Hit and Run: Murderer on the Loose!


Hiroto, Arika, Itami

Date: November 25, 2015


Itami and Hiroto and Gyuki (in Arika’s body) go after a murderer.

"Hit and Run: Murderer on the Loose!"

Land of Wind

A man ran from the village after stealing from and killing a man earlier in the day. Supposedly they had some sort of scuffle in the village center that lead to a disagreement, and sadly this is what came from it. He was seen leaving the village alone, and with nothing on him except for a big bag of stolen items. This was a last minute thing, and was not expected to be much of a challenge, so at first only one person would be sent. That one person quickly returned though stating that he met-up with another group of people who looked like they were from the village, and they were being led by a shinobi wearing a chuunin vest. Luckily it seemed most of the people were normal villagers who were not trained in any way yet. The mission now was to try and capture the one man who had murdered a villager, and possibly question all the others, but only the murderer was a priority.

Arika yawns as she makes her way to the area that she knew was the meetup point for this mission. She was sleepy. There was a difficult training session earlier, and then she was getting called upon by the masses? ~I can take over…~ 'Maybe…' ~… You're not going to rebuke me?~ The girl would feel the surprise emanating from her inner world. 'Too tired…' ~Kekekeke… I'll give you a small break then. Allow me…~ Arika's eyes would darken as she walked, and the girl's tired pace would quicken as Gyuki took over for a bit. "Too easy… A shame I don't feel like tormenting… Well, maybe a little bit…" Gyuki would quickly pluck a bit of food from a nearby vendor, some barbecued snake, and start munching on that. Then he'd find himself at the gates with Arika's body in his control. ~These are a lot bigger than I remember…~

Itami arrived at the gates sometime after Arika. She was dealing with her mother and that could be a time consuming endeavor sometimes. "Well, this is new," she starts. "I am here later than everyone else," she chuckled. "Arika…you're in on this too?" She questioned. "I assume you're here for the same reason I am. We both heard about that murder that took place, yes?" She wondered. "Well, murder and theft…" She folded her arms. "How did you enjoy the wedding, by the way?"

Hiroto was late because he was actually asleep, and got woken up by Tenshi when a messenger hawk found him with the details. Though once he had that he quickly moved on once more heading to the gates, and upon arriving sees the other two. "Oh hey Itami. Hey Arika. I suppose we are all here and ready to head out? No reason to keep the people waiting for us huh?" Tenshi lands on his head and waits there until they head out.

Gyuki shoots a look of annoyance to Itami. "Boring. I slept through the whole thing," he says dryly. Of course, his voice isn't changed from Arika's, so Arika just sounds strange without her usual happy pep and cheer. "Let's just get going," the ox-topus grumbles, stretching idly. It was good to be out of his cage, but this body was a whole 'nother prison.

"Oh, well, you put up a good facade, I suppose…" Itami observed Arika curiously. "No hopping on my back? Asking for mochi? You want nothing from me today? I'm not used to you being so…ready to move on with things. This might just be one of the best days of my life," she chuckled. "I'll cherish this moment." She looked over her shoulder to greet Hiroto with a nod. "Yes, we're all ready to go, even Arika, strangely."

Hiroto stared ahead at Arika with a frown. Tenshi even flew off of Hiroto and into the air making sounds as he did. "Arika? You are in fact not acting normal. Though I suppose it could just be a bad day. Lets go." Hiroto would head off some making sure to stick with them though. Tenshi was off ahead now keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. All we knew for sure was the last position the group camped at.

"I'm not sure what possesses her to act such…" Gyuki mutters, shaking his head to all the questions Itami posed. "I just want to stretch my legs and this is what I get. Maybe next time I'll just run off again." The Bijuu would stretch lightly in preparation to move, and then would set off when the order was given.

"Hey, I'm only curious," Itami shrugged. "I never get a chance to talk with you," she chuckled. "I realized who you were, of course. All the bubbly personality was just sucked out of the air. Not like her at all. What do you like to do for fun?" She questioned Gyuki on the way out the gate.

Hiroto stares at the two of them awkwardly. "What is going on? I am so confused right now? Is that not Arika?" Tenshi was up ahead now searching for any signs of that little group. Maybe they would still be at the camp that they were soon approaching. "Itami… If this isn't Arika then who is it?"

