Honesty Hour... Sort of


Rune, Kiyoshi (as Yoshi)

Date: October 4, 2016


Paranoid now from the latest arrival to Iwagakure, Yoshi seeks the Tsuchikage with the intent of coming clean. That is to say, at least in part. Unfortunately, the meeting ends with lingering questions, and restrictions placed upon the newly-minted Iwa-nin. (Very Short Scene)

"Honesty Hour… Sort of"

Tsuchikage's Office [Iwagakure]


The private offices of the Tsuchikage where other Nin or people of the public meet and talk directly to the Kage. Often an appointment book is kept open on the right side of the large brown table where names display of people that wish to

see the Tsuchikage are listed in order. The room is large, containing a personal library with documentation about previous mission reports and even pending missions. The table set at the center is large and brown always seeming to be sorted with

documents piled in a neat fashion.

A big window is displayed at the back of the Kages large leather chair where the Kage sits to discuss with people sitting on three smaller brown chairs on the opposite side of it. The window offers a few of the entire village and the Land of

Earth beyond, almost breathtaking for those who look out it the first time. There are several phrases in Japanese displayed all over the walls ranging from simple phrases to quotes. The office displays a fresh smell of wood varnish with small bonsai

trees set in each corner neatly trimmed.


Without much warning of any sort except whatever measures Rune may have previously envoked, there is an abrupt knock at the door to her office. It is late into the evening, to say the least. Most workers at this time have either long since

gone home, or elsewhere to enjoy the rest of their evening. At least, such would be the case for most places at this hour, but the same perhaps can't be said for the offices of a shinobi village. Either way, the source of the knock is her secretary (or

whatever amounts to the position) according to familarity in the rap, grudgingly taking the time to escort Iwagakure's latest recruit.
Yoshi stood nearby quietly with eyes cast to the ground, and brows just faintly furrowed in contemplation beneath all the bandages. Blood also coated the front of his tops. None of which was his, as had been explained earlier, but its

freshness remains pungent enough to oversensitive shinobi nearby.

Rune always has a guard outside her door. It is, in all likelihood, a different guard every couple of hours. But the ever-present people standing outside her office usually keeps people from barging in. Yoshi would be halted before he entered

and then asked on his business. Regardless of what he stated, he would be allowed in, but the guard just needed a moment to recover and alert the Nidaime Tsuchikage.
Rune looked up as the door opened, glasses moved from her face to atop her head. At first, Yoshi is a blur because her eyes need to refocus. Then she starts making out details. A lot of dark stains, some of it red where the blood was not as

thick or as dried. A blink. "Are you okay, Yoshi-san?" she asks firstly. She had known it was Yoshi, of course. She used her senses to see who it was, and the Guards had a specific way to inform the Tsuchikage of who was entering her office. "What

happened?" she would prompt, tucking a few pages away that were atop her desk and giving Yoshi her full attention. Seeing that Rune was okay, the guard would shut the door behind the 'new' genin.

Yoshi steps forth when prompted, but soon enough fixates his gaze elsewhere. Because of this and more, the question takes the man aback for a moment or so. "… Oh… No… I mean, yes. I…I'm fine." He answers, waving his hand off-

handidly near the end. Afterwards, the hand froze in mid-air, a belated thought seeming to occur to the shinobi. A glance over at the nearby guard is followed swiftly with a short headshake, dismissing whatever the idea might be.
"Forgive me, Tsuchikage-sama… My thoughts have… I forgot to change before coming here. But I am alright, and… there are some things that I was hoping to… discuss with you. Sooner rather than later, tho'… I'd understand now not being

a good time." He states formerly, hand by the end long since lowered back to his side.

Rune would nod slowly, not sure if she believed the man, but she accepted his word. "I have nothing urgent to do at this moment, Yoshi-san, so speak on whatever it is you must tell me." The woman waits patiently. "And you are free to sit

down. The chairs can be cleaned of blood or replaced later, if you happen to be worried about the blood." Rune waits for Yoshi to speak, her hands clasping together and coming down to rest on her desk.

