Hunt For Baasku The Butcher - Out Of The Frying Pan...


Kuoroke, Kaede, Hisu (as the Brothers Grimm)

Date: February 6, 2011


The release of Kaede from Sunagakure's holding facilities has been negotiated successfully. But who is it that has such a vested interest in freeing one man? And what might he want in return?

"Hunt For Baasku The Butcher - Out Of The Frying Pan…"

Holding Facilities: Rear Entrance - Sunagakure

The village's prison cells, near the entrance. The Grimm Brothers have been summoned to the main entrance, so have two guards, Kaede in a good deal of shackles and restraints that prevent him from using his jutsu, and Kouroke, the one handling the case for now. Kaede is being hauled -his feet are in heavy metal boots, one welded to the other- through the corridor with an eerie scraping sound. "I don't know who would want you free, but you've been bought a ticket out." Kuoroke only explains underway, since he didn't even trust the prisoner with this information before he could see the doors leading outside. "We're going to let you go, and you really shouldn't come back to this village. Understood?" There's a cold hostility in his voice.

Kaede was oddly silent, eyes only showing amusement. It's hard to say if he expected to be released/freed/busted out of jail. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. But he was amused in a way because Kuoroke was 'harsh' on him, even before jail. Part of him felt that Kuoroke must've felt superior for bringing him in. And now he is walking Kaede out the door. Yes, amusement shone in his eyes like the surface of the sea glittered with fractured sunshine.
"How do you feel?" His voice was even, flat. He contained his amusement well, but it was hard to disguise his words dripping with venom. As if he asked 'Are you afraid'.

The Grimm Brothers are three identical men in formal suits, with bowler hats, bushy moustaches, and a secure, armored wagon that has already had its contents examined and the 40 million ryo within is being counted right now by Sunagakure representatives. They are nearly done. The three brothers wait until Kaede appears, and then while two continue to oversee the counting incase any difficulties occur, one comes forward to greet the young man.
"Good day to you, Seishukuni-san. I am Jacob, and these are my brothers, Wilhelm and Ludwig." He indicates the two men by the wagon, who tip their hats to Kaede. "We are the Brothers Grimm. At the instruction of our employer, we have paid for your release… Under certain conditions. You will have time to recover from this ordeal, and then we have directions of where you may go to find a representative of our employer who can guide you further. If, at any point, you cause more trouble for Sunagakure, then all offers of protection and aid are considered nullified."

"Like you're about one more comment away from being more valuable to me as a corpse… and a lot like keeping half your teeth as a souvenir." Kuoroke growls back, raising a fist. "Shut up, and listen." Superior for bringing him in? Not a lot, no. But for being a law-abiding person with a firm allegiance and loyalty to his village? Oh, yes, he felt incredibly superior for that. The doors were unlocked. Then the doors were unlocked. Then a few more sets of locks were removed, as well, and finally they swung open just to reveal another set and see the operation repeated.

Once they're through those, Kuoroke lets the Grimm brothers speak. He keeps his gloves off, and the rest of himself ready to put a hole somewhere in the upper areas of Kaede's spine should he attempt to escape. "It's a pleasure doing business with your employer. Would you like to accompany us to where we let him go?"

"Heh" was Kaede's only reply to Kuoroke. He didn't actually care much for Kuoroke's threats. He didn't feel threatened at all. These days, it seemed like medic nins could heal anything Kuoroke can throw at him. Especially after he met that girl. He forgot her name by now too. Was a shame.

He does however cast a glance to Kuoroke when the last set of locks are removed, and as the doors swing open, the Grimm Brothers could catch the sight of Kaede grinning at Kuoroke.

Walking was difficult, so when Jacob approaches him, it takes Kaede a minute to stop and position himself correctly. "It's alright." He says, conviction evident in his voice. "I can go see Lord Rain immediatly." Despite something being wrong, like Rain sending someone more important- he was still convinced Rain saw to his release. And he watched Jacob expetantly to prove him right. Or wrong. He also looks towards Ludwig and Wilhelm, and if they were to look towards him, Kaede would offer a polite nod.

