How To Treat Internal Injuries


Kenta, Hige, Kyuketsuki

Date: February 17, 2015


Kyu stumbles into the hospital after getting injured in a spar. Since Kenta had promised to give Kyu some medical lessons earlier, he walks the Genin through some of the simple ways to identify and treat internal injuries while he patches up Kyu.

"How To Treat Internal Injuries"

Konoha - Hospital

Kyu stumbles in, holding his stomach and panting. His chin also has a rather obvious bruise on it "Oh.. Kenta, hey.." Kyu coughs slightly but smiles at him. "Remember your promise of teaching me Medic-nin stuff?"

Kenta looks up when Kyu stumbles in. He had just entered the small medical room a few minutes ago to restock the supplies in there. Trust someone to have found him already. The young man looks Kyu up and down. "Ummm… sparring again or just came in from a mission?" he asks. Kenta retrieves a pair of clean latex gloves from a box, which he pulls on with loud snaps. "Let me see what's wrong with you and I might be able to show you what to do to treat it next time." He gestures for Kyu to sit down on one of the beds.

Hige is in the hospital as well but he pauses at the door when he sees Kenta. Eh. "You'll be fine Kyu. I'll just…go." He'll just have to bandage himself up or something.

Kyu nods and goes to the bed and has a seat. Most of the damage to him had been to the gut, causing him to have a nauseous feeling and look. He manages to not throw up though and sits patiently, waiting for Kenta to examine his wounds, he carefully removes his cloak and places it on the bed, making sure Nona is undisturbed by the movement, she isn't but she also wasnt and isnt asleep. But watching the world around her with curious eyes.

Kenta glances towards the door and gives Hige a little shake of his head. "Don't worry, Hige. You won't disturb us. You can come in too and wait for me to finish treating your friend. Some of the things that you might learn watching this could come in handy anyway." The medic-nin beckons for Hige to enter. Then, he turns his attentive gaze back onto Kyu. "Ummm… lots of blunt trauma. I bet that you guys were sparring again. It's that type of injury… Well, the first thing that I would worry about in this type of case is internal bleeding. The fact that you're bruised already means that there's some bleeding inside the flesh itself, but that's not nearly as dangerous as bleeding inside the gut or other organs."

Hige doesn't seem thrilled by this development but doesn't leave. Yet. He doesn't exactly come further in either, instead leaning against the door frame. He winces a bit at the kunai bite in his shoulder and shifts to keep from opening it enough to bleed more, leaning the other way.

Internal damage didn't sound good to Kyu "Yeah, we were sparring. It was a two on one… I wasn't the 'one' and I still got way more beat me up." He looks at Hige with a smirk. "At least I left a few burn marks." Kyu chuckles a little then coughs in pain. "anyways, how do you check for internal damage?"

"It's not too hard to spot," Kenta says. He starts to gently press on Kyu's stomach. "Not only will it hurt a lot, but you'll also feel like there's a lot of pressure in your gut. If it's -very- bad, you might notice that your stomach is started to get bloated and discolored a lot worse than a bruise. There might not be any give at all when you press down on it. Like it's too filled up with blood." Kenta stops talking for a second. He glances at Kyu's face to see if he scared the boy too much. "Ummm… it's not so bad this time. But there's probably a little bit of internal bleeding consider how bruised you are." Kenta glances towards Hige, "I guess you were the one that the two were against."

"Mmhmm." Is Hige's only response as he watches in relative silence. Great, here comes another lecture about going too far in a spar and blah blah blah…he's heard it all before. Not that he was even trying to do that much this time around. It's not like he used his claws and tsuga'd him or something. Hige glances back down the hallway he'd come in, wondering how long it would take to get to the exit if Kenta started in.

