Hot Springs Resort Defense


Noab, Akinori, Michiko, Hiei

Date: June 6, 2014


Konoha and Kumo ninja cooperate to take down a bandit gang with a peculiar focus.

"Hot Springs Resort Defense"

A resort in the Land of Hotsprings

B-rank: Bandits from the Land of Hotsprings have been terrorizing the lands and putting the various Hotspring resorts out of commission. It is stated that this bandit group has had shinobi training and can use taijutsu and ninjutsu. A well-organized team of Konoha ninja are asked to come to the Land of Hotsprings and end the Bandit threat once and for all.

Now this is a plum mission for a hardbitten old warhound too stubborn to go into retirement just yet. >) Combat with moderately tough bandits followed by a short stay in a hot springs resort as a bonus payment? What more could you ask for? Noab was certainly pleased to receive this assignment.
The team meets at one of the most prominent resorts. Ninja from both Konohagakure and Kumogakure have responded to this request, which is fine since they have an alliance. Noab gives a stiff half-bow as the two sides come together outside the facility. "Yotsuki Hiei-san, good to meet you again. I understand you've been elected head of your clan since I last saw you. You have both my congratulations and my sympathy." X) Noab gestures to Akinori. "This is my subordinate, Sarutobi Akinori, and in case you've forgotten, I'm Akimichi Noab."

Akinori's personage is seen right next to Noab as he'd give a two finger salute towards Hiei, a cigarette in between the two fingers as he eyes the one who he calls his friend. "Hiei, pleasure to see that Kumogakure's finest is accompanying us in this endeavor.. for that you have my thanks." He'd bow his head for a quick moment as he'd take a drag from his cigarette… pff. Subordinate, the old man acts like I'm some kind of… butler of his. No way that's gonna happen Noab, but I will come to your aid in time of need. "I'll be using the blades you forged for me in this mission, so my life hangs in your craft." He'd chuckle, taking another drag from his cigarette as he'd exhale it slowly. "Akimichi-sama, what's going to be the Order of Battle? or ORBAT if you'd like to call it.. surely a war veteran like yourself will give this mission a balance tip in our favor, is it not?" He'd drag once more from his cigarette, he places his arms crossed over each other as he'd hang the cigarette between his lips.. slowly listening to the conversation which will follow.

Hiei was surprised to be assigned this mission. Especially since it took place at a resort. He had traveled to many locations during his career as a shinobi, but never one quite so…pleasant. As he and Michiko meet up with Akinori and Noab, Hiei greets the leaf ninja with a bow of his own. "Of course I remember you, Akimichi-sama. And thank you. It came as a surprise to me as well." His blue eyes shift over to Akinori and he inclines his head to him as well. "Sarutobi-san. It's been awhile. I hope you've been well." A smirk. "Well, I had hoped you'd get some use out of your birthday gift. Trust me, those blades will serve you well. I'd stake my reputation on it." He then places his hand on Michiko's shoulder. "This is Michiko, my subordinate, and one of our most promising." He then crosses his arms over his chest. "So I understand that we're dealing with bandits here. And that they have shinobi training." The Yotsuki half-smiles. "Should be fun."

Michiko wasn't expecting to be on a mission that didn't have to do with pirates anytime soon, so she was, perhaps pleasantly?, surprised to find that she's been called to join Hiei on a mission that took place at a resort. As the Kumo Shinobi approach the ones from Konoha, Michiko is looking around at some of the various interesting sights until people start to speak. The genin gives a bow to each of the ninja in front of her and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you two, Akimichi-sama and Sarutobi-san." She's a bit uncertain how to address the two, so she just copies the suffixes Hiei uses. A faint blush may cross her cheeks when he mentions her skill, though she recovers quickly from the embarrassment. "Indeed, the upcoming mission will be very interesting, from what I can tell," she agrees.

