Home Within the Flames


Daisuke, Ishino, Akane

Date: December 10, 2014


A meeting regarding Ishino and Akane's presence in Land of Fire

"Home Within the Flames"

Hokage's Office

The meeting had been schedualed with Daisuke and Akane and Ishino had shown on time, precicely. Akane did not wear her Kirigakure hitai-ate and her hair was up as per usual with many hairsticks and combs, elaborate with a hint of an entertainer's style. She had her mask on her belt, a sign of respect for Daisuke that she did not wear it. And though she showed deference to Ishino, she walked also as his equal. Also with them was an old man who had accompanied the couple wiht an umbrella. He steped to the side and sat down in a chair outside as the ANBU Jounin stopped Akane and Ishino, respectfully requesting they remove their weapons. Akane frowned but removed all three of her belts and set them aside. "Don't touch the blades." She warned before allowing them to look through her pouches. No weapons there, mainly medical supplies and a few personal items. Once that was done they were escorted to Daisuke's office and Akane bowed her head in recognition to Daisuke as they entered the room.

Ishino mused for a moment, glancing to Akane as she'd give up her tools. A small nod was given as he'd check his pocket watch. Looking as if on their own will, although those who could see chakra would be able to see them, the threads from Ishino's fingers plied through his suit's pockets, pulling out a what quickly evolves into medium size pile of gear. A lot of scrolls, including a larger one with H.A.R.P.S. stenciled onto it's side. There were also the normal array of other tools, kunai, smoke bombs. The assortment that a jounin might carry who was expecting trouble. The old man would carefully fold up the umbrella and carefully start putting the tools away on his person instead, although the HARPS scroll was left on the table. "Please avoid touching that as well. Afterall, I'm sure the Hokage would not wish to have a 20' tall puppet show up at this floor of his office.." Ishino would walk in with Akane, side by side. They were a couple and she did defer to him but Ishino saw them as partners. Of course while AKane only bowed her head, Ishino gave the full elaborate western style bow to Daisuke. "Hokage. An honor and privilage."

Daisuke looks up at the commotion he could hear outside the door and figured it was his meeting with the former Kiri couple. He couldn't help but chuckle as he packs his paperwork away in his desk to clear it off and prepare for the knock at the door. Once it happened, Daisuke would welcome them in and let the jounin stay outside, after all, it was his intention to not get anyone's back arched in defense or anger at this meeting.
As the duo enter the room, Daisuke smiles and waves them to the seats on the other side of his desk. "Welcome, please have a seat and lets begin. I trust you are feeling better today, Fujikujo-Doihara-san?" he says in greets, addressing Akane at the end with a bit of curiosity in his tone. He looks between the two before saying, "I know but a bit of information on your situation, but no where near a story. So if you would let me know why you have come today and what you need, we can start there?" he says in a pleasant tone.

Akane stepped forward to sit in the indicated chair and winced when Daisuke mentioned her not 'feeling well' at the other meeting. She'd conveniently forgotten to tell him that she'd nearly fainted thanks to the struggle with Kyoujin. Ah well. She'd deal wiht it later. A small smile showed she was far more in control than before. Her aura was bereft of any hint of that dark aura and really she seemed unconcerned. "Yes, thank you Hokage-sama."
The inquiry about why they had come made her pause and for a moment she looked uncertain, something she had never shown before Daisuke yet. In the meeting he'd seen a hint of the fire that allowed her to stare down Meruin and face him in combat but in Ishino's presence she was more comfortable and she looked over toward him, allowing him to take the lead in answering Daisuke's questions.

Ishino would straighten and settle into the offered chair. Glancing to Akane he'd raise a brow, musing contemplatively with pursed lips. Another time, obviously. His attention turning to Daisuke, he'd give a small nod in answer. "We are seeking to stop the Silence. We don't agree with what was stated by Councilwoman Itami. We also have a personal.. issue.. in dealing with Mizukage Meruin that has required a change of location. Added onto this that Akane has rescued a Land of Fire child has had us come to reside within the boarders here. We are seeking a safety of not being harassed or assaulted by your Shinobi. Permission to obtain temporary residence either within Konohagakure itself.. something I know that may not be viable.. or within Kadomai. This will enable us to do the actions we have come to do without interference or potential hostilities."