Kyu smiles a bit at Kenta, then at Hige, wincing as Kenta touched his bruises, "He was holding back. A lot. But I should be thanking him. I got to learn, and practice a new jutsu. And how do you, uh.. fix something like this?" Kyu says nervously, ready to listen to complicated medicnin talk, he would try to retain the information and listen carefully to everything Kenta said. He watched Kenta expectantly

Kenta prods Kyu's belly a few more times before he pulls his hand back. "It'll be a good idea to learn more defensive techniques, if you're going to spar someone like Hige. He's very good at taijutsu, so he's dangerous to let through your guard, even if he's holding back." Kenta glances sideways towards Hige. "Maybe you should teach evasion tactics as part of the sparring." Then, he returns his attention to Kyu. "Ummm… I'd just take care of this with medical jutsu, but you won't be able to do that yourself. So you want to find medicine or bring some with you that'll help with internal bleeding. Bilberry is a good one. Yarrow is good and it's common. You can get powdered versions in apothecaries. Umm… you can also try cayenne, but that's less pleasant and you don't want to swallow too much."

"He's a ninjutsuist." Hige replies softly. Well that wasn't as much of a tongue thrashing as he expected. Hige glances out the hallway again however, not really feeling like dealing with Kenta at the moment. Especially not where other people can see how much the medic dislikes him. He pushes off the door frame and runs a hand through his hair, wincing a bit as it stretches the kunai wound and his burns. Burn cream, that's what he needs. And some bandaging. He can do that himself.

Kyu listens carefully to Kenta and takes a mental note of Yarrow and Bilberry. "Bilberry and Yarrow. Got it." When he hears Hige say that he's a ninjutsuist he starts to speak "Gen-" but cuts himself off, realizing he only knows one technique that is genjutsu. "I do have a defensive technique, and its proven quite effective before, just.. Hige's too quick for even that. And accurate." Kyu looks down at his bruised stomach "Its kinda like he knows where I am even if I use genjutsu to hide me or distract him. Although it could just be lucky guessing."

Kenta nods towards Hige. "You'll know what he needs to look out for too, which is important. Taijutsuist have specific ways of dealing with Ninjutsuist and Genjutsuist. If you can show him what type of tactics -you- would use, he learn to anticipate the moves and figure out ways to block them. Umm… why don't you sit down too. I'll tend to your wounds after I finish with Kyu."

Kenta lifts a hand to rub at the back of his head, but stops before his fingers reaches his hair. He's wearing latex gloves in the first place, so that his hands will be clean. "Ummm… Kyu, if you're bleeding inside, you'll want to protect yourself from more trauma. A thick layer of bandages binding the area might help, especially with a poultice of comfrey and yarrow. You also want to take things easy and not strain yourself, because that can make things worse. If you're bleeding -too- badly, like I first described, you need to draw out some of the blood before the increasing pressure can burst parts of you inside. But that really requires someone trained in that type of thing, so try to locate a medic. Umm… and you might want to take some willowbark for the pain. And ginger for an upset stomach."

As Kenta explains to Kyu, Hige steps out of the room silently and turns to walk towards the hospital exit. No, he'll take care of himself instead of subjecting Kenta to his presence, even if it does hurt. At this point he figures he's doing Kenta a favor by not hanging around. Talk about confused.

Kyu listens to Kenta as best he can but starts to look a little lost. "So.. Bandages.. uh. Dont move around alot. Some stuff that I can't do and I need to find a real medicnin. Uhh…" Kyu stares at Kenta with a lost look. "Can you show rather than tell? I'm more of a visual learner."

Kenta nods his head at Kyu. "Umm… sure." He moves away from the younger shinobi to rummage around in the shelves. His brows furrow for a second when he realizes that Hige is no longer in the room. Why does Hige dislike him so much? The question that bounces through his mind makes a sad expression appear on Kenta's face. He sighs softly and keeps rummaging. Eventually, he comes up with several bottles, which he brings back to Kyu. "I have some yarrow powder here and some bilberry extract." He sets the bottles down, so that he can get a glass of water next. Then, the medic-nin shows Kyu how to mix everything together. "If you can't bring bottled herbs with you, you'd want to learn how to identify the wild herbs. Here, please drink up."

