Hyuuga Defense


Hyuuga Akomura, Hyuuga Hiroshi, Kukiko, Hyuuga Yuzuna

Date: Feburary 11th, 2010


The Hyuuga Head Elder summons Kukiko and Yuzuna to discuss business while Hiroshi stumbles in and gets roped into trouble.

"Hyuuga Defense"

Hyuuga Village

Akomura sits within his meeting chambers within his home. It was a meager and small but it held five seats other than his own for ones to kneel around a small tea table. The other elders disliked meeting here. That's one of the reasons Akomura called meetings here instead of a larger venue. The construction of an actual meeting chamber was still in pursuance. A few months down the road, and Akomura will let them have their cushy room with a tea server instead of Akomura's wife… who don't take no crap from them old men, but is as sweet as can be to the females of the clan. Speaking of which, she knew who Akomura had summoned, and had tea waiting on a few coals in the corner for Kuki and Yuzuna when they should arrive.
Akomura had poured his own tea at the chiding of his near lifelong friend and wife. Luckily they got along and were very happy when they were chosen by their parents to wed one another.
A few slips of paper outlining a few things sit on the table in front of him. Laid out side by side, but facing the other side of the table. Place settings on either side of where he sit, the places for the most senior of the Hyuuga elders during their meetings here, were already set for tea to be poured for when Kuki and Yuzuna would arrive.

"Ohaiyou~" Kukiko would appear at the entrance of the chamber, her combat boots a bit of a pain to take off and on, though this would be one of the rare occasions where she would be found without them on, when in someone's home. Bowing, the girl would walk on in, her usual pleasant expression worn as she comes on in. Finding a spot to lower herself, she would do just that, relaxing and resetting her hands in her lap, not rushing for the tea just yet.

The sliding door to the meeting chambers slides open after Kukiko's own entrance, though the air is quiet as Yuzuna lightly steps in with slender, slippered feet, dressed in formal silken robes with the embroidered symbol of the Hyuuga clan proudly displayed along the curve of her back. With gaze down and respectful, she enters and comes to the side of the table, lowering herself into a bow and when allowed, she straightens herself, slipping to the cushioned seating next to Kukiko. Only after all of this does she lift her chin just slightly, pale lavender eyes lifting with a quiet and proud beauty.

Leave it to Hiroshi to get himself in trouble with the main branch again, and what's worse this time it was his own mother. The teenage Hyuuga with that long thick ebony hair had spent most of the day on the run for something he didn't even do, or did he? Hiro would be outside of the Hyuuga main branch homestead owned by his father, the teen panting hastefully, "Man I don't even know what I did to her to make her mad." Hiro would say. Though Macha would beg to differ the small kitten letting out several small Mews. At that moment the mother of Hiroshi would scream till the very ground quaked as she scowers the area in search of the teen. @emit
"Uhhhh Oh, Lets beat it." Would be said as the two flicker off. Strangely enough Hiro would think of going to the last place his mother would ever think of finding him, and possible the last place this strange meeting room. Hiro would quickly slide the door open slipping his way into the room quickly closing it behind him. The tired teen would not bother to see if the room was occupied nor does he seem to know.

Akomura looks up from reading as each enters in turn. After Kuki, he remained quiet until Yuzuna entered and sat down. After a few more moments of quiet, he clears his throat, and removes his reading glasses to set on the table with a light clink. "I'm not one to talk too much when I don't have to. You both know that. Tea?" He offered for a moment, and would get it for them should they wish. Yes. The head of the clan offering to get them tea. Granted, it was well within his reach. And, without the help of a towel or hand protecting cloth, he grabs the hot porcelain kettle and pours some anyway to himself and the two empty cups for each of them, and returns it to the rack over the coals in the corner of the relatively small room. "Now, Kukiko-san. I want you to get with Yuzuna-san and figure out better, more advanced escape techniques, and divvy those out to the rest of the clan. I don't want what happened to ever happen again, or the chance of Byakugan getting out of our sole control." With that, he tapped all the pages, that collaborated all the current techniques used for escape tactics that are used for general populous of ninja and soldiers who become POWs. "Really, I want you to make these better with your training, Kukiko-san, and your recent experience, Yuzuna-san." With that, he calmly sipped his tea.

