What If? Ibiki's Exam - Eremi



Date: December 5, 2012


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"What If? Ibiki's Exam - Eremi"

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      .-'  12 `-.
    ,' 11      1 `.
   / 10          2 \
  ;                 :
  | 9      O---   3 |
  :        |        ;
   \ 8     |     4 /
    `. 7   |   5 ,'


Flipping over his test, Eremi could only stare at the page with wide and
uncertain eyes. This was definitely not what he was expecting going into
the chuunin exams. He had spent days and nights training his body for
this. Each waking moment dedicated to perfecting his taijutsu, but as it
stood now, his skills were useless. The questions ridiculously tough,
practically beyond anything he'd be able to figure out through reasoning.
Still he would have to try and at least make a guess. The Proctor was dead
serious about cheating not being allowed and all those Sentinels, watching
him, wanting to see if he would cheat only made the answers seem that much
further away.
Curious to how the rest of the genin were doing, Eremi would risk a
cautious glance next to him, only to spot a girl drooling on her pencil a
bit, using it as a reflective surface to copy the person next to her. That
actually works? His eyes would move about the room once again, this time
catching a girl not so casual about how she was cheating and yet, it was
working for her. She was getting the answers, being marked down, but she
was still in it. Should he cheat as well? No, of course not. Cheating
wasn't his thing, but if he didn't do something…
Closing his eyes and shaking his head, Eremi would clear his mind then
focus back on the test. 'Alright, question 1. Deciphering a code." It
wasn't the simplest of things, but it was definitely the easiest of all
the questions. If he could at least get one right, he didn't have to worry
about getting a zero and it would help bring the rest of his teams scores
up as well. Assuming they weren't struggling as he was. Though that wasn't
something he could think about right now. Instead, spending the rest of
his attention on each individual question. Going over them again and again
until finally coming up with some answer of any kind. Guessing was always
better then leaving it blank.
Fifteen minutes before the end of the test and Ibiki began speaking about
the rules that follow the 10th question. To Eremi, it all sounded
compltely unfair. Why make the entire class go through the stress of
figuring out the other 9 questions, only to have them fail on the 10th!
Glancing down at his paper, Eremi had filled in all the answers. At least,
an attempt at the answers. More then half were wild guesses and
assumptions. Letting out a big sigh, Eremi looked around the room. Some
were getting up and others weren't. His team mates haven't spoken up yet,
so why should he. Waiting a whole nother year was a long time to do the
chuunin exams and he's been waiting so long to get this far. To make his
family proud and to show the rest of the village what he's truly made of
and capable of.
The time would continue to tick by, but Eremi definitely was not going to
stand up.

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