft pant… gazing at Ogo. "Please tell me what happened?" Did she just say please? You sure this isn't some replacement? No.. no she seems real. She just sighs and follows alon for now. Catching her breath.

Hiei is waiting at the spot that Ogo told him to. He's pacing back and forth with his arms crossed over his chest. He wears a thoughtful expression while he waits. He's wondering just how far Misaki got when she ran off the other day. This needed to stop happening…that girl was wrecking his nerves on almost a daily basis. But for now, all he can really do is wait and see what Sensei says. He had given him an account of what happened with Kayaru, though for the life of him, he can't figure out what it was about the Reizei that had set Misaki off this time.

Kayaru had left once Misaki ran off with a frustrated sigh. Now he would have to get a new bokken, considering what she did to it. Dealing with that in the interm, he'd wait for a report that Ogo was back around in the village. Thus, when Ogo and Misaki showed up at the gate to head for that training ground, the frustated wait for them to show up bore fruit. About half-way to the training area, they'd probably note they had a tail. It wasn't that he was trying exactly to hide he was following them, but instead simply wasn't approaching them. Once they did get to the training area, Kayaru would grimly approach the trio, might as well deal with …him.. and get it over with.

Seeing Hiei, Ogo wondered what kind of reunion would happen between these two, but he was more worried about who was behind them. He already knew who. And he turns around from Hiei and Misaki. "Kayaru. You must be here on business. What have you for me?" Not even assuming his cousin would be here for good tidings or anything else.

Misaki also noticed the tail but much like Ogo she didn't turn around or appear to give him any attention. When Ogo turns around to speak to him however Misaki does the same. And seeing him made the pieces of the puzzle fall in place. "You.." Is all Ogo heard behind him before the distinct noice of blades slipping out of leather. A deep breath from Misaki. Before her foot twists in the dirt and she braces for a charge… unless Ogo stops her ofcourse. If he doesn't she flies straight at him with her nails out, pointed at his body.

Hiei walks over when Ogo and Misaki arrive. When Ogo turns to confront Kayaru, he notices how Misaki acts. Her body language tells him that she's going to charge him and that's probably not a good idea at this point. He places a hand on her shoulder and speaks quietly. "Relax. This is for Sensei to deal with. If he's not an enemy, then you'll regret attacking him. Think about what I said before about self-control, Misaki-chan." Whether she chooses to listen to him or not is her decision, but he doesn't look like he's wanting to fight Kayaru at all, unless the man attacks them first.

Ogo reaches across his body when Misaki would pass him, and he would grab her wrist. More of put his hand on top of her arm, and push downward, parrying her momentum down towards the dirt.

Kayaru's feet shifted a little, he was already prepared for the charge, hand gripping the (new) bokken's hilt. Eyes narrowed slightly on the girl who burned his last one, he'd watch to make sure she stayed down, before he'd move, or any other sort of action. Relaxing, at least that grip on the hilt of the bokken, he'd reach into his pouch and pull the elder's scroll out (ha ha!) to toss it to Ogo. "Missive for you." Eyes warely watched Misaki and Hiei, considering the last time he talked to them and what issues had happen, he just wanted to be ready this time it seems.

Ogo catches the scroll and breaks the seal, pulling it out and looking at the contents for just a half a second. "Of course. They got my message." And with that, he puts the scroll in the small cloth satchel at his side, and then eyes Kayaru's bokken. "By the way, Kayaru. Don't ever wield that against my team." And he looks at Misaki and Hiei, wherever they might be right now. "And you, pass on to Hiro as well, even if provoked, don't entertain someone provocation for a fight. It's not the best way of things." Ogo giving advice? Advocating not fighting? People are all over the place today!

Misaki gets pointed down and stumbles, taking a step back to she's where she started. When Hiei puts his hand on her shoulder she seems to relax a little. That and Ogo stopped her. But then … suddenly her right arm glides back behind Hiei's back. She gripped his sword and tries to slide it out. Not that she's holding it correctly.

Her grip is laughable at best and the slightest tap by someone who knows one or two things about swords would tap it out of her hand and onto the ground. But it's about the message to her anyways. She points the blade at Kayaru, even though she's out of range.

