I know what boys like!


Miyo, Amiko

Date: July 21, 2013


Amiko her first lesson on the female side of being a shinobi. Miyo realizes she has a lot to learn, and will have to attend the rest of the classes!

"I know what boys like!"

Academy classroom

While outside it was a warm, sunny day with nary a cloud in the sky, Uzumaki Amiko was caught inside teaching kids. She sighed as a bell rang out through the Academy, knowing that the students wouldn't be far away. She hadn't been cleared for field work yet after being missing in action for months, and so she'd been assigned to teaching classes until she was ready to get the 'real' ninja work underway again. The girl writes her name on the board and then wanders over to the wooden door, sliding it opens and poking her head out to greet the students, inviting them inside with a smile. "Well class, I'm Uzumaki Amiko, and I'll be taking this afternoon's class," she says as the file in rambunctiously.

More classes… classes everyday… lots of them… always class… always lessons… always…something. Once again, Miyo shuffled through the academy among the throngs of other students. She was not really one of them. They were… lesser students. Students who knew nothing of being a shinobi and were here to learn that. Miyo was… something more. She knew the life of a shinobi, had experienced the tension of true missions, the thrill of danger, the rush of combat, and she was afraid. Afraid to go back out there without the proper training. She would not let her teammates down. She would not put anyone at risk because of her inadequacies!

For all the things Miyo was prepared for these days, she was not prepared to see Uzumaki Amiko as her sensei for the day. However, she brightens up immediatly. It had been some time since she had seen the older Uzumaki girl, and she was happy to see her. Amiko had once promised to teach her many things about the seals the Uzumaki clan had mastered, as her father was doing, but had disappeared some time ago, and now she was back! Perhaps that training would resume!

Once Miyo was in the classroom and seated, she leaned forward at her little desk and propped her chin up with her hands, grinning up at Amiko. Today was ending well, at least.

"Well class, you'll notice that we only have the girls in here this afternoon," Amiko says as she peers around the classroom, "That's because today we're going to be talking about boys." She makes a funny expression, somewhere between annoyance and exasperation. "Specifically we're going to be talking about seducing men, which is a part of a kunoichi's job that can't be ignored, even though many of us would prefer to do so," she laughs, and puts her hands on her hips as she makes eye contact with several of the students around the room. "So, who knows about boys? What are they like? What do they like? What advantages and disadvantages do they have over us women?" she asks, putting on a fake smile as she looks around for anyone willing to provide an answer.

Miyo immediatly raises her hands… both of them… and refuses to wait to be called upon. "They are stupid, Amiko-sensei!" She then slaps her hands down against her desk, her long, thin fingers curling around the front lip of the desktop as she leans forward a bit. "They don't have any advantages! I've seen multiple boys just… defeated soundly by girls!"

Amiko giggles at Miyo's outburst, and turns towards the board, lifting her chalk. She quickly scrawls 'stupid' on the left hand side of the board then turns back to the class. "Its true, men are often less intelligent than women due to their body chemistry, and less able to control themselves when they're under the effects of their hormones," she comments, "I don't know that I'd go so far as to say that they're stupid, but its a good point. But that body chemistry also means that boys are usually naturally a little stronger than women. Its nothing a little training and chakra work can't fix, but its something you should know. Now what about what things boys like?"

Miyo sits back down and has to think. She really didn't know all that much about boys, and didn't really have any good answers. She looks around to the rest of the assembled girls and wonders if any of them had any idea. Miyo had a few friends that were boys, like Hideaki, who she hadn't seen for a while either, but… she didn't know what he liked. He seemed to like studying the wind and stuff like that, but that didn't really mean a whole lot… She just shook her head and waited.

When the room is silent, Amiko nods and says, "Girls. Boys like girls. Well, usually. But that's the point of today's lesson, and the next few lessons you'll have with me over the coming weeks. Sometimes being a ninja is about action - throwing shuriken, using ninjutsu and kicking butt. Other times its about subtle manipulation, and one of the best ways to manipulate men is to use your womanly wiles. A man in love will do almost anything to make a woman happy. Now, does that sound like a good Ninjutsu, or what?" She smiles and folds her arms over her breast, gauging the reactions of the girls in the class.

