"I've always dreamed..."


Mushi, Soren, Yuudai, Yuuka

Date: November 30, 2012


Seven Swordsman Yuuka gets challenged by wanderer Soren. And Mushi swoops in at the last minute for healing.

""I've always dreamed…""

Boneyard Gardens [Kirigakure]

As you enter the gardens from the street, you realise that the curved white fence-posts with the strange-seeming cross-baring between them are large, curved rib bones; Likely from a whale, if their size is any judge. Within the walled off area, however, the ground is rich and lush; Tall fruit trees, staggered so that during any given season at least a few of the barrier-ring of trees would be in bloom and part giving fruit, rest covered with a network of creeping vines along the trunks. The ground seems almost carpeted by herbal beds full of mint, garlic, any number of things that one can imagine are likely here, growing.
The area seems to be a large, circular space; Trees at the far outside, concentretic rings of herb beds, and then a ring of low to the ground fruit-bushes. Where the ground is visable, it seems that the dirt has a strange consistancy, like light, bleached woodchips. In the center of this large garden is a grassy field, perhaps 60 feet across, at the very center of which is a water fountain; Upon the fountain's central pillar, in very small text, lists of names are written. When you find the name of someone who you had heard died within the last few months, you realise the morbid truth; This place of lush, nurtured growth is a graveyard.

The blanket spread out over the soft ground to one side of the fountain is occupied with a few toys; played with, scattered, and discarded for the moment. The coos of an infant sound softly as a snowy haired, twin tailed little girl pushes herself to grasp at the edge of the fountain, trying to use it as support as she struggles to pull herself up to her pudgy legs. The girl's mother sits on the fountain edge, smiling with warm gentleness as she watches the amount of effort put into the task.
It was only a matter of time before Yuriko manages to stand on her own, probably will happen any day now. And just like that the girl falls onto her backside, bouncing slightly as she blinks her bright eyes with some surprise that such a thing happened.

Yuudai would not be far from the area, in fact he would be making his way towards the area of Yuriko and Yuuka. The large kaguya would be dressed rather nicely for once, no longer his worn and tattered clothing but more so deep yellow and red open chest robes. His deep yellow eyes would be as sharp as ever while he moved through out the area, his large wild messy hair bouncing as he walked, it remained unkept that was for sure. "Hello you two, started the fun without myself?" Fun, that word use to only be reserved for fighting with him. A small smirk would slowly form upon his face before it turns into a smile as he watching the child plop right on her bottom. "She is persistent I like that, she is her mothers child that is for sure." He would say moving to take a seat upon the opposite side of Yuuka.

Soren wasn't too far outside of the area. He had heard that the boneyard gardens were a decent place to train, so he found himself seeking the place out. But the first thing he found when he arrived… was an adorable child, and her family having a picnic, and Soren couldn't help but feel a pang of longing for his own family. He sighed, walking up a bit closer to the family. "Afternoon. Is this the Boneyard gardens?" he asked with a small smile. He couldn't help but smile at the child rather warmly. He had a softspot for kids, as long as they weren't trying to ride him like a packmule. He wore a heavy cloak atop the normal attire in his description.

Yuuka lifts her pale own bright aquamarine eyes up at the figure as he approaches, watching the young man for a quiet moment with curiosity. A new face isn't a surprise, as there were plenty different shinobi visiting from all sorts of lands, but it still felt odd in a way to see someone new without something identifying what land he comes from. A small smile tugs at her soft lips with a gentle warmth, "Konnichiwa. And yes, it is. One of my favorite places in the Land of Water I think." Yuuka chuckles, "Welcome to Kirigakure, by the way." The infant girl near her feet giggles as she claps her pudgy hands together, cooing as she reaches up at Yuudai with the obvious want of being picked up.

"I believe the medic said she would be quite the heart break as she got older, and I can agree." He would say as he picks up one of the nearby toys from the ground, bouncing it around near the child. "She is going to be fast, strong, and able to rip the hearts out from them with such ease and destroy her enemies." He would comment obviously missing the idea of what a heart breaker was. With the small infants hands extended Yuudai could not help but to smile, even though it seems like he was trying to hide it a great deal. "Ok, you want me over the bear." He would say leaning over to reach at the small child. HE would reach over for the small child taking her under the armpits as he supports her bottom with his right arm, his left hand patting the Yurikos back gently. As the unknown being makes his way to the area Yuudai would remain silent, simply examining the person at this time, who is this he would wonder.

Soren kindof chuckled at Yuudai's comment. "I think she meant that she'll grow up to be beautifull. Beautifull and strong. She will make a wonderfull Kunoichi." he says, before looking back towards Yuuka. "I see! And thank you. You're the first person to actually -welcome- me to Kirigakure. Asano, Soren. It's a pleasure." he says, bowing towards her very mildly. "I heard that this place would be a good place to get in some training while I waited for someone, but I suppose I should go elsewhere. Don't want to disrupt the family picnic and all that." he says, scratching his neck a bit, taking a few steps forward. "May I ask your name?"