Rune has hardly finished speaking when Yoshi lifts a hand again, palm facing Rune, but held non-aggressively. "If its all the same to you, then I'd rather stand." He states formerly. At the very least, the man compromises by striding closer to

the Tsuchikage's desk. Yet, the remains an obvious care of distance in the action, even though the shinobi never glances down to double check.
"…. You asked before if there was anything that you… that Iwagakure should know about me… and I answered at the time, but…" He snorts, and reaches up as if to come his hair back. But, upon touching nothing by bandages, the man leers

at the offending limb for a moment or so before casting it aside with a huff. "But I wasn't as… 'honest' as I should've been… Not if all of this—" He makes a sweeping gesture absently to the rest of the office. "Was to really work. And I know that's

probably to be expected and accepted to whatever degree, I guess. Still…" He trails off from there, gaze lowered, and hand balled in front of thickest splotch of blood on his torso.
"… My fullname is Kirryu 'Moto' Yoshi, former shinobi of Kirigakure, and host of the five-tailed beast." He states stiffly, but clearly after forcing himself to meet Rune's eyes once more. Even if the newly enstated Kage knew not the full details

of the bijuu nine from personal history, there was virtually no chance she hadn't come across some notes or reports of previous attempts at making Jinchuuriki for Iwagakure… or the exploits of a noteable few in other countries. Heck, one was boldly

sitting on a proverbial throne as the Hokage of Konohagakure!

Rune would incline her head slightly to Yoshi, allowing him to remain standing. She remains silent for the duration of his speaking attempt, tilting her head a bit as he continues. Obviously, she had a sense of suspicion as Yoshi continued to

speak. This wasn't going in any good direction … And her suspicions were confirmed. In a sense. There was some sort of good in the news that Yoshi shared. Iwagakure was able to get ahold of the Five Tails Jinchuuriki after a long time of being

without one of the tailed beasts. That was like a miracle. But the fact that Yoshi was actually a former Kiri-nin…
Rune's gaze was thoughtful as she considered what Yoshi told her. There was no aggression in her at the time, though it's possible that she knew she didn't want to chance contending with a Bijuu within the Village. "Yoshi-san," she would

start after a long pause. "What is your current status in Kirigakure?" she asks bluntly. She expected a certain answer that she wouldn't like, but Iwagakure had yet to hear of the Mist's missing-nin business…

If there's even a hint of avarice spurred on by the thought of obtaining a jinchuuriki in her visage, Yoshi would clench his hand tightly against his chance, yet refrain from any further potentially aggressive seeming actions. Newly enstated or

not, former bookeeper or not, one did not become a Kage without at least enough field experience to handle themselves. Then, there were the guards to consider as well…
No. He would not make the first move in that direction. But if need be, the man seemed more than ready to act in his own defense. Yoshi grows still at the mention of his name, patience thining but still there. The ultimate question does little

to ease his nerves. Even so, Yoshi forced the appearance of growing at ease, if only to avoid further provoking the Kage. "Missing-nin, as you've… already guessed, if only for abandoning my post… even so, you may know as well that there is no going

back for me despite this. Not if I want to keep my head on my shoulders for a little longer." He states, knowing that to say more on that point would be unecessary. Even if half the things said about Kiri was untrue, plenty remained to build a not so

pretty picture.

Rune didn't have any look of greed in her face. It was merely contemplation and perhaps a light frown. The woman shifts her hands to just below her chin as she continues to think on this matter. "Yoshi-san, Kirigakure has yet to address

your being a missing nin. At least to Iwagakure. Thus, there is no reason for us to attempt to etain you at this moment. Also, sending you to your death or torture grounds would be poor form considering how much you have helped us." Rune would

pause to let that sink in. "I need to consult with a few others on the matter, but know that you are safe within Iwagakure's walls … for now. I cannot promise you that we won't send you on your way if your presence is seen to be an issue." Rune would

leave it at that. Unless Yoshi seemed to have more to say, she would make a motion to indicate he's allowed to leave.

And indeed, Yoshi uses that moment to let things sink in fully. For the time being, they were going to give him a chance to furthur prove himself a worthy risks! At least, that was the one perspective he latched on to the moment it enter his

mind. However, where did that leave Kiji?
Yoshi does not immediatly take his leave, nor seems to have even fully registered the gesture. Something else was certianly on his mind, and it didn't take a genius to figure out the blood source on his clothing may have something to do

with it. Still, reports of the other new arrival has yet to reach Rune's ear, leaving preemptive clarity up to the Kirryu. An act that could make or break any chances of his continued stay in Iwagakure in one piece…

"… Understood, Tsuchikage-sama… Thank you for your time." He states solemnly, and after bowing fully at the waist, left without further word.

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