Noab nods. "Seems like we've already got some established relationships in this group. Should make things easier." Noab clears his throat and gets down to business. "Our analysis shows that this resort is likely to be the next target for the bandits. Reports of previous hits highlight that they operate by having a single operative infiltrate and neutralize primary security from within, then the rest of the group rushes the gates and deals with whatever's left. Nobody's been able to figure out exactly how the infiltrator gets in without notice, though with ninja involved there are plenty of possibilities." Noab unslings his pack and places it by the front gate. "I'll be standing guard here, my earth manipulation abilities should be useful for rebuffing any assaults until we can get organized. The rest of you lucky lot get to guard the inner premises, by pretending to be ordinary guests. Go enjoy yourselves, but keep an eye out for the infiltrator and try to figure out how he might get in."

Akinori raises an eyebrow but slowly turns himself towards the gate, he'd stop next to Hiei. "It's only a small joke to ease the tension, Hiei. I know you always got my back, I think if I sleep in a private room here that I'd wake up with you basking in glory." He'd chuckle, tapping onto Hiei's right shoulder as he bypasses him into the resort. A final drag from his cigarette and he throws it onto the ground, leaving it there to die on it's own pace. He'd seem to be headed towards the cafe inside of the resort, placing himself next onto a stool near the counter as he'd seemingly order a cup of sake.

He'd turn himself onto the stool, slowly glancing around the cafe.. his eyes try to spot oddities, gas canisters, kunai, any sort of hidden blade or a sheath. He slowly turns on his stool towards the counter as he'd grab his cup, taking a deep swig from it as he continues to eye his surroundings.. leaning forward with his hoodie over his head, which reveals nothing except for his blonde hair sticking out by just a bit.

Hiei asides to Akinori. "Heh. I'd have to be full of tension first, Akinori." He punches him lightly in the shoulder before glancing over at Noab and nodding, indicating that he understood his instructions. He performs a handseal. "Transformation Jutsu!" There is a *poof* and some smoke before Hiei materializes as someone else. An unassuming, unarmed villager with nondescript features and clothing. He looks over at Michiko and winks before moving to head into the resort proper. If he couldn't identified as a shinobi, then perhaps the infiltrator will be more inclined to make his move sooner rather than later. "On a positive note, if he tries to get in using chakra…I'll know about it." He comments towards Michiko as he finds a place to post up so that he can keep watch.

Michiko gives a nod to Noab as she hears what he has to say on the whole situation. The more information the better prepared she could be, is what the genin has learned thus far. Of course, Noab also suggests that everyone should enjoy themselves while on watch, so she starts looking for the bookstore while Akinori heads to the cafe. Hiei's transformation before she separated him caused her to stop and think. Michiko looks down at herself, considering her clothes, and decides that the clothes are fine for now at least. She does, however, turn her Kumo forehead protector so the symbol is on the back of her neck and disguised by her hoodie. "That's a very smart move, Hiei-san," she replies before spotting the bookshop and heading inside. Once there, she browses through their selection, picking out one book and opening it to read. Despite her appearance, her guard is up very high.

For a good while, nothing much happens. Not too surprising, they have no way of knowing exactly when the bandits will strike, after all. :P But eventually, Hiei does sense some chakra use…something not terribly huge, but above resting levels for ninja. The funny thing is, it's coming from below, but it's moving too quickly to be underground fish projection or the like. c.c It twists this way and that beneath the large resort building, then begins to rise. Then it disappears, cloaking itself…but it's a good guess that it came up somewhere in the vicinity of the springs themselves.

Akinori's hand wraps around the cup, swigging the remaining sake down his throat as he'd remove himself from the stool. He'd pace his way towards the springs, casting an nod towards whichever friendly face he sees as he'd be continuing his patrol.. hands placed in his hoodie he snorts, eyeing the surroundings of the springs as he tries to pinpoint any odd behavior. He slowly retreats a bit backward towards a pillar near the springs, placing himself in a leaning motion against it as he'd ignite another cigarette.. dragging from it slowly. He feels strange.. he feels that something is happening here as he'd tense his shoulders and his arms just in case.. giving him a slight momentum boost in case he'd get spotted.