Yuuka chuckles lightly as she gives Yuudai a quick glance and a arched, pale brow, deciding not to correct him for the moment. Looking back to Soren her warm smile grows, "That does not surprise me, unfortunately. Considering we are smack dab in the middle of the chuunin exams on our own turf. But I am glad that you are welcomed nevertheless." Her left hand reaches up to idly rest on the hilt of the large sword resting vertically against edge of the fountain, just as she lowers her chin in a bow towards him. "I am Kaguya Yuuka, one of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist, and this is my daughter Kaguya Yuriko-chan." Yuriko promptly and happily squeals as Yuudai lifts her up into his arms, supporting her weight.

Yuudai would be silent as his deep yellow eyes peered out to the uknown man from behind pale eye lashes. He obviously was examining this being to any wrong move but the squeals from the tiny infant would soften hi as the intense look slowly fades. Yuudai would sigh lightly, "I am known as Yuudai, I am also a kaguya." He would say in a deep tone before turning his attention back to the small infant in his arms. Sorens explanation did seem more realistic but yuudai could not really see the small child being interested in boys for a very very long time, killing them however was an ok option. "You being here does not disrupt us, there have been more unwanted disruptions lately you are bearable with how quietly you approached."

Soren blinked a bit. "You're one of the Seven Swordsman?" He looked up at the blade. He was expecting the burly bear of a man to wield such a large blade. "Well then, it's an honor to meet you, Kaguya Yuuka-sama." he says, bowing deeper. "And you too Kaguya Yuudai-san." offering a bow to him too. "And of course it's a pleasure to meet you too Yuriko-chan." he says with a smile, before turning his attention back to Yuuka. "Ok, I have an -honest- request for you. It's going to sound a bit suicidal. Ok, -alot- suicidal. Would you be willing to spar with me at some point soon?" he asks looking over the massive blade. "I've been wanting to meet, and spar with one of the seven swordsman since I came here. It's… been a dream of mine since I first learned of the seven swordsman." he says, still grinning, as his hand came back up to his neck. He was probably gonna die wasn't he?

The corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk of amusement as Soren seems to be dumbstruck for a moment or two with the surprise to find out that Yuuka, a small figure of a woman, wielded such a large blade. And called her sama, of all things. And he didn't even belong to the Land of Water. The request however, causes a pale brow to arch curiously at him. Suicidal? Maybe not. Another small smile tugs at Yuuka's soft lips before she exhales a small breath and pushes herself to her feet, turning her left wrist on the sword. "I would not mind, Asano Soren, and I think I can contain myself so that you do not need to worry about dying. To be honest, I really have no inclination to kill anyone."

Yuudai simply blinks at the boy, did he truly wish for such a swift death. Yuudai would pause for a moment turning to peer at Yuuka's response. As she stands to her feet Yuudai could only grin in excitement, his tongue proceeding to lick his lips, this will be a good fight. At that moment it dawns on him he is holding the child. A small frown would fall upon him before he sighs holding Yuriko closer to him. "Mommy is going to have some fun but everything will be fine ok, I am here with you." He would say as he pats the infants back gently bouncing her in his arms. As he supported her tightly with his left hand he would reach for one of the childs toys hoping to keep the baby girl entertained and from seeing less blood shed as possible. " He has courage, gotta give him that one."

Soren blinked. "Allright. Well, that involved alot less begging and pleading that I thought it would. And looks like alot less fleeing for my life too." he says with a bit of a grin. "Thank you. I won't let this opportunity go to waste." he says, tugging his cloak free of his body, and throwing it under a nearby tree. "Allright then. Would you like to do this here and now? Or another time and place, less viewable by the kid?" he asked, focusing chakra regardless, the air immidiately surrounnding him getting thick with it.

The smirk tugs just a bit further at her lips with alight chuckle as Yuuka shifts her left hand on the hilt of her large sword. "Well I am a bit more mellow compared to most of my clan, even Yuudai-san here. So I doubt you really need to bow down and kiss my feet for the chance to spar with me. Not unless you want to." Yuuka smiles, giving him a playful wink. Turning her snowy head, she watches as Soren discards his cloak. "It seems that we are. And I do not mind." With a light breath she lifts her right hand to pull at the edge of her kimono, tugging at it lightly to loosen the pale fabric before slipping her right arm free. Her right hand reaches for the blade and the other sleeve falls free, sliding from her pale skin to reveal the ivory bone that is wrapped around her generous chest like a corset. "So, what is it that you are trying to learn about yourself?

