Hunting the Predator - Prize


Shemri, Sousa

Date: November 20, 2013


The reward for a job well done is another job…usually.

"Hunting the Predator - Prize"

Kazekage's Office [Sunagakure]

Shemri stands at attention before the Kazekage's desk while he reads through her mission report. Normally she would have handed her report to a secretary and been off about her own business. If Sousa wonders why she's made a point to be present for this reading, he doesn't give any indication. He already knows the general gist of what happened, thanks to the unprecedented circumstance of Shemri and Sora bringing most of a bandit ninja clan home with them to negotiate for amnesty. Reading the mission report at this point is largely a formality, one which Sousa probably would've skipped if he didn't have Shemri's earnest and expectant eyes on him. e.e

Finally Sousa puts the report down and signs it. "Excellent work. You exceeded my projections, not only nullifying the bandit threat but bolstering our forces. I expect that reeducating the former members of the Pride will have its difficulties, but on the whole it's a very advantageous outcome." Shemri nods. "Many thanks, Kazekage-sama. It is Hayato Sora-san who deserves most of the credit for our success." "Noted," Sousa replies. "And no, hunting down Tategami is not your next mission."

Shemri makes an almost-sound and leaves her mouth hanging open. "That is the reason you are still here, correct?" Sousa says, moving on to the next paper in his stack. "Now you know." Shemri finds her voice. "Then who shall? They must take some of the Pride with them, they deserve to — " "Nobody will be sent after Tategami," Sousa interrupts. "He is no longer a viable threat." Shemri puts her hands on the desk, barely managing to not make the gesture an angry slam. "Kazekage-sama, I know that man. If we do not put an end to him, he shall gather more followers and become a threat again!" "I've little doubt he will," says Sousa, "but it will take considerable time and he will most likely be another land's problem then."

Now Shemri really is angry. "And that makes it all right!? Because it is probably not our land's people he will pillage and murder, we shall do nothing about it!?" >(

In answer, Sousa holds up the paper he's been reading. "Do you know what this is, Shemri-san?" Shemri's anger is momentarily changed to confusion by the question. "It's a report of a locust infestation coming from the west," Sousa continues. "If they are not halted, they will sweep through our country, eat everything edible in their path, and move on into the next nation, likely incurring some ill-placed ire towards us in the process." Sousa thumbs through a stack of finished papers on the other side of his desk. "In the past few weeks, I have processed reports regarding attacks from other bandit groups, dangerous creatures congregating near settlements, the activities of San Sara Durata, and of course the constant machinations of governments which are tracked by our observers. Any one of these is a more urgent matter than a lone former bandit chief on the run." Sousa folds his hands. "Can you honestly say that the time and manpower it would take for a hunting team, or even just you, to track down and eliminate Tategami would not save more lives if spent on the missions which would likely arise in the time you were gone?"

Shemri clenches a fist, an unreasoning part of her wanting to shout YES in spite of all good sense. "I…am not certain."

Sousa smiles. "Well, I am. That will be all, Shemri-san. I'll expect further good work in your next mission." Shemri bows silently, then slowly leaves the office.

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