Jacob tilts his head in polite confusion to Kuoroke and asks, "Where you let him go, Councilman-san? Unless there is some reason to do otherwise, you can release him right here! I suppose if you wish him released outside of Sunagakure's boundaries, we can escort him there before we part ways. Our contract will be considered complete once the payment is accepted and the release of Seishukuni-san has occurred. What happens to him after we have done all that we have been hired to do is not our concern… Unless it impacts this agreement that has been made, that is."
Ludwig comes forward in time to speak to Kaede in response to what the latter said. "I know of no 'Lord Rain' being involved, Seishukuni-san. If you wish to travel immediately, you may do so. I have a map here…" He starts rooting about in a pocket and then withdraws a manilla envelope with a Seal on it. "If anyone but you attempts to open this, the contents will be destroyed. So please open it somewhere private."

The Council Member barely represses the desire to give Kaede a last broken jaw as a goodbye present. Important to look good in front of the rich people… so he just takes a deep breath and answers the grin with one of his better scowls. Kuoroke watches Kureno -everyone here knows that name, although not everyone here knows that- create some confusion about Rain, wondering how all of this is going to work out. "Exactly" he agrees, then. "I can't allow a dangerous criminal like him to run around in Sunagakure. We're going to take him a bit out into the desert, where someone unaffiliated with us or you will make sure we don't leave him tied up to die, or don't just break his neck." He stretches out his hand to take the envelope, seeing as how Kaede's hands are in solid steel gloves and tied to his sides much like a psychiatric hospital patient's would be. Except with chains. "This will be returned to him at that time." He nods to the guards, who pick Kaede up by the arms and begin pulling him out. Another ninja, a Chuunin, approaches the Brothers and offers to escort them along.

"Err, no." Kaede says when Kuoroke reaches for the envelope. "It can stay on Mister Jacob for now. I'd rather have it in his possession then yours." His words drip with venom again- but it was a thankful distraction for not thinking about Jacob's answer. It wasn't Rain…..

"As for your previous offer, I think I may need some time to recuperate in that case." He pauses. "And a bath."

Ludwig withdraws the hand with the envelope even before Kaede objects to Kuoroke taking it. "My apologies, Councilman Kuroki-san, but this is to be turned over to Seishukuni-san only. I would be in violation of our contract if I do otherwise." When Kaede indicates it should be with Jacob, he nods and hands the envelope to the eldest of the brothers, who then pockets it. "Very well," Jacob says. "We shall escort this man out of the Village with your representatives and the neutral party. We have paid for transportation already to carry this man to the closest settlement, where he can rest and recuperate. From there his path will be up to him… Though hopefully it will lead away from your Village."

"Not your decision. Until I say you can go, you're my prisoner, and any mail you get goes through me." When the brothers themselves refuse to, however, he nods. The Kuroki turns to the lawyers. "Alright, if you demand that. Just stuff it behind his collar or something like that. That way he can carry it with him. Or in his mouth, so he'll finally shut up… " There's a brief but quite hateful glance to Kaede. "In case you don't trust me, one or two of you can stay here and confirm nobody touches the money until you have word he's been freed safely. Although I hope there's no such distrust between us."

And so they begin to walk. Underway, Kuoroke explains the procedure, to the brothers, not to Kaede. Kaede will find out when it happens. "We have set up a safe point in the desert. The third party representative will be waiting in a tent, to where we will deliver him, in chains for our security. You will be given the keys. We will leave him in the tent, at which point he is no longer our but your responsibility, retreat to a safe distance, and allow you to go in there and remove his chains." By Kuoroke's voice, this is all certain, set in stone, and not liable to change.

"Hehe he. Safe point, huh?" Kaede simply asks as he is allowed to be carried out. He doesn't really care at this point by which method he leaves- he just wants to leave this ugly place. And to whoever's hands it is, it didn't really matter to him. As long as it's far away.

But one truth causes the youth to look back. He has forgotten someone here. Someone who might need his help. Was it worth going back for him? Kaede didn't know- and shouldn't think about that now. One day though…

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