Hiei was hanging around the common area before something tickles the back of his brain. He sits up a little straighter as he senses something moving below him. Once it stops near the hot springs and then promptly vanishes, he stands up slowly..stretches casually, and heads off to find Michiko and Akinori. He comes across Michiko first in the library and motions for her to follow him. Running into Akinori as he's already making his way towards the springs, Hiei comments. "I sensed a higher than normal chakra level below the building. It stopped near the hot springs before it disappeared. I think it's probably our guy." As he talks, he's making haste towards the springs, but he's still in his henged form. No need to arouse suspicions just yet.

The genin is able to make it through about two books before things started to stir up. Michiko noticed when both Akinori and Hiei started to move, though to anyone observing her, she'd appear to be engrossed by what she was reading. She couldn't sense the chakra below that was racing towards the springs, but she was already putting whatever book it was she found back in its spot and out the library before Hiei even motioned to her. She nods a few times as she listens to Hiei's observations. "Do you think he's still at the hot springs?" she asks, the question open for either to answer.

Unfortunately, finding the intruder at this point isn't going to be easy. He could be any potted plant in the hallway, any face in the crowd, any shadow on the wall. :o It's especially hard to look for someone hidden when you're trying to avoid tipping your hand that you're looking. Leave it to little Michiko, though, to notice that a youth walking by dressed for dinner is leaving some rather moist footprints…
Meanwhile, a BOOM from outside indicates that Noab is probably dealing with some other malcontents. Maybe somebody should go give him a hand too?

After the explosion, several guests are starteling because of it. Akinori glances towards the disguised Hiei as he'd spread his lips apart. "I'll aid Akimichi-sama, you'll find the snake in here!" And with that, he'd move back inside as he'd track back towards the gate. He swiftly retrieves his trench knives from his pocket as he'd ready himself for combat, standing right beside Noab as he'd yell. "Are you allright Old vet?! Nothing broken I hope?" He'd grin, the cigarette still smoldering in between his lips as he'd eye the conflict in front of him.. His mouth corners spread from side to side, finally a chance to fight with the infamous Noab! Wondering what the old soldier can do on his day, perhaps he can learn from it.

For the life of him, Hiei doesn't see anything amiss in here. Maybe his senses were lying to him. He turns around in a circle slowly, attempting to find the source of what he felt earlier. When Akinori says that he was going to go help the old man, Hiei nods to him. "Be careful. Don't make me have to come save you." He winks at the leaf shinobi before turning to Michiko. "I'm not seeing anything and the chakra I felt earlier is completely gone. You got anything, Michi?" He wanders around a little, looking for anything that might be out of place. But it difficult when everything looks..normal.

Whether it was a stroke of luck or thanks to some actual skill, Michiko manages to spot some person's wet footprints and follows to the source: That being a young boy. "Good luck!" she tells Akinori before her words address Hiei. "There!" The genin points to the target, eyes following him from afar. "I think he's our culprit, Hiei-san." Her hands come together so she can focus some chakra, already prepared to give chase to this stranger.

Outside, Noab has raised a semi-circular earthen wall around the outside of the gate to block explosive tags. It seems the bandits believe in a full-on assault — or more likely, a loud, diversive assault to draw attention while their infiltrator sneaks up from behind. With that in mind, Noab glances suspiciously at Akinori as he runs up — until he opens his mouth. "Hrm, suppose you're the real Akinori-san," Noab mutters. e.U Noab forms a vertical slit in the wall big enough for one person to squeeze through. "We want to minimize the damage to this establishment, so we're going to take the fight to them rather than let them keep chucking explosives. Get out there and bash some heads in, I'll give covering fire from here." After Akinori goes out, Noab peers out and blows a big ball of flame, chasing the massed group of bandits down the mountainside. One particularly lithe bandit, probably a taijutsu specialist, tumbles around the blaze and comes after Akinori, swinging a chain with a curved blade on the end.
Back inside, the soggy-footed youth turns his head and gives a tcheh of annoyance as Michiko points him out. "I hate kids who notice everything." B/ He forms a few handseals, then spews out some water, which forms into a clone. The real one dashes off through the halls, while the clone pulls out a kunai and lunges at Michiko for a stab.

