Horishi grand spar


Abel, Tsukiko, Hiroshi

Date: September 14, 2010


Finding of Hiroshi

"Horishi grand spar"

Toshiba Forest - Rocky Area

Abel would be sparring a one of his fire clones it would be an even match so far as they both would counter the Tai jutsu moves of the other as he moved around the rocky field he would jump into the air and his clone would follow using the sun he would strike the clone despelling it before landing. As he was sweating he would laugh as he spinned the kunai in hand and placed it into his pocket. "That was a work out…to think that there where three." is said as he shook his head. Placing the weights back onto his hands he would start forming hand seals trying to make this faster and error free.

Hiroshi would be in the general area of this strange path, more so hidden than visable, he would be atop a single gray boulder, still, resting, meditating even as a twin swirl of wind chakra gust around him, this easily noted by a swirling vortex of leaves which circle him. It had been a week now since his mothers passing, and Hiroshi has really kept himself sheltered in, from his team, from his family, only his fiancee was aware of him being anywhere. Today was actually his first day out. Long ebony hair resting below his back, a neutral facial feature, seemingly no cares in the world.

Tsukiko clapped from the sidelines. She was apparantly watching the spar, but who nows for how long. "you are getting better everytime I see you Abel" Something confident in her voice now. She slips from the brush to the clearing, looking at the two abels

"Oh its Tsukiko how are you?" is said as his clone stood there next to him he would stand there with a smile on his face he would toss a kunai into the air he would catch the kunai with the other hand he would yawn as he stood there. "Thanks Tsukiko I've been working really hard on my skills." is said as he laughed and place his hands on his shoulders.

Tsukiko nods in agreement. "I look forward to our next mission together so we can show each other what we've learned." She crosses her arms, "have you met Midoru. He could probably help your taijutsu skills." She looks up to the forest canopy a moment, seeing the leaves move rather oddly. "Thats curious" She remarks, watching the leaves a moment, trying to see where the wind was coming from.

The wind would change and blow his hair around he would smirk as the sounds of leaves blowing in the wind could be heard he would then wave to Tsukiko as he dashes off in teh direction he would hide himself behind a tree as he looked down. "He would look at Tsukiko telling her to watch his back as he dashed down and walk up to the man once he would close he would narrow his eyes. "Hiroshi?" is said in a soft voice as he stood there and walked closer. "Hiroshi sensei?" is asked as he went closer he would have a faint smile that would close slightly as he walked closer.

Hiroshi would be remain silent for several long minutes, not bothering to move, or even so much as his name is called out. It is only when Abel approaches him to a certain point. Hiroshis pale eyes would burst open, as he leaps from his resting location soaring into the winds for a moment, a spinning formation before he land back onto the boulder, slices it in half. A small sigh escapes his lips, he would blink lightly, tilting his head to the right. "Hello, long time no see you two."

Tsukiko blinks, watching the strange reaction from Hiroshi. "sama… are you allright" She steps a little closer, looking concerned. "Yes.. I haven't seen you in a long time." She stays otherwise silent, looking up to the man.

"Kind of much don't you think sensei." Abel eyes would narrow as he stood there he would laugh for a moment and then he would toss his foot onto the ground. Abel would look at Hiroshi and close his eyes as he open them slowly he would smirk. "I think I can beat you now old man." is said as he shakes his hand off and got himself ready for some action.

Hiroshi sighs lightly, turning to look back at the destroyed boulder, he would sigh. shaking his head lightly, "I am fine, I was just perfecting a new jutsu." he would say, turning to peer at the split boulder, slowly blinking his pale opals, "Oops." would be said, before turning to face you both. "Sorry guys i didnt mean to scare you." he would sigh lightly, gaving a half way fake chuckle before turning to shake his head at Abel, "I am not in much if a fighting mood Abel, but….I guess I can entertain a training session." he would say, though his smile was not the same, it was faded and filled with pain.

Hiroshi smiles lightly, stretching and limbering himself out, "well I always said you all needed some hands on training with more than me pulling punches so." he would say peering at you two, "I expect you two to come at me with all you have." would be said. But abel would quickly jump in, only to recieve a small glance from you both, before shaking his head, "Fine, I will tell you both the news later." would be said, as he stands his ground, a burst of chakra would swirl around him, creating a small gust of wind at his feet. "Pupils first." he would say beckoning for them to attack.

Abel would drop the weights and started to flash threw some hand seals he would look at his clone and nod at him as he did this he would wave threw some hand seals he would attack with a powerful barrage of fires as he did the his clone would use the flames a a chance to break threw and attack with a power knee strike aimed at the face of Hiroshi. "I'm an Uchiah and I don't hold back." Abel would shake his hair as he stood there and laughed at them.

