Hog Crazy


Akina, Keiji

Date: November 6, 2012


Part of Team Two hunt for potential Zoo animals.

"Hog Crazy"

Sunagakure Desert

November 6, 2012 - September 14 (Friday), 7 A.F.

Given the backing of some wealthy investors, a Zoo has been in the making just outside of Fort Kyuusen. The facility is rumored to be second to none. The entire project has even caught the attention of the Daimyo from the Land of Grass. He has sent word to different villages requesting their shinobi go out to track and capture certain animals that are a little too intense for normal hunters. Due to the harsh terrain found in Sunagakure, multiple animals were requested. Among them were two desert boar, two bobcat, two cougar, two coyote and lots of snakes. Extra would be paid for albinos or unique species found.
Members of team two were sent out to take care of the Boar. This was unfortunate to Keiji. Since there seemed to be just as much chance of catching one during the night as during the day, he dragged Akina out after sun set. "From my research, boar tend to live in packs kind of like wolves. They fear nothing and have a tendency to be very aggressive. We are looking for places with some plant life. These things eat small animals and or vegetation." he states from the top of a sand dune. "Every living thing requires water. We need to find a source of water and then look for tracks."

Standing beside Keiji at the top of dune, Akina frowns to herself beneath her mask as she turns, scanning their surroundings with keen dusky eyes that made the shadowed valley appear as if it were lit up in the afternoon sun. "They should be together perhaps, if they are part of a pack." she murmurs lightly. "It should not be too difficult I think. Can we just use the underground technique and trap them in holes?" The kunoichi turns her head to glance as her teacher. "How are we supposed to tell the difference between boys and girls?"

"Thats a really good question Akina." He had read a bit on boars but did not really get any information on size differences or if both had tusks. "We will have to check the old fashioned way. Thats… really unfortunate." The boy starts walking along. "There is an oasis not too far from here. Maybe, just maybe we can find some prints." As they walk, he talks to her over the capture plan. "We can do that, but we will also need to transport them. We will need some kind of paralytic agent. Think you got one that will not kill them?"

"'Old fashioned way'?" Akina asks, curious to what that might be. Unfortunate apparently. She makes a face beneath her mask but doesn't hesitate to turn and follow after Keiji. "That would be a good place to find all kinds of wild life, not just boars." Transporting a pair of large boars though, that could prove difficult. "I have something that can act as a tranquilizer, but… moving them is what concerns me."

Keiji nods. "We will have to check the genitalia." Then Keiji stops moving as he spots the oasis. It does not look like anything is there currently. "Alright, move slowly and look for tracks. boar tracks will look something like this." As he speaks, he reaches down in the sand and draws a small picture of the tracks. "If you can sedate them long enough, I can move them." Now the boy moves forward slowly looking closely at the ground.

Akina arches a hidden brow at her teacher for a split moment before redirecting her focus towards the oasis, the lone place that creatures from all parts of the desert congregate peacefully. All because of water. When Keiji demonstrates how the boar print would look like, she glances down and studies it quickly before returning her gaze to him. "Luckily I have a blow tube." she murmurs. "So if we keep quiet, it should keep from alerting the rest of the herd."

Keiji nodded his head. It was not long before he found something that looked like boar tracks. He whistled to Akina and then pointed. They did not really look fresh, but they were still tracks. "A blow tube? Really? If it works." Keiji whispers. He then starts moving along the tracks. "Try to keep noise down incase they made a home somewhere around here. I really do not want to try to run down a boar on foot."

Akina catches the window, her eyes snapping from him in the direction that he gestures. The tracks. Boar tracks. She couldn't help the slight smirk hidden under her mask. "Yes, really. A smoke bomb is more obvious and creates more of a disturbance. So a dart is a more subtle touch to the problem." she murmurs. "And neither do I." Akina crouches close to the ground as she follows the tracks closer, narrowing her eyes on the mass of boars that were drinking eagerly at the watering hole. Pushing up the front of her mask, the kunoichi tugs down the front of her cloth mask as her other hand pulls out a blowgun from her organized gear. Selecting a sleeping dart from among the particular poisons and toxins, she loads the dart into the end of the blowgun.

Due to the lack of freshness of the tracks, Keiji had not thought they would find the boars that close to them. It was a lucky day. Keiji nods his head as Akina loads her blowgun. His eyes then scan over the herd. He points at the largest boar. It was the best chance of grabbing a bull boar. Plus there was no chance of a bonus if either boar was a runt. Now it was up to Akina to sedate the boar. Hopefully it did not make too much of a fuss.

Catching the direction he points towards, Akina glances up and narrows her gaze on the biggest boar of the herd. No doubt the alpha male (if it was male that is). It would be easier to hit a wide target, but it would also mean that the sleeping dart might take longer to take affect. Shifting the blowgun in her hands, Akina holds it up to her lips as aims the end at the largest boar and with a long breath, she holds it for a pause before puffing a quick, hard breath, shooting the dart straight out.

Keiji watches the dart hit the boar. The large boar seems to move a bit, but does not seem to run off. It was almost like it considered the dart a massive fly. Keiji silently attributed this to the thick hide of the boar. He then selects another boar. This one fairly large, but not as massive as the one. After that Keiji would point out two more. He had no idea which ones were female or male, so the sheer number would hopefully increase the odds of them getting one of each.

The dart hits, but nothing happens. Not even so much of a yawn. Akina huffs a small breath in annoyance as she loads another sleep dart into the blowgun and narrows her dusky eyes on the next boar Keiji points out. Filling her lungs with air once more, Akina takes careful aim for a short moment before puffing out air once more. And once again another dart is shot at another boar, aiming to take it down.

Once all of the boar are hit by darts Keiji turns towards Akina. This was the patience part. You had to have it in order to hunt. If they went out there now they would risk being charged by the other boar or even scaring theirs off. Keiji had no idea how much longer adrenaline could prolong the poisons. After a few moments, he takes a look at the boars. The first signs of fatigue are setting in. "In a few moments we will check the genders. If we got one of each, we'll work on getting them home for transport. If not, then we're looking for more boar."

With the last one darted, Akina shuffles the blowgun into her pouch as she glances over her shoulder at her teacher, giving him a small nod. "If the gender if fifty fifty, all we need to do is pick three and it would be a good chance of having either two males and a female or two females and a male." she murmurs. "Do you have a plan on how to transport them safely?"

With his eyes now looking up towards the moon, Keiji nodded his head. He had a plan alright. "I only know of one way for me to carry everything quickly. I do not want to spend any more time with these animals than I must. So we will be using that form… I will even give you a ride if you'd like." Keiji then turns around. "It appears the boars are down…"

A brow lightly quirks behind her mask as she listens, though a small smirk soon grows as she shakes her head to herself. "Alright. Lets check the genders then. Can you tell me how we do that?" It wasn't as if he got into specifics on the process, but it did sound unpleasant.

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