Akinori nods as he'd respond to the remark. "There's only one person who can be this stunning as me, Akimichi-sama." He'd dash towards the opening as his legs decide it was a good time to jump out of the vertical opening, his trench knives clenched vast as he'd emit a shout. "Are you ready to rum-ble?!" as he pounces down onto a somewhat unsuspecting attacker, quickly getting off him as he'd notice the blade coming towards him. His image gets hit, but reappears unscathed on the opposite side of the blade. "Welcome, allow me to be your tour guide to the world of PAIN!" he'd yell, quickly sprinting towards the taijutsu specialist as he'd send a chakra reinforced kick towards the aggressors knee. Afterwards both of his knives light up with a visible layer of chakra, as he'd attempt to slice the neck of the specialist in a tearing maneuver. He'd dash back towards he earthern wall after, readjusting his gaze as he seemingly glances over the "tactical" situation.

Hiei has learned to trust Michiko's instincts. So when she points the kid out, Hiei drops his henge. As the water clone forms, he has enough faith in Michiko's abilities to leave her there and give chase to the real guy. "Be careful Michiko." He says as he runs after the infiltrator. Hiei forms handseals as he runs. Lightning circles around his arms as he focuses his chakra and then releases one of his signature jutsus. "Lightning Release: Lightning Arc!" Small pricks of lightning form on his first two fingers before he extends his arm forwards as a lightning bolt zig-zags towards his target.

Michiko's eyes are on the infiltrator for as long as possible until there's a water clone going after her. Why does it have to be /water/ of all Jutsu??? She attempts to avoid the Kunai, but ends up getting a scratch on the arm. She curses softly under her breath and leaps back, performing a few handseals so that some fire can be bolted towards the water clone.

The taijutsu guy apparently isn't much used to people getting around the reach of his weapon. o.o; He gives a sharp cry as his knee is struck, buckling downward and falling easy prey to Akinori's knives. x.x The rest of the bandits shout and throw a couple more explosive tags, but from a range that's easy to dodge. "That seems to have put them in a cautious mindframe," Noab remarks, referring to the criminal gurgling his life out. "They're probably hoping their inside man will show up and turn the tables for them. They may run soon if nothing changes, let's try to catch them." Noab starts building up chakra for a big technique.
The water clone smirks as it draws blood. >) This is going to be easy after all, isn't — hey! The clone sizzles as a jet of flame strikes it. >.< Pfft, well, who cares about a little fire when you're MADE of wat — *SIZZLE* Ow, stoppit! DX As ineffective as fire may be, Michiko's prolonged and accurate assault soon causes the water clone to rupture and lose form. It collapses on the floor with a splash.
Finally, the real infiltrator turns a corner and heads toward the front of the resort, probably hoping to fulfill his mission with a quick backstab — or maybe just get the heck outta Dodge. :P Speaking of which, he jukes to the side as he estimates an attack incoming from Hiei — but the attack turns out to not be a straight-shot shuriken throw or anything of the like. "GYAAAHHH!" the infiltrator shouts as Hiei's lightning zaps him. >.<; "Geh, you guys are so annoying! Fine, you want a fight, you got it!" The infiltrator turns and leaps back toward Hiei, raising his arm high for a downward chop — but at the last second, his hand liquifies and forms into a blade of water! Huh, must be from that one weird clan in the Land of Water, that explains why his gang targets hot springs resorts and WHYAREWEPONDERINGTHISHIEI'SABOUTTOGETSLICED!!! O.O;

Akinori's visual appearance gets pierced through by the tags, only to reappear on top of the earthen wall." Akimichi-sama, full frontal assault on your mark?!" He'd grin, turning back towards the bandits in the hill as he builds up his chakra reserves as well. He'd prepare a set of kunai, holding them with his fingers inside the rings as he'd prepare his chakra for each and everyone.. gazing towards the targets in front of him. He'd take a small drag during the focus.. enjoyment is received from it. "Say, Noab.. did you see that guy's tongue through his neck? I swear it was like spazzing out for the time being!" He'd chuckle, a bit of blood is covering Akinori's cheek and dripping from it onto the ground as well.