"No one points a sword at me or my team…" She says furiously. Only now noticing she has the blunt side pointed at Kayaru. "Not even a boken. Not without our permission." She turns the sword around so the sharp side is aimed correctly. Though she doesn't show any incentive to move. Nor is her grip improving one bit.

"So… there… And if you ever threaten me, or my tongue again. I'll cut your balls off.." She gives Kayaru a sly grin before twisting the blade so the metal points downwards, relaxing her arm so Hiei can safely grab the weapon back.

It doesn't seem Ogo's advice really has gotten through to her yet.

Hiei thought that maybe for once, Misaki would listen to him. He felt her physically relax a bit when he had his hand on her shoulder. However, when she draws his sword from the small of his back, he huffs faintly. That Yotsuki temper of his threatened to release itself, but he pushes it down so that he could deal with the situation with a clear head. After Misaki makes her threats, he reaches out to tap the back of her wrist, making her release the blade. He catches it before it hits the ground and spinning it once, slams it back home into it's sheath. There is a frown on his face as he looks at Misaki. "You'll live longer if you quit allowing yourself to be baited by everyone that shows an aggressive tendency." And that's when the advice from Ogosokamaru comes down and Hiei is rocked mentally. It was the first time Ogo had said anything that sounded like he was teaching someone. Well, there is a first time for everything. He replies to Ogo quietly. "Hai, Sensei." He runs a hand through his hair, a clear sign of being annoyed before falling silent again to see where this situation would lead them all.

Eyes narrowed at Ogo with his words, Kayaru would thin his lips but say nothing. Indeed, Misaki didn't even get a bristling at how wacked she was holding the blade. A small shake of his head given then. "I won't threaten again. You mock the name of Reizei, I'll simply remove it." Dismissed in turn, Kayaru would look back to Ogo again. "For the one held so high, I'd expect better discipline from those under you. They got your message. There is a team already on it's way here. Considering I was ahead of them by two days, I assumed it was a return message." He'd pause, a small look like something bad in his mouth, before finally speaking. "Shall I.. wait for you.. and your.." Eyes flicked to Misaki and Hiei. "students.. to return together?"

"No, you can scurry home. And your expectations are flawed, baby Reizei. As are your perceptions. You see a genin who's got a tounge against our clan, and I'm the only one she's met so far, yet you get mad at -her- about badmouthing?" he clicks his tongue at Kayaru. "I would have thought logic wouldn't escape you so easily, cousin." Misaki didn't attack at Kayaru, so Ogo just left them at words for the moment. "Also, her tongue is as easy for you as your heart is for me. Remember that."

Misaki clenches her fists. "AGAIN!?" She says, while he threatens her yet again. "The Reizei are a bunch of buzzy little schoolgirls, afraid of their own shadows! And YOU in particular. Little chicken who can't back up his words with actions apperently. Newsflash, you're not sitting on a high horse, but a pile of your own thunder!" She just blew up.. and it seems this young girl had a sharp tongue about her.

Her muscles are strained but Hiei's proximity managed to keep her somewhat calm. She did however meet the requirements to get her tongue cut off. Not that Ogo would let that happend. But then again, she doesn't know that. And she did just also insult his clan. Matatabi is shocked. ~ Misaki where did you pick this up!? ~

She sighs and just looks cross. Overconfidence brewing. "Now want my tongue? You're going to have to come and get it…!" It's not her talking. It's the anger she has stored somewhere that occasionally pokes its nose out. Maybe it just all needs to vent someday. But for now it seems there's enough for her to keep going for weeks. At least she doesn't grow a tail this time.

When Ogo comes to her defense she blinks. Did he just threaten another Reizei for her sake? "Sorry.." She mutters, pulling Ogo's sleave like a child would. "I didn't mean - you - … Just him…" She adds… Feeling guilty about her explosion two seconds ago already. "I don't know what got over me." She turns around and looks at Hiei. "You too, you are right.."