"She has a point, she is more tamed in combat than myself. Where as I become more, feral when I face an enemy, she is able to remain calm. Call it a gift or a curse, either way the child and I will be fine." He would say as he turns to the side shifting his position on the blanket as he sets Yuriko down upon the blanket. His back would be to them but his head was shifted just enough to see the fight. As he set the small child to rest before him he would block out most of the vision of what was happening behind him. "How about a game." He would say bringing both hands towards his face as he leans in closer to her, "Boo" He would say only to have the small child burst into giggles and screams. Her small smile would grow as the game continued revealing her pink gums with every burst of laughter.

"My technique, hm?" It isn't as if her particular technique was different. Well, everything that didn't involve her kekkei genkai anyways. But Yuuka couldn't really blame him for wanting to study other's techniques. "Darling, I am hardly the best the world has to offer. I may be strong, but there will always be others that are stronger." The small smile barely tugs at her soft lips before he suddenly attacks, leaping backwards as he throws the kunai through the air.
The Kaguya kunoichi twists the hilt of the sword in her right hand before lifting it in front of her with an effortless strength. Flicking Kubikiribocho, two of the kunai slash at her flesh before parring the third, though Yuuka doesn't seem to flinch from the pain. "Hm. Lets see." The wounds that Soren had just inflicted begin to steadily closed as she lifts the sword steadily in front of her, pausing just before she pushes off in a hard dash straight at Soren with the full intent at slashing at him.

Soren leaped backwards, the sword cutting through the flesh of his stomach, digging a good inch, inch and a half deep clean acrossed his middle, before he leaped up and over the second slash, his hand touching the flat of her blade, helping him sumersault over it. "Nice shot. And you may not be the best, but your the best I've heard of." he says with a grin. He wasn't much of a power type himself, but that was an impressive shot none the less. "Allright. Time to break out the big guns." he says, his finger twitching, as a Kunai behind her sprang to life, soaring through the air at her shoulder, before he leaped up, spinning sideways through the air. It looked lik he was about to backhand her, but as he came into range, a blast of smoke summoned his own weapon, a hand an a half blade bringing the tip in straight at her other shoulder, using chakra in replacement of strength to wield the otherwise heavy blade.

If she is the best he's heard of, then he needs to get out more, but Yuuka still smirks to herself. It was amusing, and a bit flattering. Yuuka lifts a pale brow at Soren as he mentions the 'big guns', wondering to herself what that could be for a short moment. One of the kunai on the ground nearby twitches to life, her senses alerting her to its movement though she doesn't move fast enough, slashing a shallow wound as Soren leaps at her. The Swordsman narrows her intensely aquamarine eyes as the smoke rises up around her. The palm of her left hand parts and splits with the sudden growth of a long, curved ivory sword, using it to counter the blade at her shoulder. "I think you are just trying to butter me up." Yuuka murmurs, pushing herself back a few feet as she concentrates chakra at the bit of her gut.

Soren grit his teeth, the counter attack digging into his flesh quite severely. "Rrr… no, but it's true. The seven swordsman -are- the best I've heard of. If there are better, I don't know of them." he says, rolling back up onto his feet, his blade being brought to the ready. He wasn't going to push this -too- much further, but he's going to go for it regardless. He focused in on her, his pale blue eyes locked on her as he drew back his blade, segments separating, as the blade took on it's true form, the Serpent Blade. He leaped forward, twirling through the air in a show of acrobatics as the blade lashed out out at her from every angle he could make it come from, landing behind her, afterwards.

Yuuka watches Soren for a silent moment or so, lifting a pale brow at him when his sword appears to split into two. He jumps straight at her, though the kunoichi takes a split second step, avoiding the first slash, then the second as he strikes at open air. "Well, lets kick this up a notch." she murmurs lightly to herself. With a small breath she rolls her slender shoulders, feeling her bones moving, rearranging beneath the surface with the first transformation. Dance of the Camellia.

Soren chuckles a bit, having just watched you weave through his attack effortlessly. He wasn't finished quite yet though. "See what I mean? I could still learn -alot- from sparring with someone like you more often!" he says surging forward, his sword segmenting again, drawing one slash acrossed, trying to cut into her blade, before, as his arm extends backwards, the point of the blade whips around from behind him, aiming at her shoulder again.

The slash across connects, drawing blood though Yuuka takes another step to one side to avoid the second attack at her shoulder, spending as little effort as possible dodging the attack. Taking another short breath, she buries half of the massive sword into the ground, twisting the Camellia sword with her wrist to switch to her primary hand. "Luckily, or maybe not so much so, for you I am still adjusting to my role as Swordsman." The corner of her lips tugs with another small smile and with a blink of speed Yuuka dashes straight at him, dozens of spined spikes ripping free of her flesh as she twists in a complex dance.