"Hmm, oh. No, no please don't Akomura-sama." Kukiko would lower her head, not wanting to have him pour out the tea for her, she could very well handle it herself, not to mention she already had a cup! Said cup would be scooped up, bringing the edge of the cup up to her lips and lightly tipping it back and taking a few sips. "Delicious." She'd then go silent as Akomura gets to the point, the woman nodding a few times to him. "Ah yes, it seems you are reading my mind. I was actually going to give a proposal once I had it properly figured out. You see… the escape techniques. They are not where we start. I see many of our clan are lacking basic defense since the movement to Konohagakure. The pupil, student situation being a lot less personal given the creation of the Academy and whatnot."
Her hand would reach up, index finger tapping her bottom lip a few times before sighing, "I was originally thinking of having a mass seminar in teaching Kaiten… though I'm not sure how keen you are in spreading too many techniques into the Branch family, the less people we have with our techniques the better just in case we get another prisoner situation again… Of course, I could always give a mass seminar in basic defenses. /Then/ step up to another lesson based on escape techniques more advanced than the one taught in the Academy… though I would have to figure one out myself first." A small smile showing, she had never been caught so never thought of the breaking out part.

Yuzuna listens to the Head Elder in silence, her soft lips graced with a light smile at the offer for tea as she lowers her chin slightly in a nod, "Yes, thank you." she murmurs as she glances down at the full tea cup set in front of her. Reaching forward, she quietly wraps both of her hands around the cup, gingerly holding it in her hands and lifting it to her lips, sipping at it cautiously for a brief moment before setting it on the saucer again. Lifting her pale eyes, they narrow slightly with a gentle frown at the main topic the Head Elder is concerned about, her stoic expression holding back the subtle disappointment. The subject still a sore one, but not as much has it had been at the beginning.
Turning her head, Yuzuna turns her focus to Kukiko next to her, redirecting her attention as she attentively listens. "Perhaps we should have two separate sessions. One being general defense maneuvers for the clan as a whole, then there be another afterwards for only the main branch to learn. This way it keeps the branch members from learning techniques that are beyond them." she attempts to add to the brainstorming, all while pushing away the mildly hurt feeling in her chest. But it was to be expected.

"Ok Macha, you're the cute one so you need to play peacemaker and decoy while I run away right?" He would say to the kitten who has peeked her little gray-furred head from the hood of her masters cloak. The green eyed kitten would simply mew in protest shaking her cute little head from left to right before being back into hiding. Hiro would smirk lightly tucking the rest of his ebony hair down his shirt he would then take the hood in hand placing it over his head along with the small kitten, whose tail dangles lightly on the side. "Time to check the area, Byakugan!" Would be said as a single hand seal is performed. The teens eyes would slowly focus and become more sharper as his crystalline eyes burn with more intensity. The bulging veins on the true signs that his blood line ability has awakened. @emit
Hiroshi would spend several moments scanning the general area for his mothers chakra and would find she is not far from his current location. "Ahhh, just my luck." He would say The boys eyes would slowly deactivate as he gives a small sigh of relief. "Ok time to hide out in one of these rooms." He would say turning from left to right examining the doors he would have not noticed any voices coming from any in particular. The boys nervous heart beating rapidly could easily be felt pulsating through out his entire body which clearly caused his kitten to become alarmed. As Hiro slowly slid back the door down the far hall it would come to his attention he was not alone as he had thought. The tall teenage Hyuuga staring blankly at his father and the two female Hyuuga before him.

A moment is taken for the two to give their opinions, and ideas on how the classes should work. Akomura was about to give his advice to them about the class setup, but the door sliding caught his attention. Hiroshi was standing there. Akomura wriggled his nose singularly to the side with a gruff sniff. "Hiroshi. You know never to come in here. Turn around, and leave. Whatever it is can wait until after we are done here."
With that, whether Hiroshi left or not, Akomura's attention was back to Yuzuna and Kukiko. "I believe a class for Kaiten for main branch should be sufficient, and a class for the techniques you figure out can be broadly taught to the clan in it's entirety."

"Hrm.." Kukiko was well aware she could've taught separate classes, though she was secretly trying to avoid teaching the branch family. "Hmm, alright I supposed I can hold two lessons." Her hands claps together as she thinks to herself, 'Perhaps get Yuzuna to teach a bit.' Her eyes' focus slide to the side, giving Yuzuna a side ways glance for a moment.. "So then, most of the branch family should be sufficient enough in chakra to apply it to moving out of the way. I'll just them feet placement and help them along with the timing of adding chakra to movement, those who can not handle that ability… I suppose I could also teach tree walking to help them along a little more with chakra control… mmm, yes." She just seemed to be rambling a bit though something stops her from talking. She then looks off for a moment, picking up on the chakra signature of someone approaching. A small smile forming when the boy walks in, though that is all the blonde offers as Akomura quickly sends him away.