Hiei pretty much hangs back, listening to the situation as it unfolds. His eyes and ears take in the relationship between Ogosokamaru and Kayaru. He also looks over at Misaki as she continues to push the buttons of the Reizei clan members. "This is stupid." He says loud enough where they all can hear him. "We're Kumogakure shinobi. All of this in-fighting between us is stupid." He looks at each of them in turn. "Misaki-chan..just be quiet. Please. Life was difficult for you in Kumo, but you can't base the actions of an entire clan off of a few people that may have crossed you in the past. It's ill-logical and petty and I won't stand for it anymore." He points a finger at Ogo and Kayaru. "You two are family…you should know better." Taking a few steps forwards, he looks up at Ogo. "Sensei, I assume that our time in Konohagakure is over. I'll find Hiroyasu and inform him. We'll be ready to leave at your earliest convenience." This can only mean that they've failed in their mission, if a replacement team was inbound. Another failure for him to inform his Father about. It…wouldn't go well. The expression on his face is one of disappointment. He probably wouldn't even get to say goodbye to some of the shinobi he's made friends with here. For the moment, he stands still, waiting for the reprimand from speaking to his superiors in such a manner. But the look in his eyes state that he's not sorry for what he said at all.

Tensed, Kayaru would glare at Ogo with his words, of course, while Ogo, his superior got a glare, Misaki would get more than that. "Tch." That flash forward a pale replication of the ability Ogo has in terms of speed, he'd snap that bokken out, a strike aimed for Misaki's middle, followed with one immediately to the back of the head as part of the follow through. He'd shift away, returning the bokken to it's resting point at the end of the strike, knuckles white, yes, he was ready to strike again it seems.

The two attacks come at Misaki. Ogosokamaru kept to his word, and the first at Misaki's midsection got the back of Ogosokamaru's hand. Yeah, it hurt a little. The second was just straight caught in Ogo's other hand. "You know, my student is right. We shouldn't be like this. But even as much as I agree with him that the high road is the better choice, others may take that as insulting, or as more ammunition to dislike me. But I don't care." He pushes the bokken away. "Because my team is a single unit. Our problems are for all of us to fix, and our successes are to be shared. Now go to your room and calm down. We will all leave when the other team arrives." And with that, he would turn to his genin now behind him from where he was looking at Kayaru a moment before. "Let's go."

Misaki did seem to have heard Hiei. He annoyed her. Completely mistook her words for some buried hatred towards a clan… no, she doesn't hate any clan or anyone. And his wisdom about peace within your own village makes sense. And hence, instead of trying to block or retaliate she simply slips the blades back. She would have taken the hits if not for Ogo… she blinks. "Sen..- sensei?" Now… that's the first time she called him sensei! She turns around and looks at Hiei, nodding at the instructions. She just follows Ogo silently, in fact… trusting him to deal with his family member if he tries to sneak another hit in.

Hiei watches as his words fall on deaf ears. Kayaru attacks Misaki, and he instinctively takes a step forwards, preparing to interfere. However, before his brain could even send the command to his muscles to move, Ogo had already stepped in to block the attacks on Misaki from Kayaru. Hiei silently breathes a sigh of relief. When Ogo gives the order to leave, he does just that, but he pauses as he steps beside Kayaru. "I don't know what's going on between you and Sensei, Reizei-sama. But I hold hope that someday you will work through it. There are more important things in this world to cherish than petty hatred." He shrugs. "But that's just my humble opinion. Have a pleasant day, Reizei-sama." Then, he would move rapidly away. Much faster than one should with arm and ankle weights attached.

"When your father vanishes because of your ~cousin~ then talk to me." Is Kayaru's response to Hiei. Eyes narrowed at Ogo, he'd turn and.. walk off. 'sent to his room' as it were, well, ogo is still the Jounin, he didn't have a choice.. he also didn't have a time frame, so there wouldn't be that long he had to stay in there before moving about again too.

Ogo would stand there for several moments, watching Kayaru leave. He would mutter to himself. "..I wish it were only me that made them leave.." and he crouches a little, bending his knees, and there's that telltale popping sound as he dissappears, dust and smoke tendrils rising around where he was, and he appears near Misaki and Hiei, all of them heading back to their own hotel to calm down, and Ogo would talk to them once Hiroyasu got there, if he wasn't there already.

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