How to Save a Life pt. 2


Daisuke, Yasuo

Date: March 24, 2016


Daisuke is a bit bored with book reading and sets up a hands on training session with Yasuo in the Diagnosis Technique.

"How to Save a Life pt. 2"

Konohagakure Hospital

Daisuke had been studying the books that Kenta gave him a month ago and, to be honest, they were getting a bit dry. He felt it was time to get some hands on training, and who better than someone not Kenta for a different take on medical ninjutsu. No offense to Kenta, of course, but to get different takes on similar jutsu can lead to all sorts of cool ideas springing up. And so, a few days ago, Daisuke had sent word to one Hyuuga Yasuo, asking him that, on his next night shift at the hospital, he spare some time to perhaps teach him a bit about a particular technique within the medical field, the ability to diagnose.

Most of Yasuo's shifts are pretty boring. He's basically there for emergency purposes because he can literally see through walls and check on patients without having to wake them up or interact at all. The interactive duties other than lifesaving measures are easily left to the nurses. Having received word of the Hokage's request, the Hyuuga would make his way to the offices in the hospital and knock at the door to see if Daisuke has arrived yet. "Hokage?" he asks simply, keeping his voice low enough to be heard but no rouse any patients down the hall.

"Right here." says a voice from behind Yasuo, Daisuke only arriving at the same time as Yasuo. "Sorry if I'm late, a lot of paperwork came by the office today." he explains as he waits for Yasuo to head into the offices before he would follow. "Basically, I've become interested in medical ninjutsu and the potential to mix such knowledge with my own unique techniques. So I have been asking our knowledgeable medical staff to set me on the right path. Kenta has giving me lots of books and a brief training in how to insert your own chakra into someone else and be able to discern muscle, bone, etc. And for the last week….just been reading books over and over. I need some hands on."

Looking back at Daisuke, Yasuo nods in greeting then turn to head into the office while he listens to the Hokage's description of what it is he's wanting to learn. "Well, I can teach you some basic things, but most of my techniques rely on Byakugan. In that manner I'm able to heal through Taijutsu using much less chakra than most Medical Ninja. Still, I did have to learn the basic concepts to be able to create my personal style… What is it you'd like to practice?"

"I figured they would revolve around those eyes, but I'm only looking for some basic stuff." Daisuke confirms as he finds a seat in the office and settles in. "Maybe something like simply being able to diagnose a person's injuries, depending on how long that takes. I don't want to take up too much of your night shift, of course." he suggests with a smile, looking around the office briefly as he awaits an answer.

"Simple enough," Yasuo says, nodding to Daisuke. He moves to a seat across from Daisuke and takes a seat before he starts to explain. "There is a Diagnostic Jutsu that suits your needs. It's almost like a cheap version of chakra sensing in how it works. Basically, you put your hand on your patient and send a pulse of chakra through their body, using the feel of the movement of your chakra to figure out what sort of injuries or illnesses they may have. I personally have mastered it enough to use my Byakugan to pick out these things, but you'll need to do it the old fashioned way."

Daisuke listens intently as Yasuo explains the technique, beginning to see where Kenta was going in the direction of his training a week ago. "Ah, I see. I guess it is nice to have the ability to X-ray patients wherever you are, huh?" he says with a chuckle. "Got any spares?" he jests at the end before waving his hand at the poor joke. "The old fashioned way, huh? It has been awhile since I have used the old fashioned way for anything, I guess it could be refreshing." he says as he places his hand out, showing he is ready for direction.

"Even if I did, I'd probably get killed for sharing them," Yasuo replies with a smirk, perhaps unsure if Daisuke is aware that he is the one that removed Yuuki's eyes before she left the village. "I'll demonstrate a few times for you. Close your eyes and try to feel how this works." With that he reaches over to put a hand on the Kage's shoulder, sending a pulse of chakra through his body to read his health, followed by two more in close successionn but slowly enough to allow him to feel what's happening.

"I'm sure the Hokage would be a worthy enough outsider…. No? Oh well." Daisuke says with a laugh, answering his own question to prove it was only a joke. As Yasuo shifts into demonstration mode, Daisuke does as he asks and closes his eyes, making sure he was focusing enough on his other senses to be able to feel what Yasuo does. He feels the pulses, though at his stage of medical knowledge he can only assume that they were somehow giving Yasuo a read on Daisuke's health due to the name of the technique. "How am I, doc?"

"Sometimes I'm fairly certain I'm considered an outsider among them," Yasuo retorts with a smirk, though it's hard to tell how much of that is actually a joke. At the question, he withdraws his hand and says, "You seem to be in fine physical condition. What I suggest is that you find different specimens to try this on, maybe some even blindfolded so you can test the information you're reading and learn how to tell what's what."

"I wouldn't put too much thought into being an outsider. The Hyuga clan is a very hard bunch to penetrate the social bubble with. As someone who has recently joined Konohagakure, tensions, or at least a feeling of mistrust or distance are not abnormal." Daisuke says to Yasuo as they work, whether he was joking or not. "Ok, so I send chakra pulses through the body, similar to the way I do so through the earth to locate things. And what am I looking for exactly? So that I can start practicing without having to come back and bug you." he asks.

"Abnormalities from normal structure and function," Yasuo answers simply, or maybe not s simply. "Basically it lets you detect injuries and illnesses, but you're going to have to do a lot of studying to be able to pick out some things. Still, some normal practice finding cuts, bruises, and breaks would help. Maybe check out the outpatient emergency clinic where shinobi come in with minor injuries."

Daisuke nods his head, figuring he had some work to do before he can get this technique down. "I see. I will do that, thanks. I hope they wont mind me snooping around a bit." he says with a chuckle. "I'll let you get back to your shift. I'll buy you a few drinks sometime soon to repay you. Thanks again for the advice. I'm off to try to figure this thing out. I feel like, once I get this down, I will be able to do a lot more hands-on training rather than stare at books all day."

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