Yuzuna lifts a dark brow, ebony locks shifting slightly over her shoulders as she listens to Kukiko, frowning slightly in thought as they continue to brainstorm on the idea. Turning her pale lavender eyes to Akomura, her lips part as she was about to ask what his thoughts on the matter was before Hiroshi stumbles in. Her frown narrows a bit further on the boy and his ungraceful entrance, not to mention intrusive. Arching a brow at him, Yuzuna releases a slow breath before turning her attention back to the Head Elder, ignoring the intrusion for the most part. "Perhaps, general techniques for the clan as a whole then." she offers.

At the sound of Akomura's voice Macha would peek her head from under the hood as she rest on Hiroshi's head. "Meewwwww" could be easily heard from the small kittens mouth as her small pink nose snuffs the room for a moment before proceeding to hide back under her masters hood. Hiro would remain silent for a few moments though he was ordered out he would surely be to afraid to leave only to face an even worse terror. Hiro listens curiously as the idea of learning the clans Kaiten technique is mentioned something that quickly caught the boys interest. He would quietly listen to the ideas presented as his hands are brought to the long black hood clasping the sides pulling it down to rest on his shoulders. The small gray kitten sits above her masters head all curled up eyes wide open peering at the others. "Sorry for the intrusion, but umm, Mother wanted me to tell you that, ummm, she is mad at you for something, and I think you should tell her sorry and that whatever she is mad about is all your fault." He would say nervously though obviously lying through his teeth.

'As much as I wish to believe that, Hiroshi, I know she would not send you in, for you are not trustworthy with such grave news, good or bad. Secondly, if she did, she would not trust you to be cordial enough to deliver such grave news with a disposition fit for my meeting room. So leave, coppertongue." Coppertongue: Noun, meant for someone who tries to have a silver tongue, but fails miserably. Bad Liar.
At least that's how Akomura is using it against Hiroshi. In any case, "But, higher level Juuken techniques will not be taught to branch family. That is not the point though. You choose how and when to do that class when it comes to be done. Classes for what I have asked though, please have them ready as soon as possible.
He then pushes himself to rise and stand. "You two may stay here as long as you need to hash anything out, and have my ear whenever you wish just for today for anything you want to bounce off of me for ideas or questions. As well as food from our kitchen, and tea from our pots." He starts towards the door Hiroshi is standing near, quite ready to choke the life out of the boy for being so foolish. "Oh, and one more thing…. you can use Hiroshi to test out tying someone up, imprisoning them, and basically use him as a test dummy for all your classes or exercises. Please use him frugally. He needs the disciplining and embarrassment." With a slight grin, the old man slips by his son, with an half chagrin half old-man-'I-got-you' smirk and wink.

"I'll remember that." Kukiko looks towards Hiroshi and she grins at him. "You'll also learn at the same time, don't you worry!" Kukiko then rises, bowing to Akomura. "Why thank you for letting us stay. We'll stick around for a bit." Kukiko then settles back down, looking down to her tea cup as she tries to figure out how to wiggle out of being captured when it isn't being tied up with rope. "Ah, this will be fun." And then she goes off completely into thought land!

Glancing to Akomura, Yuzuna frowns slightly at his instructions, only to glance to Kukiko as the other girl seems to be excited with the prospect of torturing their cousin. With a slow exhale, she resists the temptation of rub at her temple, instead leaning forward to take the handle of the teapot, pulling back to carefully pour tea into her cup once more, refilling her cup without spilling a drop, as proper. "Why do I have a feeling this is going to be a long evening…" she murmurs quietly to herself.

"Trustworthy? I am more than trustworthy enough to." Hiro would protest obviously angry, though his protest are cut short by the kitten Macha who simply mews to her master as if calming him down. Hiro was obviously at his wits end and not fond of the idea of being known as the main branches most wanted. After a moment of shaking the thoughts from his mind Hiro would listen carefully to what's being said by his father peering curiously at both Yuzuna and Kuki the two sitting before him do not seem to be effected at all on how Ako views his son. As his father stands to his feet Hiro simply glares at his father somewhat sympathetically, as his pale eyes meet the man who has raised him to what he is now.
This time would almost seem like a silent bond between father and son, until the mention of being used as a test dummy, "what the." Hiro's mind would go blank as his father grinned devilishly at him, "Wha-me wha?" Hiro was obviously dumb stricken as his kitten would give a tickled mew which would most likely translate into, 'you're screwed'.

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