Hot Tea, Kusagakure Tea House


Yoshi, Tsukiko

Date: November 28, 2010


Yoshi and Tsukiko share some tea and converation.

"Hot Tea, Kusagakure Tea House"

Village Entrance - Blossom [Kusagakure]

Village Entrance - Blossom [Kusagakure]

Reaching the inside of the village the sights and sounds from within just come alive as the flora rich areas from the outside are now replaced with the sights of adults and children wandering around throughout. The structures of this small village appear hutlike, with a few notably larger buildings set further in the distance. Greeted by entering the village, the smell of fresh flowers and newly cut grass spreads throughout. There is a large tree set right at the center of the village entrance, its bark thick with the roots protruding out of the gravel pathway. This tree provides a perfect degree of shade.


The sun over Kusagakure shine high in a partly cloudy sky and a light breeze flew over the area. The village center was bustling with people from all over who had set up stands for wares due to the world ninja tournament, so there were many people shopping or passing. One young lady was posted at an outside seating area of a tea house, with a steaming cup of tea on the table. The exotically mature eyes of the woman seemed to stare out at the are observing the people, an activity otherwise known as people watching, yet this was people watching for a purpose. Though her attention returns to a cup of tea, and she takes one sip and places the cup down. It was known to her that the best way to enjoy a cup of tea was sip by sip.

Tsukikowalks through the crowd, as one of the hustling and bustling tourists/customers. She finds her way to the tea shop as well, seeking a place to rest and relax. She finds a seat near Yoshi and settles back. She takes the time between her sitting and a waitress apporaching to catch her breath

Yoshi notices many of the people and things that make them unique, as well as some pretty entertaining exploits of a nearby merchant trying to lure customers with a ridiculous show of stand up humor. She lets out a laugh and looks around, noticing the young Konoha-nin come to the tea house. She thought it was pretty funny as well that the girl was seeking a place to rest in all this commotion. She offers the girl a warm smile and says "I guess the tea house is the best place to find some peace and quiet…" Letting out a light chuckle, she nods and returns to her cup, taking another soothing and engaging sip.

Tsukiko looks over to the woman who spoke and smiles in response. "I suppose so. Tea houses usually are, I mean.. well.. I only know a couple tea houses, but they are usually pretty nice.. and theres not much else unless I wanted to go to the rooftops." She looks up to the waitress and nods politely to her. She orders the cheapest tea they have before looking back to Yoshi, "Are you from Kusagakure?"

Yoshi found the girl to be kind and well mannered, if not have some tendencies of a young one. She shakes her head "I am not from Kusagakure." She says "No, I have no village to call home. I am a traveler." There were many reasons for one to become a traveler "I am from a village far, far away…" She says with a silky tone "I call the road home now." She says with a nod and musters a cheery grin for Tsukiko. "I am Yoshi, what is your name?"

Tsukiko offers a slight bow for propriety sake. "I am Tsukiko.. Abe Tsukiko.. from Konohagakure" She looks out a the crowd a moment before glancing back. 'Are you here to watch the tournament?"

Yoshi takes another sip of tea, she was drinking green tea with an emerald jade color. "Very nice to meet you, Tsukiko!" She says rather happily. A nod is given to the girl "Yes, I heard there was to be a world ninja tournament, so I thought that I could learn a lot from watching the matches." Letting her statement settle and taking a breath she says "Have you come here to watch the tournament as well? Are you a genin?" She asks, obviously even the young ones could enter the tournament, wich she had failed to assume once before.

Tsukiko ohs, "I am here for the tournaments, but not just to watch them. I am here to participate. I am fighting in the junior division and yes, I am a genin." She smiles proud of her position and that she is still in the tournament. She glances to the waitress who brought her tea and bows politely again. "thank you, miss" She says softly. She lifts the tea cup and softly takes a sip before setting it down again.

Yoshi sips tea and ponders for a bit, before saying "That is very impressive, I guess you needed to practice a lot to get to where you are today." She knew that was the truth for anyone. Then pursing her lips a bit and tapping her finger on the table it was as if she had something to get off of her lips. Letting a breath out she says "I have met another young ninja, who is also in the tournament. His name is Okumo Meruin, from Kirigakure. Have you met him in the arena?"

Tsukiko nods. "The matches are double elimination. He is my only loss so far and Now i have to face him again in the finals. I spent most of the morning practicing.. I just.. well.. needed to relax.. get my mind back together. Rest and focus can be as important as the training itself. I hope you watch our match." She looks to her tea and takes another sip

Yoshi listens to Tsukiko and puts a thoughtful hand on her chin. "I see…That is an impressive record, Tsukiko-chan!" She liked to give others words of encouragement. "I am sure to see your battle with Meruin, then. I will be there." She gives it a moment or two but then says "I will be learning a lot about your abilities, I assume. Is there anything you would like to tell me before the match, so I will know what I'm in for?" She asks, leaning in a bit. She didn't want to make the girl nervous but she says "I will be taking notes, in fact I am here to do research for my own personal records. Is it possible for you to tell me everything about your last match?" She draws from her large pack sitting nearby, a journal and a pen.

Tsukiko ohs softly, getting shy at the attention. She uhms, "my last match?.. uhm.. I think there was something wrong with him. He began acting strengely part of the way through and he began acting erratic. none of my doing. I still don't know what happened." She chews her lip, "uhm.. as for meruin and I, we are both wind users…. and he uses spiders and I use mirrors." She knows all of this is public knowledge, so she hs no problem offering this information.

Yoshi nods, and scribbles notes accordingly as she listens to Tsukiko's record of the match. It was good to hear from the source, and in fact she had not known since she was not privy to the information of ninjas even if they were public amongst each other. She did however gain intelligence in other ways as she proved so now. Continuing to nod and scribble notes, she says "Thank you, that is all I need. Interesting, such a strange boy, don't you think?" Giving Tsukiko a sly yet humorous look, she lets out a nice laugh. "What kind of tea did you get?"

Tsukiko nods. "He is.. and a dangerous opponent.. he's very methodical and.. uhm.. pretty dark. Oh.. my tea.. it was just the cheap house blend, but its pretty good. so.. uhm.. your research.. do you sell your research to other villages?" Straight to the point

Yoshi shakes her head at Tsukiko "I share my research with anyone who required it, yet I do not share information that I learned is explicitly secret…It is my mission, and I take it very seriously, so I will not step over the code of ethics, for it is an elite mission for my people. Though I claim the road as my home, I will one day return to my home village."

Tsukiko ohs softly and nods. She makes a note to not share any information that might be used against her in the future. Of course, all the information could be gleaned from watching her match fights anyway. She is still young and more cautious than she probably should be right now. "well, I hope your village and mine will be allies when that happens."

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