Third Promotion Exams - I'm Hungry Seymour! Hibiki vs. The Venus Shinobitrap


Hibiki, Hel (emitter)

Date: August 29, 2013


Hibiki runs across a special fruit with healing properties. The only problem…the fruit is inside a carnivorous plant that wants to eat him for breakfast.

"Third Promotion Exams - I'm Hungry Seymour! Hibiki vs. The Venus Shinobitrap"

Forest of Death

It is early morning. The sun is just peaking out over the horizon of the trees, and the local flora and fauna are either going to bed or just waking up depending on their sleeping habits. One particular flora in particular is just coming alive. It sends out slow creeping vines toward a near-by Shinobi's sleeping arrangements. The poor dozing boy doesn't even notice as the bag he is in gets wrapped by the vines and slowly is pulled towards a huge carniverous plant's venus-fly-trap-style maw. Uh-oh. The boy must have been exhausted because by the time he realizes he's in trouble, it becomes time to scream for help.

What a blur is the sudden awakening of being drawn from one's perch to the slow liquid grinding maw of a giant carniverous plant. Hibiki's vision blurts awake, barely able to comprehend in the weary befuddlement what is — but then is: snapping, wild-teethed jaws of a giant venus flytrap. The boy struggles in his sleeping bag, the youth ruffling away until he's out of the shaggy warm confines, but only just, only just before a snap may come, to snatch life so thinly tethered already.

The flytrap shakes and shimmies as Hibiki manages to get lose. Several more vines go flying out towards the young boy in an attempt to ensare him. As Hibiki catches the plant in his sights, he might just happen to notice a rather rare and enticing fruit in the center of the maw. The fruit is known to have medicinal properties. The trap plant uses the fruit to lure prey towards its mouth and then swallow them while they partake in the deliciousness that is the fruit.

In such timing grinds of need, what knowledge seeps through the mind to alert and allow for what is required. Such glistening fruit dangles in the teethy fibrous maw, and such a desire does it inspire in Hibiki. Yet so caught is he in the attentions of the fruit that the vines ensnare and enrapture his body to the dis-consent of his own will. But forward from him stretches, separate from himself so entwined, a torso and head and a pair of arms, reaching forward, deeper and deeper into the maw of the flytrap, to grab so neatly the medicine from, perhaps literally, the jaws of death.

RP: Hibiki transforms into DYOU-III.

Those vines wrapped around Hibiki begin to tighten. Is this a plant or a boa constrictor…or some hybrid especially made for these exams. As the plant's maw opens to accept Hibiki, he gets his chance to reach in with that attached, yet separate body of his, and he snags the fruit. Now that he has the fruit, from within the maw, how will he get it out and get free of the vines holding him.

As the extended Hibiki - the one stretching from the chest of the original to dabble in the jaw of the flytrap - hands clasp over the fruit, and though it stretches, it does not break. It is a part of the plant itself. The extended boy flicks his eyes over his shoulder.
"Stop struggling and throw me a blade."
Yet how movable is the one to be who is entwined by vines through and through?
"How am I…"
The boy shivers and shakes, looking to throw off the curling, strangling vines.
"Free an arm, you fool!"
The vines around the original Hibiki struggle more, the youth trying to struggle an arm free.

The struggling only manages to cause the vines to tighten some more. Add quick-sand to the long list of things this flora has been spliced with it seems. The vine-ladden body is almost at the maw when he eventually does get those arms free, but the maw starts to close down on him. The second form can either let go of the fruit and help hold the maw while the first goes for the blade…or the first can hold the maw open while the second figures something out. This situation is a tight one indeed.

Hibiki's second, clutching so dearly the fruit, grumbles as the other frees his arm but begins to be slowly closed over by the teethy flytrap. He releases the fruit, whipping back to reach into the boy's robes, grasping a kunai and slicing into the vines surrounding the original, and then back he leaps - from the original's chest again - to aim a slice to the rear of the fruit, perhaps not enough to sever it, but for the process to begin.
The first Hibiki, his arms freed of their fibrous confines, thrust into the fleshy maw of the flytrap, to fend it off from being eaten and digested.

RPCOMBAT: Hibiki attacks with SHARP…17
RPCOMBAT: Hibiki attacks with SHARP…17

The flytrap doesn't even let out of a scream. How odd fighting a silent opponent. Its maw instinctually opens when it bites down onto the kunai. Having sensed a pain stimulus, it must have known that what it was eating wasn't for it. The fruit is severed with the cut and in the second Hibiki's hands. The first Hibiki is hanging from a few of the vines that haven't been cut, and unfortunately for Hibiki, the strain and stress from having the first few vines cut quickly make the other load-bearing vines weak. Hibiki goes falling toward the ground, fruit in hand.

As one falls, thus does the other, yet how practised for such are they as from before. The duplicate absorbs rapidly into the other, to catch - as he comes to the ground - by means of two more legs jutting from the first, absorbing the impact of the fall with but squatting thighs — and quickly up, everything disappeared now but for an extra pair of arms clutching the healing fruit; the original set tucked now into robes, and the youth leaping away now, putting distance as can be put between himself and the flystrap.
"Do you even know what that is?"

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