Soren leaps over the attack, giving him just a few inches of room, but the attack is a complete spin, and the back slash still catches him, the several bone blades tearing into his chest and stomach pretty severely, tearing the right shoulder nearly completely off his clothes in the process, showing the join where his false arm is attached, and eliciting a quick cry of pain. Either way, he lands from the attack, rolling back up onto his feet. "Ah… ok, that was a -really- good shot. Why don't we call it there. I'm getting pretty banged up." he says with a grin.

Mushi has been watching for a bit of the fight in a discreet location. And she didn't put a stop to it—if they want to kill themselves fine. Though she's pleased to see they don't inflict any lasting harm in the end. Especially with Yuuka, Mushi doesn't really know what's-his-name. So she'd step out with a cheerful wave and say, "Wonderful. As expected of Kirigakure nin, I should say. Yuuka-san, and Yuuka-san's friend can I help you out?"

Yuudai would have been watching the fight until it drew down to its climatic end, though most of his attention was focused upon the child in front of him there was a strange look upon his face one that yuuka would know very well. The babbling child would constantly clap her hands at Yuudai giggles with her little pink gums showing just under her squeals. They had went from peek a boo, to patty cake and even played the talking bear game. Even though through all that his hardened stare only gained more intensity as he watched the fight out of the corner of his deep yellow eyes.
Yuudai Mushi's arrival to the field would shift Yuudai's attention to her briefly, "Looks at that the doctor is here." He would say to Yuriko in a teasing tone as he scoops the child into his arms, supporting a majority of her wait onto his chest as he wraps his arms around the small child. A deep smirk would be upon his face as he glared over towards Yuuka, nodding lightly in her direction.

Yuuka really didn't think it would last too much longer, and the move caught him by surprise so it wasn't out of place for Soren to end the spar. With a quick step back, the kunoichi straightens herself a breathes out a long sigh as the bone spikes begin to recede, disappearing into her flesh with only few red marks to indicate they had appears at all. The Camellia Sword in her right hand begins to shrink, becoming fine particles of bone dust on the wind before disappearing completely. And already the wounds Soren had inflicted on her were beginning to heal, thanks to her bloodline.
"Speed is more my thing…" Yuuka murmurs lightly to herself, giving the Kubikiribocho a short glance in thought. It was so huge that any sort of speed would have to rely more on her strength. Probably more than what she has right now. Her bright blue green eyes turn up at Mushi when she appears, a warm smile tugging at her lips as she chuckles. "And just how long have you been watching, hm?"

Mushi notices Yuudai when he addresses her and she says once again, "Not a doctor. A medic. A doctor uses tools. A medic uses chakra and stamina." She pauses to think that over; she'd never really considered much the difference. She gives her head a slight shake and then turns to the two combatants, looking both up and down. To Yuuka she says, "Long enough to be slightly impressed; and wonder how you'd do going all out." She smirks.
Then she rolls up her arm to reveal a written seal…and she touches it so it dissolves. She glances at both of them and says, "Hold very still, both of you." She makes a seal and then a flood of chakra whirls out in every direction, washing over everyone. Yuuka and Soren would feel a tingling, warm feeling as they're both healed simultaneously.

Soren blinked as Mushi walked in, and started healing the both of them. He let out a sigh of relief as most of the cuts and gashes closed quickly. The rest of them atleast stopped bleeding. "Thank you. That actually helps alot." he says with a smile, getting back to his feet. With a twitch of his fingers, his Kunai return to his hand, only to dissapear in a small blast of smoke, shortly followed by his sword. "Seriously though, that was a blast." he says, grinning wide. "Thank you so much for the experience Yuuka-sama. And thank you for the healing." he says, bowing to each of them in turn. "May I ask your name?" he raises a brow towards Mushi.

Yuuka couldn't help but arch a pale brow at Mushi's comment. "How is it no one really believes me when I say that I can hold my own? I had to completely cacoon that one in bone and force him to the ceiling before he would shut up and realize that I am not a pushover." she lifts a hand to point her thumb in Yuudai's direction behind her. As Mushi rolls up a sleeve, Yuuka glances curiously at the writing there before it dissolves completely from her skin, releasing a gentle wave of chakra that touches at her wounds and tingles at the flesh knits together.
The kunoichi releases a small breath of quiet relief that the pain had subsided, but she gives the medic a pointed look. "You would have been better off just healing him, but thank you Mushi-chan, you are very generous." Looking back to Soren, Yuuka smiles as she lowers her chin towards him. "You are welcome. And that was enjoyable, I agree." she chuckles.

Instead of healing Soren with a wash of chakra she would touch his arm momentarily so that a seal appears there and begins to unravel, releasing healing chakra. To Soren she says, "I'm Nikumari Mushi, makeshift medic." She looks with a smirk then at Yuuka. "Real life practice is always the best way to improve healing techniques. Think of this as you helping me." Then she'd flicker from view to appear uncomfortably close beside Yuudai and take Yuriko from him, to dandle in her arms.

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