Hunting the Poacher


Ryo, Yuudai

Date: January 14, 2015


Ryo and Yuudai go out based on reports to detain a hunter while he tries to catch a rare bird.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Hunting the Poacher"

Southern Land of Fire

An early winter morning. There was nothing colder in the Land of Fire. For most people this would be an invite to remain inside the village or just plain inside one's home. However because of some work-a-holic, Ryo was dragging around a genin with him looking for an illegal hunter. Certain species were considered to be holy or endangered. Reports of one of these so called Poachers was reported to be hunting near the edge of the Land of Fire.
"So tell me a little about yourself." Ryo states as he walks with the young Hyuuga by his side. It was an easy way to pass time as they moved through to the location where the poacher had been spotted a few times. After a nice introduction, he'd explain the mission to the other boy.

What with the overbearing cold and being dragged out into it unexpectedly Yuudai had managed to grab his supplies and a heavy cloak before leaving, but hadn't really had time to grab any books. What would he do now if they took a break? The Hyuuga boy is looking around as they go, his body engulfed in the large cloak as he keeps his eyes and ears opens in case they happen across anything strange he might notice. When the other boy starts talking to him he blinks in surprise, white eyes turning to look at Ryo before he ducks his head a little, shyly. "I, uh, there's nothing to tell, really. I'm just a, um, a genin." It's obvious he is /very/ shy, a strange trait for his clan.

Ryo raised an eyebrow at the explanation Yuudai gave of himself. "Are you main branch? Have you developed water walking, tree walking? Do you have the Byakugan?" There was only a slew of questions. "My name is Ryo. I'm of the Uchiha clan. Yes, I have the Sharingan and have mastered both techniques…" he kind of hoped the slightly younger boy would get the hint and talk to him. "The more I know about you, the better I can help you on the mission. Thats all."

So many questions Yuudai starts to look a little nervous at it all. But then he answers dutifully, "I, uh…yes, main branch…I have older and, uh, younger siblings." He says, the shyness not abating much at this point as he speaks. "I, uh…no." He says then, ducking his head a little as his cheeks tinge red. "I haven't, uh, learned how to do those…yet…but, um, I can use my byakugan." Okay so one step in the right direction. "I've heard about…the sharingan. It's supposed to, um, be strong."

Oh that was rich. There was definate irony in Yuudai being on this specific mission. "So… you scared of heights?" Ryo asks as he steps off onto a slightly used trail. "Our poacher is poaching a specific type of bird. I think they called it the silver haired eagle. Unlike other birds this one does not migrate. The mission briefing also said they live cliffside… which is where we are heading…" Ryo adds.

The Hyuuga boy shakes his head quickly, finally raising his eyes back up to look at Ryo and beyond, "No. Um, heights aren't bad." And he can still jump pretty high, he just can't do that whole walking up a cliff thing yet. "Is…is there any clues to who, um…who it is?" He asks then as he looks around. "Um…should I be…checking?" He can use his byakugan after all to see at least a little distance through some stuff. It's still in it's infancy but still helpful! "Why, um, doesn't it migrate?" He actually sounds truly curious about this and obviously expects Ryo to know the answer since he's leading the mission.

These were all very valid questions. "Go ahead and take a look around and tell me what you see." He points in the direction of the cliff where the bird was suppose to be located. "As for migration, it is one of few creatures that seems to defy nature. Instead of leaving for the winter, I guess it has learned to adapt to the changing conditions. Some creatures surprise me." Then came the other question. "I really do not know who it is. Animals that are rare go for a lot of coin."

When Ryo tells him to look around Yuudai activates his byakugan and does just that, slowly scanning the area in the direction their heading before looking even further and trying to see if anything is there, be it person or bird. The boy continues to listen while he scans around, nodding a little at the explanation, "I see. People should just, um, leave things alone. Especially, uh, the special kinds of things." He states, speaking all the while without looking back at Ryo and focusing on his current task. "So…um…why did you pick this mission?"

"Pick this mission? I tried to get assigned teacher duty inside the nice warm school. They selected me for this. I find it real funny." Ryo jokes. He then nudges the boy. "It should not be too much farther. There should be a cliff after that row of trees. Somewhere on that cliff is a nest. Reports say the guy keeps trying to climb all the way up but keeps failing to reach the nest. Do you see anything?"

Yuudai blinks, then ducks his head and blushes again at the joke and the nudge, the Hyuuga boy smiling a little despite himself. "Yeah, uh, I guess that would make sense…" he saysm then pauses as he looks back in the direction they're going. It takes a moment but he finally says, even quieter than he has been, "I, uh, was thinking you were, um, crazy for picking it." Even at his own attempt at a joke his cheeks earn another darker shade of red.

As Ryo looked towards the area, his own eyes activated. Each with the third tomoe. They searched the area. It only took a moment. "Both are there. The eagle is resting in a nest and one chakra signature is moving towards the bird. He's trying to climb towards it." Ryo states. "We need to hurry. If he gets that bird and escapes, we're making this trip for nothing." Now Ryo was out moving ahead of the boy. He was not going too fast, but enough a Genin should be able to keep up. "How do you suppose we take him down?" Ryo asks.

When Yuudai hears what Ryo has to say he narrows his eyes towards the cliff again but can't quite make it out. Still need to train more. He starts following after the other boy, moving along as quickly as he can to keep up - then nearly stumbles and crashes at the question. Instead he just ends up hopping a few steps before he can catch his footing, "I…uh, you're…mission…" The boy says frettingly, eyes wide. Why would the chuunin be asking him?