Kyu watches and examines the bottles, he watches Kenta get the water and mix everything and then when told to drink it he takes the cup, looking at it for a moment and then downing the drink. "So who would I see about learning who to go to look for those herbs?" Kyu looks where Hige was and looks both confused and saddened. "And why'd Hige leave?"

"I can show you sometime. It's not warm enough for the herbs to be growing yet, but we can head out together when it's deeper into spring." Kenta glances over his shoulder and sighs softly. "Ummm… Hige doesn't like me. He probably went to find another medic to tend to his wounds." The young medic-nin bites back another sigh. "Ok, let's keep going. Now I'm going to make a poultice for you. We do have some whole herbs for this, so you can see how they look like after they're dried."

Kenta returns the bottles to the shelves, but takes out several small bundles and boxes. Kenta brings them over to show to Kyu. Some of the items are already powdered, but there's dried comfrey and marigold along with some other herbs. The medic-nin spends a few minutes going through the motions of mixing everything up into a mortar along with water to mash them up. "A hot compress would be better. You can heat this up before spreading it on your stomach. This will have to do for now," he says while he applies the poultice.

Kyu silently watches but gives nods of understanding, he sits silently watches Kenta search for the herbs and waits for him to mix and mash them, Nona curling up and going to sleep. He watches Kenta apply the poultice and looks at him. "It would be better heated?" Kyu is clearly intrested in this and is trying to learn.

"Hot poultices help with blood flow. I know that you don't want more bleeding inside, but better blood flow isn't a bad thing either. That helps the bruises heal and also allows bad things to get cleared away." The poultice feels cool and moist on Kyu's stomach. Maybe it's partially due to the medicine that he took also, but the pain is easing a little. "Umm… I should give you willowbark and ginger, or another herbal preparation. You're going to be aching a lot even after the treatment." He bustles towards the shelves again to take out two bottles, which he gives to Kyu. "Instructions are on the bottle. The ginger's very safe and you can't overdose on it. The willowbark is pretty safe too, but you don't want to use too much. It doesn't taste very good and there is a minor side effect if you take too much. Don't worry too much though." He leaves Kyu to inspect the instructions while he starts wrapping bandages around the younger shinobi's midsection.

Kyu reads the instructions on the bottle before following them and taking as instructed, he then does the same to the other bottle. He winces again and again as Kenta wrapped his midsection but it was definitely less painful than it would've been earlier. "Thank you Kenta. I feel much better already. The bruises hurt much less." Kyu just holds the bottles and waits for Kenta to finish with the bandages.

Kenta knots the bandages and tucks the ends with a practiced motion. The medic-nin steps back to inspect his work. "There you go. I was going to heal you with medical jutsu, but that would put all this work to waste. Just take things easy and take the medicine for a few days. If the pain increases or if you see any of the warning signs that I mentioned earlier, you can come back to see me or one of the other medics. Ummm… it's very unlikely to happen, unless you decide to go have someone punch you a few more times in the gut."

Kyu nods at Kenta, "So I keep these bottles? And am I okay enough to head home and maybe walk around? I'm pretty sure the hospital doesnt have a litterbox" Kyu shoots a thumb towards Nona. "If I have to stay here I'd like to make a special request for a litterbox. And I dont plan on sparring soon. I'll specifically avoid it."

Kenta nods at Kyu. "You can keep the bottles. You're also fine to walk home, but don't run. You don't actually need to stay here as long as you don't overexert youself." Kenta puts the rest of the equipment away, some into shelves and some in bins for cleaning. He pulls off the latex gloves, which goes into a trash basket. Then, the medic-nin quickly fills out Kyu's medical chart. "That should be all for now. Please sign out at the front desk before you leave the hospital."

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