Daisuke listens to Ishino, nodding his head at appropriate times and folding his hands atop his desk when done. He takes a moment to think, there was much to consider. Finally, he speaks up. "Strong allies are always welcome against the Silence, though I think you get an idea of how impossible, at least at this time, letting you reside in Konohagakure is. I have no qualms with you peacefully settling your family within a village like Kadomai, though I would expect you to be able to adapt to what would perhaps be a much different lifestyle than you were used to in Kirigakure." he says, looking from Akane to Ishino. "As for the harassment, many of our Leaf shinobi have deep grudges against the Mist for past aggressions, and while I can't hold leashes personally, any kind of harassment would be certainly punishable within our Lands. You would certainly be welcome to the counter attack against the Silence, and I realize that living costs money, so I could also offer some kind of mercenary relation with the village if you wished to continue that line of work." he adds, looking to see if they were interested or had any feedback.

Akane saw that look on Ishino's face. Yup. She'd hear about that later… But when he began speaking her confidence returned and she looked to Disuke, quietly watching his reaction to Ishino's words. It was a convoluted history and it might be hard to explain. Daisuke, though did not ask for specifics about what the issues were with Meruin. Akane nodded as he stated tht there were hard feelings toward Kiri shinobi. "That is quite expected." She'd faced the exact same in Kiri honestly. She agreed fully that there were issues in settleing them within konoha at this point. But she looked somewhat relieved when he said they were welcome in kadomai.
The comments about harassment made her shake her head. "I have met a few of your shinobi already and while they are wary they have not unduly threatened me." She reached up to touch her neck where her hitai-ate had been and was now missing, though her green crystal pendant remained. "I have removed the hitai-ate to prevent a misunderstanding and possibly lower hostility." She also looked interested int he mercenary work, but looked to ishino for that answer.

Ishino nodded solemnly. "We figured as much about settling in Konoha. We've actually scouted out three locations within Kadomai so we will continue with that. I would request the permission in writing. Just in case someone asks." Musing contemplatively, Ishino nods slightly. "While I did draw what funds I have, they are not infinite here.. So we will probably take mercenary work. We are specifically not associating with any major shinobi village so as to styme any sort of retaliation from the Silence. As we are not part of a village they can't strike a village for having their shinobi defend the targets." Ishino glanced to Akane a moment, nodding slightly and looked back to Daisuke. "I will do my level best to not cripple anyone then. While they may not be hostile, my ex-position was public enough that if someone got a chip on their shoulder it could cause trouble and I am not interested in causing trouble for the village while I am here. I will end anything like that quickly and efficently. I can't give any promises but I can tell you that I won't initiate any issues. I have Akane, our children and our personal mission to focus on."

"That is good to hear." Daisuke says with a nod after Ishino explains that they had scouted out a decent spot for their family in Kadomai. "As for the neutrality, that is also probably a good idea, due to your very public position you just brought up. If Kirigakure comes knocking for hunter requests, I would like it best if I didn't know or affiliate with you so I can decline them right away, after all." he says with a chuckle. "As for self defense, detainment or a few bruises never hurt anyone, though I hope it doesn't get as serious as needing to strike that final blow. As for you, Fujikujo-Doihara-san. I need to ask this." he says as he pulls out a folder that had Akane's prior work within Konoha. "What made Fujikujo Akane disappear from Konohagakure shinobi training? I ask mostly in case we have a problem with our training programs, but also a bit of curiosity and knowledge in case I am asked."

Akane watched Daisuke closely. Her demeanor had been consistently relaxed throughout this whole coversation but her eyes had been watching silently, watching for every reaction and expression. She did not know Daisuke and so she studied him. Ishino ws blunt about his reaction to a threat, especially directed toward Akane or the children. It was his way but it could be taken wrongly by Daisuke as a threat in itself. She hoped that was not the case. But there was more to her observation. She wanted to see how far the Hokage could be trusted.
Luckily enough Daisuke did not seem upset by ishino's words. But her observations came to a sharp point when Daisuke directed his next question to her.
For a long moment her face was unreadable and she watched him closely, her eyes visibly darkening in shade to a forest green, though not nearly as dark as they had been in the meeting. She did not look to Ishino, nor did she look away from Daisuke. She lifted her head and straightened her posture, the affect of relaxation gone, replaced by formality. "Fujikujo Akane left to find the answer to her condition. It is a long story, Hokage-sama. A lot has happened. I was caught up in an old Uchiha trap while searching for a relic with Uchiha Fudo. A spirit or a jutsu forced the sharingan upon me to test his character and it damaged my eyes so badly I was blind for days. Over the course of a year I finally nearly lost my sight permanently. I went searching for an herb in the Land of Water and I was offered a treatment that might restore my sight by then-Jounin Meruin. AThings happened… I was confused and ended up meeting my husband. But.. things have changed." Her voice hardened then… "Even if Ishino had not come with me I would have taken my children and left Kirigakure." Her gaze was firm.

