I Walked Here


Rain, Sami

Date: June 11th, 2010


Sami — calling himself "Serin" — is in the dojo in Higuregakure. So is Rain. Rain approaches "Serin" to find out who he is, and what he wants from life.

"I Walked Here"

Dojo - Higure

Alot of the infrastructure of the village had changed slowly after the Takokujin officially settled here. IT became a bit less lawless and alot more structured, yet some ho remained it's freedoms and no one, not even those that were part of the organization were held down by any by laws other than "Do not harm or let harm come to the hand that feeds you." as a general mentality. Rain had taken alot of time taming the wild stallions of this area, only to allow them to run free where ever they choose. It was very hard to predict what he wanted given the stark contrasts of such a strcture that seemd too flimbsy to hold itself together. Still here it was, and he was now over seeing tihngs at the Dojo, out of his nearly famous curiosity more than anything. The Red River incident had caused much quiet in regards to speaking about Rain aloud, not so much due to knowledge of his involvement, but due to the fact that nothing like that had ever happened prior to the Takokujin being here.

A man in a brown cloak and hood, white bangs hanging in his face, stands in a corner of the dojo. His back rests against the wall, and his arms are crossed over his chest. He does not seem interested in training, just in watching those who are. A bundled up object that may or may not be a weapon leans against the wall next to Shima Sami. Of course, he has never used his real name since arriving in Higuregakure. Instead, he has gone by the name 'Serin'… When he offers his name at all. His wounds incurred when facing Masahiro have mostly healed over the months since that conflict. He still isn't 100% even after all this time. He might never be at full strength again actually. But he is no longer handicapped by grievous internal injuries.

The master of the Wolf style would take to the center of the dojo and give a bow to all that were there. Most present were his students, or those who wished to eventually defeat him so as they bowed, Rain and likely the one known locally as Serin did not. This would catch Rain's attention. He wouldn't see it as disrespectful, but he would be curious as to what this person does respect. Thus, while the training and teaching commensed, Rain would approach and ask a simple question, "Why are you here?"

The Wolf-style master bows, and 'Serin' does not. He has no interest in learning from this man, nor in defeating him. When Rain approaches, Serin turns his grey-eyed gaze on the man, expression blank. "I walked here," he answers. His tone does not indicate he is joking, but it's still possible he's not answering seriously. On the other hand, it is also possible he took the question as literal. Either way, he does not offer anything further, just keeps looking at Rain in the eyes with his own nearly empty ones.

"Finally, a proper answer. So many times have i been bored to tears about someones past life and how their journey has brought them to a place where they felt they could change everything for the better." Rain would answer, seemingly amused slightly. "Do you have a direction to walk from here?" he would inquire.

Serin's mouth does not quirk, his expression does not change. If he shares Rain's amusement, it is not evident. In answer to the question, he answers, "Out." Well, it's true. He can walk out. That's a direction to walk. He waits a couple seconds, then asks a question of his own. "What is the purpose behind your asking?" A lot more specific than Rain's own questions, at least.

"As not to stumble upno each others feet, i simply desired to see which path it was you would be taking. If we were to share the same path, then i would prefer to have a better idea as to whom is accompanying me." Rain would reply. "You can only leave this village in so many directions after all, you are bound to go where some one else will also go. Besides… very few come here if they already have a place they'd rather be."

Serin stares at Rain throughout his speech. Finally, the white-haired man says, "Then one of us will leave first. The other can leave second. Unless you desire something from me, you may go first." As hard as Rain is to decypher, it seems Serin is at least his equal in incalculability. Or maybe he just has horrible social skills.

"I'm not so sure it matters when we leave, the road has to end some where. I know where i am going, do you… whom ever you are?" Rain would ask as he palced his hands behind himself. "Or will you simply walk until you get there and see for yourself?"

Serin waits several seconds after Rain asks his questions. Then he faces forward, apparently done looking at the one speaking to him. "…You wish to know my identity, and my goal." he states. He's not asking. "You may call me 'Serin'. My goals are threefold, and I will explain none of them." He looks towards Rain again. "The first goal is 'obtain power'. The second goal is 'obtain revenge'. These two lead to the third. The third goal is… 'Protect what is mine'. All three are governed by a single rule: 'Do what is necessary'."
"Is that all you wanted to know from me… Rain?" Seems he at least knows to whom he is speaking, just as Rain likely already knew the same… Or at least could attach certain facts about Serin to the man before him, after hearing his name.

Rain would chuckle a bit after Serin introduced himself with such compact clarity it might be called staggering. "Not everyone even had a goal. In truth, i simply wanted to know if you did or not and if you did not, if you wanted one. However, it seems that you know exactly what you want. Revenge doesn't leave much behind in it's wake, what ever is your will likely be yours alone by the end of it. Power is an entirely different beast. It leaves much behind in it's wake, strangely both towards it and away from it. Though going towards it is alot messier than stepping away from power. Some approach pwoer with many minions to support them, some seek power alone. Both of these usually end quite badly for the seeker. People change, motives change, and thus minions can never truly be trusted throughout the holding of said power. Going it alone may award you greatly, but you will inevitably be defeated if you ever use that power. So… you may wonder what it is you should do. OR rather… what other option there is. The answer that i live by, is to seek power in the open, amongst others, and have them remain due to their own reasons, not ones that you fabricate for thme or lead thme on with. Does this interest you… Serin?"

Serin listens and waits. Eventually, some time after Rain asks his question, when it seems maybe Serin forgot that the other man was there, he says, "Other than organization and the assistance of others, what specifically can you offer me? If I am allowed to do as I wish as long as I am helping you and your group somehow, that does not mean there will be anything to motivate me — or anyone else — to stay to the end. You have a goal of your own, or else you would not bother gathering people to you. And yet you have to keep those working with you happy as well, by working towards their individual goals. And it is inevitable that some's goals will clash with someone else's. Thus: Why would I work with you?"

"The question is not why, but why not? Other than organization and assistance, well that depends o nwhat you call assistance. Information can be more valuable than any tactic or abiltiy in combat for instance. Still… to the point, the only thing that i ask of anyone is that they do not interfere with me, and i fi consider them of enough talent, that i will in turn aid them in reaching their own goals. No quite something for nothing, but close. The world is unforgiving to those who have goals that are not shared by someone above them, lording over them and giving them their direction, purpose, and reward for them. That is why Takokujin exists. How can you ever meet your goals… if someone is telling you what it is you can and cannot achieve? Especially when if they ever are done with your services, they may get rid of you altogether."
Rain would explain his position a bit, but he seemed to be only half looking at Serin. "What can be offered to you? If i am to claim to aid you in reaching your goal…then the answer is what ever you need. Why would you or anyone else stay? Because they want to achieve their goals… or not. Some may figure they have a better way, and to that i say, the best of luck. Other wise… people and resources together make a bigger change than any one individual effort can in a short amount of time. I don't keep those working with me happy as much as they keep themselves happy by being fullfilled."

Serin once again remains silent. No need to interrupt an answer to questions he himself asked. Afterwards, he shrugs. "Alright." That seems to be his answer. 'Alright, I'm interested.' And that's the end of that. Pretty simple recruitment.

"Good, that means i do not have to exclude you from a bit of an archeological discovery i plan to visit quite soon." Rain would state with a small smile. "I suggest you get your rest.. it seems we will be going out at the same time down the same road after all."

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