Honosuke's Summons - Honosuke's Summoning Contract


Honosuke, Hel (emitter)

Date: August 25, 2013


Honosuke is brought before the Toad Council and asked a few questions before he is allowed to sign the Toad summoning contract

"Honosuke's Summons - Honosuke's Summoning Contract"

Mount Myoboku

Honosuke had been asked to step away from the Great Toad Sage (all show respect by bowing) in order for the Toad council to discuss the toadling of prophecy that Honosuke himself had brought to them. The council has taken a whole day already, and it is unclear as to when it will end, so Honosuke's been given acceptable accomodations, well, for a toad at any rate. For a human, it might not be so good. He's had a toad stool mushroom to sleep under, and plenty of grass underfoot to stay warm.

Honosuke has mostly been waiting around and meditating while on the sacred toad mountain, curious as to what he should be doing, exactly. He does observe what toads he can however, rather inquisitive about what exactly it is that they /do/ here on the mountain. A sort of quiet calm comes over him after awhile, and he simply takes in the sights of the mountain, relaxing and trying to make himself in tune with his surroundings.

The other toads are sparring, meditating, learning in classes outdoors. It seems to be similar to a hidden village here, except this place truly is hidden. There is a lot of learning that could go on here if a shinobi were allowed. Honosuke finds himself just about in tune with the surroundings when a large toad calls for him, "Human…the Great Toad Sage (bow) requests your presence at the council."

"Oh, thank you. I will come straight away. Please, lead on." Honosuke bows respectfully and follows the toad wherever he is lead. When he is presumably brought before the toad council, he bows to each of them in turn as a sign of respect. "Greetings, Masters."

The council's eyes all embrace Honosuke's figure. It is the Great Toad Sage that speaks first, and as he does, all eyes fall upon him. "Honosuke-san is it again? We have met and discussed much of what has happened. The toad you have brought before us certainly appears to be the toad of prophecy and we will train it as such, but the future is always cloudy, the prophecy always vague." The Great Toad Sage yawns, his eyes always closed. "Where was I? Oh yes, the council has decided that you have acted honorably and done us a great service. If you would like, we are willing to let you sign the summoning contract. Would you like that?"

"Yes, that is my name…as for a summoning contract? Hm." The young Nara wasn't entirely sure what that would entail, but he had heard of these before. Placing his hand to his chin, he thought long and hard about it, seeming to finally reach a decision. "Master Toads, and Great Toad Sage, I will accept your offer and sign the summoning contract. While my clan traditionally has dealings with the sacred deer of the forest, I would be immensely honored to have a contract with the toads of sacred Mount Myoboku."

The Toads listen to Honosuke's answer and some just stare, while others nod. The Great Toad Sage almost looks like he's sleeping, so when a slit in the eye opens, the Sage's attendee speaks into the Sage's ear. The Great Toad Sage nods and states, "You will…good good. Well, if you are to sign the contract, then you must agree to the following. You must only have a contract with us, even forsaking the contracts with the deer…although of course you can still help them as we are friendly with them. The second is that we toad sages value honor. Any time you have to perform an honorable mission, we ask that you call upon our young and take them with you…diplomatic missions of honorable intent as an example. Would you agree to these two conditions?"

"Those conditions are indeed agreeable to me. I have never particularly felt any connection to the deer, myself, being from Amegakure and only having been to the sacred forest a total of once. As for missions of honor, I can certainly do this as well. I will bring whatever toads are necessary and willing to learn from the experience of my missions." The Nara claps his hands together and then looks around. "Pardon but uh…what do I sign, exactly? I've never done this before." He gives a bit of a chuckle, seemingly slightly nervous for a moment.

The Great Toad Sage chuckles a bit and waves a webbed hand. His attendee nods, and summons a great big scroll. It is probably one of the largest Honosuke's seen. The attendee unrolls the scroll and states, "It is simple…sign here," and a quill is provided, "and then bite your finger. Smear the blood around the finger and put your finger print onto the scroll. The blood binds the contract. You can summon one of us or we can summon you." The attendee nods, "Sign away if you agree."

As the giant scroll is summoned, Honosuke blinks in awe of the size for a moment before he shakes his head a bit, regaining his composure. "Impressive. I've never seen a scroll that big before, short of as some sort of odd sign. But very well." Taking up the quill, the name 'Nara Honosuke' is signed, in simple, printed text. Lifting a finger to his mouth, he bites down, hard, drawing blood. A few drops splatter to the ground before he places his fingerprint on the contract. "Like so, I take it?"

The attendee reviews the signature and fingerprint and nods. "All is in order. Just make sure to bite that same finger and press it to the ground every time you wish to summon one of us." The Great Toad Sage looks to be asleep again, so the attendee says, "Unless you have further questions, there is more that the council must speak upon. I will send you back to where you were if that is acceptable?"

"I would be honored to do so in the future…and I do not have any further questions at this time. I'm sure any I have will be able to be directed to the toad I summon." As the attendee speaks of the council's business, the Nara nods and steps back a bit. "My apologies. Perhaps sometime, when I have earned more trust, I can sit in on one of these meetings and listen…but yes, feel free to send me back."

The attendee nods and then suddenly Honosuke would feel a pull and then he is back in the pond where he had originally found the eggs. Well, that went well!

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