Hiroshi would sigh lightly, shaking his head as always, "Remember to open with more long distance assaults abel, ones that dont require alot of chakra." he would say, ducking out of the way, before flickering, only a short distance as the fire clone approaches. Hiroshi would simply side step, tripping the fire clone as it dispurses, "Open like this." he would say, throwing two shuriken at Abel, the small silver stars swirling in the air, whistling almost as they glide towards the Uchiha.

Using face thinking he would switch places with a fire clone would pushed him out of the way he would flip land and catch some of the last kunai across the face. The blood would run down the side of his face as he flipped threw more hands seals he would attack him with a powerful fireball and then he would dash in and attacked with about two kunaisone hidden behind the other.

Hiroshi smirk lightly chuckling almost, "Well atleast you got the long range part." he would say, bracing himself before a burst of chakra erupts from his body, the teen hyuuga would into a rapid spinning rotation as the chakra swirls begins to build, the fire being split into and dispersing, but abels assault did not end there. Hiroshi would have little time to recover before a barrage of shuriken were aimed at him. Taking two kunais from his side, the teen hyuuga would begin to spin again, as he parry the shuriken, knocking them all aimlessly to the ground. Each and everyone falling at his feet. "Wow, note to self, dont turn my back on you." Taking both kunai he would launch them at you now, watching them soar through the air aimed at you.

Abel would normally be able to dodge kunai but the one Hiro threw was like a super kunai Abel would be bleeding slightly as he blocked the kunai with his forearm he would take it Kunai out and would be smirking as he stood there he would start to flash threw more handseals. "Fire Style: Fire Bullet Barrage!" just then he would release a jet steam of fireballs. Using his speed he would jump into the air and waved threw more seals. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" one he landed he would release one more. "Take this Hiroshi!"

Hiroshi would wave his hand lightly, shaking his head at you, "come on abel, I am your teacher not your enemy." but his words would obviously fall upon death ears, the small Uchiha was playing for keeps. But this did not mean Hiroshi wasnt going to give it all he had, the teen hyuuga flipping and turning, almost as if he were dancing as he dodges the young Uchihas fire jutsu, "Ok coming in for a landing." he would say, dashing forward to strike Abel on his chest.

Strike wouldn't hurt much but it would be enough to knock the young Uchiha back he would land and smirked as he looked at Hiroshi and smirk as he started to breath heavy he would attack with a power barrage of fire style ninjutsu as he dashed at Hiroshi he would start off by flipping and sliding on the ground and attacked with a powerful Jutsu. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" this time he would shoot from from Hiroshi left side, right side and from above. "Damn you why is the distance between use so great?" is asked as he started to breath heavy.

Hiroshi would sigh lightly, scratching his long ebony hair only to find himself weatching abel perform a random round of hand seals, "Uh oh." would easily be said, as the large fireball erupts from the mouth of the Uchiha. Hiroshi can only gulp, sighing before he enters a more defensive stance, Dodging one fireball, "Hey….wait." but he would not get his words out, the second hot on his tail, he would dash forward, "Running running running running." he would say, again doding, and once more, almost dancing his way from the third. Only to peer at the stone area around him, the flames burning a small amount of debrees. "Oh bother."he would say moving to stomp the flames out.

"Damn you…You think I'm some type of joke." the young Uchiha would stand as he looked into the eyes of Hiroshi his fist clitched as he stood there he his hair blowing in the wind as he stood there, "Why is our strength so different..I train hard everyday and yet I can't land one hit on you!" is said as he pointed at Hiroshi Abel would place his hands into his pockets as he stood he would drape his head.

Hiroshi could only laugh shaking his head at his young apprentice, slowly walking over to him. "The reason being, is because in spars you fight to win, not to get stronger. Winning in a spar means nothing Abel, its the exprience you gain from it that means something, not the victory under your belt." he would say, standing next to you now, wrapping his arms over your shoulders."I have learned you prefer fire jutsu to anything else, you are a little fire starter, and the best way to defend against fire is with your own speed, and if so with chakra based jutsu. What have you learned from fighting me abel, I would hope it was something. As in I prefer to use my own speed, so prevent my movements, or legs from working." he would say chuckling.

"Damn you…why must you always be right." is said as Abel started to laugh slightly he would scratch his head as he stood stright up as he looked at Hiroshi with a smile on his face. "Sorry about going all out like that Sensei and your fast as hell I'm going to need sharingan inorder to watch your every move.

Hiroshi nods lightly, petting your head before turning to face Tsukiko, "Dont forget, Tsukiko has a known counter to your sharingan, her Mirror jutsu I believe would almost render it useless, just like my byakugan against her." he would say, beckoning both of you to approach him, "COme on, lets get some lunch you two, I got a craving for ramen with pork, and maybe a few dozen bowels of fried rice." he would say yawning lightly. As he passes by some more flaming debris, quickly putting them out before deading down the path.

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