Ishino nods slightly. "If the hunters seek us, then they seek us. I would not request any assistance with them as I will handle them, Kirigakure style." Musing contemplatively, Ishino was silent, studying and listening to Akane as she said her peace. There was a small raise of a brow at her last comment, before he'd shake his head subtly and look to Daisuke. "Hokage. When the Kage asks something of you that is not a shinobi action, just for the forwarding of his clan, that draws a line to me that should not be passed. This line was crossed. Please don't ask specifics as we won't tell. Ultimately, we wanted our children away from that and were contemplating how to deal with it. The Silence and our current situation has helped us find a sort of resolution. Thus we are where we are. If Meruin is removed, then our return to Kirigakure may potentially occur. Until then, we will always have a reason to not be there yet."

"I see, much more epic than I had thought, but I am glad I know now. Fudo was an interesting sort of person, up there with Narusegawa. Both are gone from the village, and they never really fit that well to begin with. I can sense that your distaste for your adopted village is real, and you would do anything for your children." Daisuke says, nodding firmly to Akane during the last bit. "Doihara-san obviously loves you and his family very much to give up his position, as well." he says as he turns to absorb what Ishino has alluded to was going on in Kirigakure. "I do not plan to ask you to expand, your reasons are firm enough in my mind. You two are actually not the only Kirigakure refugees… it seems the village isn't doing so well after that Silence plot exposed another side of the Mizukage to the world." he says, lightly shaking his head. "I do not mind if you return to Kirigakure once the change of Mizukage returns, though I ask you to enjoy your time in the Land of Fire with your children without waiting for such a time to occur." he says as he leans down, retrieves a scroll and a pen, and begins to ink the letter of residency that allows the family to live in the Land of Fire, with his own seal.

Akane knew what was at stake. She knew that Daisuke could easily simply have her arrested, executed for leaving when she did. Knew what was at stake with leaving Kirigakure. She was fully prepared to die here, had already made arrangements should she or Ishino not return to the house, the children would be whisked away in a few hours if they did not return, disappearing into the void of Akane's personal secrets…. She had made sure of this arrangement.. And then… Daisuke accepted her words.
She blinked several times as if confused, stalled, a glance to Ishino as Daisuke spoke of how much Ishino loved her. She blushed faintly and leaned back in the chair, a hand over her mouth, eyes cast to the side. Her jaw was clenched and if they were especially vigilant they might notice she seemed to be biting her own lip.
Bottom line? They were being allowed to stay.. for now. She looked to Ishino with a hesitant look, question in her eyes. But he'd already stated they would not explain their reasonings for leaving Kiri. She forced her gaze to the paper Daisuke was writing on and remained silent.

Ishino smiled with a small nod in thanks. "I am glad to see that you are a wise leader, Hokage. I know I can speak for both Akane and my family, as well as myself to state we are grateful for the allowance. It is not a simple life, being wed.. But we do our best." Ishino reached out to touch Akane's shoulder with a bigger smile and a soft chuckle. "It's ok Koi.. This isn't Kiri. People can actually talk here. I talk to their shinobi when I face them in missions all the time.. So it will work out."

Daisuke finishes up the Letter of Residency and rolls up the scroll. He offers it to Ishino before saying, "Please, as a matter of keeping your neutrality, if you have important business that needs to partake within the walls of Konohagakure, send word first. I'm sure Kirigakure has a few eyes and ears in the Land of Fire, so not being in a prime spot like Konohagakure is in your family's best interest. Your mercenary work will also arrive by messenger or letter, with payment after of course. And finally…" he says as he looks between the two. "I hope you enjoy the time spent within our land and this agreement works out for the best. I think we both are placing a lot of faith in one another here." he says with a smile.

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