When the guy he's chasing turns suddenly and attacks, Hiei puts on the brakes and tries to dodge all at the same time. It doesn't really work out well for him. That water blade cuts into his shoulder getting a hiss out of the Kumo Jounin. Hiei presses his hand to the wound as he takes a step back. "I offer you the chance to surrender. We don't have to do this." The Yotsuki turns his torso to the side, moving into a fighting stance. "But if you persist with this course of action, I will use lethal force." Hiei slides his foot forwards and moves quickly, he sends a lightning infused palm towards the guy's torso.

Noab snorts. "I've seen stranger, grosser things than that, though I generally didn't enjoy them. Maybe you should see a shrink when we get back." :P Noab finishes building up his chakra, and he squeezes out into the open. After forming a few handseals, he slams his palms into the ground. A sudden mudslide erupts from the ground in front of him and slurps down the mountainside. The bandits shout and bump into each other in a panicked attempt to turn tail and run, but they don't get very far before the chakra-infused mud catches up and wraps around their ankles. "All yours, Akinori-san," Noab says. "Try not to have //too/ much fun." e.U

Akinori swiftly jumps into the air, the wall gave him the little boost to reach the airspace above the fine culprits as he'd hang above them like an soaring swallow. He'd descend rather fast, his blades forming quite a huge wing span as he'd slice await the perfect moment… wait for it… Waaaaait for it.. NOW! Akinori's hands together with the chakra infused trench knives split from side to side, the chakra increasing the length of the blade by an impressive feat as he'd try to slice all of the misfits with one go.. the ones standing in the inner circle would probably be decapitated while the ones who are far away might just survive with a single scratch.. if they dodged it, of course.

The infiltrator facing Hiei snerks while his body bends fluidly around the electric strike. "You don't get to say that while already attacking!" The infiltrator swings his arm down at Hiei's neck like a fluid whip, then brings a leg up at his midriff in a similar lashing motion. Then he tries to dart off down the hallway again. >.<

Hiei says, "It's still valid, man." When he attacks, Hiei leans backwards so that the attack misses his neck, but his movement allows him to get nailed in the gut. He growls faintly from the pain. "Alright. I gave you a couple chances. No more mister nice shinobi." Hiei puts on a burst of speed as he quickdraws the two chakra swords on his back. He swings his katana, flipping the blade to the blunt side before striking out with both blades at once.

The bandits outside have pretty much no means of avoiding Akinori's aerial assault. D8 Noab watches grimly as the bloodbath proceeds, but only because he knows better than to take his eyes off an enemy until he's sure they're dead. e.U It ain't a pretty job, but somebody's got to do it.
The infiltrator bends almost cartoonishly as he runs, putting his midriff out in front of the rest of his body to avoid Hiei's initial strike. "Hah! You'll never hit me in a million — " Then the twin-sword attack snips through his stretched torso like a pair of scissors. *.* The Hozuki collapses, the liquified part of his body splashing into nothingness and leaving the other 'halves' leaking blood on the floor. Erk, maybe it's lucky Michiko isn't here to see this. c.c
At any rate, the ninja thief gang has been efficiently neutralized and our heroes have earned a mini-vacation at a grateful resort. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


The shinobi bandit gang which targeted hot springs resorts (see +bbread 14/76) was neutralized by a joint team of Konohagakure and Kumogakure ninja. One of the gang members was a rogue Hozuki, who used his clan's hydrification abilities to infiltrate the resorts through the springs themselves and sow terror from within. The Hozuki's body dissolved shortly after death, so no clan secrets have been compromised.

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