RP: Hiroto transforms into TENSHI'S-MIND.
COMBAT: Hiroto focuses 3488 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a HAYATO-SENSES…55

"Oh, you know…. Plot for the end of the world and hope for your death," Gyuki tells the Kazekage dryly. He glances over to Hiroto and says, a wide grin on his lips, "Her twin sister, of course. I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned me. I suppose she wouldn't… She's always too busy and never lets me do anything I want, after all." Gyuki snickers a bit, then waves a hand. "Right. So… A Murderer… Permission to kill?"

COMBAT: Arika focuses 5711 stamina to turn it into 8888 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a INK-SCOUT-I…31

"I can appreciate your brutal honesty, but that still doesn't make me comfortable." Itami states to Gyurika. "Ah, yes, this is the twin sister. They're hard to tell apart sometimes, but you can typically determine the difference by recognizing this one being as dry as sand," she joked. "She has big goals, but none I can help her recognize for obvious reasons. She wants me dead, after all. So, I understand your confusion, Hiroto. I'm sorry I didn't warn you sooner," she rubbed her neck.

The ink scouts from Arika would have noticed that it looked like camp had just been deserted, and they had footprints still visible in the sand. Tenshi on the other hand could see where they were up ahead showing they have barely made it a mile out yet.
"A twin sister? Really? There is like no difference though? As if it was a perfect henge more so then being a twin. Even twins have differences slightly." He rubs at his neck as well before shrugging. "Sure… I suppose that is alright." When Tenshi alerts him to the people up ahead he tells the others. "Alright seems they are not far away yet." Tenshi moved closer to their position now to get a better look of their situation.

RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a HAYATO-SENSES…48
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a INK-SCOUT-I…34

"Yes, really. Now stop ogling me and start hunting around up ahead," Gyuki snaps, crossing his arms and allowing a few more ink scouts to pour out from his fingers. The little critters hunt around for the different signs of these bandits/murderers, even if Tenshi is the true star of this show. "Aww, you know I wouldn't do it. Sadly, this one limits me quite a bit still… Maybe once I get Arika to train a bit harder." Gyuki grins widely, and then points. "That way, right? I noticed footprints."

Itami found this mission amusing. She didn't know the conditions that caused Gyurika to come out, but there was something exciting and unsettling about the personality change and the confusion it caused. She found enough mind to focus on the mission and their progress so far at this point. "You'd be surprised. Some twins are just strange like that. They're a rarity," she snickered. "What have we picked up on so far? At the moment, I've just been observing the both of you in action and you both are doing well. Everything appears to be in order, but I'd like a small status report if you don't mind." She looked in the direction Gyurika pointed in, acknowledging the footprints.

RP: Hiroto rolled a 2 with 1d2 die.

It wouldn't take long for Arika's ink scouts to make it to a spot where she could count the total number of people. There were about two dozen of them, but how many were combat ready was hard to tell. Luckily the eye in the sky Tenshi could see that much. He spotted that besides the Chuunin level shinobi there were also about four others which seemed ready to fight, but none of them were easily readable on skills. Sadly as Tenshi made his way back to Hiroto to give him the information about the fighters he was spotted by the shinobi. Next thing that both Arika's scouts and Tenshi would see would be the regular villagers running on ahead while the others stayed back.
Hiroto as soon as he got the information from Tenshi moved to warn the others. "Umm the report is counting the chuunin we have five enemies, and all the villagers seem to be getting out of the way. One of the ones staying back to fight seems to be our target." His bow was quickly unslinged, and he ready an arrow, but right now they were out of range of too much combat. "They seem to be moving this way. Any ideas Itami? If our side also charged we could probably reach attacking range right away, but if we wait maybe we could setup a quick trap?"

RP: Arika transforms into GALE.
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 43
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 57
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 3 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 46
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 4 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 62
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 5 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 42
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 63
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 54
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 3 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 52
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 4 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 60
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 5 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 59

Gyuki rolls his eyes a bit. "They make this too easy." He shakes his head a bit and makes a few handseals, recalling what Arika uses. "Wind Release: Macroburst." And then the wind would seem to adjust its course, rushing downwards towards the group of Chuunin fast-approaching. If successful, they would all end up with their faces in the sand…

"I see…" Itami remarked while watching Hiroto and Gyurika get prepared for the coming confrontation. "I think…I think twin here has us covered…" She pointed out Gyurika and her current action. That…that wasn't excessive at all. "So, we'll see once we figure out who makes it out of the resulting dust cloud from that 'impressive' display," she grinned. "Until then, I'd say stay vigiliant and take note of anyone or thing that appears to move or act suspiciously in the midst of all that."

