Second Promotion Exams - Honor Intact: Ogosokamaru vs. Tsiro


Ogosokamaru, Tsiro, Yuge, Hinotori, Kioshi, Kuoroke

Date: December 19, 2012


The Final Match of the first Jounin Bracket. Ogo proves superior while Tsiro proves he can take a beating.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Honor Intact: Ogosokamaru vs. Tsiro"

Dammed Arena

At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.
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Ahh, the finales of the Jounin exams. Yuge finally got some free time, so it seemed appropriate for him to be the one to proctor the final matches. Settling into the booth for the proctors, he'd nod to the barrier nin as the arena was prepped with that low hum of active chakra to lock in what the two on the arena would potentially do. Receiving a card, he'd look it over, before announcing with that simple amplification. "Reizei Ogosokamaru and Kaguya Tsiro, to the arena." The card handed back, he'd fold his arms in front of his chest, watching the stands and the floor below him.

Despite the natural healing abilities of the Kaguya body, Tsiro had spent some minor time in the hospital. These fights had really been taking if out of him though no one had truly manage to cause any serious physical wounds. As he hears his name called, Tsiro makes his way down to the arena. Luck had helped him get this far. He was pondering if it would last long enough to help him in this match or if this was where it ended. The idea of the Mizukage proctoring the match was both good and bad to him. There was a bit of pride in fighting infront of him. In the back of his mind he knew there would be some shame if he did not put on a decent showing. Once infront of the Mizukage, Tsiro offers a silent bow.
Ogo's entrance wasn't flashy. Just himself appearing either from extreme speed or some other fashion in front of Yuge off to the side a little bit, giving Tsiro the appropriate room as his opponent, both of them facing the Kage as they are introduced or something like that. In any case, he was a little in front of the platform and facing Yuge right now. "Reizei Ogosokamaru, Mizukage." He bows in respect quickly, standing back up again, and looking sideways to Tsiro, looking him up and down, having seen the fight between he and Narusegawa. Something brooded behind his eyes.
Yuge would Give a polite nod to each of them in response. Smiling, his hands would be raised up. "This is the final fight for the bracket 1 of the Jounin exams. You will fight til either one of you surrenders, or I deem one of you unable to continue. It is impressive that you both have gotten this far and I commend you for your strength and cunning. Let's keep the match clean and may the best shinobi win." He'd lower his hands. "Begin when ready!"

Begin when ready… Tsiro heard it. He placed his hands together to focus his chakra. He was unsure exactly how this guy planned to fight as he had not seen him fight before. But he wanted to be at his peak for it. Soon bones begin to grow all over his body like a porcupine. For the moment he takes a defensive stance as his eyes study the movements of his opponent.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
In the stands, one of Ogo's oldest friends and brothers in arms sits with his arms folded over his chest as he watches the match begin to unfold. A light smirk rests on his face as he observes curiously while the two prepare, the younger boy suddenly looking a lot more spikey. Impressive, but he doubts it will be anywhere near enough to stop Ogo. If he knows anything about his captain, he knows how to strike quickly and precisely, not to mention how hard he can sink a blade into your body if you're not prepared. This match definitely has the potential to be one of the most bloody this entire event.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Having gotten himself a good seat for once, Hinotori smiles as he watches from where he is the match that is about to begin.

Ogosokamaru kept looking at Tsiro, noticing he didn't move. Oh, wonderful! The white-haired chuunin from Kumogakure breathed deep, and smiled, "This should be fun."
It wasn't a moment later, he was pushing his chakra through his body at about half the rate he felt was maximum he could do without further injuring himself, and he would quickly draw his sword, and without worrying about forming more chakra at the moment, and blared for Tsiro, starting off with two attacks that create a loud popping sound that echoes up to and past the stands, perfectly honed by the cone-like bowl shape of the dam. He wasn't interested in talking, as he leapt away, ready for whatever this Kaguya was ready to throw at him. He was familiar with many of their techniques, naving dug another's bones from his own flesh after a fight a couple times before.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Kuoroke sits in his chair, watching the fighters. He had seen them both give their best - or at least, what he presumed to be their best. So, in terms of learning about the abilities of either, this fight -which he has helped make a reality, for better or worse- does not promise to be very fruitful. Still, the Kuroki looks interested, because if nothing else, this will be a respectable display of martial ability - provided both of them live long enough.

Both slashes hit. Even the bones of Tsiro were not quick enough to catch it. He was indeed fast. Luckily it was not the worst pain he'd ever felt. Tsiro shakes his head as he reaches a hand back to his spine. If every attack was like that, this would be a very quick fight. Once the spine is ripped from his back, Tsiro lunges forward attempting to wrap his opponent up.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Kuoroke watches the exchange closely. Ogosokamaru draws blood, and then evades the incoming strike. The Kuroki nods, and quietly, mostly to himself but loudly enough for his neighbours to hear, predicts, "The Kaguya boy won't stay on his feet for long enough to do any real damage to him." Judging by his tone, this news doesn't sadden him. In fact, it sounds like he's happy about this potential development.

