Second Promotion Exams - How It’s Going to Be: Naru vs. Daisuke


Naru, Daisuke, Gir (emitter)

Date: December 10, 2012


Naru and Daisuke are called to battle with an unexpected conclusion.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - How It’s Going to Be: Naru vs. Daisuke"

The Dammed Arena

The current proctor of this match was anything, but exciting. He just sat there with a slouch, not looking as if he were planning on stepping into anything if need be. Just a large mass of lame that was too busy thinking of napping to really put thought elsewhere. He'd be alerted that the barrier was set to go and everything was in order to start to match.

He'd be told this five more times….

Akimichi Bo, was a boring man. "Hmm. Oh?" Scratching his big belly, he makes no effort to be loud. "Senju Naru, Uchiha Daisuke. Come on in…" Another long yawn as he doesn't seem to catch his mix up, despite the angry words coming from the crowd. 'Mmmm, they hate these two a lot it seems.' Just like he hated being awake. His head nods a few times and then his eyes shut.

Narusegawa couldn't say she was actually looking forward to this fight, her mind set had changed from wanting to get the exams over with rather than the original intention of leaving her mark at the exams. Narusegawa yawned quietly from the stands as she heard her name announced, though she did note the mix up. Her lips lightly tightened and curled at the thought of being a Senju, but nevertheless she pushed herself from her seat and throrew herself into the air, leaping down into the arena below with a light /thud/. Her raven locks of hair bounced by her shoulder blades as she stirred herself up into a stand, dusting herself off in the process. "It's Uchiha Narusegawa," Naru corrected the proctor, waiting now for who was to come next…

It was the Third examination again, it all seemed so familiar yet new. The defending champion of Sunagakure had his first matchup today, would he be able to retain his title? Only time would tell.

'I'm doing this' Daisuke thinks as he walks out on the arena stage, heading for the proctor. That familiar feeling of being surrounded by a crowd of people cheering and jeering brings back memories of his victory in Sunagakure. <As long as you've thought this through completely.

You know I never like backing down. At least it doesn't mar our undefeated record if we don't actually fight.> thinks the voice from within, causing Daisuke to smirk and shake his head lightly.

Ever since the announcement of the brackets of fighters was announced Daisuke had been in a nitrogen-poor mood. Today he just seemed blah, definitely not his usual super energetic self. 'We will have plenty of time to impress the ladies in the next exam, hopefully in a better location as well. I have no reason to show off in this land.' thinks the young Senju which just gets a chuckle in response. <Alright kid, I'm going to sleep.>

Once Daisuke arrived in the area the fighters start, he looks towards Naru for but a fleeting moment. Within that moment his resolve strengthens even more, the mere presence of the girl able to do that. In front of the hundreds of people in attendance, mostly all booing them anyway for their affiliation, he turns to the proctor and, with a half smile, he simply states. "Akimichi proctor-san, I have no interest whatsoever in a match with this girl. I concede my victory to Uchiha Narusegawa. Let's not keep the crowd waiting on another match."

Without a well wish to his opponent or any acknowledgement at all, he had come and fulfilled his purpose, and was almost certain to be spared a promotion now, so he would have plenty of time in the next tournament exams. <Well kid, at least you didn't back down. I couldn't say I would've done that instead of beating her up, though> says the voice from within, sounding almost proud even though Daisuke knew he was disappointed. 'When we get home we will go out and find someone super strong and on the wanted list to beat up to make up for it, don't worry Son.' Daisuke assures him. Without another word and but a brief eye contact with Naru in which his eyes showed a general disinterest, Daisuke walks towards the exit to leave the match, starting to make plans to head back home to his Aunt.

Bo, pays no mind to what Naru says since he was partially asleep at the time. Her words do manage to wake him up though. He eyes her looking confused as his brow scrunches together and his bottom lip juts out. "Eh? You look too pretty to be fighting, have you tried cooking… you look like a good cook. You should…" Bo yawns, "Cook for me." He does a simple nod, digging his pinky into his ear as he watches Daisuke come in. His mouth opens, about to comment on how Daisuke looked like a real ninja until he concedes defeat.
"Ah, I understand." Bo flicks whatever he managed to get on his pinky away. "Good a gentleman, I wouldn't want to hit her either. Mmmm." He gets up and stretches, "She is the winner." He points one fat finger at Narusegawa and turns around . "Mmm. Quick pay. Fast food… Long nap." The quick comment on his future plans are the last that is heard of the ambitious Akimichi.

"A cook? Huh? I'm honestly probably the worst cook you could have quite frankly.." Narusegawa commented to the Akimichi, honestly a bit more comfortable with his presence rather than some proctor from another village, her attention soon stirred once Daisuke made his apperance. A sweat drop trickled down Naru's cheek as the comments had hit home, she was expecting something a little more exciting rather than waltzing out of her first battle unchallenged, she was more so baffled by Daisuke conceding the match, she though him at all people had a strong intention to slam her face into the dirt.

" So that is how it's going to be then?" was Narusegawa's only comment as she shrugged her shoulders, she really didn't appear to be too bothered by moving up the chain. This situation only gave her more time to prepare for what was to come. After being declared victor she merely shrugged her shoulders and began to move on, she didn't understand why Daisuke decided to concede the fight, but moving forward was all she cared about at this point. After some time she began to trail in the other direction, moving off the arena grounds disappearing within the competitor's exit.

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