"You must think on your feet. Just cause you are a Genin does not mean thought is beyond you." It sounded like a reprimand almost as Ryo and the boy reached the opening before the cliff. "See there?" Ryo asks. "He is too close to the nest to spit fireballs or other jutsu at him. That might risk the bird taking off to a different habitat. If we use a genjutsu on him, he is likely to fall to his death. Only one of us can walk that wall. That means one of us needs to stay here incase he comes down. These things all come into play as you take on missions."

The poacher was moving across the cliff using a rope to keep him from falling down. Luckily for the eagle, the place it chose to nest was rather hard to get to. The rocks were cold and as the warmth of the man's hand was placed on a rock, the cold would melt causing him to slip and fall down. He was pretty happy he had made it this far. He does not even seem to notice the two boys that arrived at the bottom of the cliff.
Yuudai's face could probably light torches after the reprimand from the embarassment that passes through them, and he doesn't say anything at first once they arrive at the cliff face, eyes flicking around as he takes in the situation. "Uh…we should…try and make him come down…shouldn't hurt him…" The boy says it all so softly that it might not even be able to be heard. He doesn't want to make a mistake now and get in more trouble.

"Good plan." Ryo finally states. The boy still had a ways to go, but maybe after a few missions he would catch on. When Ryo started missions, he did not expect them to be a group decision. Some were and some were not. Certain ones allowed for less danger and could be used for training. "Ok, so I'm going to go up the side of the cliff. You stay down here and catch him when he comes down. Use limited force. Ok?" Ryo asks before placing a foot on the cliff and taking off vertically. Despite the chakra to his feet, this was still rather dangerous due to the formation of ice on the cliff. Chakra hits ice, ice falls off. This causes shinobi to fall off as well.

Now Yuudai is just surprised again when Ryo says it's a good plan. Annnnd more blushing. But once Ryo starts moving the boy look a little more serious and the rosiness fades from his cheeks. At least the part that's there from the blushing. It's still scrambled cold out. The Hyuuga boy stares up, moving to be in a position right under the man for now so that way if the man moves he can follow. While he waits he channels some chakra around. He's a Hyuuga, he was very good at using limited force. Close off a chakra point or two on a non-shinobi and they won't be moving for a while.

Ryo made it about halfway up and the first sounds of cracking happened. It was a loud sound that obviously gave away their presence. Whats worse is his foot slipped sending him falling towards the ground. Luckily, he was able to catch himself on a rock with his hands. "That was close." Ryo states as he kind of dangles from the rock. He looks down to see how far down exactly is. Then he looks up feeling that was a bad idea. "Hey! Hey you! Get down or I'm coming to get you!" Ryo yells.
The poacher finally turns and looks at the boy. "Egg ninja." he lets out with a sigh. "I guess you will have to wait until another time my little friend." Then he starts to grab out some rope and untie one of the knots in it. It seemed he would tie knots to keep from falling too far. Now without the knots he was free to travel down the side of the cliff.

Yuudai is watching carefully, byakugan still active to help him see things more clearly. When Ryo starts to slip the boy lets out a soft squeak of surprise and moves to where the other boy /would/ fall if he came all the way down. Apparently he was going to catch him? That might hurt them both, but better than splatting perhaps. However once the Uchiha catches himself Yuudai relaxes a little and turns his focus back to the poacher. As he starts to move the Hyuuga boy follows at the bottom of the cliff, chewing his lower lip as he tries to think of what he can do. With the man on the side of the cliff any real attack would be life threatening. He's going to have to wait and hope Ryo can make some progress.

Ryo pulled himself up and once more began to walk up the cliff. Ice was forming quite a bit in the area. Ryo had little plans to actually catch the man. He was simply here as a deterent. It was the Genin's job to apprehend him. Thats why he was at the bottom. Ryo's movements were much slower due to the ice, but he was making progress towards the man. His eyes looked down in time to see Yuudai move to where he himself would have fallen. It was kind of a touching move on the boy's part. Not real bright but touching.
The poacher quickly drops the rope and starts to repel down the side of the cliff. It's only a squeak that gives away the boy at the bottom. These were simply children against a full grown man. "You will not stop me!" the man states as he finally drops the last few feet to the bottom. He rushes towards the Hyuuga aiming to hit him in the nose and cause his eyes to water up. It seems this might not have been the first fight the guy had ever been in.

Yuudai is watching carefully as Ryo starts moving again and then the poacher starts making his way down. Once thing can be said for the Hyuuga boy and that's when it comes to combat all that shyness disappears and he's just ready. The boy waits until the man is close before ducking just under his punch, chakra moving to his finger tips as he strikes quickly, locking up a pair of chakra points that would drop any non-shinobi on their rumps. And so it does. The man falls backwards, momentarily paralyzed. Yuudai doesn't hesitate either as he reaches into his pouch and pulls out a small length of rope to tie the mans hands.

"That was pretty impressive." Ryo mummbles as he starts to make his descent. He had all but watched a fairly new genin take down a full grown man. From about twenty feet up, Ryo slips on some ice again and goes tumbling to the ground. The snow seemed to pad the fall. As he lifts his head out of the snow he looks at the young Hyuuga. "Not a word of this." he says before standing and dusting himself off. "You did good kid. Lets take this guy in and get out of the cold." Ryo did not even care about the rope. It could stay there for all he cared.

Yuudai stands after making sure ethe man is secure, looking over just in time to see Ryo slip and fall. He blinks a few times until he sees Ryo is up again, but then just nods a little, "Uh…yeah, sure." He says about not telling. Haha, blackmail! The byakugan fades then as he looks back down to the poacher, "He, uh, won't be able to move well, um, for a while." When the chuunin says he did well he blinks again…then blushes. "Thanks." He mutters shyly, only in the back of his mind thinking it weird Ryo calling him kid.

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