Ogosokamaru sees when Tsiro is grabbing for the end of his spine, and knows exactly what's going to happen, so while that whiplike structure is lashed out at him, and even before and after, Ogo's movements kept going around and around to random points in the arena floor, even maybe a couple times behind Yuge, up on the walls, and around Tsiro. Ogosokamaru was indeed fast. Now he figured he would need to push himself as far as he could. This might hurt in the end, but it would probably be worth it. So he calms, and pushes a bit more into his transformation, as well focusing a little bit of chakra to suppliment his transformations.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
So far the exams have been exciting, part of him wished he actually went through the Legendary Tournament, but oh well. There is too much already going on, and right now he just admired the participants in the current exams. As the fighting begins to grow, Hinotori sits on the edge of his seat as he watches.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Hearing the prediction from the nearby Councilman, Kioshi glances over to him and tilts his head curiously. Rather interesting that a guy from Sunagakure doesn't appear to be rooting for an ally this time around. Must be some bad blood. Sunagakure and Kirigakure haven't always been allies, after all. The soldier looks back ahead and shrugs his shoulders, leaving that be for now as he watches Ogo pick up the pace a bit. His movements might be too fast for some to notice the difference, but Kioshi definitely sees what's going on, and he is beginning to have to agree.
At the speed his opponent was travelling at, Tsiro pondered if better preperation would have made any difference. He pondered all the different types of situations and the best way to deal with them however he was coming up blank in this situation. Even his strongest of defenses had not worked. The crimson eyes glanced above him as he more or less knew what he needed to do. As Tsiro tried to follow his opponents movements, he spit out several bone needles from his mouth towards him.
Ogo even stopped for a moment, and stood still as it looked.. -to many- that he was standing still, and the needles just went straight through him. In slower motion, and to those who could pick up on the defense, he was leaning, ducking and spinning out of the way of the needles. Ogo would look down at them, and lift his head just enough to peek at Tsiro from under his eyebrows. A moment later, Ogo would be blurring right past Tsiro, aiming to grab him by that neck of his that was currently lacking any spinal support, and grab, twist, and attempt to sling him into the Dam. Well, maybe Yuge might be mad at him, but at least he wasn't going full force in this bout. … as if many people could tell he wasn't going full force.
And with that, he would begin to slowly crouch (If he were able to grab Tsiro by the throat, or even if Tsiro blocked with a bone, Ogo would grab that bone, or something)
Like the rest of the attacks, Tsiro's clearly out matched and sent crashing into the wall. As the Kaguya remains there he glares towards Ogo. "That hurt…" Now the Kaguya was pondering just what kind of standards Kumo held for Jounin. It was clearly more than the other countries. "Finish it." he states.
Ogosokamaru would crouch, the ground beneath him might be rumbling. Maybe. But it was just a single moment. A little glimmer between where he was and where Tsiro was. But Ogo didn't dissappear…
It was a rock. Ogo just threw it lazily at his opponent up on the wall. He stood up, not quite happiness in his eyes, but it wasn't anger.. more like rage. Very cold and controlled rage.
"Why don't you finish it? Show your kage that you are man enough to forfiet. Or can you not even do that without screwing it up?" Seems Ogo was out for more than blood. He was out for Reputation. A good public humiliation was probably what he was aiming for at Tsiro. The rock would hit the Kaguya, but probably enough to wake up some nerve endings, not do any actual damage.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Kioshi lifts an eyebrow slightly at Ogo actually pulls back from a very good opportunity to break this kid down and finish this to try to make him forfeit. That is pretty brave, but could also end disastrously either way. Of course, he expects Ogo to be ready to move at a moment's notice, so he simply waits to see what comes next. This is sure to raise tensions a bit, but it's not like he really expects war not to come eventually.
The rock pelts Tsiro. He groans a bit as he feels some movement back in his limbs. "You sound like you have some personal vendetta, or you just normally an eggplant? Maybe a Kaguya killed your father or you are potatoed that I am here and someone else isnt. I do not care." Tsiro states as he wipes some of the rocks off himself. "I have fought an up hill battle from the start of this to prove myself. I had to work for it. You… you merely glided along. I think it hurts your pride to actually take on a challenge where there is a chance you could lose. Otherwise you would have been a jounin already." Tsiro states. He's only got one attack that even has a chance of hitting and using it was futile. He knew full well. Tsiro glances at the Mizukage before launching the attack with his spine…
Yuge watched on, studying the two intently, but he was silent. Indeed, arms had refolded before him and he simply sat and watched. They were close to the point of needing to finish, but there was still fight in Tsiro. He expected the attack really. Afterall, Tsiro was a Kaguya. This is part of what they do.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
At first, when Ogo stops the assault, Kuoroke looks surprised. Then, remembering his own prediction, the Kuroki decides that he can afford such wasteful cockiness, and simply nods. Everyone is behaving more or less the way he'd expect them to, and that's a reassuring thought. Still, it does make him curious. "This Ogosokamaru is an odd one. I wonder why he's dragging this out…" he still says, again, mostly to himself, and again, loudly enough for those around him to react.

