What If? Ibiki's Exam - Amiko



Date: December 5, 2012


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"What If? Ibiki's Exam - Amiko"

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Amiko looked down at the paper exam in front of her, pencil in mouth as
she struggled with the first question.

"Ok," she whispers to herself, "If a ninja is up a tree, and he…" She
shakes her head confusedly and sighs. "I don't get this one at all, and
I'm good with math. Ok, I'll move on to the next one," she thinks as she
glances down the page. The next question is even worse! "Oh man, I'm gonna
fail this test if I can't find a question I can answer soon," she thinks
to herself, speedily looking through all the questions on the page. Amiko
considered herself pretty clever for a Genin, but this test was really
something else.

She sits back from the test for a moment and tries to clear her head.
While thinking the questions over her eyes drift to the Chuunin around the
room, their pencils occasionally scribbling down names as they catch
people cheating. 'Really?' she thinks, narrowing her eyes, 'They actually
managed to answer questions this hard to be promoted?' A moment later it
dawns on her. Of course they don't want us to work out the answers! They
want us to cheat! Cheating poses its own problems though.

Amiko's mind immediately sets to the task of working out how to cheat
without being caught. She puts the pencil in her mouth as she thinks,
glaring at her page as if it would give her the answers she was after. It
isn't long before an idea starts forming in her mind. Taking the pencil
back out of her mouth, she shines the end of it under the guise of wiping
off her saliva. Pretty soon she has it polished into a nice reflective
surface, and as she puts pen to paper she realises that she can use it to
see the answers of the kid next to her. 'Brilliant, Amiko,' she thinks to
herself as she starts to copy answers.

Her copying is interrupted however as the examiner tells them that the
last question is about to be posed to them. As the examiner explains how
the questions will work, Amiko is already expecting that there are wheels
within wheels in motion. She grins determinedly. 'I deserve to be a
Chuunin,' she thinks, refusing to move from her seat despite the dozens of
others that leave the examination room, 'This is the big question. Hope I
can find someone who knows the answer before our time runs out, or my
career is flushed.'

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