Miyo nods as if some sage of ultimate wisdom had just imparted some great knowledge to her. It made sense. Boys liked girls. She can't believe she didn't think of that! It made so much sense! She then looks up to Amiko. She was teaching them a new ninjutsu? She nods again, excitedly, in response to the sensei's question.

"This isn't your ordinary Ninjutsu though. It doesn't involve chakra manipulation. Instead, its all about the way you talk, look and move. Its about getting inside a boy's head," Amiko adds as she moves back to the board, "So, welcome to Male Psychology 101, otherwise known as 'The Art of Wrapping Men Around Your Little Finger'." She smiles brightly and starts talking about the male mind, writing occasionally on the board as she explains.

"Wait, wait! Sensei! How… how is it possible to use a ninjutsu without using chakra!" Miyo exclaims. She seems confused. Nothing about that made any sense to her, at least, with her traditional training. "We have to learn about boys now? I thought we were learning how to beat them? Where is all the training and explosions and stuff?"

Amiko laughs and nods to Miyo. To the whole class she says, "Sometimes the best techniques don't require chakra at all. But this one isn't the type of technique you use in the middle of battle." She paces the front of the classroom as she thinks about how to explains these concepts to a bunch of 9 year olds. "Ok, how about this… Let's say you're a Genin, and your job is to find a stolen item. Now, you know the group of criminals that stole it, but you have no idea where they've hidden it. You could go in and bust them all up, spending a whole lot of chakra and energy, and you might not necessarily find the item if none of the talk. Or you could pretend to not be a shinobi, be all nice to one of the guards. Get him to WANT to impress you, and he'll show you where their stash is. And the best part is that if you manage to complete the mission without anyone realising that you were a shinobi all along, you might even be able to turn up again some day and get them to help you again." She stops in front of Miyo, looking at the girl, and adds, "Its like mild mind control, but it can take a little while to make it work."

"Ooooooohhhhhh…." Miyo comments, and then looks up at Amiko. "I think…. I think I see what you are getting at…" She then tips her head to the side. "Do you think you could give an exmaple? I think that would help a lot!"

"An example, hmm," Amiko says as she sits on her teacher's desk at the front of the room. She looks around the room and sees that all the other girls are equally as interested, and so she nods. "Alright, let me think. Well, recently I was involved in a mission in which we were tracking down a Missing-nin. Unfortunately the guy managed to give our trackers the slip," she explains, making hand gestures indicating that her team went one way while he went another. "So, I approached another member of his organisation and got quite friendly with him. You see, he really wanted to take me out on a date," she adds, not mentioning that the guy had wanted to do a lot more than 'date' her, "Anyway, I managed to convince him that I was trustworthy, and that this Missing-nin friend of his was framing him for a crime. Now, normally no one would believe that story, but like I said before men don't really use all their brains when women are involved. All I wanted was this Missing-nin's location so I could check him out further. As it turns out I didn't need to do anything more. My new friend went and captured the Missing-nin and turned him in to the local authorities for me." She laughs at the ease of the mission, then looks around the class again, seeing that she's won over most of the students. Then she crosses her legs and looks at Miyo. "So, what do you think, Miyo-kun? Is this a technique worth learning?" she asks, then rethinks it, "Actually, I suppose its more of a style than a single technique."

Miyo nods a couple times in quick succession. "It seems… really useful, and very powerful!" Miyo then tips her head again. "However… it seems like.. there is a lot more to it than you are telling us! What do you do to make these things happen? How do you make them like you and stuff like that?"