[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Body of Wind from 45 to 65 and get(s) a 64. - Rolled by: Hiroto

So it seemed this Arika Twin/Gyurika was able to slam that blast of wind into everyone, but the shinobi who jumps on through as if the wind just moved around him. Then upon landing he breaths out multiple blasts of wind in multiple directions to surround and make it hard to dodge for Itami and her team. Everyone else with him though were stuck in the sand unmoving including the murderer who Hiroto and Arika if she had any control in her brain could recognize from that once scuffle in the village center.

[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Vacuum Sphere(Hiroto) from 35 to 55 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Vacuum Sphere(Arika) from 35 to 55 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Vacuum Sphere(Itami) from 35 to 55 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Hiroto
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto defends against with a INTUITIVE-ACTION…38
RPCOMBAT: Hiroto took 800 damage.

Hiroto was not expecting anyone to get away from the blast that the Arika Twin sent off, so when someone did he got hit hard in the chest. It tore into him sending him backwards into the sand, but luckily he wasn't as bad as he could be. He from one knee pulls out a forked arrow, and notches it before firing it off towards the shinobi, and hopefully that keeps him stuck long enough for his next attack to do some damage. His next one would be a regular arrow charged with extra chakra.

COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with DISRUPTIVE-ARCHER-SHOT with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Hiroto attacks target 1 with POWER-ARCHER-SHOT with a roll of: 22
[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Wind Step from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 51. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Wind Step from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Hiroto
RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-STEP…57
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with INK-BIND with a roll of: 57
COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with INK-BIND with a roll of: 60
[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Vanishing Gale from 45 to 65 and get(s) a 63. - Rolled by: Hiroto
[NPC System]: Shinobi roll(s) Vanishing Gale from 45 to 65 and get(s) a 58. - Rolled by: Hiroto

Oh, hey, look! It's a skill that Arika knows! Gyuki knows not to get hit by hit, of course, and he disappears with a burst of wind. "****… What the heck is up with him?" he mutters, making a different few handseals with a shake of his head. "Maybe…" And then a tentacle made of ink would shoot out to try and grab this dude that liked to use wind! "Dang…" Gyuki knew it wasn't quite fast enough, so he tried lashing out a second time just in case.

RPCOMBAT: Itami defends against with a EARTH-CLONE…50

Itami made a handseal and lifted up a small wall of earth to intercept the vacuum jutsu that was headed for her. When it struck the barrier, she peered over it to get an idea of how to attack next. Maybe she can close the distance a bit? So, she slipped down beneath the ground and began to move around to see about intercepting the one they're after or maybe she can make this a little fun? She thinks she might have an idea…

COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with UNDERGROUND-FISH-PROJECTION with a roll of: 52

The Shinobi seemed impressed that the girl had dodge his attacks. That wouldn't slow him down though as Hiroto's arrows fly right past where he stood, and he charges once more right towards the ink binds. He seemed to escape for a moment, but the second swing coming from Arika had caught him good. The man looked back at his allies that were trapped in the wind. Seemed they were starting to get up, but everyone started running. The murderer though was frozen in place scared.
Hiroto watches as the attacks do absoutely nothing to him, but Arika's twin? did grab him. "Alright good job..umm… Arika's twin? Did I get a name from you?" Then he moved to his feet grabbing another arrow in case something happened….like the others running off. He was getting really dissapointed that he didn't have that netted arrow.

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with BLADE-OF-WIND with a roll of: 80

Gyuki grins just a bit evilly. "Excellent. I have you now." The bind of ink comes a bit closer, tugging the trapped murderer over. "Now then… I was a bit bored, so…" The other hand is held out and he forms a blade of invisible chakra, stabbing it through the man and the inky hand… Because the hand was made out of ink, so it could do whatever! Also, there's a bit of Regen going on…

COMBAT: Itami focuses 4642 stamina to turn it into 5800 usable chakra!
RP: Itami transforms into DRAGON'S-MIGHT.
COMBAT: Itami attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 40

Itami popped out of the ground, not as the woman she was, but instead as a massive beast. She lifted into the air and looked at the running people, deciding to have a bit of fun given how Gyurika caught the one she was after. She dove down and threw the weight of her body into the ground to pounce on the group of runners, hoping to pop them into the air like hot kernels of corn.