(FIX)Ogo dissappears to those unused to such speeds, not there when the bone whip flies at his location, and from wherever he came, right up at the dam, the glimmer of light shining to everyone in that little thin line from the base of the arena up to the dam wall holding back those millions of gallons and tons of water, along with the thundering reverberation equivalent of a lightning striking in the middle of the arena echoing out and up past the stands. Ogo's straight bladed sword aimed straight for Tsiro's chest cavity, with a grinding whisper-
"My brother killed my father. I left my village in anger… and getting here has been -my- uphill climb, carrot."
Ogosokamaru hadn't called anyone that in years. Even if he missed with that attack, his sword would hit the dam, and he should be close enough to Tsiro for the kaguya to hear him.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
"He's putting on a show," Kioshi remarks back to Kuoroke, casting a brief glance at him before looking back to Ogo. The soldier seems quite amused at the display Ogo's putting on and shakes his head a bit. "Bravery may be the end of that boy."
The strike does indeed hit home. Tsiro ends up pierced by the blade in his chest cavity. Luckily his bones prevented it from hitting anything vital. "I shed a tear for you, really. I guess some how being an artichoke to me makes you consider this an uphill climb. Mowing over everything in your path without breaking a sweat. Tough climb." Tsiro states as he flicks his hand once more attempting the vine.
Ogo might have gotten caught up in the conversation, forgetting to put some more chakra through himself in a focusing technique, because he moved, but with far less efficiancy, and he is caught by the spine shooting at him. He straightens, wrapped up and the bones piercing his skin, but not much more, and if they did, the spikes didn't get very far in. It did hurt though. "You talk tough, kid. And I thought the Kaguya didn't cry. Or is that an old wives' tale?"
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
"Carelessness, you mean." Kuoroke, who doesn't subscribe to the notion of 'bravery' in a situation when there's as little in stake as there is in this one, replies. "Well, if he keeps giving the Kaguya openings, at some point-" At this moment, Ogo is caught by Tsiro's spine. "-yeah. That."

There was a bit of shock when he actually caught his opponent in the whip. Leaning towards his opponent, Tsiro states in a firm tone. "My parents killed each other. I grew up never knowing them. My uncle used to beat me. I had to grow a pair. Maybe you should too." Now the bones protruded from his stomach cavity. Some out towards Ogo and others bracing the sword in him, as Tsiro prepared to spin into Ogo to send him backwards.
The attack strikes true, cutting and digging into Ogosokamaru. But oddly, even afterwards, he's still standing, even given the amount of blood on the ground beneath him. Ogo starts laughing.
Laughing, madly.
"Sounds like you're whining… grow a bigger pair!" As he falls to a knee, propping himself up on his sword, taking a breath, calming himself and leaning his head to pop his neck.
From Dammed Arena - Stands,
Watching as Ogo is finally caught and torn into, Kioshi chuckles a bit and shakes his head. "Pretty much. I knew he'd make an idiot out of himself at some point," he answers the Councilman as he watches Ogo get mangled a bit. However, as expected, he's far from finished. Things are getting a bit more interesting now at least.
The bones retract from Tsiro as he finally wounded his opponent. In a match with no victory in sight, he had made his own. Mostly due to luck. Of course if you consider landing a single hit in exchange for a beating luck, you must be from the Kaguya clan. A smile forms on Tsiro's face as he looks towards the Mizukage. "Mizukage, the match was over before it ever started. The honor of our village and the Kaguya clan has been defended. I concede the match." he states. Tsiro then turns and starts to walk towards the entrance. He's tired and his wounds are open, but he's proud.
Ogo tilts his head to the side, looking at the Kaguya leave. "Well, strange," he says, apparently still in somewhat average condition even considering the damage he took from that last attack. "Never knew someone who defended their clan's honor by forfietting." He looks at the Kage with that, 'just call it' look. He even sheathes his sword, and takes a deep breath, looking up at the stands, then to the exit Tsiro is using, and he starts to just laugh quietly at how this tournament came to a climax of… concession and holding back. What a day.
Yuge would nod to them both, standing to his feet smoothly as if it was entirely planned that way. Both hands raised, he'd finally let one drop. "Reizei Ogosokamaru is here by declared the winner of this match. Congradulations on your victory here and I look forward to seeing your final match with the other bracket's winner. Rest up until then." A nod was given towards Ogo, the barriers about the arena finally falling as it was called and an immediate on standby team got to work on repairing the dam. No sense in flooding the arena if no one was in it, right?

Tsiro raises an eyebrow at Ogo's remark. "There are some things bigger than physical victory. You by far have more physical skill than anyone in this tournament. I took the beating you gave and even landed a strike or two against someone I should never have been able to touch. I work for everything I gain. My people got a show and I think they know I never stood a chance. A small victory in the face of defeat is enough for me." Tsiro then continues to walk out of the arena.

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