"Well, Miyo-kun, that's what we're going to learn over the next few lessons. The main thing to remember is that there isn't just one way of doing all this, and it will work differently for different people. Some girls can rely on their looks. Others will need to work a little harder at learning the right body language," Amiko begins explaining, "But remember to keep in mind that boys like girls. Well most of them anyway. As long as you walk into situations with confidence, knowing that the boys are going to like you, you'll do fine. So, first thing's first! Let's talk about body language! Who thinks they know what kind of body language you want when you're approaching a boy for the first time?"

Miyo looks around to the other girls. "I have no idea, sensei…" she admits hesitatantly. It was definitely not a forte of Miyo's. She was, if nothing else, a bit of a tomboy in her mannerisms, and she knew nothing of the subject. "What do you do? Tell us!"

"Well I'll start off talking about the aims of the exercise we're going to do then. You want to give the boy the impression that he would be lucky to even have the chance to take you on a date. You want to make sure that his eyes get drawn to certain parts of your body, without making it seem like you're really easy to date. Most of all, you can't show that you're too interested in him," she explains, then walks to the blackboard and starts drawing a figure of a woman. Its a little crude, but passable for this exercise. "Can anyone show me what parts of your body you need the boy to start looking at?" she asks, pointing to the figure, "Come up and circle the areas for me."

Miyo nods. It made sense that they'd start with some fundamentals of the excercise. She was, definitely, curious to see what they'd be. She watches intently as Amiko draws the figure of a woman on the board, and then raises an eyebrow. At the posed question to the class, about what they should draw attention to, Miyo remains at her desk, unable to really think. She had a couple answers available, but couldn't decide between them. Instead, she relied on the other girls to be proactive.

A blonde-haired Yamanaka gets up out of her seat and wanders down to the front, taking the chalk from Amiko's hand, and draws a circle near the middle of the figure's face. She announces loudly, "The eyes!" Amiko looks at the girl closely for a second, and then nods.

"Yes, that works nicely, anyone else?" she asks, and a couple more students come down to the front and circle the figure's hair and backside. Each time Amiko nods to the student and sends them back to their seat. "Ok, maybe we'll change this up a little. Where DON'T you want the boys looking?" she asks with an enormous grin on her face.

Miyo watches as the other girls circle locations on the figure. It was impressive what they knew! It occured to Miyo that she was far behind in this particular field of Ninjutsu. However, when asked the next question, Miyo dared to answer. "Away from you? You want them to look at you… even if its like… your feet or something… right?"

Amiko's face splits into a big smile and she points at Miyo. "Absolutely right, Miyo-kun," she says, clapping congratulatorily, "It doesn't really matter where he's looking, as long as he's looking at you. While his attention is on you you can manipulate him. When he's looking away it'll be nearly impossible. So, when you're wanting to 'work your magic' on a boy, decide what parts of your body you're going to accentuate. We'll talk about dressing for the occasion a little later, but try to keep those parts of your body in his view, accentuate them a little if you can." She sits on the desk again and folds her legs, placing her hands on her thighs. "For example, if I was trying to draw a boy's attention to my legs, this would be a good way to do it," Amiko explains, then says to Miyo, "You have a very pretty face. Would you mind showing me some body language that you think might draw attention to it?"

Miyo beams at the praise she recieves from Amiko and claps as well, awkwardly, at least. She then observes as Amiko gets onto the desk and folds her legs, noting the placement of her hands. Miyo then tips her head back, blushing at the compliment, and gets an idea. She leans forward, propping her head up in her hands, smiling over at Amiko, making sure that she wasn't blocking her face at all, but making sure, at the same time, it was the most visible part of her. "Hows this, Sensei?"

GAME: Save complete.

"Awesome, Miyo-kun, very well done," Amiko says as she hops back off the desk and claps, "Let's give Miyo-kun a round of applause. Ok next, Chan-san. Can you give me some body language that accentuates your lovely neck, please?" And she continues around the room asking for examples from various girls before returning to the front of the classroom. "Ok, class is nearly over, so remember everything you've learnt today. Someday it'll come in very handy! And the key point to remember is that boys think with their eyes. And as long as they're 'thinking' about you, you have a way to affect them. Alright, class dismissed. You've all done really well today!"

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