The man was stabbed through with the wind, and was held in the air as he quickly begin bleeding out. The runners continued running until something came out of the ground to quickly slam into it knocking them all a little into the air. All that could be heard were screams, and it sounded like one of the men squeaked. They did take this time to throw things down at this beast of a thing, but anything they throw has no effect. The lone man who was the murderer the group was after stood in place still scared out of his mind at everything that has happened. Then he tries to run in the opposite direction.
Hiroto watches the multiple events happening missing the murderer bolting until Tenshi alerts him. He would quickly shoot a forked arrow his way catching his ankle dropping him to the ground bleeding slightly, but not near bad enough to die. Then Hiroto walked up to him arrow aimed at the mans head. "Alright Itami. What do you want to do with everyone here?"

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with WIND-SLICE with a roll of: 54

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with WIND-SLICE with a roll of: 63

Gyuki hmms. "Well… I'm bored now… What should I do next…" Gyuki's eyes would sweep the area, and eventually they would land on the dragon form of Itami. "Perfect…" he says, another evil grin crossing his face. The Bijuu makes a handseal, and three kunai of wind would form in his hands. They would ge thrown, one at Itami and two at some of the people fleeing. Of course… He had to keep up some sort of ruse »;;

COMBAT: Itami defends against WIND-SLICE(45) attack from Arika with a TOUGHENED-SCALES…73

"Kill the aggressors. Anyone else that was a follower can be left alone. We want to punish only those that are responsible," Itami spoke to Hiroto. When the blade of wind cut against her hide, she looked down at it and then back to its source, growling in return. "What was that for?!" She barked out. "Are you trying to start something with me?"

Hiroto quickly looked towards Itami, and nods slowly towards her. Then as the man under him begins screaming 'please don't do this' Hiroto lets the arrow lose killing the man right there instantly. Then he looked to the side watching all the others fall towards the ground with two of them getting sliced nearly in two by a random slice of wind before dropping. "Hey. We don't need to kill all of them. Some are needed for us to speak to them." Itami was probably in a position where she could see all the other villagers watching from nearby in horror at Arika's attacks. Some of them with angry faces planted on their faces.

"Me? Never~. Why on earth would you think that, Itami-dono?" Gyuki says smoothly. "I was just a bit off with my aim… Fortunately the other two were not.." He kicks at the dead bodies with a small grumble before saying, "Are we done here?" If so, I can go…"

"Kill only the murderer," Itami commands. "Twin, refrain from attacking further. You're doing enough damage as is and our reputation is quickly being soiled," she pointed out to Gyurika. Also…I question your abilities. That mishap seemed particularly precise," she wince. "We're almost done here. Be patient."

Hiroto walks on over to where Itami goes and looks at the people nearby. The remaining two people who are just lying here on the ground do not fight back in anyway. Hearing this big dragon woman say that they were not to be killed must have either scared them because of big dragon lady, or reassured them into not fighting back. Hiroto was now standing next to the Ari twin, and looked over at Itami and then past her to the villagers. "Alright Itami. What do we do about the rest of them? The villagers back there don't seem like they want to fight, but they also don't seem willing to listen to us after that display from this one." He glances at the Arika twin.

"Oh please, if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't use /that/ skill," Gyuki snorts. The Bijuu stretches idly and says, "Kill the rest of them if they don't trust us… We can just claim they died at the hands of the murderer anyway…" The Bijuu would yawn, then, as if bored. Because he was. "Next time I'll leave this to the kid. This was boring…"

"The others, we let go. Leave them be and this settlement. We've done enough here as it is," Itami responded to Hiroto. "Let's be on our way." She lumbered across the ground walking away from the people. "We won't be killing anyone, twin. Let's be on our way where I can torture you more when we get home."

"Yess… About that.." Gyuki makes a handseal, releasing chakra… And then Arika's body falls backwards! Gyuki has left the building, folks! Arika is sure to wake up, but … after she has a decent rest…

Hiroto was pretty confused that she just passed out. Then he being right next to her catches her pretty easily. "Okay Itami…. What did she just do? People don't just make themselves pass out like that." He now had Arika in his arms, and would probably put her on his back if he could actually do that easily. Which luckily he was probably able to with a tiny bit of fumbling around. "Alright I think we can go back now Itami. Lets go."

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