How to Open the Gates


Eremi, Renai

Date: December 7, 2014


Eremi begins to teach Renai how to use the Chakra Gates.

"How to Open the Gates"

The Waterfall, Land of Fire


A large waterfall that streams into a massive pool. Surrounding this beautiful location are green trees and lush bushes. The element of nature seems plentiful here, as deer and even predators come here in a neutral alliance to drink from these waters. The waters of the waterfall crash onto large rocks, causing a faint mist to surround it. The pool is a dark blue color, signifying how deep it is. The true depth of the water is unknown.





South-East - (SE) [The River]

East - (E) [Path to River]

A new day had arrived and after what Renai had told Eremi, the mans hand was now forced. No longer could he keep the secrets, the power, the curse of the Eight Gates from the girl. He had promised to protect her in any way he could and now that she had decided to leave Kirigakure, a village known to quickly and without any form of restraint kill those that have decided to leave their ranks, he had no choice.

When the sun rose in the distance, Eremi would lead Renai out of Kadomai and back through the forests in the Land of Fire. He wouldn't tell her why, wouldn't say anything really. He was silent through their departure, offering short answers if the girl decided to talk to him. In the distance the roar of the waterfall would be heard and that was their destination. Made clear as he finally stopped at the edge of the waters.

As is typical, Renai follows him without question. She would talk a bit about her day and some weird old man she met and about helping that lady she bumped into carry her laundry back and forth last week and well.. be met mostly with silence. Which is okay. He does that sometimes and she's been known to be quiet toward people back when she was home when she didn't want to talk about what was on her mind. Which means he must be thinking about something pretty serious.

When they get to the waterfall, Renai walks ahead a few steps to the edge of the water. She splashes a bit on her face, drinks a tiny bit to wet her mouth since she's been talking so much, and then returns to him, looking to his face. Now that he seems to have stopped, she expects him to want to talk or something.

Eremi would stare out amongst the waters for a few moments, letting his own silence linger while the noise of the area took over. After a while, a sigh would escape his mouth before he shifted his gaze slightly to Renai, "I went and had a conversation with Atsuro, an old sensei of mine from Konoha. We talked for a time over drinks and in doing so it only made me realize that I wanted to be back in Konoha more than I thought I did. So I might be returning."

He'd look to see how her expression would change before staring off at the waters once again. "I can't ask you to join me. I won't. I'd like it if you did, but I'd understand if you didn't want to. You were raised in Kirigakure, it's what you know. It might not be your home anymore, but joining Konoha might make it awkward for you I imagine." The hands at his sides would clench it to fists, "It's because of this, I can't protect you anymore like I'd want to. It's because of this I'm going to teach you how to unlock the Chakra Gates."

With his first revelation, there's a brief flinch of something more serious, either confusion or sadness, but which is unclear. Then, she starts to smile. It's a genuine expression. She knows he's wanted to come back, even if that had never really been a possibility for him. Of course, it means bad things for her, because, well.. He reads her thoughts.

She nods in agreement with him when he says that joining Konoha would be awkward for her. Renai doesn't /hate/ Kirigakure and holds no malice toward her former village nor the Mizukage. She just can't /be/ there anymore. It isn't where she belongs.

She looks away as she listens to him, but when he mentions teaching her the Chakra Gates, her head snaps back. Renai studies Eremi for a long moment, reading his expression. Then, in a quiet voice, she asks, "Are you sure?"

Eremi nodded his head slowly. He wasn't sure, but again, what choice did he have. "Someone taught me how to use the gates, and I've only taught it to one other person. There aren't any requirements for unlocking any of the gates, but because of the power that it gives to the user, even unlocking just the first of the eight gates can cause severe and sometimes irreversible damage to the body."

Turning fully now to look at Renai, "The first gate is located in the brain and by opening it, removes the restraints that limit a person to only using 20% of their muscles and allows 100% of muscle use. Because of this, it is important that you train your body daily to be able to withstand the strain that the gates will impose on your body. Each gate causing greater stress until the final gate. The gate of death. You can't train your body for that one. Opening it means death and it is located in the heart."

Normally the slightly immature, rushing into danger type, Renai grows absolutely serious when he nods and begins to explain. Meruin told her what Eremi uses to gain so much power. She's unsure how the Mizukage knows, but he did. And she has seen him afterwards, tired and exhausted. It's dangerous and she completely believes him. Teaching her is a double edged sword and Renai knows that as well. Knowing this stuff can help her dramatically, but if she isn't wise, it can kill her.

The girl nods attentively. "The first gate is in the head. Must train every day. The eighth gate will kill me so .. don't open that one." She nods again seriously. Training everyday has been a bit of an issue lately, but she is determined to make it happen so she doesn't let him down by inadvertedly killing herself. "How do you go about opening them? Is it hand seals or just meditation.. or something else?"

"It is through meditation, yes. At least that's how I was taught. I can't imagine there being another way of opening them." It was something Eremi hadn't thought about before, he just accepted it as it made sense. "Each of the gates are located along the chakra pathway system It's through meditation and in a way, chakra control, that you are able to open the gates."

A hand would raise and lift over toward a rather large rock that crested just above the surface of the water. "That's where you will meditate. You must focus and feel for the gates located along the tenketsu points on the chakra system. Don't worry about opening the other gates by accident. If you can't open the first, you won’t' be able to open the second or even the eighth."

Renai's eyes follow the motion of his hand to fall on the rock he points out. She nods and then looks back to him with a light smile. "Thank you.. Eremi. I know this isn't something you really wanted to share with me and I have.. forced you into it. I'm sorry for that. I didn't do it to make you teach me. Honestly. Just.. Well. Thank you." She moves as if she's going to hug him and then stops. Instead, Renai bows to Eremi, formally, like a student to her sensei.

Raising, she looks back to the rock. "Do you want me to start now?" If there's anything she can do, it's use and mould chakra. But sensing out tenketsu points.. That's different. She knows they are there, can feel them from time to time, but focusing on them? That is an entirely new and foreign concept to her.

Eremi would return the bow to Renai, a smile on his face as he straightened up. "Well.." At a loss for words, "Yeah. I guess if you don't want to, yet, that's fine." Scratching at the back of his head awkwardly, "I mean, if you wanted to do it later, you don't even have to do it on that rock. You could meditate anywhere. I don't imagine it'll be something you get right away. You could start now and finish another time or…whatever, but so long as you know how, I've given you a nudge in the right direction."

Her grin widens as he seems to be uncertain about things. She can't help but giggle a little. "Sensei says meditate on a rock so Renai meditates on a rock!" Renai's eyes sparkle and she points at him in a belligerent fashion. "Sensei must go do sensei things while his student works hard!" She sticks her tongue out at Eremi cutely and then sprints off. She moves across the top of the water easily and then plops down on the rock in a stereotypical meditating fashion. It takes her a good ten minutes to actually /get into/ meditation having gotten herself all hyper with the antics, but the water around her helps as do the sounds of nature. Once she's there though, she looks rather serene.

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